1MORE Stylish Truly Wireless Earphone – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

hey what's going on team gyms review room here's another request from you guys one more sent me the pink and green versions but I'm loving this black-on-black pair of earphones this is

The one more stylish truly Wireless supposedly getting a lot of praise but let's see if this is worth of purchase but this falls into my budget series reviews if you want updated prices click on my affiliate links down in that

Better description below also I did ask one more to provide a discount code for you guys to use I know you guys have been loving that check out the video description and you might be able to save some money I'm Jimmy with Jim's

Review and I'm here to help you guys make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review going over the physical features first for total ear tips are included with

Small medium and large ear wait one more cause them actually o rings the earphones themselves are all plastic with a metallic looking finish with the black version and a murdered-out completely black look which I really

Love aside from looks comfort wise though these are very enlightened you don't stick out on my ears and almost sits completely flush when you look at me straight on I did test all the ear tips

And a rings and all them felt very minimalist you can say it didn't feel like I was wearing ear plugs I didn't feel like poofy or puffy and jammed into the ear canals from my testing everyday use walking in my light runs I've never

Had an issue they never fell out and the seal with him the ear canal has always remained intact however with my testing jumping or very intense movements gave me too much bounce right here and the earphones do slightly lose its seal I

Would have to push them back in gently there now next up I noticed there wasn't an official ingress rating or indication on the packaging or manual that these had any water proofing when I dress this with one more they assured me that these

Were indeed sweat resistant now I perform the simple drip test just to see and my inference are still working fine today I throw a little more caution into this area though so let's get a closer look here these are super simple

Each earphone has just one button on the back press and hold the left or right to skip or go back on a song respectively two presses will pause or play your music and with most recent firmware update finally here

There's bime controls that are available now one press on the left or the right earphone will decrease or increase volume now one feature we're missing unfortunately here there's no audio pass-through you do have what I consider

As some passive noise isolation it's not the most passive noise isolating earphones I've used which with even a good seal it's not a bad thing some might prefer that but audio pass-through would have helped further by pumping in

Your environmental noises again for safety and awareness now one way to work around this the stylish earphones do work independently many newer truly wireless earphones are heading in this direction using this method that

Connects each earbud to the phone instead of linking the left earbud to the right one and vice-versa the master enslaved a terminology that we've heard before now with that being said you can wear one of these earphones and place

The other one in your pocket if you want and still have audio playing through now speaking of connectivity we got bluetooth 5.0 this is the latest technology with the added benefit of app x4 supposedly higher resolution audio

Transmission and that many people truly were Alice everyone's even offer this let alone the budget models now this is a big perk but more my sound test a little bit later I tested this for range on my pixel for Excel and the iPhone 10

I was able to achieve 99% on my 1100 square foot apartment with this signal going through several walls over here I was basically this close whoo with being able to put my head against the wall here task of this with video on both

Phones there were no syncing delays these are great for video watching the next feature though and many forget about this when looking at any Bluetooth product but does it pair to multiple devices with my testing I confirmed

Unfortunately not having my music play from one phone and trying to switch it to my iPhone here or laptop and such I would have to disconnect my stylish earphones first and then click pair on the next device the multi pairing

Feature there promoting is more so and the ability to use either one of these earphones independently which I mentioned earlier also the ability to share one of these earphones with another listener within 10 feet of range

And I'm trying to like pretending to have someone next to me you know but anyways you can like the audio from one device by sharing these earphones but overall I've never had Bluetooth issues and the

Connection has always remained consistent now regarding battery life one more is claiming up to six and a half hours of use and with the included case you can get up to a total of 24 hours of music playback now with my

Testing at 50% balm I was able to achieve 5 hours and 34 minutes and there's been a few other truly watts earphones achieving a bit better but compared to the spell candy sesh that achieved a little over 4 hours

Anchor sound core Liberty to pros 5 hours and 43 minutes jaybird vistas at 6 hours and 3 minutes from my testing Aki T tends 6 hours and 37 minutes trying to go over the list here hopefully that should give you some context on where

