2020 $900 Gaming Laptop – Acer Helios 300

by birtanpublished on September 9, 2020

Hey how's it going guys Jack and Maddy with the toasty bruise and today we're gonna be doing a $900 gaming laptop that honestly is one of the best ones for the price you can get right now very excited to check this out well before we get into this video let's hear a word from

Today's sponsor wait for it the lapel external monitor we thought this would be the perfect sponsor for this video because well with it being a laptop and only having one screen we got another one right here this is a USB type-c

Power external monitor that is fifteen point six inches in size and has a 1080p resolution while coming in at a very respectable price point this thing is gonna be really awesome if you're a

Content creator and you need dual monitors on the go maybe you want a livestream from this laptop you can definitely do that and you can use this to well read your chat well we've take a look at this later in

The video but how about go ahead and talk more about this laptop first so this laptop here is the Acer predator Helios 300 so if you search this right now you can use our link download below and find the exact one but you're gonna

Find a lot of different options that's what's cool about tops there's just there's so many different variants you can get it with an i7 like a 27 medium and you can go really high end of these laptops but this one here has a ninth

Gen I five it's a nine 300h which is honestly a really good processor right now it is a 16 60 TI in it which we're very excited about because that is a really really good graphics card and honestly this thing's gonna be able to

Do things like even livestream as Matt mentioned you'll be able to do basically all the things you'd want to do on a desktop with this little portable guy right here the display is a 15.6 inch 120 Hertz 3

Millisecond response time 1080p screen so this is actually a really good basically gaming laptop screen it's kind of crazy that laptops that came this far to have screens that are this thin this relatively bezel list design that's not

Like insane and taking up half the screen and honestly I'm excited to actually try to be able to play games on it and you know play them well we have 8 gigs of ddr4 ram we have a 512 gigabyte nvme SSD so sinsemilla lightning-fast

With all your applications and loading up windows and everything and restarting which you often do with laptops and there's a lot of really cool features on this as well that mads can actually go over now this thing is actually really

Upgradable as well you can always upgrade that ram from 8 to 16 gigs if you want to and it also includes 2 SSD slots and also a slot for a well hard drive or a two and a half inch SSD whatever you wanted to go with if you

Want to go all out these storage in this thing you definitely could its 2020 it's always a good idea to go all SSD store especially in a laptop but that is one of the great features about this and it does come in

At well not super thick I mean we've seen some thicker laptops in this that have honestly lesser specs this actually is pretty respectable for 15.6 inch laptop and also if you're in the heat of the moment and you want to do some

Hardcore gaming and you want to make sure your laptop stays nice and cool there's a turbo mode now stand back it's gonna get kind of intense in here you ready it's just it's just it just blows you

Out of the way it's just you're just got your done but basically it just ramps up the fan so you make sure your laptop is staying cool which is pretty cool so we'll turn that off real quick so it's not very loud you say it's cool it's

Very cool hot get it but with a lot of other features this laptop comes with basically a key which I'm not sure if I'm a huge fan of that opens up the software that comes with that reads you have the CPU temperature GPU temperature

And all the other stuff all the system usage acer has a really good suite of software that comes in laptops not crazy bloatware or anything the one thing I do have to knock them for though is it does come with Norton which is you know not

Great but you can mute it in the background Norton has come a long way where you can actually mute it in the background from doing anything so when we're testing it you know you get the utmost performance but overall the

Software is good there's not a lot of intrusive bloatware on this thing and overall I think this thing is gonna be a really good performer so what we're gonna be doing is taking this thing and doing a couple of game tests we're gonna

Be testing it in shout out the Tomb Raider for like an ultimate stress test I'll be playing overwatch we've been playing 49 when we playing cs:go to give you this suite of eSports titles you most likely would probably play it on a

Laptop like this and we're gonna be doing it with they'll the POW monitor that's over there yeah Jaxon you see that that thing right there we're gonna be on boxing that thing real quick making a laptop setup and then diving

Into some games so how do we do that real quick alright guys so actually really quickly we were able to set up this lip how 15.6 inch screen and as you can see we actually are using the little cover that it comes with to actually

Support it has two little notches in here so we can actually change you know if the screens facing up really far if we kind of want it slanted or you could even put it straight down but yeah literally we just plugged in the USB

Type-c for power and then HDMI regulation my two mini-hdmi and honestly it just worked out flawlessly we did have to go into the display settings which in case when you guys get this I'll show you real

Quick you see we have both monitors we can actually change like the height and stuff in case we want it to be you know higher or lower and if we go down to here we can do extend the display so normally it's on duplicate so it's just

Gonna show this screen twice which you could do but we wanted you to extend so that we can do stuff like this we can actually drag certain things over the other display as Matt said earlier we could actually even do live streaming

And pull up a game in my main display and then pull up twitch chat and OBS right over here this actually has a webcam built into the computer itself so that's actually pretty awesome this little pal

You know 15.6 inch screen actually serves a really great purpose for anybody who'd be wanting to have a pieces like this or if you're even a PC person on the go this right here would work out amazing to be able to test

