2020 $1,300 Gaming PC Build

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey what's up guys jack and matt here
with the toasty rose and today we're
going to be bringing you a 2020 $1300
gaming pc build but before we talk about
that no I'm just kidding today's video
is brought to you by an tech they sent
over a ton of stuff for this PC bill
which we'll be talking about and
basically made this whole PC bill
possible so special things to Ann tag
and if you do purchase stuff for this
bill links down below yeah there's no
other response to read besides that so
big props they intend so let's talk a
little bit more about this bill so one
thing that we did decide to including
the budget on this bill which we
normally wouldn't always do is this case
right here is a really awesome case but
it does not come with fans but the case
is a hundred dollars so this is a little
bit of a higher budget bill because of
that and also we spent an extra like
hundred and thirty dollars to get these
really nice RGB artifacts that we will
go over once we go into the part so just
a disclaimer this bill does have about
two hundred and fifty two hundred and
seventy dollars worth of bling so you
are gonna be spending more to make the
system look nice so the heart of this
build is going to be the Rison 3700 x
now this is an awesome a core 16 thread
processor it is super fast like the
speeds are insane on it and as far as
doing workloads and even you know really
high in gaming this thing is going to
blow it out of park you could go with
something like at 3,600 3,600 eggs spent
a little bit more in the graphics card
which we'll go to in just a second to
have more of a balanced gaming build but
right now this is going to be great for
streaming and gaming so you guys also
know we normally always go be for a 50
route because well be for a 50 can
handle almost every processor out there
it's very upgradable and they obviously
look pretty good well for this one we
decided to go a little bit overboard you
could say so 37 X paired with this Asus
prime x4 70 pro motherboard it does have
the Aurora sink and honestly this build
is gonna be so RGB if I'd that we kind
of just wanted to continue the RGB if
ocation at that point so this is a
little bit of a premium price thing it
comes in between 110 and 130 so you're
paying a little bit more for an X 470
but it does have better upgradability
path in the future huge thanks to Tim
group for this tea forest it's actually
not Delta for once it's actually
RGB Ram that looks amazing so it's
actually 16 gigs it's in – 8 gig Stix
and it's 3600 megahertz
so yeah this is like some serious
business here and honestly this this RGB
is insane I don't know if we get the
special edition not that guess we'll
find out but I think that we have this
stick right here but you can't get the
special edition for about the same price
where it literally has like some extra
you know drawings on the RGB so and for
the m-dot to dry because you guys know
we love going in but especially with the
high-end build we kind of just have to
at this point this is a m700 from bio
start now just a quick disclaimer I
don't know if this is actually like
totally out yet so we will have
alternate links in description down
below as well as this one so if you
can't find this Biostar one any 512 gig
in that – SSD is gonna work fine I mean
this is a PCI Express one but you know
it's anyone's gonna work about the same
so whatever you seen the scription
that's available just go for it
now as for that GPU that we mentioned we
went with a gigabyte to 2060 super now
isn't the most powerful GPU out there no
you can definitely pair a 20 70 or you
know like a 5,700 XT with something like
the 3700 X but this gives us a really
powerful gaming system that can also be
used for live streaming and if you want
to spend a little bit more on the Kravis
card you could cut back on RGB and get a
better GPU or come back in the cpu get a
better GPU but the 2016 super is
definitely no slouch you could
definitely max out all games 1080p and
expand into 1440p if you want to and you
get that really awesome in big encoder
for some awesome live streams and now it
begins the list of an tech products that
an Tek dough is nice enough to send over
this is their high current game or 650
watt power supply 16 video watts is more
than enough for this system it is 80
plus of gold and it is modular so you do
have the ability to keep things a little
bit more organized so these sleeve
cables right here are black and white
which they put stickers on here so I
don't mess it up this time but there are
some customs leave cables to add just a
little bit an extra flare to this bill
not necessary because I think these are
all sleeved black cables so you really
don't have to worry about having nasty
caps from a muster at a high-end build
like this but just add a little bit of
extra flare black and white sleeve
cables and then to go over to the RGB
now we have a couple of packs of their
RGB fans which do come with RGB strips
and a controller each one comes with
three fans a controller and two RGB
strips so you're getting a good combo
here but this case right here which is
the p1 20 crystal can hold a ton of fans
more specifically 7 5
yeah so three here three here and then
one 140 at the end so that's why we have
this one 140 millimeter fan right here
also that comes with just the fans so
we're gonna be really decking this thing
out RGB and tech has told us that there
holger all RGB eco system is really easy
to use so we'll be putting that to the
test in this video but really it's just
gonna be a lot of putting in fans and
really maxing this p120 Chris allowed to
just show off the RGB in this really
awesome open case design that I'm really
a fan of especially at the hundred hour
price point and not to mention it is one
beefy case it is really heavy so let's
go ahead and start building this thing
and see what we can put together very
excited no it's not

