2020 $2,000 Gaming/Streaming PC

by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

Hey how's it going guys Jack and Matt here with the toasty bras and today we're gonna be doing a $2,000 at gaming and editing build now $2,000 is a lot for us but this PC is gonna have a lot of value behind it but before we get into it let's hear a word from today's

Sponsor Micro Center who was nice enough to send over this motherboard and graphics card to help out this PC build big as well it's a $2,000 PC and we needed all the help we can get if you're wanting to save a lot of money when

Buying PC parts be sure to visit a local Micro Center or check out Micro Center comm links in the description down below and also big thanks to them they've helped us out with a ton of builds recently and they have helped out a lot

Of our tech youtubers in the community so give some love to my cursor in the comment section down below and be sure to visit one their stores if you can so the main idea with this build was that we kind of called it like the two

Thousand dollar no BS build because you know it does have RGB it has a little bit of BS too because it's two thousand dollars you but other than that though besides the RGB which we weren't really cheap with there's really not much here

That's like just for aesthetic purposes really this build is focused on being like one of the best editing and streaming pcs that you could possibly find in gaming of course so let's go ahead and talk about each part how it

Makes up this PC build and well we'll get right into building it then alright guys so as we mentioned it begin this video we're like super stoked about this this is the risin 3950 XS it's like just short a basically thread Ripper so this

Is a 16 core 32 thread processor and and it is honestly insane it does come in an insane price point of like almost eight hundred dollars so yeah you know it's pretty expensive you do have to buy separate cooler does not come with one

For obvious reasons but it's pretty impressive that we can cool it with almost anything where you are going all out because you know we just want to be safe and this was actually a pretty cheap three sixty millimeter cooler

It'll look good inside of this case we'll get in a minute but 39 50 X we're about to see how this thing does in gaming this is a gigabyte X 570 gaming X motherboard it does have some cool RGB effects on it

And honestly this is this is a really cool looking board it's a full-size board it has the actual IO shield cover on it so I mean honestly this actually has the IO show built in even better so this is gonna be one of those builds

Where it's gonna look really sleek and honestly this is gonna be perfect for that they're down to 50 eggs big thanks over to crucial they actually send a 32 gig kit of DD for thirty two hundred megahertz

Ballistics RAM it's not RGB you know it doesn't look like super fans or anything but honestly it does match the color scheme really well when we're going for like this kind of sleek black look and of course the RGB fans that we got will

Kind of do the rest of the work but this is gonna be really good for this thirty who DX and honestly this stuff's not that expensive for 32 gigs as far as storage we actually went a little bit more expensive with it so this is

Actually a one terabyte SSD from Intel now Intel surprisingly this is kind of awkward at this point but so this is an nvme 660 pm-2 drive I mean honestly it's really just like your basic m2 it's not much more expensive I mean honestly it's

Gonna do the job and also we want it at a the new a giveaway along with their new 50 X so we had it and budgeted in you will have to go in the scription down below because we don't actually see that one an Amazon anymore so we'll put

An alternative that's probably gonna be a little bit cheaper down below and as for the graphics card this was sent over by Micro Center they sent over the gigabyte r-tx 20 70 super now yes we're going with like the best desktop

Processor but not the absolute best graphics card and that's for reason because this system is mainly designed for the best of value out there once you get over like the 20 70 super you're getting incremental performance upgrades

In terms of gaming performance and you know you could go that route if you want to go balls to the wall and maybe spend like close to three grand but we need to make this a two thousand dollar bill that can edit and game at the same time

Easily in 1440p and those benchmarks that you're going to see at the end of this video will definitely show you that the 20 70 super is no slouch and as for the power spike we want this hyper 85 plus from FSP FSP has been sending

Over some power supplies recently we've been checking them out they're a really good quality unit it is a semi modular power supply which means we can get some really good cable management but it's a really well rated power supply in FSP

Has been getting more and more into the budget power supply game but this one right here is on the upper echelons of quality now of course those cables we got a pack of sleeve cables which are actually black gray and white which is

An interesting combo that's gonna match this overall like monochrome style PC build these are an awesome accessory that you can get for pretty much any PC bill at any budget they're not too expensive now on Amazon so highly

Suggest even if you're doing a budget bill the check the link in description down below and maybe pick one of these up for your next PC bill but they're gonna add a lot to this PC at well not that high of a cost so to cool

This 3950 X we have the lick max 3a RGB fan which is from inner max we were actually looking on Amazon for a three sixty millimeter cooler because the cooler we are originally going to use well had a little bit of a mishap we'll

Talk about that later maybe but this cooler is more than enough to cool the 39:50 acts probably a little bit overkill but when you're going with such a high end processor you definitely should treat it right and get a nice

Liquid cooler and it comes with some nice RGB fans which sadly we're actually gonna be taking off for some other RGB fans which are right here this is a 6-pack of up here RGB fans we absolutely love budget RGB fans because of one

Thing remotes we don't have to deal with any software it always works on the remotes and you get some cool effects regardless I'm not having to use like a RGB RGB effects on the motherboard now some people might not like that but we

Like these so that's why we want them and we are going to be replacing on the radiator as well so we have an overall in sync combo where we have RGB all over the case and we could turn it off if we wanted to not have to worry about fussy

Software so this will work really well in the case which lastly is the case from Mon Tech now this is a $60 case it's like 60 to 70 bucks most the time but it's a really awesome case for the money you have timber glass side panel

