published on July 20, 2020

The prophet sallallaahu are you selling them was with his great companion Abu Bakr what the allahu anhum and they were fleeing mecca they were trying to escape they were running for their lives and abu bakr radiyaallahu anhu was so concerned to the point as they were

Riding towards medina abu bakr radiyaallahu anhu would keep turning around looking backwards and he was concerned about people who were chasing them and sometimes he would go in front of the Prophet SAW Selim out of fear

That they were ambushed sometimes to the right to the prophets or silent sometimes to the left out of his concern and the Prophet SAW CMC's Abu Bakr he's so concerned and he says what's going on here Abu Bakr he says almost enjoy of

Allah I remember that people are chasing us so I decide to be behind you just in case that I would be the shield for you and sometimes I remember there might be ahead of us there might have ambushed us

So I get in front of you I don't want any harm to touch you I want to be the third I wanna I want to sacrifice myself for you sometimes I remember there might approaches from the right or the left so you find me positioning myself in

That direction then the Prophet SAW seldom comes over and he says what do you think mother no cab is named Allah who 32 Homa he says in Allah hamana letter has an inner lana Anna he says o Abu Bakr don't fear don't be concerned

Allah is with us Allah is with us in the most difficult moments the Prophet sallallaahu Salam had hope in Allah Subhanahu WA Ta'ala during the Battle of a Honda when the Muslims were surrounded there was a

Siege set around the Muslims just before that the Prophet SAW Selim instructed the Muslims to dig a trench out round Medina to protect themselves and it wasn't an easy task and sometimes they came across some hurdles a huge massive

Rocks that they couldn't break that they could not destroy they would come to they would approach the prophet saw them to help them out and one day the prophet sallallaahu Selim strikes one of the massive rocks and he says allahu akbar

Ali to my fatiha kisara allahu akbar ali to my fatty Hashem Allahu Akbar órale to my fatiha Yemen that most difficult time when the Muslims were completely taken by fear that was surrounded they were outnumbered they were suffering from

Lack of food and lack of tools and lack of finances it was such a difficult time yet the Prophet salah salem was given the Muslims glad tidings that promising them that I was given the keys to Persia I was given the keys to a sham natural

Syria I will be given dominance over Yemen it was unthinkable yet the Prophet Solomon the most difficult times he had hope in allah subhana wa ta'ala before that during the time of or in mecca and we said some of the Companions

Approached the prophets of Salaam like a Bab explaining to the Prophet solution and the predicament the pain the persecution that they were going through and they said o Messenger of Allah MacDonald call upon Allah that he brings

An end brings an end soon soon he brings an end to this suffering yet the Prophet SAW solemn teaches the companion is a lesson that things are in the hands of Allah the prophets of Salaam had he didn't only have have hope but he had

Certainty that this was that the that the that the relief from a loss of an antenna was going to come the question wasn't about whether it was going to come or not

But it was when and the answer to this question is with Allah subhana WA Ta'ala it's not up to us I want to share with you some of the details of the story of prophet musa alayhis a story that all of us know or at least should know and a

Loss of a note Allah talks about this in the Quran Allah refers to firown' and his helpers and his supporters allotment Allah refers to them that they have divided people in effort Allah Allah Allah Allah here yesterday Fattah if a

Time in home with a be hope in a home where Sahin is a home in our condominium of Sidon Allah talks about for Allah that he had sought such a high position that he has he had that he oppressed people he was a tyrant he sought

Complete and pure dominance over people and how did he do that by dividing people into groups and factions in neferu now Allah Allah Allah Allah Hershiser he turned people into factions into groups fighting against one another

And that's the rule of all tyrants divide and conquer divide and conquer that's the same thing that for unused the same thing that all tyrants and concurrence and and conquer is resorted to and that was to divide people among

Themselves so you can dominate over them and this is what's happening today this is what happened what's happening today when Muslims are divided into groups into nationalities into ideologies into ethnicities into languages into cultures

Into neighborhoods sometimes it's keeping the Muslims divided and this is how they can be subjugated this is how they can be controlled and dominated that's what the throne did and then thrown used to because he had a

Dream about one of the children of Israel that he will grow and he will overtake the throne of her own so for I decided upon the advice of some of his helpers to kill every boy that is born into the children of Israel to

Guarantee that no one would take over the throne to guarantee his own dominance yet you can't win against a lost panel it's ahead you can take all the measures you can have all the power you can have all the reach you want and

You can do everything you think will protect you yet as a loss of an attack Allah says in the Quran from the statements of use of alehissalaam in nobility – allah masha allah subhanaw taala is very subtle in

His ways Allah will get his will to come into full realization but in his own ways in ways you you can never think about it can never even figure out the will of Allah subhanAllah de will come true

So Allah so Antalya comments on this one or IDO a pneumonia alladhina stood a fulfill eliminator home in matin wanna Idaho muara theme and we want to show our favor to the people who have been subjugated the people who have been

Enslaved the children of Israel at the time because Allah subhana WA Ta'ala one of his unique attributes is his pride and his might and his pure dominance his complete dominance over the creation over everything and anyone who tries to

