18 Smartphone Gadgets to Change Everything.

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Welcome to 18 fascinating smartphone gadgets saving my favorite till the end number one being of Pivo this tool is kind of like having a very own cameraman you clip your phone in and it's got amazing face and body tracking for not just humans but pets too and the fact

That it can control your phone's rotation on its own allows for all sorts of interesting modes like the ability to capture everything around you and turn it into a panorama or a tiny planet or vs. mode which can flick backwards and

Forwards between two people then we've got the W TT plus and this I think is fascinating in the box you get two earbuds and a case built to carry and charge them and these are live translation earbuds so you put one in

Your ear and you give the other one to someone who doesn't at all talk your language and all of a sudden you can communicate so for example I can speak in English into the microphone in my earbuds and then this will be

Communicated to the other air boat which will relay what I've said but in German and all of the time your smartphone is looped in and can keep a transcript of the conversation the next product allows your smartphone to do something you

Probably didn't think it could it's a microscope and it actually works out of the box it comes in you start with the LED light at the bottom fit a few pieces on top of it and then you can just place your phone right on top and

Focus on your subject now the version I'm using here it is a beta unit and the final one should be better but even then you're getting wildly close to subjects you can be observing the inside of plant and animal cells my unit came with a few

Pre-made slides but I imagine the fun starts when you start making your own seeing super close-ups of objects you think you already familiar with number four is the battle dock and well that sounds great but it doesn't exactly

Explain what it does it's a few things at once but it's very clearly targeted at serious gamers to start with it's a fully adjustable smartphone stand where you can configure both height and angle but the main perk is that it has two

Full size USB ports to let you plug in a mouse and a keyboard the stands then connects your phone by bluetooth letting you control it with them I think the concept is great the execution is mixed the setup is finicky and the app isn't

Particularly intuitive plus it doesn't work for all games okay you've probably noticed these smart lights are keep behind me and videos and fact right now they're synced to my voice well this is an alternative

Approach to the same concept that in a way is even better one thing to note though this is some confusingly wasteful packaging every single extra panel you buy after the starter kit comes in its own separate box anyways the starter set

Itself comes with three panels and a base which means straightaway your design is no longer constrained to being on a wall you can build it like Lego in the middle of a room if you want it you could make a circle a tower or a

Christmas tree and the coolest most underrated perk is that unlike a lot of similar products that can only display one color at a time per tile each piece here can have a whole gradient going on at once

It makes your creation feel much more fluid plus of course there's an app for finer controls Griffin grip phone I'm not only sure on the pronunciation here but I'm amazed it's taken me two years of making smart phone cat videos to find

Something like this you know how almost every glass smartphone now gives you the constant impression that is just two seconds away from slipping out your hand and erupting into a pile of small phone parts well these are stickers that

Completely reverse this you get quite a lot in one pack and you can put them wherever you want to on your device but just for the sake of this demo I'll put two on the back of this note 10 plus now I expected this to stop me dropping my

Phone but what I didn't expect is that were just two small strips my smartphone went from having almost no grip to being able to hold itself on a window and even crazier this grip is so powerful that when trying to make the phone slide the

Entire table it was on would move before it would and on the point of sticking to things if you do enjoy straight-to-the-point tech content like this a sub to the mister who's the boss channel would be incredible this is one

Of my favorites it's a charging pad but one like you've never seen before this is the mag ease bar by pataka and it's an absolutely unit 2 voice charger the entire strip is packed with incredibly strong magnets and this creates a new

Kind of opportunity inside the box you get this mounting bracket so you drill that into the wall slide this charger on top of it and then clip your phone into one of patacas magnetic cases which grants it pretty incredible sticking

Power I realize its massive so I was initially surprised that you can only charge two devices on the left-hand side but because the whole thing is lined with magnets you can stick anything that's magnetic that

Doesn't need to charge on the right-hand side like your keys and they will not fall when it's mounted on the wall the main caveat here is that after you've bought the bar and potentially two cases for the phones you're going to

Use with it it's not cheap our eighth gadget is the inscape which comes presented in a foiled bag and this is one of those Swiss Army knife products one that does a lot of different things there's a metal plate

Which can be stuck onto the back of your phone and this lets you use the magnetic em stick device now because this contains magnets straight away your phone gains the ability to stick to most metallic surfaces but it also comes with

