19 NEW Potential Coinbase Listings: AMPL, HBAR, FET, BAND & More!

published on August 2, 2020

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Down below to stay updated with all of that so in today's video we are going to talk about new names that coinbase just released just a few minutes ago so i'm making

This video straight after that with like 19 new potential cryptocurrency listings for coinbase but before we start i want to do a shout out to the sponsor of this video

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The description down below all right before we get started i want to have a quick look at the crypto markets because it's again ethereum is literally guiding the entire altcoin market

With almost seven percent up in the last 24 hours bitcoin is only one percent up in the last 24 hours and we can see that other large caps are also up more than bitcoin overall so even bitcoin cash is up even

You know um binance coin is doing pretty well chain link is 55 percent up as well and if we have a look further to uh the top 50 let's say um it's a little bit divided i mean like the major

Cryptocurrencies are showing more strength than the smaller cryptocurrencies but of course the last several weeks smaller cryptocurrencies the mid caps the low caps

Performed better than the majors so it isn't surprising to me that ethereum is really guiding the majors in first place and also like the other alt coins as well so only 10 days ago

Ethereum was still trading at 240 dollars so it's up with almost 50 percent in just 10 days ethereum is really finally taking off and we talked about ethereum so much in the last several months we did some predictions

It didn't do a lot but right now it's literally like guiding the entire crypto market so it's really really cool to see all right before we have a look at the new list that coinbase published a

Few minutes ago i want to have a look at the previous list first so coinbase released this article right here on june 10th that's not even like two months ago um with 80 potential

New listings and you can guess how many of them really got listed after this medium article was published and literally it's just two of them like they had

18 names in this list you can see them here like a aragon r wave banker compt as a compound digi bytes horizon live pure new cipher numerair keep network origin protocol ran

Render token sia coin scale network synthetics and v chain so 18 names and only two of them got listed and the first one that got listed was maker

Just a few days after that only one day after that basically it got listed on coinbase and then a few days later two weeks later a compound comp was also listed on coinbase but

That was it i mean like only two out of 18 really got listed and now you can ask yourself what happened to the other 16 well they literally just got wiped off the list i mean they probably looked

Into all 18 of them they like listed compound and maker and all the rest these 16 others are now denied they are not getting onto the new list as well they're simply denied so from this list i personally

Owned two and that is iran and v chain and they both got the knight they both got rejected uh so no coinbase listing for ren or v chain which i find of course very

Unfortunate there was a third listing though that was not between the 18 names in this article published june 10th but the third listing in the last month was algorand so two

Weeks ago suddenly out of nowhere al grant was also listed on coinbase and nobody expected that and the price of algorand shot through the roof i mean like it

Went up with 30 percent in just one day so yeah i'll grant i'm personally holding algorand so at least one of my holdings was getting listed on coinbase in the last month but it's weird i mean like 16 got

Rejected got the knight two got listed and then suddenly there was like another listing that was not even on on the the previous list that they published all right now let's have a look at the

New list that they just published a few minutes ago and this is how it looks like so as you can see 19 new cryptocurrencies that coinbase is going to investigate and potentially list some of them but

Like i showed you in like the previous list that they published not a lot of them are really going to make it to coinbase so from the 19 names that are right now um published in this article only a few

Will probably make it to coinbase and i'm wondering which ones it is going to be personally i only hold like one of the 19 and that's actually not a lot i only hold one and that is this one

Right here so fetch dot ai but let's have a look at the other 18 names so in alphabetical order ample ford band protocol balancer block stack curve ai the one i own flexa coin helium

Hedera hashgraph kava melon ocean protocol pexos gold reserve right tbtc the graf terra uma and wbtc and apart from the one that i own like fetch there are a few ones that are really on

My personal watch list and these are hedera hashgraph i find it a very interesting project i also reviewed it here on my channel reserve writes i also find very interesting and

Ocean protocol especially it is like a very very interesting project and i also going to review an ocean protocol it is on my list but yeah they are on my watch list but i didn't pull the trigger for these

Ones yet so i only own one from this list another thing i want to mention um immediately i noticed when when i saw this article when i saw the list of new um

Cryptocurrencies that are going to look into it for a potential listing on coinbase the first thing i noticed was that these are all small caps or most of them are small caps i mean

There is only one that is in the top 50 cryptocurrencies so that is ample ford that's the only one then we have a few ones that are i think three or four that are at the top 100 so from 50 to

100 and all the rest so that are like 14 or 14 or 15 i don't know how many there are between 50 and 100 but all the rest so 14 or 15 are not even in the top 100 so coinbase is

Currently looking into smaller cryptocurrencies and that is very remarkable if you compare it to their strategy that they had until like a half a year ago until half

A year ago coinbase only listed like big cryptocurrencies only the ones in the top 30 let's say uh but right now i think coinbase has the feeling that they need to change their strategy that

They feel like some other platforms are overtaking them they are moving faster and i think coinbase feels like they also need to move faster and i think this is the main reason why they

Are first of all listing more cryptocurrencies because i mean like last year and the year before that only a handful of cryptocurrencies were getting listed in

In that year so not a lot of listings happened on coinbase so first of all they're um like listing more cryptocurrencies and the second thing is that they uh they are looking into smaller

Cryptocurrencies and that is very very remarkable so you see that coinbase is really like changing their strategy um of how they can keep up the growth of the platform

Because of course coinbase is still the absolute number one worldwide i think um but there are a lot of platforms that are currently like taking away small percentages of that dominance

From coinbase and they feel that so they know that they need to change something and i think that is the main reason why we're seeing stuff like this anyway 19 potential new listings

On coinbase in my opinion a few ones are very interesting i own one so please coinbase if you're watching this video please list fetch i love the project uh but yeah guys let me know in the comment section

Down below which ones you own from all the names that are now released by coinbase and that is it for the video guys i hope you enjoyed it if so please give it a like i always

Appreciate that and if you're new to the channel again please subscribe by hitting that subscribe button down below to stay updated with all latest cryptocurrency news reviews my own

Portfolio tutorials and much much more i thank you for watching and i see you next video cheers bye

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