2019 Facebook Business Page Tutorial (For Beginners) Step by step

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey guys welcome back to the channel in
this video I'll be telling you how to
start off a facebook business page now
this video is for beginners so if you
click on lesson you're not a beginner I
ask that before you leave you please go
down and click the like button so this
video doesn't get buried and so other
people can actually see this video for
those of you who stuck around
congratulations you just started a brand
new business very exciting but there's a
lot of work to do so if you're starting
a facebook business page which I
recommend almost every business does you
might find that is a little bit
confusing and there are a lot of
different settings that can be very
intimidating so in this video I'm gonna
go very thoroughly through all the
different settings that you need to know
when you're first getting started as
well as where to find other settings as
you start to get more advanced so these
settings might be things like an
autoresponder for messenger when people
go to your website or go to your
Facebook page I mean you can actually
set up a responder so when they send you
a message it'll say you know like thank
you for visiting us you might also want
to know how to set up you know a
username or a custom URL with Facebook
so people can go to facebook.com slash
your business name so all these
different settings and more I'm gonna
show you in this video and you're gonna
learn how to set up a facebook business
page for your very first business okay
so here we are on Facebook you're
wondering how to actually get to this
page so just from your regular profile
we're gonna set this up as a personal
account first and then we're gonna
transfer it in another video over to a
business account so starting off you
want to go to the little top arrow right
there and go down and create a page
it'll take you to this page right here
and you're going to create your business
page so it gets started creating your
business page now for this video I'm
just making a hypothetical business so
I'm just gonna call it mo be lawns
Michael Bryan lawn so I made just you
know a quick hypothetical website on Wix
and then over here I made a quick
Instagram and we're gonna integrate all
of that into this Facebook page so we're
starting off we're gonna call it m OB
lawn so Michael Bryan lawns and then so
when you're choosing a category I
recommend that you try several different
keywords so over here if I want to do
lawncare you'll see there is no lawn
care right there so maybe I want to do
landscaping and before I just go into
like service or product and service you
want to make sure that you try as many
similar words as possible because there
are so many different ones there might
actually be one that is a better fit for
your business rather than a product
slash service since I don't have an
address I'm just gonna make one up real
quick and we're gonna say one two three
car drive
and we're gonna call it in Philadelphia
so the next thing I asked for is your
logo or your profile picture I recommend
making a profile picture into your logo
I just made a quick little logo right
here in PowerPoint you can easily do
that on your own and it's very simple
now it's gonna ask to upload a cover
photo the cover photo is gonna be
slightly bigger just like it is under
normal on a normal personal profile so
here we are on the Facebook page that it
just set up it looks like it didn't
actually crop the logo very well on the
background but that's okay you can fix
that later so what I want to do first is
add a button now this button is going to
be what engages the audience and
redirects them over to your website or
where you do booking or anything like
that this is the actual action that you
want people to do you make it very
obvious on the top by adding this button
right here and so for us since we are a
lawncare company we want people to book
with us now booking obviously would mean
you know setting up a time where we can
mow every week all summer or all winter
depending on where you live so we're
gonna go and say book now and hit next
now there's different ways you can book
you can book appointments within
Facebook you can book with other apps
like Booker and booking bug and stuff
like that we're just gonna link them to
my website now my website right over
here is the Wix website as I mentioned
and we are just going to copy that and
paste that over into the URL right here
and that is going to be our website okay
so they're gonna be booking on that and
we're gonna say finish now when you
actually go and finish that since this
is the editor mode you can actually go
and you can't click on the button
instead you have to go down and test the
button and when you go test a button it
should redirect you you want to make
sure that it takes you to the website
this one looks like the button works
fine so when people visit they'll be
able to click on that now the next thing
you want to do is scroll down now they
suggest you write here but we can
actually do that over in settings so I
want to go over to settings this is
where things start to get a lot more
complicated and this is where you really
want to start paying attention to the
different details about your page so if
you go down to page info this is where
you want to populate as much information
about your business as possible
so that if customers have questions
about where you are what number to call
when you're open how much you cost and
stuff like that you can fill all that
out in here so in here you can add your
phone number you can add your website
let's just add our website right here
again so paste it save our changes if we
have an email we're just going to say
Mike at Mike at central Mediacom
that's our email and then if we go down
if you have a Wi-Fi account this one
it's a little tricky if you have Wi-Fi
they're not asking do you do you have
find your house or your business they're
asking you know do you have Wi-Fi in
your business that customers can use so
if that's the case you might want to put
in here and tell them maybe what your
password is or whatever or if you have
Wi-Fi so people can know it'll pop up
you also have your address down here you
have your location you can tell people
where to park you can tell people what
hours you work so we'll just say we're
always open we're open all the time
we're just gonna Save Changes you can
also say you know what specific days are
open down here you want to make sure
that you check off how expensive you are
so people know are you like a really
