2020 $1,500 Budget Gaming PC V2

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

Hey what is up guys Jackie met her with the toaster bros and today we're gonna be doing a $1,500 wait for it Intel PC build and we were able to make this happen with a big thanks to my Crescenta so stay tuned for a little bit of an ad for microsomia

So you guys didn't know we don't really live near a micro Center we're about two hours away from one button because we love them so much and they're amazing prices we actually have driven up there a few times just to go pick out our own

PC parts then a wide selection of PC hardware whether you're building your very first gaming PC or you're somebody like us who loves PC hardware should definitely give your local Micro Center a shot check the links down below when

Buying the parts for this build special thanks again to micro Center and also micro Center is here for you for essential technology that you may need to work and learn from home in these trying times for everyone staying at

Home we know this is a hard time and social distancing can take an effect in you Micro Center has a new online community where you can share your PC build with others and chat with the community members in the forum's this is

A great way to connect with fellow PC gamers while adhering to social distancing use the links sign up for their community and post your current PC build thanks again to micro Center for sponsoring this PC build now let's go

Ahead and put together shall we so the process that we have picked for this build it doesn't look like an AMD box it's really weird because this is an Intel i7 97 or K and honestly this does pair with like a rise in 3700 x4

Honestly around the same price so we're excited to give this a try because this is supposed to be better for gaming and we're gonna see if that is really true huge thanks to NZXT for sending this server this is the kraken or kraken x53

This is a 240 millimeter AIO and it looks really cool it has some some glowing effects too it's a little bit expensive you know it's about 129 dollars they have a few different models that are all kind of similar that are

Different price ranges but you know it's 240 has RGB which we love our GB and it's NZXT we really trust these guys they make some really good stuffs we're excited to try out this cooler on this Intel processor so big thanks to

Gigabyte also this is the Auris C 390 ultra motherboard this is a very very very high-end motherboard and when I say very high-end I mean like two hundred and thirty dollars just high-end it's a really good-looking board it's gonna be

Really good for doing all kinds of expansion projects and whatnot but keep in mind you could save about $100 and get a cheaper board like gigabyte also does my cheaper ones as well if you still want to go with them

For the RAM if you guys know that we love team group this is the T force Delta RGB it's 16 gigs at 32 and megahertz really respectable speed really respectable RGB looks very good and also this stuff is just cheap

Usually you can get it for under $90 for 16 gigs you really cannot beat that for RGB Ram now this is kind of a weird combination here we're actually going team blue in team

Fucking a team red GPU now this is kind of a weird combination actually gone with the team red GPU with an Intel build but anyways we have the XFX 5700 XT from AMD this is a really awesome card if you want to save some money

Compared to something like a 20 70 or 2070 super and you still get some great performance now this is the thick variant from XFX which we actually use the 5600 xt model and actually perform pretty well so we're excited to test

This thing out in this PC build now marker Center was nice enough to send over this inland 512 gigabyte SSD this is an MDOT two PCIe SSD so it's gonna be blazing fast Bowerman 12 gigabytes is enough to get

Windows installed and install a couple of games and if you want to get a one terabyte drive you most certainly could but this is one area where we thought we could save a little bit of money and this is still a really solid drive for

The price and also for micro Center they sitting over there in-house brand power spec we'll leave some other links down below you can't buy this from my person or if you want to but if you don't have a

Local Micro Center you may want to go with something like a thermal take power supply or something else off Amazon is actually readily available but this is a really awesome 650 watt unit 80 plus bronze we actually are gonna be adding a

Pair of custom sleeve cables which these are actually black just to add a little bit of a cleaner design to this power supply but really excited to use this in the bill and would be more than enough power to power this system in any future

Upgrades and lastly we're gonna be using this beautiful case from BitFenix this is the dawn TG now the big selling point of this case is this like RGB wraparound effect that you'll see here when we actually finish this build it looks

Really cool on there's full tempered glass all the way around this thing so Jackson's gonna have it as work cut out for him with cable management or we're gonna give this thing looks super nice and it's gonna be a really awesome home

For this really high-end PC build how we go ahead and put it together

alright ladies and gentlemen now that we have this PC all put together let's talk about those benchmarks real quick now I only tested this PC in about three

Titles we played for tonight call of duty modern warfare and overwatch just to get a good idea of how the system performs but honestly I was not surprised with the performance numbers we got and pretty much this thing can

Run any game you want to throw at it at 1080p high refresh rate first up with fortnight this was a great great performer we were getting 200 300 plus FPS and that 5,700 XT was definitely the bottleneck you could go with something

Like a 2070 super 20 80 or even a 20 80 TI with a 9700 K and with that configuration you won't suffer any major bottlenecks with the 9700 K now the reason you might go with the 9700 K over something like the Rison 7 3700 ex is if

You are somebody who plays fortnight or eSports titles because the pure IPC of boosting all the way up to four point eight gigahertz and with a little overclocking which we didn't implement you could easily get this thing to five

Gigahertz you can get way better frames and reach those 300 400 500 FPS marks that you may want to hit as a professional eSports player and that's why a lot of people still offer Intel for their gaming pcs next up with modern

Warfare we dove into a deathmatch game and got really good results on max settings well over 100 plus FPS at 1080p again lower settings you can get well over 100 even 200 fps and probably hit those 240 Hertz monitors if you want to

But the 5700 XT was definitely the bottleneck in this situation and we knew that going in so you could go ahead and opt for a better GPU if you expect better results and you can make this a really really

Awesome gaming PC with an even better GPU and the same thing goes for overwatch well over 100 plus fps no problems whatsoever and I just wanted to take this time to talk a little bit about this build and what you can expect

In the future because really soon Intel's gonna be releasing tension processors so this is kind of just a lookingglass kind of build I don't know if I would really recommend going out and buying this stuff unless you can

Find a really good deal on a 9700 K and a motherboard but we had a motherboard on hand and we wanted to give Intel a shot and their 9 gen stuff is known for being a really good resource title so we wanted to put it to the test and we do

Expect to see tension stuff in our office at some point in the near future so be sure subscribed if you want to check that out but honestly for an Intel build $1500 this is a real awesome system and I highly suggest

Considering it if you are somebody who primarily plays East works titles it really doesn't dive into the content creation side of things so how about we go ahead and bring Jackson back in here and we can wrap this video up real quick

Okay guys so you just got to see some benchmarking on this amazing $1500 Intel PC and yeah we said it Intel 1500 ollars amazing on one sentence now if you're just looking to game I can totally understand an argument for going with

The 9700 Kay but do keep in mind Intel is going to be releasing some new processors here very soon 10th gins so if you're watching this video in the future you might want to save your pennies and go towards that

Instead of going with the soon-to-be outdated nitrogen processor so that's something to consider but overall this is a great gaming system yeah you're paying $1,500 but if you're someone who just games and wants to game a lot and

Really values Intel for some reason you know what the 9700 Kay and the 57 or XT is a pretty good pairing because you're also getting a little bit of AMD in there even though we didn't go rise it I'd also be interested to see too if

Maybe much like rising with the 1600 AF maybe something like that 97 okay when tension comes out we'll be you know the $200 processor all of a sudden instead of like 340 so it could honestly be like the next rise in 1600 af so that's

Something definitely to consider and if you are interested in purchasing anything for this PC build links in the description down below big thanks again to micro Center for helping us out with this PC build and

Sending over all the parts so as always don't forget like comment and subscribe and we'll see you guys in the next one you

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