2020 Battery Drain Test Comparison: OnePlus 8 vs Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

The one plus eight is the new kids on the smartphone block and well it may not be as affordable Spri vyas phones by one plus his starting price of just $700 makes it stand out in a good way in a company of Samsung phones and iPhones that cost north of $1000 and what we're

Still working on our in-depth review we have just completed our extensive battery testing for the one plus eight and it's time to take a look at the battery life and how it compares against the most popular flagships we have lined

Up a whopping seven phones in this comparison and if you think testing the battery of cell phones took a long time you are right so please don't hesitate to drop a like and subscribe if you want to see even more battery tests in the

Future we have first the one plus eight is forty three hundred million power battery and then we have the galaxy s 20 family starting with the compact galaxy s 20 which has a four thousand milliamp hour battery then the galaxy s 20 Plus

Which has a 40 500 milliamp hour battery and finally the big in bed galaxy s 20 ultra which has a massive five thousand milliamp hour battery cell the biggest among all of the phones in this comparison next we have the three

IPhones as well the iPhone 11 pro max with nearly four thousand milliamp hour battery the small iPhone 11 pro with is 3050 milliamp hour battery cell and the cheaper iPhone 11 which has a 3100 milliamp hour battery we have all the

Phones charged up and ready and we have set the brightness level on each of them at the exact same level using a color calibration device is we have always done in the past ten years or so that we've been testing battery life so let's

Kick this thing off shall we first we started our browsing test this we were running at 60 Hertz and all of the phones in this test the phone will load webpages and scroll up and down just like you would in real life what

You're seeing on your screen right now is not the actual test but a simulation to show you what it looks like and the reason you're not seeing the actual run is that it takes more than ten hours and we learned a couple of times on each of

The phones to ensure the results are correct so with this in mind the first phone that dies on this test is the iPhone 11 Pro we compact iPhone lasts eight hours and 41 minutes and that's quite a big

Improvement from previous small iPhones but still not nearly as good as the rest of this comparison the test will keep on going for a couple more hours before the next phone dies and in fact it goes way over 10 hours

Exactly 11 hours in 25 minutes into the test the iPhone 11 is next by the dust let's keep on going at this point in time all of the phones are very low on the battery meter but the next in line is the compact galaxy s 20 model it

Lasts 12 hours in 12 minutes a very good score for such a small phone in just a few minutes later at 12 hours and 15 minutes you one plus eight also bites the dust this is excellent showing for the one

Plus eight that joins the company of the long lasting phones next at 12 hours and 23 minutes into the test the Galaxy S 20 ultra also dies screwin just a few minutes over the 1+8 this shows you how little difference there is between the

Phones at this point and we now have only two phones left to compete for the title in this round the iPhone 11 pro Max and the samsung galaxy s 20 plus the galaxy s 20 plus cannot quite match up and finally dies at the 12 hour and 40

Minute mark leaving the iPhone 11 pro max to win this round with a score of 12 hours and 53 minutes those optimizations and the bigger battery definitely held the iPhone in a big way so to sum it all up all of these phones did great maybe

With the exception of the compact I found 11 pro the rest all went over 11 hours which is an excellent score in our books take a look at this chart once again it sums up the scores for all of the phones you can pause it you can see

Better the differences this is not all however far from it we have rerun this same test with the higher refresh rate option on the phones that supported this means that in the second run we have the one plus eight

Running at ninety Hertz in the galaxy s twenty series set at 120 Hertz the iPhones are not running because they don't support higher refresh rates they only run at 60 Hertz and these higher refresh rates change things quite a bit

And you see the battery draining much faster this way especially for the samsung galaxy s 20 series keep in mind that we have the X and O's models and not the Snapdragon ones the numbers might be slightly different for those

Snapdragon versions and the first phone to die with the high refresh rate enabled is the compact galaxy s 20 it lasts 7 hours and 45 minutes that is a huge decline over the 60 Hertz core let's remind you that with 60 Hertz the

Phone last 12 hours and 12 minutes on the very same test this is a decline bar nearly 40% this could definitely make you switch back to 60 Hertz just to get that decent battery life and it seems like something is wrong with the hundred

And twenty Hertz option and its effect on battery life with Samsung phones the galaxy s 20 plus lasts 8 hours and 30 minutes with 120 Hertz option this is again a huge decline over the 60 Hertz run when it lasted an impressive 12

Hours and 40 minutes and was actually tied for the win a hundred and twenty Hertz options Napster battery life by more than 30% here next in line is the galaxy s 20 ultra despite this huge battery the hundred and twenty Hertz

Option drains it rather quickly – and it dies in nine hours and 40 minutes in 60 Hertz mold it scored 12 hours and 23 minutes so that again is a huge difference all of this makes me think that Samsung should have really

Considered adding a Midway 90 Hertz option like oneplus and just see what oneplus is doing the oneplus say it keeps on going all the galaxies are long dead it finishes its 90 Hertz run with a score of 11 hours in 6 minutes and now

Are less than it would last with the 60 Hertz option then more is not a big difference it's to the tune of just 10% and if you ask me I'll definitely prefer using it at 90 hurt if the trade-off is not that