high-end lawn care are you like a really
budget one or where are you in between
so I'm just gonna put three dollar signs
let's say we're a little bit upper edge
but we're not actually like top tier
we're not we're not doing baseball
fields now make sure you continue to
populate when you were founded any kind
of awards all this stuff is going to
help you rank higher in Facebook so
people can find you and it's gonna make
the user experience better so that more
people who visit this and have questions
about you can find the answers and then
they'll redirect over to your website by
clicking the book now thing on top and
they'll actually become a customer so
the whole goal here is to make this as
user friendly as possible with as much
information as possible so the users can
be redirected to your website and
they'll end up being clients so more
within the settings tab I jumped right
to page info but there's a lot of other
stuff on the side so on the left you see
all these different tabs each one does
something very specific so if you just
go I'll just go through these actually
right now so starting off in general
this is where if you have a different
business other than like a lawn care
company you might want to go through
this and really find out you know do you
want to have people allowed to tag you
do you want to how do you want to allow
anybody of any age are there age
restrictions to visit your page and
things like that so you can go through
this and these are self-explanatory I'm
not gonna go through every single one
because right there in the grey it'll
tell you essentially what each setting
is and I recommend no matter what you
want to go here and scroll down before
you get started with anything else and
make sure that these settings are
correct for your page next as we go into
messaging these are some very powerful
tools and so for example one thing I
really like to set up when I'm first
getting started on a page is if you go
and jump to the response assistant so a
response assistant can give people
automatic responses when they send you a
message or when they open up messenger
and so the first thing I want to do is
set up a messenger greeting so when
somebody opens up messenger you want
some kind of greeting to pop up and you
want it to say you know like hello
welcome to Santro media or welcome to
michael brian lawns or whatever it is
your business is you want to add that
message right here so here I'm just
gonna delete the one that Facebook has
and I'm going to say hello welcome to mo
be lawns how can we help you and one
thing I want to say is if you want to
make this custom you can go down here
and add personalization and if you add a
personalization you can add for example
the person's first name so when it pops
up whoever it is their name will pop ups
right here it would say hi Mike welcome
to you know MLB lawns how can we help
you and it'll pop up before they even
send the message and then that'll
encourage them to send the message you
want to make it seem like you know
they're not just sending a message out
to cyberspace you want them to be more
engaged so in response then once they
send you a message you can go up here
and you can set up an instant auto reply
which will be so let's change that and
we'll say you know thank you for
contacting us and we'll try to repeat
responsive if possible we'll get back to
you soon so I might want to add to that
until then or let's say in the meantime
please check out our blog so now when
people open a messenger first you'll say
hi welcome and then they'll send a
message and then they'll say thank you
for them sending the message and it's
going to essentially say we'll get back
to you really soon so that's how they
know that they that you will be replying
them and you have to make sure that you
actually do keep on top of this and
reply and I'll show you a little bit
later in this video we're possibly in
the next depending on how much time I
have how to actually set that up and
merge all of that into one place so you
can get your messages from Instagram and
Facebook and Facebook messenger all in
one place so as we're going along we can
go down to templates and tabs this is
where you're going to rearrange the
homepage of your Facebook page so if you
want a standard one which is where on
the side actually you'll see right here
so on the side you have all the
different options and then you have your
content right there and that's what it
automatically sets you up with and then
you can try all these different ones so
let just go right here and maybe set up
a business one so we'll see what it
looks like it looks like you have a
bunch of stuff on the bottom your tabs
are on the left so let's just apply this
template and see what it looks like you
know it will try a bunch of different
templates and whichever one you like
you want it so make sure you do this
early on before you start customizing a
lot of stuff because it really you want
to make sure you have the template
before you choose what pictures go where
next if you scroll down you can change
which tabs show up
so maybe if you want the about tab to
show up first because maybe you know you
want people to know all about your
business you can have that show up right
there you can also rearrange which ones
you want so let's just say maybe groups
on the bottom say you're not part of any
groups you don't really
you're not associated with groups you
can go and you can actually turn that
one off so you make that tab not show up
you can also go down and do this make
sure you save it so you can do it you
can also copy the URL if you want to
share your videos tab or anything like
that your blog tab stuff like that you
can redirect people to different tabs of
your actual page post attribution is a
very simple one this self-explanatory I
always recommend posting as your
business rather than as yourself as you
go down to notifications this is going
to be very important if you have a lot
of traffic originally it's not that
important but as you start getting more
and more traffic to your page you want
to make sure that you manage your
notification so you can sift out the
important stuff from the other like
recommendations or new fans or anything
like that you want to make sure that
you're only getting what you really want
so you don't blow up your phone every
single day so the next thing I recommend
you do is actually set up an integration
with your Instagram account so if you
just go down to the Instagram tab right
here I already did it but it'll
recommend you do this and when you do
this it'll actually have you set up your