They stand with both budgets and mid-tier truly wireless earphones out there medicates itself that charges your earphones is small enough it's very smooth here and it's easy to handle and it's ridiculously light I'm holding up

The pink one right here I have been giving a pass on this for budgets truly wireless earphones usually anything around that $100 price range or lower but this has micro USB it doesn't have the newest USB C charging ports on a

Positive note though there is fast charging 15 minutes in the case from a dead battery will give you back 3 hours worth of use per one more so folks let's get into the audio formance first up let's test the microphones there is

Environmental noise cancellation it's not active noise cancellation for music listening but this is designed to supposedly create clear phone calls here is a quick test everyone testing out the one born stylist

Hopefully this is isolating my phones with what is going on the background are also my telling I've confirmed that the microphones actually added left here but it wasn't for you guys and then if I tap this right side you probably don't hear

Anything also inside that when I'm talking phone cause I did it does play on both earphones and it couldn't there's no ambient weird or there's no audio pass-through so you do have some hazard

Noise isolation happening so just be aware of that you can always of course take off your right here but again they left your but old C microphone for you guys alright hopefully sounds good let me know down in the comment section what

You guys think and we'll go back to the studio alright folks welcome back here so let's talk about the bread and butter the creme de la creme here how is the audio first up there is an app it's not robust but it does offer firmer updates

Over time one of the biggest benefits have been the inclusion or introduction of volume controls which was just recently released the other big feature is a burden period the app essentially plays white noise helping to break in

The earphones sometimes that is subjective here especially with the newest earphones headphones specifically today they're not as sensitive as they once were back in there with high impedance and such as that I want to get

Too technical but at first though it sounded really bassy and sometimes it did sound like the mid-range was overshadowed it just wasn't a clean sound now I just tested these things did the battery test listen to these over

Several days and by about day three I've noticed the bass did mellow out though and the mid-range actually sounds a lot a lot better now these do tend to be on the bass your side which are perfect for EDM hip-hop and pop music be one more is

Booming and punchy and at times it sounds – ever so slightly touched deep resonating bass I do tend to listen to these at 65 to 70% in vine so in regards to loudness that was where it was and that is definitely loud enough for me to

Make my music enjoyable now there is a little bit of bass spilled over into the lower mid-range but I believe it's very tolerable however the mid-range though itself that's distortion free and clean again

After several days of use just give it a couple of days to let the difference again burn in in your own way now these do sound ever so slightly more forward which I do like vocal work is distinct instruments do stand out and the audio

Action is good now granted these are budget earphones but I've read a critique here I could use a little bit more sound stage making it wider and I definitely could use better audio direction that is the upper mids and

High frequencies they don't ting it's not sharp which is a huge plus yet the character of basic audio found only one more at times makes the opposite end of the audio spectrum not stand out as much because of the bass

This was the biggest highlight though and the rest of the audio signature is slightly more mellow this is possibly why though I'm not interpreting the audio direction from the upper mids to high frequencies that could give the

Stylish a bit more dimension so overall I would say if you favor bass but don't want to overdo it the one more style is a great Basie audio device here the trade-off though you might lose that extra in the mid-range and the upper

Mid-range to high frequencies that would make these basically gold but for what they are taking price into consideration these aren't really really good and is able to compete with other audio basic audio earphones in this price range

Aside from the lack of USB see true multi-period and an audio pass-through feature you get great basic audio a reliable connection for my experience and earphones that are great for daily use to light activity so folks I know

Many of you have already purchased this to help out the Jim's room committee with your opinions I'm interested in hearing what you guys think as well those who haven't owned these are these worth of purchase with my analysis so

Far and of course the other reviews that guys have been seeing what do you guys think last if you haven't already please be sure to follow me on my Twitter and Instagram handles on your screen now mean the world to me here those are my

Personal accounts get a glimpse what's going on in my life by adding be beer always included in the video description just click and follow folks I'll catch you guys later you guys take care more reviews

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