2 easy causes your coiffure fails! MENS HAIR

published on July 2, 2020

hi guys thank you very much for joining

the livestream today I'm sitting at my

office here in Copenhagen and today I

would like to share two important

secrets actually if you have followed

the YouTube channel here for a while it

might not seems like a secret to you but

anyway you have just joined the

livestream my name is Emil and today I

will talk about two common hair styling

mistakes most men do and it's not like

they're doing it I think it's it's more

like they will skip the steps to save

time in the morning just turning on the

camera here on computer alright on the

live stream ask questions guys joining

please let me know Wayne from write in

the comment section and I'll also be

able to answer questions I'll be on for

the next ten minutes and if I get to the

styling mistakes then I'll have someone

joining and feel free to share this live

stream as well with your friends and hit

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let it rain I also want to encourage all

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yes okay so now I would like to talk

with you about hair styling hair

starting mistakes and I came for us to

comment questions email we get a lot of

mails from you guys

and also company mail so the first one

is that your hair will fall down during

the day and to answer that simple

question it can be deposit your hair is

not lifted enough and the way you lift

your hair if you like to have high

volume just spend some time in the

morning out the shower you will go and

you wrap your brush and you will grab

your hair dryer I don't have it here at

the office but anyway you will apply

some heat but before you apply heat you

will add a priest annex brain we have

developed sidekick we have it in an

organic organic product here psychic

zero it also provides some protection

and of course it gives a lot of hold and

it also straighten out there you apply

around ten points and then you brush

back your hair and I use a technique

where I kind of get a grip in the hair

especially I like to apply heat to to

the banks here in the front because I

have a swill and my hair would just fly

away if I don't use heat and priest

adding serum so we have the sidekick

zero and the normal psychic and it's two

similar products it does the same

however this one is 72% organic it also

has an extra styling brilliant acid and

it's straightening out the hair a little

bit more in my opinion it's for me it's

don't say this one gives a little ball a

little bit more natural shine and this

one gives a no net finish with high

volume so essentials to get your

hairstyle started use pre static debris

right now you can get if you go to the

link Seuss liquor shop you can get a jet

pack it's travel sizes

you can try it all out and right now we

have flourishing and now I'd like to

talk with you about my hair today

because I styled it before getting to

the office only with pre Stansbury I

used psychic zero right now I feel that

I have high volume and I'm ready to

apply some hair products and there's a

lot of hair products to choose among but

it's important that you find the right

hair product for you I like to have

strong hold and a matte finish we

recently launched the revolution wax and

this one is much say you can compare the

hold to go there but it has some more

soft wax types in it so it's a little

bit more pliable than the gold digger

and it gives slightly more shine so and

anyway we have the camera it's looking

it looks good what do you guys think

please comment down below and all of you

just joined the ice cream I'm sharing

two common hair styling mistakes and we

just walked over the first one it's the

pre static process to have long-lasting

hold you need to take care of you hair

right out of the shower in the morning

or whenever you show up you go and wrap

that brush hand your hairdryer and then

you just get it get go ahead and priest

eyelid of course you need to pre style

with a product to have to increase the

hold and the volume and also to fix it

the hair straws when you apply heat you

don't kind of reshape the natural way

you go here straw might wave

in any way so I use hair grass sorry I

use my hair dryer to straighten out

squeals and maybe some waves I have

naturally in my hair anyway the next one

is that you are not visiting your

hairdresser enough right now I know what

it's difficult times it's very hard to

get an appointment with my hairdresser

but I know they are slowly opening up

and I'm happy to see that everything is

finally coming to some sort of no but if

you're not taking care of your hairstyle

then it will also be very difficult to

style it and for many men I'm not saying

it works for everyone then it will help

you out if you of course get your sides

trimmed a little bit around the ears you

will look more sharp and if you have

troubles getting your hairstyle style

the way you want it might be because

it's too thick meaning that you need to

have proper thinning of your it's the

scissor with with a kind of comb and the

one of the blades so it's only cutting

and so it's yeah of course thinning

there all right guys

right now we have talked about two

common hair styling mistakes and I like

you guys to start freestyling your hair

of course it's getting it's it's making

it much easier for you to have a 24-hour

hold for me sometimes you can sleep and

wake up the next morning would just it

could spend 30 seconds restarting the

hair because it's keeping the shape when

when you first have a Platt heat and

shape there in the house

then it stays anyway my personal combo

at the moment this babbling sidekick

zero and by within revolution wags and I

use the skeleton brush as well and right

now just liquor shop and under the tap

offers then you can find the jet pack if

you want to try it out just in small

sizes then we have the travel sizes

impact and of course right now we also

offer free shipping so we're happy to

support all of you out there with great

hair products and free shipping and

we'll help you all staying safe these

days and also we hope you're getting

back to its for normal everywhere

whatever you're doing which is going

back to the restaurants and maybe go to

work again school whatever you like to

do thank you very much for joining the

live stream see you next time

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