Take a share of that allah subhanaw taala will destroy them as in the hadith the divine hadith a hadith of Odyssey well Allah so Allah says anyone who tries to compete against me in dominance then I shall break their back so when

Anyone tries to dominate the world anyone tries to claim complete sovereignty over the creation a loss of a Noah to Allah will destroy them but according to his own timetable not according to our wishes and desires

That's what Allah savant elated with firown' allah gave him the time as he said will only allow him in nakida Mateen and i shall give them the time to complete their oppression and their wrongdoing and as the prophet

Sallallaahu salem said in allah azzawajal a human allah volume had either a ha the hula move little allah subhanaw taala gives free play to the oppressors to the wrongdoers Allah allows them space and

Time so that their oppression reaches its full extent and then when Allah subhana WA Ta'ala takes them away he destroys them completely so sometimes we look at the world today we see there are

Tyrannous there are oppressors there's a lot of injustice in the world and sometimes we think why is allah subhanallah not doing anything about that a thing is Allah knows better Allah knows better and Allah doesn't work

According to our timetable Allah has wisdom behind everything that he allows into existence and if we want to have hope in Allah we have to trust in the plan of Allah subhanAllah do not expect Allah to work according to our

Plan or according to our timing one of the great Imams of al-islam Jafar al-sadiq rahim allahu ta'ala one of the descendants of a leave not be italiano he said Allah Allah who been a shy and Morada Menashe fam'ly allahu bina parwa

Who ana wama Harada home in ahahhaha lana phenomena and a stereo Vemma ara Davina and Marah domina he says Allah subhana WA Ta'ala wants certain things for us and he wants

Certain things from us certain things for us and certain things from us meaning that a loss of a know what Allah planned things for us this is the father of Allah that's gonna happen in our lives that's gonna happen in our future

And Allah wanted certain things from us things that we are supposed to fulfill things that we are supposed to achieve things that we are supposed to meet certain conditions certain deeds and he says the things that he wants for us he

Has hidden them from us what's gonna happen to you tomorrow what's gonna happen to you in five years time what's going to happen to you in ten years time what is Gabi what's going to happen to you on the day of judgment no one knows

That's what Allah wants for you that's the plan he has for you but he has hidden this from you you have no ways to know the unseen Allah has kept this knowledge to himself and there were things that Allah wants from you these

Are the obligations these are the prohibitions that you are supposed to a boy abide by these are the general guidelines that you are supposed to live by these things he made visible to you he clarified them to you

Then Jeff Allah saw doc says what's wrong with us that we are so preoccupied with what Allah wanted froma who would Allah wanted for us which he hid from us to the point that we neglect what Allah wanted from us which he made clear and

Visible to us one of the tubulin he said assay domain inshallah Bhima Arad allahu minho lamina inshallah Bhima Arad Allah who be he is the one who will really may be successful in the Day of Judgment is the

Person who keeps himself busy with what Allah wants from him or her not the person who preoccupies themselves with what Allah planned for them letter last month Allah do his work rest be at peace with what Allah wants for you because

Allah is the best of planners sometimes we ask for things and we make the ire and we expect expect allah subhanaw taala to answer our door yet Allah has a better plan for you so Allah puts things he or la brings about better things for

You than what you wanted in the first place that's the wisdom of Allah subhanAllah Hannah so trust in a lot that's what the Prophet SAW said that's how he acted when her bab came to him when the other

Companions came to him at the time of Mecca and they said o Messenger of Allah it's got to a point where we can't put up with it anymore it's unbearable the Prophet SAW asylum says you are hasty Allah doesn't work according to your

Expectations he has a better plan so what you need to do is trust in Allah and the last month Allah reveals how his planned work plans work out best for you even when you expect it the least and that's what the story of Moses

Alayhis-salam is about so firown' dominated these people he had complete full dominance over them over the children of Israel yet Allah so Allah says when we do animal neither let in a story fulfilled we want to show our

Favor to those who have been subjugated and enslaved when a Gela home in matin one a idaho muara teen and we want to make them the ones who are dominant we want to give them the positions of leadership anyone who lived at that time

This seemed as an impossibility you're a loss of analysis that's what we want to is what we want for them this is the plan that Allah had had for them when Idaho man where do you think we want we

Want them to inherit dominance over the earth one who met Kenan a home fill are established them on the earth one núria for an hour her man I would renew the one who would know the Houma in Houma can we had our own and we want to show

And demonstrate truth around and his supporters and his legions what they were fearing the most the fact that the children of Israel would dominate over the Pharaoh and his people and that's what happened after boots so when we

Look around at the world and we see oppressors and tyrants dominating the world not only at the political level but even in your personal life it happens in families sometimes there's an abusive father or abusive mother or an

Abusive spouse or disrespectful child who's creating a lot of trouble or sometimes a brother or a sister they're creating so much trouble and you can't you you can't seem to be able to do much to fix the situation these people take

Advantage these people are so venomous and poisonous in your life that they ruin everything in your life what can you do your focus should be on what Allah wants from you not what Allah wants for you