A coil which has a firm hold so you thread this through the gadget in any way you want and use the ends to prop your device up or tie it around things have you ever been in a situation where you've had access to a headphone jack

Let's say on an airplane or a treadmill but the earphones you want to use they're Wireless welcome to the air flight pro it's a tiny little gadget that plugs into those headphone jacks and then resends that

Audio via bluetooth and this has two uses you can now use your air pods or beats wireless anywhere but also it can send that signal to two separate pairs of earphones at the same time so two people can tune into one screen a lot of

Modern-day smartphones have this feature built in but a lot of them don't taking a slight break from all these complex contraptions we've got a brush one of the best brushes for not just your smartphone but a lot of the tech you may

Have in your home it's got two ends the first is a very precise silicon tip which I've used to pick out the bits of dust and dirt that accumulate around the screen and the cameras of my phone and the other end has retractable bristles

This is for more general wider area coverage and this is one of these safer ways of cleaning your tech reducing that likelihood of scratching stuff now for probably the simplest gadget on this entire list the infinite power batteries

The standard old school cells double a triple a the kind you use in TV remotes and game controllers but the tie-in here is that they can be recharged again and again by your small phone that's cool pow pick is a refreshing fusion of the

Old and the new at its core you're looking at a photo frame you can unhinge the back slot to photo in and display it just how people used to do ten years ago but the twist is that it supports ten worked wireless

Charging you just place your phone inside and bam it works reliably there is the obvious cap that whilst your phone is charging it is covering the photo underneath it but more often than not you'll just be thankful it's a clean

Looking piece the rest of the time Amazon's echo showed five gives you a lot for the money and I'd go as far to say it's my favorite echo device so far you get all the standard echo features yes like be able to ask it for the

Weather or to tell you a joke but on top of that it's also a pretty good speaker and has a 5.5 inch display and this changes things all of a sudden you get visual feedback on the things you ask it you can see who's at the door if you've

Got a smart doorbell and you can read song lyrics as they're being spoken it's also got a front facing camera with interestingly a slider that manually covers it up for people presumably worried about privacy I didn't think I'd

Ever say this but here's a really innovative case for your earphones because let's face it if ferns are amazing until you need to store them where they seem to collaborate with each other to make sure that by the time you

Take them out again they're a tangled mess the way it works is you hook your earphones around give it a pull and then just let go and about 50% of the time it'll wrap them up for you this is easily a nine out of ten concept but I'd

Probably only give it a six in terms of execution it only registers me pulling about half the time and every now and again the remote on my earphones will get stuck so we talked earlier about these translation earbuds which are

Pretty great but if that seems like a lot of hassle or you don't like the idea of needing to keep your phone with you too then pocket talk could be a better solution it's effectively an Android device in its own right just specialized

For one task I can speak into it in English and it'll speak back in whatever language I've set it to Monique ripe would be the whilst it sounds great talking back in Spanish some languages like Turkish sound very robotic and I

Can't imagine they'd be very easy to understand on the other end but you tell me hi my name is Aaron alright three gadgets to go and this one is simple you might have even seen something like it before

But if you're someone who does not care about the thickness of your smartphone here's a case for you it's grippy resistant to drops and throws plus it's got a compartment just to keep your cards in and the mechanism is snappy and

Responsive smartphone it triggers I've tested quite a few of these and what we have in front of us right now are not the most premium option but they're affordable and they come with one a key perk each trigger can be pressed on

Either side which means you can mount them in whatever orientation you find comfortable to fit whatever game you're playing and the size of your device okay you want to hear a cool name how about the celestron NEX y'see that sounds

Pretty epic but what does it do well on first glance it's a pretty abstract tool and it's use only becomes clear with the second part of this what you're looking at right now is a sixty times zoom telescope and bringing us back to the

Celestron that was made for this mounting a telescope onto a phone has always been a difficult idea I've tried at least three other gadgets that have tried to do the same thing and this is by far the best

It's got dials that are just the X Y and the z-axis and once it is all set up the fit is pretty secure and the results unprecedented I use the two times zoom camera on my phone and when combined with the 60 times zoom of the telescope

You're looking at a 120 times magnification objects this far away are obviously not pin sharp here but it's definitely better than any phone could do without equipment hit that card above for more small phone gadgets content and

If you enjoyed this one a sub would be amazing my name is Aaron this is mister who's the boss and I'll catch you in a next one

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