2008 Acura TL Used Car Inspection (What to Look For)

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Greetings viewers and welcome to today's installment of air at the car guy in today's episode I'm going to be doing an inspection on my new-to-me 2008 Acura TL which I purchased for $200 yes $200 so I expect to find some stuff that this car is going to need yet it runs and drives

It does have a few issues which we will go over but I'm gonna make a list check it twice so that I know what I'm up against to turn this thing into my new daily driver looking around the exterior of the car it's well then bounced around

A bit maybe did some drifting in a gravel pit I'm not really sure how this front end got sandblasted the way it did or that is probably one of the biggest windshield damaged impact things that I've ever seen one of them anyway so

Obviously that's gonna have to be replaced the mirrors knock loose a little bit and the interior as well let's call it rough but still this car runs and drives it was 200 bucks so it's kind of like that offer I couldn't

Refuse so I jumped and here we are and if this ends up being a viable vehicle which I think it is it's gonna become my daily driver and we'll probably probably replace my acura vigor we're off the bat also hood struts but this this is my fix

For this especially on a cheap car like this those hood struts are probably 60 70 if not more dollars apiece so I just went and picked up a small pair of vise grips for like you know $3 at Harbor Freight whatever and it's come in like I

Just keep it in the car boom oh it is fixed yeah during these years honda had a fascination with engine covers but it looks fairly well intact one thing i like to do with any used car that I'm checking out is I'll pull the oil cap

Off and look down inside the engine it's usually a pretty good indication of you know how well it's been maintained oil change wise things like that I'll get a light so you can see down in there so there is some signs that well it might

Have missed an oil change or two but you know it's still intact and this was a solid engine to start now some people might be saying the transmissions going to go any minute that was the 99 through 2003 TL that had

The transmission problem in fact I was putting in two sometimes three of those transmissions a day at the Acura dealer so I'm kind of happy that this is well past that in fact if this was the 99 303 TL even at 200 bucks I probably would

Not have bought it but anyway this is a no way well past the times that I recall them having any kind of transmission issues stop doing this whatever shop you're working on when you hear think it's a good idea to replace the battery

Terminal that was on this car originally with this battery terminal stop it freaking hate this crap it'll corrode it'll cause a bad connection anyway as far as the battery goes one good thing to know no batteries

Good I put this on a trickle charge for a day and it's ten and a half volts so battery's good speaking of transmission check the fluid real quick it should be hot when you do this but you can also check it cold now looks like it's been

In there a while it's also slightly overfilled it's kind of expected honda transmissions automatic transmissions you do not check it with the engine running you check it with the engine off and then hot on a level surface and

Speaking of changing the fluid a lot of times what you can do is you can quote unquote flush it and I only use Honda automatic transmission fluid and Honda automatic transmissions I don't care what you say in the comments about

Something Universal whatever I use Honda transmission and Honda transmission Honda transmission fluid and Honda transmissions never had an issue but what you can do to quote-unquote flush a transmission don't hook it up to a

Machine or have it hooked up to a machine or anything like that because I guarantee you that's not hard to fluid but you can change the fluid three times over a period of like a week and that quote-unquote flushes it so three quarts

Each time 9 quarts total a little on the expensive side but it should reset the transmission as far as fluid goes however changing transmission fluid and a vehicle that hasn't had its fluid changed in a long time can be

Problematic it can cause problems so as long as we're checking fluids I know we looked under the oil cap but there is oil in it it doesn't look too bad but obviously I'm going to change it and the filter I do that with any new

That I get when I say new meaning new to me this car only came with this one key and that's a little sad I really wish I had two keys because these things are stinking expensive to replace I had to put a battery in this one in order to

Get it to work in order to get it to open the trunk but I'm happy to have a trunk button now and these are like little switchblade things as far as whatever but whenever when I had this apart to replace the battery I sort of

Cleaned it and recondition it this was just as gross as the car was anyway press this and the trunk opens and what I'm seeing here is evidence that it looks like it's a Tanner tree or whatever for a bit less car sat for a

Time which isn't the greatest thing but it certainly lived a hard life I'm happy to see I got the spare here and it looks like it's been used and a used spare also means at least to me evidence of not exactly keeping up with a

Maintenance so we may need to do some maintenance on this and as long as we're in here and messing with stuff oh yeah it has been out because the hold-down is now missing but that makes it easy to check the pressure and go in here get