Because Allah is gonna take care of that and don't place expectations on Allah what you can do as the prophets Allah send them said Harris Allah may invoke what's the hem bilder he will attaches you seek you proactively seek and engage

With what is beneficial for you you see what is beneficial for you in terms of your relationship with Allah and in terms of your worldly Affairs as long as they are within the framework of Islam within the guidelines of Islam then you

Seek that and you work hard towards it and you do everything within your capacity but whether things end up the way you want or not that's all last thing that's not yours that's what it means you do you work and you leave

Things with a loss of vanuatu Allah and actually the fact that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala put things together for you Allah plans for you should be a source of comfort and peace in the heart

It was said by some of at a being they were having a discussion and one of them said but if a loss of an Italia gives me a choice on the day of judgement that who is going to judge me is it my parents or Allah I would choose a lot I

Would choose a lot because Allah is more more merciful than my own parents we should live in this life in the same way we approach a lost continent this way we should never lose hope in Allah subhanAllah John so what happened

Afterwards look at Messiah his enemies he was originally planned like all the children of Israel the newly newly born children they were destined to death but Allah subhanAllah inspired the mother of Musa alayhi Salam to put him in a basket

And put him in the river he was carried word to the house of the Pharaoh right to the hub of all of this oppression the place where the command to kill all of the boys born into the children of Israel this is where the the

The decision originated from him in that house he comes to the hub of that decision to the very person who made that decision and what he is adopted in that house and he's brought up in this house and he's educated in this house

And then yet after he grows up and he has this fight with this person and the other person dies then he has to flee because they wanted to persecute him so he is to leave Egypt at the time and he moves to live in Midian and in Midian he

Meets new people and then there he gets married and he has some work to do he gets a job and he does the work he's far from his homeland now it seems that his life is just drifting away from his homeland but a lost man that brings him

Back and as he was traveling out with his family out of Midian al-ahzab he has an appointment with allah subhana wa ta'ala that he was clueless about and allah gives him a mission and then he's scared then he goes back

To for health and he confronts him with the message with the truth against all odds he has no power he has no mind he has no followers even his the people who are supposed to be his followers they were the magicians who were supporting

Thrown against him they were siding with thrown against Musa alayhi Salaam this is the people that he came to rescue in the first place from the enslavement and that happens it happens you find the very people that you're trying to help

They are the ones who stabbed you in the back it happens that's part of life it's part of life but that doesn't mean you stop doing what you are supposed to do it doesn't mean you don't act on your mission it doesn't mean that you act

Ethically and morally and you fulfill your obligations to allah subhana wa ta'ala the prophet sallallaahu seldom was injured was physically attacked by his own people and what did he say about them he said Allah offered little me for

In nam Lahaina moon or allah forgive my people because they don't know they don't know what they're doing or allah forgive them so we have hope in allah subhanallah atom and we have to maintain that hope and live by that hope why ok

So I hope is not in the immediate conditions that we see our hope is in the one who makes this reality unfold according to his wisdom a lots of animals Allah says in surah yousuf quoting prophet yaqoob any insulin he

Says in I assume Allah Hilda Hilda omul Catherine that no one loses hope in Allah but those who have disbelieved those who have disbelieved and that's why little we are supposed to have hope in Allah

SubhanAllah tejada and trust that he has the best plan for you and for me look at use of alehissalaam his life went from bad to worse first he was taken by his own brothers thrown in the well abandoned in the well then sold into

Slavery then becoming a slave then after he grows up he becomes subjugated to such a great fitna such a great trial and temptation yet he resists resists it then afterwards he gets accused of the very thing he was trying to avoid that

He was being promiscuous so he is convicted and he's put in prison look the whole thing is from bad to worse this is how it seems the immediate situation looks as if it's going just worse every every moment every second it

Was just getting worse but we shouldn't be looking at reality only a one level the immediate level we have to look at reality at multiple levels because things all the things that seem to be wrong in your life when they ask when it

When they are strung together when they are threaded together the meaning of them could turn to be good and that's what happens when you trust in Allah subhanAllah tejada when you connect the dots what seem to be harmful what seem

To be painful what seemed to be inconvenient could actually be for you and the condition is that you trust in a loss of panel in Tana that you have hope in Allah subhanAllah tell and then he was put in prison for such a

Long time his life seemed to be passing by his time was wasted in the prison this is what it seems to be but all of that a loss of angina was putting things for him to put him in the perfect positioning to become one of the most

Influential people in the world at the time where he could where he could offer so much good to people he could change people's lives he could save lives by the plan that he

Had to deal with the famine that's where trust and hope in allah samantha leads people and that's what i'm inviting you to do i'm inviting myself as well to do that is that living hope hope in allah subhanho wa taala that's the only thing

That we have and trust that a loss of Vanuatu and his plan for you is better than you plan for yourself because we plan based on what we know but a loss Rantala plans based on what he himself knows and again this should be a source

Of comfort and peace for us we ask Allah subhana Allah to guide us to what he loves and help us fulfill the obligations the heap he has placed upon us and help us live in hope and trust that he will take care of

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