2020 Budget $250 Gaming PC

by birtanpublished on September 13, 2020

Hey how's it going guys Jackie Matt here with the toasty rose and today we're going to be doing it 250 dollar gaming PC we haven't done use parts in a while and this one is definitely gonna be all used parts so before we get into that let's hear a word from today's sponsor

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Crunchyroll.com slash toastie bros to get that free 14-day trial of crunchyroll premium and thanks again to crunchyroll for sponsoring today's video all right guys so the main reason we're making this $250 PC is well kind of want

To challenge ourselves a little bit we've been making a lot of all new parts builds recently and we wanted to dive into the used market again and see exactly what you can make for sub $300 because if you want the best price

Performance if you've been subscribed for a long time you'd have known that we've made a lot of use part species that do really well but we want to revisit this and see what we can do in 2020 so as we stated before this is

Going to be mostly used parts with the exception of a couple new parts but other than that though I mean most of everything's use so we're not comfortable with that if you check out our channel you know I on top right

Corner or wherever it may be you can check out a lot of new builds that we do twice weekly so let's check out each individual part and talk about how it makes up this $250 gaming PC so here we have the i-5 3470 this is a 3rd gen I 5

It's quad core processor then we have this little fan to slap on top of it just like that so these are around 20 bucks on eBay and you can get these fans for 5 to 10 as well or you could actually get a custom cool if you really

Wanted to but you know we like these little dinky fans so this is honestly gonna be a really good processor for the price and you can't get anything new even close to that so we'll see how this pair is once we actually put it in the

System so for 16 or $17 we actually able to get this om Dell Optiplex motherboard now the cool part about this board is we have just standard fan headers standard 24 pin standard 4 pin and other than that I

Mean everything's pretty standard on not only have good labeling for like the front IO stuff but other than that don't mean the board's gonna work we do have our good old PCI here to be able to put a graphics card in you know has USB

Ports and all the main essentials so this board will work out really well and for the price once again you cannot get a new motherboard even near this price and so for ram honestly the brand really doesn't matter just ddr3 2 4 gig sticks

So we have 8 gigs which honestly nowadays is like you know kind of pushing it but this whole system is kind of pushing it it's also really cheap so you know what do you really expect but you could go with 2 8 gig sticks because

This could in theory handle 16 probably even 32 gigs so yeah I mean this stuff's like stupid cheap on eBay so you know we would recommend just finding some OEM Ram like this now for the graphics card you could have gone a couple of ways

With this but we decided to go for the rx 570 now you can get 570s like this that we're basically used in like mining rigs for around 70 to 80 dollars now if you want to step up to like 300 bucks you could go with a 580 but at that

Point you'd be starting to get some bottlenecking with this i5 so we figured the 570 would be a good balance to keep this right at the $250 sweet spot I'm also delivering some 1080p medium high setting gameplay and a majority of

Titles that you want to play nowadays as for storage we have this well new SSD we've got a couple of things new because well it just makes sense to buy new but this is a 240 gig SSD that will be good enough to put Windows on install a

Couple of games and eventually you can expand into a hard drive or if you want to spend more upfront you can always get a bigger SSD that will do the job and be well more storage for you for your games especially playing modern warfare that

Game is huge now for the power supply we have our well there will take smart 430 watts this is just a go to unit that we've used a million times on the channel well it's really affordable on Amazon Prime shipping you could go with

A Y the other range of options for Mikey BJ if you want to go be stock but you know Thermaltake is been early reliable for all our high end builds and even our budget ones so highly recommend this power supply highly recommend list I

Don't know if you're gonna better get through the pack alright fellas for this PC case we have the Roswell Ranger now this is a budget case by no means is it flashy it has well not even the

Side panel on it it just has this open to grill right here where you can probably install a fan we're not gonna do that we're not that crazy but it does have a blue LED fan installed in the front so that adds a little bit of