Rid of some of this garbage that's in there but I will top this off with some air one and they're doing the oil change and everything else in the film at the salvage yard I'll see if I can find one of those things that hold it down so if

You live in the Alps or something and you'd like to go skiing this is a path through it's the rear armrest and well or you can throw a couple of two by fours in there I'm not sure but that's kind of a cool feature of the car what I

Buy cheap Acuras I'm not as concerned about the mechanical issues as I am about body issues and one of the things that can give you a telltale sign that a vehicle has been in a collision if it has a sunroof look all around the

Sunroof for any dents or abnormalities if you see some you know the vehicle has been in a collision because those dents never get fixed but I can get just about guarantee you they're just about always there and I do actually see a little one

On this car we had to pull it outside but you can sort of see a little bit of an end right in here on this one it's even more pronounced on my Integra but if you're inspecting a used car I would and it has

A sunroof I would look around the sunroof for any issues like this one of the first things I like to do with a car especially at this price point is replace the tires because it

Can feel like a new car afterwards and you can obviously see by these tires that the cords are showing so it certainly is time to replace some tires I'm going to go for all four and I will likely go with michelin premier a SS

Freakin love those tires I've got those on my acura vigor they work awesome so that's likely gonna meet one of the first things I do but looking under here aside from the tires on both sides this one I'm actually feeling some steel

Things poking out let's grab my gloves you got to be careful around these because you'll go to take the tire off you'll grab this tire and these little things will stab you like a little porcupine needles

Inner fender liner came loose probably during whatever collision happened in the front and I'm imagining that at certain times this will make noise so I'll probably cut this out as far as replacing it I don't know if I won't buy

New I'll find something a salvage yard for this to replace that on the other side it's almost the same not as bad looks like somebody reattached this side I imagine this thing was hit in the front the fog lights broken pretty good

So definitely something happened up here I don't know what the other covers the one over the transmission is good as far as leaks I don't see a lot of leaks anywhere I'm really happy to see that looks like the original drain plug

Is still in the oil pan because these are little oil pans for whatever reason they go to a quick lube place and they decide that the original drain plug isn't good enough it's got to go to the size that they use so they put a new one

In and usually strip it out because they run them in with impacts Oh am i calling you out sorry anyway other leaks anything I don't really see any significant leaks not for something well I forgot what the mileage is but we'll

We'll cover that in a minute because it does have a check engine light and I plan to pull the codes but so far I just see a car that's sat for a bit after well a hard whatever that caused it to get to this place

Seems intact yeah so I'm not really seeing anything it jumps out seeing something that might be damaged on the undercarriage or with the suspension which is fantastic I don't care about the body I don't care about

The interior that doesn't get me where I'm going this stuff does definitely something going on with the brakes looks like the strut might also be leaking back here his left side looks

Better but I'll replace both front struts look good though now that we've seen what's underneath let's pull the wheels off all the lug nuts were there and they all came off that's a good sign now remember like on the other side we

Got to be careful those cords when I come in here and hit the back of the tire cuz I've been stabbed lots of times that's how I find that tires sometimes yeah that feeling all right we're gonna employ different

Methods we have rusty brakes but pull this one off oh yeah the pads are down I don't have to look too far so it needs front pads at the very least I don't recall a brake vibration I could machine the rotors because I actually have that

Technology but I'll probably just replace them just to just to renew the brakes completely take a look at the other side also decided from spider webs and a little bit of grass not too bad I'm gonna get my light this bushings

Starting to crack now that's not the end of the world but definitely something to keep an eye on same story with the brakes over here I'd like to see that they're both worn the same amount like if one brake was really worn out and the

Other one wasn't I began to suspect a caliper but since they're both worn pretty much evenly I think I could rule it out rule out a caliper problem but honestly I won't find out until I compress the pistons and I'm gonna wait

To do that until I replace the pads and rotors back brakes are also a crusty and rusty and worn out so I need the front and rear brake job easily and you can see the stress leaking a little more clearly over here

I sort of remember these having rear strut issues sometimes a little bit of leakage I'm gonna go with Oh a parts even though this is a two hundred dollar car the money I save I can invest in this and it'll ride like new I'm not a

Fan of aftermarket suspension dampers on Hondas and Acuras same thing over here just worn out brakes pad some rudders all the way around and the strut over here is dry so you can see the difference I don't see any damage these

Suspension components or any leak around the fuel tank components saying that stuff or the brake hose is any of that aside from the brakes looks good now let's figure out why that check engine lights on and since I missed the mileage

