2020 $700 Gaming Laptop – Acer Nitro 5

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey what's up guys Jack and Matt here
with the Thai stereos and today we're
gonna be finding out is a six hundred
dollar laptop worth it in 2020 it's
actually definitely worth it but we'll
talk more about that after a word from
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let's get right into the video show
alright guys so today's video is a start
of a new emphasis of ours we're trying
to dive into budget laptops because
really gaming laptops are getting much
more affordable you're actually getting
a lot of price performance for a laptop
compared to the old adage of you're just
wasting your money behind a laptop and
you're really getting way less
performance than building a PC honestly
right now you can get a laptop that's
maybe like the $100 more or so compared
to a gaming PC and will perform really
close to that gaming PC so today we're
checking out this one with help from
Nvidia and Acer so special thanks to
them they sent over this Acer nitro 5
featuring the 1650 so this specific
model here which we'll go over all the
specs in just a minute comes in right at
5 9999 so right now at the exact time of
making this video we like can't find it
in stock anywhere but there's like 10
other variants so you can get this
laptop in that range from 500 even all
the way up to six seven $800 so you can
get on all different shapes forms and
sizes with different components but the
one that we're doing is $5.99 and the
main specs of this one comes with is the
i5 90 300h which is a fork or a threaded
processor that boosts all the way up to
four point one gigahertz and that's 1650
which is the main focus of this because
we love using the 1650 even though it's
kind of hated on in the PC building
community it is a great low power card
that is literally awesome procreating
pre-built so we wanted to see how long
does it perform any laptop form factor
so I'm only going to unbox this thing
and talk a little bit more about it so
over here we have the
a charging brick and the cable that goes
to the charging brick very simple basic
very standard it's not because anything
weird about it
I don't really know it could wait it
this is a weird weird live top opening
right off the bat this thing is a really
nice like hefty feel to it it's not like
it and when I say that I don't mean it's
super heavy four pounds about four
pounds I said seven or eight very well I
was way off well I will fact check that
online as well but we're gonna go with
between four and five pounds the first
thing I noticed from the back is this
thing has two massive fans over here for
cooling which is awesome because it's
very important with a gaming laptop to
have a good cooling because a laptop is
only as good as its cooling honestly
when you have thermal throttling and
whatnot it just totally kills your
performance we have a lot of vents in
the back here nice big like honeycomb
vents we have an Ethernet port on the
side we have HDMI out we have USB type-c
2 USB 3 s and then we have the here's
the charting where it's in a weird spot
in there yeah it's like right in the
middle charging port a USB 2 and a
headphone jack it looks like that's it
as far as ports go so we're not like
overwhelmed with ports we're not
underwhelmed we're not overwhelmed I
would say just enough so I mean opening
this thing up this thing is actually a
really pretty laptop let's go ahead and
now the screen is a 1080p 60 Hertz
screen so you're not getting any crazy
high refresh rate but they do have
upgraded models that you could get
something that's higher refresh rate as
well but yeah this laptop looks really
nice 1080p is a great resolution for
gaming on a lot especially the 1650 and
really there's not much to complain
about so what we'll probably do is go
ahead and install a couple of games do
some benchmarks and then be able to
actually test some of the audio and
things like that

