1MORE True Wireless ANC Review: Cancel the noise, not your wallet

by birtanpublished on September 28, 2020

You know one thing I always appreciate about truly wireless earbuds right off the bat is usually the case when it does this such a nice snap hey it's Joshua for Gaara what's going on everybody I'm excited to bring you my next audio review and these are some new earbuds

From one more truly wireless earbuds that have active noise cancellation these are the one more truly wireless a and C earbuds alright they're gonna be some obvious connections and comparisons between these and its main competition

The anc enabled sony WF 1000 x mark threes and the air pods pro i am going to give a little bit of detail at least in my comparison among all of those but i don't want this video to be just that we should look at this product on its

Own and i think it is deserving of that kind of attention let's start off on the outside coming in the case is metal on metal it's a very sleek case and on the back is a USB C port because well duh the case also stands on its own which is

Kind of nice to see it's not something you see very often with truly wireless earbuds it's just it's very sturdy and of course there is a rubber pad on the bottom that allows it to just stick down it's not going to slide about like some

Other ones that are just all plastic all around the best part about that bottom portion though wireless charging it's not something I use traditionally but in my office I do have a couple of wireless pads just sort of like strong about on

My desks so it's nice to just put the case down and it's charging indefinitely so I don't have to worry too much about that battery life and then here is just one low detail in the comparison between these and the Sony's the keys here is

Actually a little bit smaller and it does stand up upright that is especially with that wireless charging which also is not found in the Sony's taking the earbuds out obviously they are a little bit bigger than your usual but then

Again active noise cancellation requires a little bit of tech the outer portions are touch sensitive but that's really only for a double tap in order to change the different ANC modes I actually like the positioning of the button because it

Means you have to pinch the bud to reach the button most earbuds have controls right on the side right on the outer portion of the earbud which means you're pushing the earbud into your ear and it's just kind of uncomfortable which

Brings me to my favorite part about these earbuds honestly and it's these wingtips this is a feature that we don't see often enough in truly wireless earbuds in general much less anyone's with

Active noise cancellation it's a separate soft piece alongside the silicone that goes over the portion that goes into your ear while the wingtip just hooks on to an outer portion and keeps

Them secure one final thing about the design it's not officially IP rated which means that you shouldn't be running in the rain with these or dunking them or definitely not swimming with them but they are good enough for

Sweat resistance which means that casual workouts in the gym these would work pretty well and in my experience they definitely have okay so I was mentioning that button on the back so let's get into the controls this one's a bit of a

Mixed bag because one mores choices as far as controls are concerned seem a little bit odd you press three times in order to trigger a voice assistant two times for play and pause and then one time for volume this is the one that's a

Little bit odd to me because you press once then wait for the volume to come up and then you press it again and do that and then the same goes for volume down which is on the left ear button and it does matter which year but you're using

Because if you're only using the right one you'll only be able to increase the volume by using that single press there is the ability to change from previous the next track in your playlist by holding down the button for what one

More says is about two seconds but in reality it's not really two seconds is the best way to describe it is you just hold it down until it happens and then like I mentioned before you just double tap the outer portions on the touch

Sensitive areas to trigger the different ANC modes the bummer here though is that if you're only using one earbud you can't use that control you can go into the app in order to change the modes but these modes are mainly used for when you

Have both ears in overall the control experience just takes a little bit of time to get used to which is not a bad thing and like I said I do like where the button placement is you just have to remember what different presses and

Holds actually do alright so connecting these earbuds to any Bluetooth enabled device mainly a smartphone is really easy because it starts the pairing modes at the moment you take them out of the case bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm's true

Stereo tech means that both buds will sync up easily and even though apdex is on here and it's not aptX low latency I haven't really noticed much latency on any of the phones that I've used with these unfortunately the app is not

Really anything to write home about at least currently you can see how much battery is left in each earbud and control the anc mode you're currently using but that's about it I'm told in the future that the app will get updated

And include features like an EQ so I'm looking forward to that you have to bear in mind that either bud can be used independently which is awesome and some of the I always look for in these truly

Wireless earbuds but it's done by pairing them separately even if you're going to the same device so there's a main listing for the right earbud that's always going to pop up whenever you're in the pairing mode but when this one is

Off and the other one is searching for something to connect to it shows up as the same listing with an underscore ever once either of these earbuds are connected to whatever device they're connected to then you turn on the other

Earbud and it syncs up to its master I actually like this feature because what happens is when I have both earbuds in and I'm connected to say my laptop I'm listening to what's coming out of the laptop and when I want to switch to a

Different device easily I just turn off the right earbud which triggers the pairing mode on the left earbud which automatically connects to my smart phone once that connection is made I turn the right ear bud on again and it syncs up

To the left earbud and I have back my stereo sound only on a different device I know it can get a little bit complicated and I wonder if I actually explained that properly but bottom line is you can pair either earbud to

Whatever device you want and as long as you turn that one on first and then the next one you can get back that stereo sound easily on different devices and if it does get a little too crazy the single button that's on the inside of

The case if you press it three times while the buds are in the case it will reset the pairing modes that way you can start from scratch and start connecting to your devices again whether or not you're using the right or left but the

Master bud whether it's the right or left tends to go for about four and a half hours when I have a and C at full and around 75% of volume of course you can put the earbuds back in the case for 15 minutes to get back to hours of

Playtime and then the case itself will help you get to about 22 hours total as you're charging it up using the case full all right so let's go ahead and get into the sound experience in a nutshell they're enjoyable but there are a couple