Accent lighting but the main reason we want this case as well the budget you could always spend a little bit more and get a higher in case but when you're building a PC for $250 it would make a whole lot of sense to spend well more

Than like 30 or 40 bucks on the case when you could put all that money back into performance so we're gonna build inside this thing let you know how it performs and we'll get to some benchmarking once we're done with it

Because I think this name can be pretty good for the money let's build it alright guys now that we have this pc all put together we're gonna start benchmarking some games real quick now

First up we're going to be testing fortnight now we've been told that there's gonna be a big update coming a fortnight so take some of these benchmark numbers with a grain of salt cuz it could be a little bit lower after

This new physics update comes but they're running on pro settings epic view distance everything else on low and running on DirectX 11 because that has been the most stable we're gonna go ahead and dive into a team Rumble and

See what kind performance we can get alright guys we are in a fortnight we're gonna go ahead and dive into salty springs and just see what our performance we can get now we are running on a no framerate limit right

Now so any stuttering that may occur from bottlenecking which we're starting to see with the i5 is clearly being the bottleneck in this situation you most likely would want to limp the framerate to like 60 or something to reduce the

Stuttering that could happen again it's a 250 to our PC don't expect be playing high refresh rate 1080p with the setup or anything so 60 FPS would be a great target for you to be able to play fortnight but will probably test that in

Just a moment but as we land in here we're actually seeing the system balance out a little bit it does seem to be still heavy relying on the bottleneck of the i-5 the RX 570 is definitely a good card it can definitely handle a better

CPU if you did throw something else at it you could go with like a I 7 if you wanted to get better performance but we'll see how it settles out as we run around the map right now it's still doing pretty well actually really smooth

Now that we landed but again the performance can vary depending on the situation room with fortnight because there's a lot of different variables at play when you're playing for tonight especially if you're trying

To play competitively one concern I did have when initially building this PC was that a gigs of ram might not be enough and for tonight that's not the case we're only using about 5 gigs of RAM right now so 8 gigs is still good enough

For a budget PC 16 would be the next best step especially when we test some of these other titles like Call of Duty which is def and then we're going to use all that RAM I highly suggest stepping up to 16 if you're gonna play a game

Like that and it doesn't add a whole lot of extra cost maybe an extra 20 or 30 bucks on the used market sometimes it's not much more if you do a little deal hunting so definitely something to keep in mind if you are

Going to build something like this and you play games that are really demanding on RAM I see somebody who long snipe framerate is doing really well at well over a hundred in 60fps which is pretty damn impressive for for a night on pro

Settings technically this could be used the high refresh rate monitor which would make a whole lot of sense considering this is a $250 PC and in theory you could probably buy a monitor that is maybe like 30 bucks cheaper than

The entire PC which wouldn't really make a whole lot of sense but in theory you could do it if you wanted to but you know for tonight man I mean it's definitely optimized a lot recently and this is some pretty awesome performance

Numbers definitely not the right gun but you're gonna kill him aren't they don't kill my guy hey buddy what's up oh hello oh no oh no that was rough I was absolutely rough today for tonight

Is definitely more than playable on pro settings you go lock in a 62 get a pretty much lock 60 FBI's experience if you're running on Timmy beat 60 Hertz monitor which will most likely do with our full setup with this PC coming very

Soon but hey I mean there's definitely a CPU bottleneck but it's definitely not too bad to where you can't play this game so let's dive to another game real quick all right guys the next game we're gonna be testing is overwatch we're

Going running this on medium settings 1080p just to kind of get the best case scenario for a setup like this I don't expect this to have any problems running at all with an Rx 570 and an i-5 it's a pretty easy game to run but it's a

Little bit more demanding than something like a CS ago which you may also play on this but should have no problem running as well as we wait to get into a game we will you know just sit here okay we'll get there soon all right guys we were in

Overwatch and well we're at well over 100 plus fps not to be surprised at all we are playing a team deathmatch mode so this isn't like the normal game mode where it gets pretty intense close quarters so