Full mesh up front which is gonna be super nice for airflow and honestly it's a pretty good value for your money it's not super big enough super gaudy it's very neutral but it has all the mounting we need for cooling and will look pretty

Nice for this PC build so excited to build in this and excited to see how that 3950 X will perform let's do it

all right ladies and gentlemen now that we have finished putting the PC together let's go ahead and talk about those benchmark numbers real quick now a few

Things I want to note on before we talk about specific numbers one yes we will with the 2070 super with a 39 50 X is it the most balanced build in the world no but the main reason we built this system was well we wanted a PC that was

Gonna be great for content creation and live streaming yes you can go ahead and spend an extra seven or five hundred dollars on a twenty eighty super 20 and DTI but in reality that's not something we were very interested in because we

Wanted to get something that was a workhorse when it came to consecration and things that well a majority people will do when they're not gaming we also will really focus on making a full streaming setup which is gonna be coming

To the channel very soon featuring dual 240 Hertz 1080p monitors hence why we tested all the games at 1080p so we can get an idea of what kind of performance we can get and eventually we'll be live-streaming on this thing in

That setup video and testing how well it can handle 240 Hertz while live streaming which is definitely no easy task now first up in call of duty modern warfare on 1080p max settings we were getting well over 100 FPS around 100 to

140 Hz fps there was a clear bottle neck with the 27 T super which is to be expected in the game like modern warfare which is far more demanding than your average eSports title with lower settings I can easily see this game

Reaching over 200 FPS if you want to get closer to the 240 Hertz FPS target which is something we will be testing in a future video but this is more than playable on a normal 1080p 140 of our Hurst display and if you want to stretch

Into 1440p you could easily play probably at the same rate around 100 ish FPS at 1440p high settings and just going to show you that this thing can definitely play most triple-a titles that will release on the market next up

Was fortnight which is more of our competitive style game that we're gonna be testing in this benchmark run running on pro settings which is epic view distance and everything else on low this game yielded a result of well over 200

FPS a majority of the time this is definitely no surprise for tonight it's very CPU bound when it comes to pro settings so the third and m50x with its really high clock speed I was able to produce some really

Awesome results of course the 27 super did stretch his legs a little bit but it was definitely helped out by the IPC improvements of Ryze and 3rd gen now this brings up a very interesting point regarding gaming performance if you were

Just looking to get a gaming PC I highly highly suggest going with something like the 3700 X or even the 3600 with the 2070 super and you will save yourself four if not $500 on your whole setup and you can make a really capable gaming PC

That will probably within a few frames of this setup while be it at a fraction of the cost I'll be sure to leave some links to builds that I suggest on the I in the top right corner so you can go check those out if your main focus is

Gaming but again this system is more than gaming it's live streaming it's video editing it's a lot of multi-threaded applications that allow this thing to be wealthy 3950 X PC that we wanted to build now the last two

Games we tested was shadow of the Tomb Raider in Tom Clancy's Rainbow six siege how the Tomb Raider did go to show that the 2070 super can be held back at higher details at 1080p only averaging around 70 to 80 ish fps dipping down to

60 sometimes this is where if you were going to be playing a lot of triple-a titles at higher resolutions you might want to consider a 20 atti or 2080 Super to make the ultimate gaming PC if that's what you're looking for and regarding

Rainbow six siege it's pretty much like fortnight you're getting well over 200 plus FPS on high settings with this game eSports titles are no match for a setup like this and it's gonna be perfect for an eSports streaming PC that oh of

Course we're gonna be doing a full set up of very soon on the channel now also ran this system through 3d mark time spy just to get a you know test to see exactly how it performs compared to the other systems out there on the market

And after running the time spy benchmark we did rank in the top 10% 90% faster than a majority of pcs that have run the benchmark which is well very impressive to see and also we did do some tests using the corona benchmark and Cinebench

Which you can see on screen right here and we got well very respectable numbers as well just showing that a 16 core 32 thread processor coming in at around $700 albeit a very expensive offering is really really good compared to the

Competition and one will hope that an Intel will catch up one day and release something at the same price because as a consumer having some real competition only benefits us we get some really awesome performing

Processors at great prices and AMD has done a great job delivering what is basically the fastest consumer desktop processor even though I think this is stretching it for the consumer level side of things so that pretty much wraps

Up the benchmarking session how about I bring Jackson back in here real quick to wrap this video up alright guys so you just saw some really good looking benchmarks this thing honestly like just destroyed every single game that we

Threw at it now of course you could go with like a 20 80 TI and that would probably be a better pair with this processor but really this this isn't exactly primarily for gaming or going for like editing and stuff too so we

Decided to dumb down the graphics are just a little bit to keep the budget at 2 grand and obviously you could go with the cheaper processor and it would probably perform in games pretty similarly and we have a couple of videos

Coming the channel that we're going to prove that point 1 potentially we might have a build coming we're gonna be using the 2070 super with a lower end processor just to show you if you're gaming you don't need a 39 50 X and

We're also gonna be putting this thing through some tests with our full streaming setup coming to the channel very soon so be sure to subscribe to check that out but it's gonna be really ridiculous as in $4,000 ridiculous so if

You ready to check that out and we're gonna be showing you how well this thing livestreams with dual 240 Hertz monitors so you just thanks again to micro Center and crucial for really making this build possible because it's pretty expensive

Don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and as always we will see you guys in the next one good bye bye our stuff down below affiliate links come on

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