Of things to keep in mind currently the level of anc that my units have affect how much bass I get at its full level the ANC full mode I get a lot of bass it's nice and booming and then when I go all the way down to pass

Through coming down the different levels the level of bass actually sort of diminishes it never fully goes away it's still there and you can still enjoy it but one more Representatives did tell me that they are going to update the

Firmware so that the experience of the soundstage is consistent across the board so overall the sound experience is good it's the sound stage that is kind of interesting

So the mids which are typically where the vocals end up and in spoken word content that's what is represented the most the mids are typically all the way in the middle like you can really kind of feel it your perception of it is it's

Right in the middle instruments especially low and high frequencies are going to be on the outer portions of that spectrum sometimes that means that the highs and the lows might overpower the mids this happens very seldomly

Though and I don't imagine that it's really that much of a problem it's just an interesting thing about the perception I have of the soundstage this also might just be typical of one more audio products because they use dual

Drivers in this case you have a driver for the low end and then a driver for the rest of the spectrum so maybe that separation is something that I'm perceiving and it's a one more thing through and through but again none of

This is to say that the experience is less than enjoyable the sound is great coming from these it's just something that you might perceive if you are a little bit more in the audiophile segments but for most casual users this

Should be more than enough and the ANC just kind of puts it over the top so let's finally talk about those active noise cancellation is something that you'll find in big over ear headphones and that's kind of the best experience

You can get of them but what's great about where we are and truly wireless earbuds is that a and C is starting to come to that segment in that regard one more have succeeded in actually positioning themselves pretty high in an

Audio category that is just starting to grow and now in one of the few times that I'll actually mention the other competition the one more truly Wireless agency earbuds are definitely in line with the sonja's and the air pods pro of

The world the Sony's do seem to cancel out just a little bit more noise than the one Moore's and the one Moore's experience of a and C are a little bit closer to the air Potts Pro ultimately now the one Moore's are not going to

Cancel literally everything out but like I say with noise cancellation sometimes a little goes a long way you might get about 10% especially higher frequencies still seeping in through the earbuds even what ANC at its full your

Perception will get better once you play some media to drown out what's left now there is one thing that you might perceive with these and I'm sure that one more is going to continue tuning the ANC with further firmware updates and

Whatnot but some users out there would call it hiss this is what happens when you turn on the ANC at its max but you don't play any thing it still seems like you're hearing something but it's not actually the

Noise of the outside world it's a digital history R buds are still trying to analyze the outside world and feed in opposite frequencies sometimes the result is that you still hear something in there but it's more digital noise a

Lot like if I were to stop talking right now and you're just hearing the noise coming from the microphone I'm using at the moment and again like I said the ANC on here is not perfect it's not going to drown out literally everything one other

Situation that I can share with you is that when I have both of them on with ANC at Macs the thing I can definitely still kind of here is the clickety clack of the blue switches in my mechanical keyboards now

Pass-through is a feature that I appreciate on any Trulia Wireless here but and it works well but if you do need to talk to someone that's right next to you you're probably better off taking an earbud

Out because the sensor that governs the automatic play/pause actually works really well take out the earbud it pauses it put it back in you're just back to your meter so clearly this is a story of how one more is doing a great

Job so far and with a little bit more tuning they can probably really make these some killer killer earbuds I think they already are especially because of the value but I'll get into that at the end of this video for now I wanted to

Share a few scenarios where I have used these earbuds and they worked particularly well I've mentioned the office scenario before where I'm in here already it's already generally quiet and if I just want to have something in the

Background while still hearing my environment I generally have passed her on in this environment I already mentioned that they passed the gym test where I was able to cancel out the blaring music and the speaker's of the

Gym and just listen to what I wanted to and get focused on my workout and then there's probably the most common scenario which might be when you're trying to focus in a cafe as a digital Nomad that's me these earbuds definitely

Pass in that scenario but not necessarily with flying colors with overhead a and C headphones I tend to put them on and not even play anything I just want that silence the one mores don't quite hit that level like I said a

Little goes a long way so I do still get some benefit from having these on not playing anything and just enjoying how much was cut away from the outside world but if you're the kind of person that just needs that absolute quiet truly

Wireless ANC earbuds are not going to quite hit that level because you still need to play media in or to drown out what it might not be able to cancel out and finally I haven't been able to take these on a plane yet

But I do think that they would be nice to have in my bag as compared to the larger let's say bulkier over your headphones if you're looking to just minimize your kits especially for travel these and other truly wireless anc

Earbuds are definitely worth a look what put these over the top however as I mentioned are those wingtips it makes it so that you can put these in and you know they're secure and you're not going to like fall asleep on a plane and have

To worry so much about them falling out falling under the chair and getting lost forever maybe they're not as silence inducing as the Sony's or as control convenient as the air pods Pro but the one mores add in things like wireless

Charging and wingtips to make these ANC versions of their truly wireless earbuds stand out one more outfitted these earbuds with enough extras that I think they more than make up for being slightly lower on the totem pole so if

You're looking to step up your audio experience in the truly wireless segment these could be a great fit both literally and audibly because at $199 they already come in at a cheaper price than its main competitors and I think

That's the last point I want to make because it is significant for earbuds like these that work really well if you want to check out these earbuds for yourself I do have some affiliated links in the description down below if you do

Check out these products using those links you are helping my channel out but if you want to continue helping out my channel drop some likes on these videos get into the comment sections down below and if you're new here please do

Consider subscribing and hit that bell over on the side so you can keep up with everything that I'm doing audio smartphones and otherwise but with all that said I'm gonna go ahead and call it on this one I've been talking for a long

Long time and I would just remind you to enjoy your tea everybody

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