2020 $1,500 Gaming Laptop

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Hey how's it going guys Jack I'm out here with the toaster bridge and today we're actually reviewing an HP omen laptop this thing costs $1,500 do we think it's worth it well we're about to unbox it and find out but first let's hear a word from today's sponsor we know

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To HP for sending over this HP omen for us to take a look at and see what we think about it we've been doing laptop reviews here on the channel recently and we wanted to just try a lot of tops of different price points to assess their

Value for the amount of money you're putting out there because you know we are big proponents of making sure you get the most value for your dollar when building a gaming PC and laptops have come a long way since they used to back

In welp just a few years ago so without further ado let's go ahead and get this thing unboxed alright guys so let's go ahead and unbox this laptop what we have right here is a laptop featuring in RTX 2060 and in i7 9750 h which is a 6 core

Processor now do keep in mind there are 10th June laptops out there and most likely HP will release versions of this laptop with Tenjin hardware in mind but you could probably get this at a discount then if they do have to sell

These units because you know they have been made so this is actually a pretty cool unboxing experience you guys The Omen logo here and then what's probably right here is like your power brick and whatnot so we're to go ahead and take

This apart ever so slightly and then find this which is I believe congratulations you have an omen product yes and then we have another manual you know we don't need those and we're gonna pull

This guy out of here it has like a carbon fiber look to it it is it's kind of a thick boy I'm not gonna lie to you we'll open it up here and then let's see what we got let's do that Oh No so here we have the laptop which is

Actually now that I actually am holding it is not too bad for a laptop featuring at 2060 with an i7 9750 H so we'll go ahead and put this to the side real quick as we unbox the rest of the stuff in here this thing does come with 16

Gigs of RAM but in a little bit will point out the fact that it only comes with one stick 16 gigs in memory HP come on guys so if you are configuring this laptop I highly highly suggest you go dual channel to four gigs sticks or to a

Gig sticks depending what capacity you're going with we have right here is the power brick not too big actually it's not too bad for gaming laptop and then we have a power cord so let's go and get this box stuff out of the way

Nice and carefully cuz every package this thing later and then we're going to go ahead and look at the laptop and what it has to offer so as we open this up we're gonna go ahead and go over some of these specs of this gorgeous laptop so

We have of course an hour ticks 2060s shown there we have a ninth gen i7 which is a true 6 core processor it actually pairs pretty closely with the risin 530 500x which was all search to your core from Rison although 3500 X actually is a

Little bit better I mean it's somewhat close to 3600 if you want to use more of a mainstream processor as a comparison but for a laptop though you really can't ask for much more than that you could actually

Do editing you could even possibly stream off of this you know Adam tier X secondary monitor and do some pretty cool stuff with it we also have 16 gigs at 2666 a little bit slower it's also one stick so keep that in mind you know

For gaming we have a discreet card so that's what's important you know we shouldn't see any major FPS losses but dual channel is very important to go with we have a 256 gigabyte nvme drive and then a 1 terabyte 7200 rpm hard

Drive and then the screen is actually a 15.6 inch which is really standard but it is a hundred and forty-four Hertz so you know what this thing's a real gaming machine we don't even has a camera up top which is kind of cool I guess you

Know you have your whole streaming to laptop right here so real quick we're just gonna go over some of the things that we see on the side laptops so starting out from the left side we have an SD card reader nice feature

Having a laptop we actually have a microphone in and audio out Jack that's also really nice to have those instead of a combo Jack way of both we have a USB 3 which pretty much every port and this is gonna be USB 3 and then this is

Really interesting to me on the back of the laptop which this is cool especially for it's almost like a docking station in a way built-in rather than having everything come out the side you have your stuff coming out the bag to make it

A lot cleaner but we have Ethernet USB 3 HDMI out and then we have mini DisplayPort USB type-c and then the other side next to this charging port we have another USB so I mean this thing's actually decently packed with poor it's

It's not many more than most high end laptops have but it's definitely adequate and has all the essentials that you would need and yeah just out of the box we were able to power it on ready into the start screen and everything so

Let's go ahead and set this bad boy up and see what's capable of all right guys we are in csgo the best game ever but we're on high settings so this laptop should have absolutely no problems playing that which you guys probably

Already know but you know we figured we show you some a little competitive csgo gameplay and see how I does all right guys so we're in the match so right now our ping is actually really good like better than almost anyone in here but I

Think csgo is I think it's blowing up right now because yeah it's extremely like Network laggy but everything else appears to be fine like as far as the graphics goes that we're getting like 200 FPS I'm at most times to kind of

Ignore the little I guess you could say stutters because that's all network and there's been people commenting in the game saying oh my guys our server getting DDoS so yeah the performance is pretty impressive keep in mind this is

Only running one stick of ram so you might see that impact the system at some point in the future but I mean there's a 2060 in this laptop at some point the single channel is it gonna get nearly as impacted it probably is gonna have a

Little less performance than normal but I mean this thing is performing really well will see us to go well over 200 FPS with that high refresh rate monitor there's gonna be a great little eSports PC if you want to take it on the go and

Noscope people like that dear god okay okay right well that was fun alright so that was csgo i wanted to be probably best laptops that i've seen as far as FPS goes in this game let's try another game real quick alright ladies

And gentleman the next gamer to be testing is over watched and we are running on ultra settings because well we want to max this thing out and we're gonna dive into a team deathmatch match if I can find one right here we'll just