Computers that you don't actually even have a monitor for or even just if you're doing work on the go and you need to have multi monitors for extra workload this is the way to go so yeah guys really like this monitor if you're

Interested in buying it link in the description down below but we're going to go ahead and test some games on this Acer Helios 300 all right guys we are in csgo of course and we're playing on high slash max settings and we're doing 1920

By 1080 we got the refresh rate correct and everything as you can see man you were getting some some good FPS but we're gonna go and launch into just a regular deathmatch on dust2 which a really good test for this we can

See we have both monitors running it right now we're actually recording at the same time too so keep in mind you couldn't get a little bit of a better framerate possibly but we are actually doing an on computer recording and we're

Recording with the camera over here so you know we can kind of do a little bit of everything alright and wow this thing is like smooth so we're getting about a hundred and 1320 of course if you are wanting to actually play this like

Competitively you would really lower some settings because we are maxed out in this game right now and we're recording we have every application in the world open right now to like we legit I think have like 12 to 13

Different pretty pretty big tasks open so we're kind like max you know worst case scenario and this right now honestly so definitely keep that in mind don't laugh resist are you gonna whip on

The turbo mode and that might actually increase that fiesta but mo does add a lot of noise but I mean if you want the max cooling you never know they also are running that GPU on the extreme overclock so I don't hundred percent

Know how that's performing those like temps are fine though it's pretty impressive it's not like normally a laptop yeah like 90 C pillows one upgrade I probably would do this laptop is six things of RAM I mean that could

Be one thing to consider especially we're gonna be doing like considering streaming or anything like 16 gigs is probably minimum and that shouldn't be that more expensive an upgrade but Phoebe decided configure this from like

A sirs website instead of going to Amazon and just find the one model that's pre-made you can do that as well we probably pay a little bit of a premium but that's something to consider that's an easy upgrade to get probably a

Little bit better performance – thanks alright guys that was csgo though honestly I'm pretty impressive like we said we could lower some settings to get that hundred and twenty Hertz and all but you know we weren't we just we just

Were failing then I'm just really going stop alright guys now we are testing out fortnight on pro settings we are in a team Rumble match right now and there's some weird things with this laptop we're starting to see that it's not getting

Like the best frames for a thousand our machine I mean 100 plus FPS i me it's pretty good we are running on pro settings right now so there could be some optimization issues with this new for 9 update the chapter 2 season 2

Update not sure if that's to blame let me know in the comment section down below if you're experiencing issues with your PC but we're used to seeing numbers around 150 ish mark lower sometimes dipping to 60 which is pretty strange so

We'll keep an eye on that when we test some other games and see if the trend continues but we're gonna run around and try to get some kills here we are running on the turbofan speed which we'll see if it actually makes a big

Difference the processor was getting really hot though so we'll see if we can turn it off it doesn't seem to me up there goes it's hitting the 81 C let's see if we wait a little bit longer with the actual

Temperature gets but I just I can't think that it's actually thermal throttling though because I mean we had the other Acer nitro in-house that was getting like well I don't know like up to 90 C a majority at the time and it

Was not having any sort of thermal throttling issues really so kind of weird I don't know if there's some software going on here or it's just for non itself that's a variable to keep in mind for and I could be really weird

Right now but we'll see what the other games we test if there is some consistent issues with this machine right now going in waiting some action oh come on you kill them okay Oh some in the building I looks like

Heather has to be something on here banana alright guys as you can tell four nights running a little bit weird so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna kill this guy real quick and then we might look into this and see if there's some

Issues and if there is you're probably not seeing this section at all in the video so just we're gonna go ahead and do some testing real quick and see if we can figure out what's going on hey guys editing Matt here so when we were doing

The benchmarking of this laptop we were a little bit concerned with the performance considering it has a well 16 60 Ti so we reached out to Acer to comment on this and after a little bit of troubleshooting they ended up sending

Us another stick of memory because this laptop only runs single channel memory and we managed to add to that second stick of memory to give this thing a total capacity of 16 gigs and we reran the fortnight benchmark because that's

What we had installed the time because we were initially just going to run with the laptops performance as is and chalk it up to the i5 being a bottleneck but apparently this single channel memory issue is one of the main reasons why you

Were not getting really good results in fortnight because after upgrading the RAM we got well over 20 to 30 plus FPS we added so many more frames sometimes reaching 200 which the system was hovering around 90 most of the time so

In some cases we were gaining over a hundred FPS just by adding another eight gigs of memory now I do think if Acer was actually configuring this laptop with two four gigs sticks you would still see that big of a significant

Boost even if you were just running a Doozer RAM having those two sticks in tool channel would probably add a lot of performance to this machine so why'd you watch the rest of this video the main

Thing that we're gonna recommend is you go with the i7 model because of the bottleneck with the i-5 which is still the case in some games but if you do buy this model at $900 which is a great price I would highly suggest spending

The extra 30 or 40 bucks on another 8 gig kit or maybe another 4 gig DIMM because if you do that you will experience way better results than we did show in the benchmark run so as you watch the rest of these vintage marks