alright guys so now that we have this
beauty of a PC all put together let's
talk about those benchmarks real quick
now the main games we tested were modern
warfare fortnight Rainbow six siege and
shadow of the Tomb Raider there's kind
of become our go-to benchmarking suite
and first I would monitor warfare we
were able to play this game at well over
100 plus fps actually this configuration
performs way better than my own personal
rig with a rise in 717 hundred and a
twenty eighty super because that CPU the
3700 X it's IPC improvements are amazing
the amount of performance you're getting
out of this thing with a processor at
the price point that it's at is pretty
incredible this is a really awesome
setup and you can most definitely play
at high refresh rate with this current
setup now I know a lot of you are
probably wondering why we didn't go for
a better graphics card well as we
mention at the beginning of this video
we really wanted to showcase some of ant
X products and you most definitely be
one to save some money or spend a little
bit more money could pair literally up
to a twenty eighty super or twenty atti
with this 3700 X without any problems if
you wanted to so this could be just a
good starting point to get a really
nice-looking build and eventually build
on that so in modern warfare more than
playable max setting 100-plus FPS the
same goes with fortnight you're actually
have a really really capable Pro
fortnight PC here with 300 plus FPS the
IPC of third gen Rison is significantly
improved compared to 1st and 2nd gen
making it a very capable option for
people who play fortnight professionally
want to play on 240 Hertz monitors this
thing would actually work really well
for you even in a team grumble lobby
which is normally more demanding that
the maiden game itself
so overall fortnight was definitely more
than playable and I was very impressed
with the results in that department
Rainbow six siege is the same story
another eastwards title that performs
very well with this set up well over 200
fps in the built-in benchmark that is
most definitely no surprise here Rainbow
six isn't super demanding but it is
another really popular eSports title
that's being played and in reality a
majority of people out there are getting
into PC gaming for eSports titles like
Rainbow six and fortnight and maybe even
modern warfare if they want to get away
from the console life so seeing numbers
like this is probably very well
beneficial for people like that and the
last game we tested was Shadow the Tomb
Raider where we started to realize the
limitations of the 2060 super at 1080p
full max
settings we were only getting about 60
ish FPS which shadow the Tomb Raider is
a great example of a triple-a title that
is really really demanding people are
playing a lot more of those games or if
you want to jump into 1440p probably
saving up for a 2070 super or a 5700 XT
or maybe even higher would be a better
option for you but overall this 2060
super impressed me a lot and the price
when it comes in that is very
competitive you have the really awesome
Nvidia feature set like The Invention
coder that allows you to have some
really beautiful live streams while not
impacting your CPU and also just it's an
Nvidia card this is home differ stuff
that comes with it you could go to the
AMD alternative as I mentioned like a
5757 or XD but you know we won with the
2060 super and we definitely don't
regret the decision for this build and
it also looks really nice this gigabyte
model is really well built so that
pretty much wraps up the benchmarks how
we go ahead and bring Jackson back in to
wrap this video up real quick and give
our thoughts on this beautiful build did
I say it was beautiful it's definitely
beautiful so guys those were some really
impressive benchmarks for $1,300 this
thing was able to really max out every
game and on a game like for it not even
pro settings we're getting like 300 plus
FPS so you know that a new 300 plus
Hertz monitor might actually be a thing
with this and one thing to mention also
we love these Antec products the RGB
fans are nice and it does go together
very nicely with this P 120 crystal case
but if you wanted to put more money into
your GP you could always get some cheap
or RGB fans will leave links down below
but that's something you could always
get but if you want the whole ecosystem
of antec products that work really well
we do recommend getting all this stuff
and putting it together
RGB is still not super easy to put
together but if you do take the time to
really organize it and make sure it
looks nice in the back you can get a
really nice RGB looking product and
we're actually very impressed with this
case and people over on our social media
have really liked it so far another
disclaimer is that we probably could
have done the same exact build and we've
probably had done a very similar build
for around a thousand bucks if let's say
we went with the cheaper case we didn't
really go RGB we didn't go the next for
70 board we didn't go with like some of
the fastest room we could find this RGB
you could probably save like three or
four hundred dollars just by cutting
back on things but you can still have
the same core components like the 3700 X
the 2060 super 6
gigs of RAM you can still get good
components and good performance it just
wouldn't look this amazing sometimes we
like to showcase some really pretty
looking builds if you want to see
something that's more priced performance
or like not super blingy and more like
all value and raw performance hit beyond
the top right corner or leave a couple
of builds there but overall thanks again
to antec for sponsoring this video we
really do like this case and the fans
from Antec and we do highly suggest if
you're looking for a really blingy build
while not totally breaking the bank this
is a good thing to consider so you guys
enjoyed today's video don't forget to
Like comment and subscribe and of course
we will see you guys in the next one
good bye

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