alright guys so we are back and we're
gonna be benchmarking this laptop today
in a couple of games first up we're
gonna be testing the new call of duty
modern warfare we are running at 1080p
on like medium settings again you can
see the FPS and temperatures in usage of
the top-left corner using msi
afterburner but we're gonna just see
exactly how those can perform in the
menu of the call of duty modern warfare
there's actually let some live actions
you can kind of see some performance
numbers from that but we're gonna dive
into a shipment match which Jackson's
about to see is absolutely insane it's
like a little tiny box and you're gonna
just blow up every single second but
here we go we're gonna dive into
shipment sounds like as we get just
sounds like called ad to me so now that
we're in the game right now we're
actually getting very good numbers we're
at over 90 FPS which on a6 Harris
display is perfectly fine definitely the
terms of volume down a little bit it's
like really loud but this kind of this
is probably a worst case scenario for
this for this laptop because honestly
there's just a lot of stuff going on on
this map but yeah almost 100-plus FPS in
certain situations and being all the
runaround actually kill people you know
this is a pretty impressive dude they're
they are everywhere around pretty good
they're getting like close to hundred
FPS at times so yeah you could higher
the settings a little bit if you wanted
to we are running on like normal ish
settings at 1080p really don't notice
how much of a difference and especially
we're playing an FPS gonna get the most
FPS you possibly can almost blue buff up
the grenade but yeah honestly this is
definitely more than playable and I'm
pretty impressed and I expect the rest
of the games like fortnight and the
others to perform just as well
especially on a 600 laptop I was kind of
worried the fact that there was only 8
gigs of RAM in this thing and the fact
that our RAM is at like seven-and-a-half
gigs that there would be a bottleneck
because of that but it looks like it's
handling it pretty well one thing to
note though the i5 9500 H is getting
around 90 to 93 degree Celsius which
isn't abnormal for a laptop processor
especially when gaming but it is causing
that clock speed to lower and fluctuate
from 3.6 to up to 4 to 3.9 it does vary
here and there so if you do get some
stutters it could be the fact that your
processor is overheating a little bit
I'm in this setup pretty much there you
go oh look at that and there you go
that's Call of Duty more
and playable on this laptop let's go to
the next game alright guys the next game
we are going to be testing is of course
fortnight and we're running on pro
settings 1080p which basically means
epic view distance everything else
pretty much often low on fullscreen and
we are going to dive into a well
probably just do a team Rumble match I
one thing to mention someone did
actually mention it to me that team
Rumble actually is more demanding most
of the time isn't a normal like single
or duos match you're probably gonna be
away from everybody most of the time so
you're not gonna get as much of a frame
impact but you know worst case scenario
you know just try to see what kind of
performance we can get alright guys we
are dropping in to a fortnight right now
and this game is definitely not using
nearly as much RAM as Call of Duty did
so the only 8 gigs of RAM in this system
is not gonna be that big of a deal with
a game like fortnight but you know you
could always upgrade to 16 gigs really
easily in the system like this or by
configuration that comes with 16 gigs as
we mentioned before at the beginning of
this video there was a lot of different
versions of this lapdogs you could go
with but we're close to 100 FPS and
fortnight on a laptop for around 600
bucks which is pretty impressive it's
not that far off from something that you
would build for like I don't know five
or six hundred dollars so you're maybe
paying like a $100 price premium for
something like this and a lot of times
would come a long way since they used to
be back in the day maybe he knows he
doesn't know
you think that would have been more day
god oh yeah I thought that would have
like really killed them but hey there's
got it almost killed yeah I know let's
kill myself I was like debating should I
do that see how about all right guys so
now with vsync off we're actually
getting close to like 70 to 80 hfts and
sometimes into the hundreds which is way
over 60 which is a nice experience for
we'll see if Jackson gets some head
shots here you know he's the resident
Halo Pro but yeah though this is a this
game is definitely not super demanding
but it should become really popular in a
lot of people we're gonna want to play
it on well laptops and just to show you
that 16:50 is capable of playing the
halo Master Chief collection and all the
future versions that will come with it
you know we wanted to do this benchmark
so 60fps is kind of what you're looking
for on a 60 Hertz screen and I think we
definitely achieved that if you guys
have seen some of our other budget
laptop videos we've done recently you
can kind of compare this to those and
just show how far like a 1650 will take
you compared to just running the
integrated baby graphics not sure what
happened there but you know a dead of
your graphics card in 2020 with a really
nice eye 5 at like $600 and I only
expect these to get cheaper as the time
goes on
makes a pretty viable option and Acer
has a really good one here
that's pretty upgradable – all right
guys the last game we're gonna be
testing is shadow the Tomb Raider we're
gonna be running on the high preset
using the built-in benchmark this is
kind of like worst-case scenario exactly
what kind of perks you get a 1080p and
something like a triple-a title of the
1650 I expect this to struggle a little
bit but you should still get some pretty
decent results so let's go ahead and run
this benchmark and check about game when
it's done

alright guys now that the benchmarks are
done you can see on high settings we got
an average of 50 FPS which is actually
pretty good for shadowed the Tomb Raider
it's a very demanding game so overall
very impressive this laptops performance
numbers and how we go and wrap this
video up real quick
for you being close to $700 in a
brand-new laptop is actually a really
good price especially the fact that you
have one of the newest gcx cards you
have the i-5 which actually runs really
amazing you have eight gigs of ram which
that's really the only like somewhat
complaint that you can say we have is
just really upgrading it but that's not
a big deal it's easy to do you can find
all kinds of teardown videos online ram
is super cheap right now like it's an
all-time low so upgrading this thing can
be easily done for under $30 now of
course you could build the pc and we've
done that many times that could perform
better than this for the price but this
video was a showcase to show head just
how far a small laptop like this
something you could take anywhere you
want to go do some content creation do
some gaming on the side and really just
do a lot of different things in a very
small form-factor and show how far
they'd come and exactly what you can get
for your money so is this something that
could replace a desktop for some people
yeah it could be but do we recommend you
get a desktop people in the most
possible performance yes this could be
something that you could add maybe in
the future if you're somebody who
travels like your student or just need a
laptop that you want to be able to game
on the side with so overall very
impressed with this offering from Acer
special thanks again to Acer and NVIDIA
for helping us out with this video and
if you're interested in purchasing this
laptop link in the description down
below are you saying that this isn't
portable no that's not sure I can bring
this to college with me just fine you
could but no good so we hope you guys
enjoyed today's video don't forget to
Like comment and subscribe as always and
well guess what see you guys in the next
one good bye

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