Keep that in mind upgrading this thing with just one stick of memory will significantly improve the performance which is something that just kind of went over our head when we were doing the benchmark so how about go back to

The rest of the benchmarks alright so we are doing Shadow the Tomb Raider now keep in mind we are like pretty much maxed out right now we're on high settings 1080p and you know we're get a respectful frame rate for the

I'm top we are recording as well we're actually using the app and recording and everything so you know we might see a little bit Dix because that we're actually finally seeing good usages like relatively equivalent the 1660 Ti does

Seem like it's being held back a little bit by this I five I mean not not a ton but I do feel like maybe going with that I seven version if you're gonna be strictly gaming and maybe even trying to do things like livestream you you might

See a better frame rate you know going with that i7 shy of the Tomb Raider is like worst-case scenario triple a title in high settings as we come down here we're probably gonna see more dips down to as you can see 30 ish fps and you can

See that CPU being pinged at a hundred percent clearly the i5 is gonna hold you back in some games so again as Jackson mentioned I would highly suggest that i7 if you're gonna be playing games like this the extra score count and probably

Clock speed would be very beneficial yeah I mean cuz you can see like right now we're literally at 47% IGP usage with I mean we're just pegged at 100% so we're I mean what we're definitely seeing areas of improvement as far as

The processor goes because the system's 60 Ti is a really good GPU right now and you know it should definitely be able to handle a higher framerate than this I just think it's held back a little bit so one thing we did test was a $700 Acer

Nitro laptop which honestly was giving not the exact same results but it's pretty close for a little bit less money from Acer so that could be an option to consider if you mainly play like eSports titles it had a 1650 as opposed to the

1660 ti and that was getting really decent results but again I really think if you are gonna go this 1660 ti model you definitely should go with the i7 it does seem to be held back by that i5 so for the price premium that you're giving

Might make more sense to bump this up to like $1,000 $1,100 laptop alright so this is a pretty pretty decent little benchmark Oh with all the people talking we're not in the game so we're gonna go ahead and do one less benchmark and see

How it does alright ladies and gentleman the last game were to be testing is overwatch you're gonna dive into a 3v3 basically team deathmatch that team deathmatch yeah that work 3 3 we read dive into it

On high settings just to get another eSports example hopefully we're around the hundred plus FPS mark on high settings we'll see when we dive into it but again there's just some weird things about this laptop we'll probably leave

Alternative suggestions down below from Acer that we do suggest and maybe some other options that you can consider alright now that we're running around in overwatch we are getting well pretty decent numbers oh my god I'm gonna get

Destroyed right here there we go we're getting about a 120 Plus FPS which is hey more than enough to play overwatch oh and this is actually an elimination style game so you know I gotta wait now to get back into the game we'll see how

This goes but I mean the framerate is actually pretty solid I mean overwatch you can expect way higher frame rates – at high settings probably like upwards of 160 170 FPS but you know we're gonna give this a good solid run maybe I'll

Play a little bit better this time oh my god I got attacked from the back I try my best there but I mean in terms of performance guys I mean this has been one of the most solid gains that we tested maybe because this isn't as

Cpu-bound as some other games out there but I mean hundred-plus FPS on this 120 Hertz screen it's definitely more than ideal and that kind of wraps up we're gonna be doing for some benchmarking I'm gonna go ahead and just talk about what

We thought of this laptop and maybe consider some different alternatives that you could look at alright so as you guys could tell I mean I honestly have played games you know it did decently well but for like the nine hundred

Dollar range we feel like we've seen laptops especially from Acer even because we've tested a few that are a little bit cheaper and actually brain like just as good if not better and we're heavily thinking that it's

Because of the i5 that's in this so if you are considering a laptop from Acer this is by no means a poorly built laptop a lot of tops of really high quality everything else is pretty good about it but I would just highly suggest

Upgrading to the i7 version because from doing some research you can gain a good like 15 to 20 ish fps in some games especially like fortnight which was starting to get below that hundred FPS mark you could probably stay closer

Above that hundred fps mark most of the time with the i7 and the 1660 I just need to be able to stretch its legs a little bit more so I would highly suggest especially hey sirs watching this to maybe consider when 10th June

Processors come out see how those i5 s are doing but this 9 g ni 5 is just it just does really cut it with the 16 60 TI and you may want to consider a different option from Acer or another laptop company if you are looking to

Pick up a sub thousand dollar gaming laptop and huge thanks again to a pal for sitting over this really cool basically matching the same size and everything external display it actually works really well and it looks really

Fluid and everything and honestly was really useful for even doing this test right here because we were able to see how much each component was actually being used and utilized and everything which is really nice for this because we

Were doing some troubleshooting trying to figure out how to get more framerate so if you are interested in buying a laptop links in description down below same thing for the lapel external monitor links in the description down

Below and if you guys did like this video drop a like drop a comment and subscribe it's different I'm off no prob but see you guys later good bye question Marcus Lee sure yes oh that was weird sorry sorry

Don't let sub I'm Gabe

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