Instagram as a business profile I'll
talk about this in another video how to
actually do that correctly and have the
proper buttons on Instagram but overall
it's gonna give you a lot more
information on your Instagram account
about who's seeing your post what time
they're seeing and all these different
insights and all the different data you
might be interested in so if you have
any different page roles so maybe you
have more than one person working on
your business maybe you have a partner
you can add them here as another
collaborator or as another admin on the
page this is very important if anything
ever happens to your account if you lose
your password or whatever it might be a
good idea to have another person set up
so that they can back up the account and
they can always sign in if you can't I
think that's pretty much everything I
want to show you about settings right
now in this video I can show you a lot
more in another video a little bit more
advanced stuff but when you're first
getting starting off the next thing you
want to do now remember if I move the
about page up here your eval page might
be somewhere farther down if you didn't
rearrange them but let's go to the about
page so when you go to the about page
this is where you can set up your custom
Facebook URL so if you want somebody to
go to facebook.com slash Michael Bryan
lawns or whatever your website is you're
going to be able to set that up right
here now depending on how many likes
your page has you may or may not be
eligible for this at the time so you
might have to wait a little bit maybe a
couple weeks till you gain a little bit
more traction
until you can set this up unfortunately
right now this is not going to let me
set it up on this new page the next
thing you want to do is you want to make
a couple different posts out there so
you have some content on your page so
people can start to find you I recommend
if you have a blog post on your website
share them all here maybe share short
videos right here somehow engage with an
audience and give them something that
they want to like the page they want to
follow for so if you're a business
people aren't just gonna like your
business for no reason they're going to
have to like it because you give them
some value in return so this is not just
one giant advertisement you have to
remember whenever you're making content
like this you actually have to push out
value so maybe make videos about you
know how to take care of your lawn how
to do different things what's the best
lawn seed to get you know whatever it is
you want to make sure that you're
providing value for people so you can
gain some kind of audience rather than
just advertising to them on your
business page so next I want to talk
about the things up top so if you
actually go from page this is where
you're editing the page if you go over
to inbox this is where I said you can
merge together a lot of different stuff
you can merge your messages you can
merge your Facebook you know all you
different notifications you merge your
Instagram notifications and all that
shows up right here so if you go to
Instagram all of your different
Instagram notifications can show up here
your Facebook ones will show up right
there and your messenger ones will show
up right there so this is a very
important and convenient way for you to
manage all of your different incoming
you know messages and notifications from
different users and respond to them all
in one place so you can also go over to
notifications then this is slightly
different this is where you gonna see
all the different notifications about
your page you can also find some very
useful information about you know how
many likes to get in comments and stuff
like that okay so from notification so
you can also go over to insights now
this is going to be a very powerful tool
you can use not only on Facebook but
also on Instagram now that your
Instagram account is a business account
and this is going to show you
essentially who engages with your page
when they're engaging where they're
engaging from and you can find out a lot
more about your audience from this so if
you are making a post maybe say you make
like a hundred posts and maybe five of
them blow up and get millions of views
millions of likes millions of shares you
can find out who actually like those you
can find out more about the demographics
and you can retarget that audience with
your next post and you can optimize your
posts so that they're more tailored to
your audience that you actually have so
this is a very powerful tool it's also
very easy to get caught up in and watch
your graphs as they go up as more people
like and engage with your page
but overall this is a very very useful
tool okay so as you go over to the
publishing tab right here you're you can
publish your post you can look at them
and you can actually you know schedule
different posts look at your drafts in
your expiring post and you can manage a
lot of different posts from this little
Center right here as you go over to add
Center then this is another video where
you can set up Facebook ads and you can
run these ads and that is an entirely
different story so guys I think that's
honestly pretty much everything you need
to know when you're first setting up
your facebook business page I showed you
where to find settings I showed you how
your your site is overall setup and then
I showed you all the different
notifications and inbox and all the
different tools that you have along the
top bar so now if there's more you want
to know please comment below I'll be
addressing more stuff in a more advanced
video later on if you're interested in
seeing that video please remember to go
down and click the subscribe button if
you're watching this at a later date I
might have already made that video so go
check out Santoro media's Channel and
you might be able to see if I already
made that video so guys that's all I
have for you in this video I hope that
you enjoyed it and it was helpful for
you in learning to start off your
Facebook business page if you have any
other tips please be sure to go down and
comment them below so that other users
can go down and find the same tips or
the same questions that you might have
about facebook business pages thank you
all for watching this video if you
enjoyed this video and want to subscribe
to San Trail media please be sure to
click the subscribe button right there
for our most recent upload click right
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one of those and I'll see you in the
next video

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