Keep that in mind and also I do not play this game so if I am playing absolutely garbage you know don't judge but oh god let me kill somebody oh oh come on around in the last minute nice yeah I mean this is an eSports title that you

Can definitely play on this PC a lot of people might want to get into games like overwatch and this could be a good PC to well get you up and running without really having to spend much money at all use hardware of course is definitely a

Risk so if you are buying used hardware definitely be sure to check out the sellers you're buying stuff from if you're using eBay Craigslist things like that keep that in mind but I mean we've bought a lot of builds like this before

Especially with the OEM motherboards and majority of the time they work out perfectly fine for our use case so I suggest considering this build if you're on a really tight budget run around to me get a couple more kills

Alright there you go that's overwatch definitely more than playable no problem running this at will have 100-plus FPS and yeah you can probably coming up the settings too if you wanted to so let's go ahead and test

One more eSports title real quick alright ladies and gentlemen the last game we're going to be testing is Rainbow six siege of the building benchmark on high settings again this PC is mainly designed for eSports titles so

We're gonna put in the situation where it can well play eSports titles I don't expect this to be great for super high in triple-a titles you could probably lay down with lower settings 1080p but that i-5 is probably in a bottleneck you

A little bit so diving into Rainbow six siege on high settings well well over 150 plus FPS so it's a pretty safe to say of this PC is a great option if you really like to play these eSports games like csgo Rainbow six siege

Fortnight rocket league or there's a lot of different games around that genre that you can definitely play illegal legends all those other games you'd have no problems running in on this PC again you probably could run higher in games

On like low settings 1080p but you might have to lower a lot of the details to really make that happen but even this situation we can probably run this on Mac settings and get well over 100 FPS which again you probably

Get me pairing this with like a 1080p 60 Hertz 75 Hertz monitor so you probably could just run this at 60 FPS lock and have no problems whatsoever so as this benchmark wraps up we'll get the final numbers here and we are looking yeah

It's an average of 162 FPS at minimum 73 and a max of 263 which is by all means way more than playable so how we'll go ahead and put this PC back on the desk and wrap this video up real quick alright guys so we just tested out some

Basic games that a lot of you guys would probably like to use this PC for and honestly 100 plus FPS and really everything we threw at it and there's still room for improvements which Matt will tell you about so you could upgrade

This thing with an i7 3770 which would cost you a little bit more than 20 bucks probably more like 50 or 60 dollars so if you're going with something like this and you get your hands on a cheap om board it would definitely work with that

And give you better performance but again this is a used PC that doesn't have a ton of upgrade ability if you want to upgrade it you could probably go rise in and get a better upgrade path but for 250 bucks this is very hard to

Beat and obviously you could also upgrade the RAM to eight gigs nowadays is cutting it we just wanted to make this cheap as possible we'd recommend like twelve or sixteen and then obviously you could go with the

Better graphics card but I'd recommend upgrading the processor first like you'd probably need that i7 do anything better than a five seventy and really the best I'd recommend would be a ten to sixty three gig or a five eighty four key I

Wouldn't go any higher than that because at that point you're just gonna see major bottlenecks even with that i7 so that's the main performance upgrades you could do and then aesthetic wise you could put this in any case you want I

Mean the motherboards not pretty so you could put it in a case that has this clear side panel but other than that though it's really not gonna be beautiful we get a little bit of RGB to it you know for an extra fifty to a

Hundred bucks and honestly it could be a pretty happy this build for a little bit so we're all very impressed with this bill if you want to buy anything for this PC belt links in the description down below they

Will be affiliate links to eBay Amazon and wherever else we end up putting links to so hopefully you do use those links down below to support the channel if you're interested in building this PC so as always we hope you guys enjoy

Today's video don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and we'll see you guys in the next one goodbye peace out that's how to do another video my name is dr. Corey people keep going with live action

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