Earlier so BB thirteen services do now my trunk is open I realized that give me the mileage give me mileage I know the trunk is open mileage is 197 748 so almost 200k and it's kind of overdue for an oil change according to the

Maintenance minder and when you turn it on oh you know what remember I talked about earlier those stupid battery terminals and all I did was move that thing around and it said the battery was good so guess what it's probably that

Stupid battery terminal that's causing this at 12 12 3 5 is the battery voltage that we have so now I'm going to just going to do a voltage drop between this battery terminal and on here and check that out

Like a 3 volt drop between the battery terminal end and this right here yeah that's your that's your junkie battery terminals frickin hate these things I'm just going to do a quick cleanup on

These battery terminals so it gets better the nuts that this go into aren't even attached so I was gonna say at the end of all this well I guess you can't fix stupid well no no you can't so that's gonna have to be

Addressed and why they didn't put this on the other side like the nuts coming through the bottom so that they had something to push against instead of being able to come right out just like that so a battery terminal it's gonna be

Nah my to-do list and I believe for now I think this will work for my testing in fact now don't close the hood let's just see if we had an effect hmmm voltage drop dropped down significantly now didn't it like a whole

Lot stop using these battery terminals look me in the eye now look me in the eye stop using these battery terminals they're junk so what I just did it raced all the codes but I pulled the codes

Earlier and there are codes for the front and rear o2 sensor and I I think that was about it so just the front rear o2 sensor were the only codes that I was able to pull on this but you're probably wondering

I just ran a self-tapping screw in there and well it'll hold for now now one of the things is gonna be difficult for me to actually show you is the one problem with this car is it's very difficult to steer it's almost like the engine isn't

On when it is on and it kind of only does this sometimes like sometimes it's relatively easy like it is now and other times like I said it's it's like LED there's you can't move it at all now back in the day there was actually a

Term for this it was called morning sickness so it was temporary difficult steering and the number one cause of it was actually the power steering rack now me knowing Honda power steering systems the way I do I know that if you put

Anything but how the power steering fluid in one of these power steering systems it could cause an issue so one of the first things that I'm gonna do is flush it out but I'm also going to be doing a timing belt and water pump on

This engine you need to take the power steering pump off in order to do that procedure what I thought was is while I had the power steering pump off the remanufactured ones that I found out in the world aren't that expensive that I'm

Just going to start by replacing the power steering pump just because of the ease of it and I've had issues recently with a friend of Mines vehicle he had a 2005 Honda Odyssey 2006 actually and I went at it with the thought that it was

A power steering rack replaced the power steering rack and he still had the issue it ended up being the power steering pump and I felt really bad about going down that road so it's really difficult to tell or differentiate if it's a

Problem with the power steering pump or power steering rack I'm just going for a target of opportunity while I'm doing the timing belt I'm gonna try the power steering pump first to see if that fixes it

Another check I like to perform on a used car inspection as I'd want to check all the lights turn signals and everything make sure all of it works and also the horn

I mean it's work I wonder about those fog lights I'm gonna try the reverse and the brake lights all right now I want to check the brake lights Brian reverse and now the horn next I go through and I literally push every

Button in the car I push like all everything to make sure I get some kind of response some kind of something you want to make sure all that stuff works make sure the mirrors work and all that I have on this car it it all does work

So I'm happy with that and well let's do the sunroof real quick because these aren't things that are gonna stop me from getting where I'm going but it's good to know that it works or doesn't work and this one also

Does this so let me know that part works and last but not least the AC I feel cold air but you don't have to take my word for it I'll get my thermometer not exactly the warmest stay in the shop to check AC but this is what we've got yeah

I'd say it's working well there's the gist of my list and now I need to gather up these parts so I can do these repairs and services and things like that and bring this thing up to speed I believe despite its mileage that I'm

Gonna be able to bring this thing back drive it everyday and be able to rely on it at least that's my hope but watch for that in future episodes but this episode I'm hoping gives you some sort of overview into what you might be looking

At if you're looking into inspecting a used car you're considering for purchase I purchased this one sight unseen namely because of the price and well I know Acuras anyway I hope this information was useful if you automotive questions

Not covered in this video I asked the head to air at the car guy comm I'll link that in the description along with additional videos and information that could relate to this stuff so check the description for additional information

Thank you so much for tuning in today don't forget to Like comment subscribe tell all your friends about it share the video do these things spread it throughout the land be safe have fun stay dirty thank you so much for

Watching and I will see you next time

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