Do mystery team deathmatch and then once we get into here we'll see what calm performance we can get alright guys we are in to a match and overwatch and right now we are getting well over 100 plus FPS now clearly the one bottleneck

Here well appears to be the twenty sixty but not by that much I mean you're getting well over 100 FPS in this game guys kill this guy maybe no yes I got him there we go yeah the performance is actually really

Solid we are playing on ultra settings which most people are not gonna be doing on a game like overwatch because it's an eSports title and you probably want to try to get well over 144 FPS to make sure you're getting that high refresh

Rate but I mean it's not having any problems dipping below 170 ish FPS so this is definitely more than playable so we're gonna run around here real quick try to get some kills and just put the singing of the test maybe oh there we go

Yeah the performance is impressive it's kind of what I expect with a system like this the 20 60 is a great card for higher end gaming so with eSports titles like this it should be no problem whatsoever

Kill this guy we're coming in hot we're bailing out boys open now we're under attack and boom we died yeah I mean this is more than playable well over 100 FPS we're gonna go ahead and test a couple other games we were gonna

Be testing call of duty modern warfare if they end up working we tried just recently and it was not working properly so we'll try that again real quick and then we're gonna be testing a game that a lot of people would want us to test

Which is Valerie and that is gonna probably run well probably without any problems whatsoever so let's go ahead and switch to call a duty modern warfare alright guys the next game we're gonna be testing is modern warfare now we are

Going to dive into a quick play we're not gonna be doing warzone mainly because we want to get some sort of well game that we can run for multiple periods of time without dying instantly and not being on the benchmark

That long so we're diving into this match do keep in mind war zone is a little bit more demanding than the actual base game of Call of Duty but we're gonna get into a match and just see what kind performance we can get we

Are running I like a mixture of high medium settings which I'll go ahead and show you guys right here but under graphics scroll Scroll scroll Scroll they go and now we're going to wait until we get into a match

Come find me I know what he was doing ok ok yeah averaging around 90 to 100 FPS which is pretty dang solid yep there thank you oh god heal myself yeah this is pretty good for call of duty modern warfare

Cannot complain whatsoever it will be easily run around get some kills on people who obviously are not that good at the game oh let's just I guess I was gonna try to do that up I'm gonna get shot up I hit him a one-shot one shining

Moment grenade really not playing the objective at all but hey we're benchmarking Hey Oh No I knew that was gonna happen oh man VI guys I mean this is more than

Playable and actually really impressed I was expecting Modern Warfare to be the one game where it might have a little bit of problems but I mean hey you're paying $1,500 for a laptop you're definitely getting a lot of performance

For your money so okay about that again there we go it was too good to be true but um this is definitely more than playable so what we're going to do is I'm gonna run around one more time see if I get some kills but then after this

We're going to be testing that we actually got a beta key from somebody who watches the channel so appreciate that we're gonna be testing that game out and honestly we're expecting really good results from what I've heard but

We're gonna go ahead and dive into it see what kind of performance you can get and play a game because they're long game so Jackson's gonna go ahead and pop some cheeks and a game he hasn't played before uh-huh there we go all right

Let's play Valerie guys all right guys we are in a game of Valerie now keep in mind Jackson has no idea what's going on this Olivia's first time picking up the game so keep that in mind but look at those FPS numbers so

Now we got some Mike gameplay we can hear some people talking but I'll go ahead and narrate what's going on Valerie pretty easy game to run but you want to show you guys the kind of FPS we can get in the beta

Since yours what's up you guys are gonna like this oh okay okay mil okay woohoo right there at least I got a good shot at something good try alright guys valor –nt is definitely

More than playable in this system we're gonna see if Jackson can get a win here we have one win yeah we have one we have one way because of me but yeah all right guys yeah we'll go and wrap this video up real quick alright guys so you have

To finally see some valor and gameplay first time we've played didn't go too well but the laptop the other hand played it really well getting over 200 FPS at many times now one thing we do in a point out is we were just looking at

Some updated listings for this laptop and they're a wide range of options you can go with actually and the prices do vary originally we thought this is a 1500 our laptop but the more we looked into it you could actually get a model

With a 240 Hertz display with the exact same specs for $1,300 on Amazon and there's a lot of other versions on there as well so it might be a price decrease coming on all these laptops because of 10th

June laptops coming very soon so you might be able to snag a laptop like this for like $1200 at some point which at that point it makes it's a no-brainer it makes perfect sense to go with so how I suggest considering you check that out

But I mean very impressed with the performance overall so make sure you check in the description down below because we're probably going to leave a few options both on HP's website and Amazon because Amazon appears to have

These bad boys in prime shipping ready to go and many different variants like Matt said 4k display 240 Hertz display all different kinds of displays for under fifty hundred dollars so we'll probably just put a few different links

To laptops that are very similar or the same as this one so to check the description down below to see updated links that are probably good to go and aren't gonna be sold out so we're all highly suggest you consider checking out

Laptops from HP we do have a review of one of their desktops coming very soon on the channel so be sure you're subscribed if you want to check that video out but overall check the links down below if you're interested and we

Highly suggest you consider this for your next gaming laptop and also if you like this type of stuff don't forget to check us over out on twitch TV slash toy series using this beautiful lower-third you're also going to see on the

Two sides our other two YouTube channels that we've started toasty clips and toasty DIY we would very much appreciate it if you check those out as well don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and we'll see you guys in the next one peace

It's clover it's done it's done

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