Okay we have the results for browsing the web but what if you watch a lot of video this is what our next test is all about YouTube video streaming now we have once again lined up all of the phones fully charged up and you will be

Running them from 100% to completely bad and once again all phones are set at the same brightness level before this test started to ensure an equal playing field we're running the same playlist of videos on all of the phones and we let

The test run for exactly 6 hours in 27 minutes when the iPhone 11 Pro is once again the first phone to die this is not a bad showing but definitely not as good as the rest the test will run for a while more and at the 7 hour in 30

Minute mark the iPhone 11 is next to bite the dust it outlast the iPhone 11 Pro by quite a while so which phone will be the next one to die we have to wait quite a bit more bigger phones with bigger batteries definitely it lasts

More here the iPhone 11 Pro max is next in line its battery is completely drained in 8 hours and 58 minutes and this is interesting we don't know if Google is making some special optimizations to YouTube on Android but

IPhone batteries don't seem to last as long as their Android counterparts here let's keep on going next in line is the 1 + 8 it scores a respectable 9 hours and 37 minutes on this test excellent showing for the newest oneplus

But still not quite as good as the galaxy s 20 series they just keep on going the Galaxy S 20 plus is the first galaxy to see his battery drain with YouTube video streaming but even it scores 9 hours and 53 minutes it's

Nearly 10 hours of continuous YouTube video playback impressive stuff we compact the LCS 20 was going hand-in-hand with the Plus model but at the end it screwed a bit for it 10 hours and 20 minutes again a huge result for

Such a tiny phone and finally the last one standing on this test is the Galaxy S 20 ultra which lasted the full 10 hours in 30 minutes and is our YouTube battery life champ good job Samsung and here once again is

A recap of the YouTube video streaming test scores for all of the phones you can pause it and see the differences in closer detail last but definitely not least we have a special test for the gamers out there 3d

Gaming we test using games that load up the graphics chip on the phone and while we don't test super intensive battles and C's you do get an idea about how the phones perform and the difference is again all phones are set at the same

Brightness level fully charged and let's get this thing going keep in mind that on your screen you're seeing a simulated run and not the actual test run because we have run it a couple of times to ensure the results

Are correct and you won't be surprised by the first phone that dies here is again the iPhone 11 pro with a score of 6 hours and 38 minutes the compact iPhone has improved from the past but it still lasts way less than

The other popular phones what's surprising however is the next phone in this list the iPhone 11 pro max it lasted 7 hours and 30 minutes for 3d gaming so why is that well the high resolution might be to blame here let's

Keep on going with this test next in line is the regular I found 11 which interestingly outlasted the pro series for 3d gaming with a score of 7 hours and 37 minutes this higher score is due to the lower resolution of the phone

Which definitely helps out with gaming battery load so just a few minutes after the I found 11 the galaxy has 20 bites the dust' its course 7 hours and 50 minutes with 3d gaming game quite good for a compact phone compare this to the

IPhone 11 pro and you'll see that the galaxy is definitely the longer-lasting phone something to keep in mind for the gamers out there we have to wait a full hour more to see the next phone die as those bigger Android phones are very

Resilient that's a good thing the galaxy s 20 plus ranks third in this pass to the score of 8 hours and 42 minutes impressive so with this we have two phones left running on the table the galaxy s 20 ultra in the 1 + 8 which one

Will win this round well fast forward and the galaxy s 20 ultra dice first 9 hours and 12 minutes on the clock my oh my we have a new champion and that the 1 plus 8 which lasts exactly 10 hours in 16 minutes the combination of

The snapdragon 865 chip and a great thermal design make the oneplus 8 an absolute monster for gaming and it deservedly gets the number one spot congratulations oneplus while speaking about 3d gaming we have to mention that

Many of the games that we tested still don't support the new higher refresh rate that's why we tested at 60 Hertz that's important to keep in mind and once again let's recap all of the scores to better see the differences between

The phones we will also quickly show you once again the results from the browsing test and the YouTube test and once again the 3d gaming test pause them and inspect them in detail if you want to know the exact numbers in the exact

Differences so overall what are the conclusions no the big loser in this comparison is the compact iPhone 11 pro model it was a huge upgrade from the 10s in terms of battery life but it doesn't

Speak good about the 10s so the iPhone 11 pro finished last in every one of the our tests here and just won't last as much as others as for the overall winner well the iPhone 11 pro max won the browsing test the Galaxy S 2000 won the

YouTube video test and the oneplus 8 1 the 3d gaming test overall though if you look at the results closely it seems like the galaxy s 20 ultra with the gigantic 5 thousand milliamp hour battery is the big winner especially if

You skip on that trendy but extremely battery hungry 120 Hertz refresh rate option the one plus 8 is definitely in the top tier of battery performance as well though not quite at the very top and this is about it for our epic

Smartphone battery life comparison with the 1 plus 8 it's an absolutely stellar phone stay tuned for our run plus a preview in-camera comparison that will be coming soon drop us a like if you enjoyed this battery comparison it means

A lot to us and subscribe to see even more most importantly stay safe as much as possible in these challenging times my name is Vic this is founder inna and I will talk to you in the next one

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