2 QUICK & EASY Undercut Hairstyles For Males | Males’s Hair Tutorial

published on July 2, 2020


hi guys I'm Rasmus and you're watching

slick-haired TV today I'm going to show

you how I will style my undercut in two

different ways so we're first up we're

gonna push it forward and afterwards

we're gonna make some quick texture kind

of slicked back so first I'll wash it

and then I'll apply some products and

styling techniques now it's time

my hair is damped towel dry and I'm

going to apply some freestylin in this

case it's sea salt folk called near I'm

gonna use a couple of pumps it's about

spreading it evenly in their hands and

in your hair


this product it smells super good sing a

little bit like apples


so we're going for this texture and

volume starting it forward I have the

giant comb and I have the skeleton brush

so I'm probably gonna create some waves

in the banks some texture all along now

it's time to use the blow dryer and I'll

go for high heat and high power now my

hair is blow-dried and we have a lot of

texture and lift according to the priest

oiling and applying heat and now it's

time to create some separation and

texture with the revolution wax is some

of our secret mud waxes infused with

nice perfume and loads of hold and

texture so let's supply


like this and side to side and now you

can see we have the undercut going on

here and the top is going to get a lot

of texture it's almost like the heart on

the cut but longer on top and we have

more inspiration and texture going on we

almost there it's about getting the

right amount of texture

all right I think we are done

keep in mind that the banks should be

supported by a lot of freestyling rather

than hair wax so it will not clump

together and fall down during the day

if you think it's too long on the top

you can always take your bangs and just

curve it a little bit back and you'll

get still the same nice wave going on

but it will not stick out that much now

I'm going to show you how to Rima nip

you late this style fourth hairstyle I

have not done anything with the hair

except applying the neon foam in the pre

styling and post styling in the

revolution wax what you're gonna do is

to apply more heat and then will style

it backwards into this textured slicked

back hair style and for that I'm

probably gonna use the Excel coat to

help it get more smoothly backwards


now I blow dried my hair back that's in

position so it's time to create more

texture and give you this textured

slicked back look that we are looking

for it was really easy with the heat

from the blow dryer to rima nipple 8

this hairstyle you can also do it

without a blow dry it just takes a

little bit longer time and you're not

hundreds ensure that it will Bend all

the way backwards as desired so now I

will apply a little bit of more wax even

though we can probably come a long way

we already melted the wax into the hair

I will use half as much as I used in the

first scoop because it's already a

pretty stiff here and now I'll just go

from side to side here so I can get most




and we've done with the hairstyling but

first I'll just apply a little bit of

hairspray it will keep it more into a

position even during the hottest weather

so brief round there we go alright guys

the two hair stylist is done so please

let me know which one you like the most

the first or the last as always you can

be a part of the secret giveaway for

nice by relating hair products you just

need to write in the comment section

down below about this hairstyle what you

think give the video a like and be a

subscriber and we'll pick a winner in

the next episodes see you guys next time


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