$1,600 FULL Gaming Setup (PC, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Headset)

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey how's it going guys Jack and Matt
here with the toastie brothers and today
we're going to be doing a $1,600 full
gaming setup but before we get into that
let's hear a word from today's sponsor
today's video is brought to you by FS P
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pre-installed RGB and/or a RGB fans with
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guys so this as we mentioned is a $1600
full gaming setup now this is kind of a
stray away from our normal budget
focused content but we like to do when
we get some really high end and cool
stuff in house is make a budget set up
around a PC we built recently and
incorporate some of these cool
peripherals to show you guys some of the
companies we work with and some really
awesome high-end stuff that you could
get into if you save up your money and
so the key points of this build is that
it does feature a 240 Hertz monitor
which we'll talk more about and a ton of
fanatic peripherals which we're also
talk more about so let's do that then so
this build here guys if you check out in
the eye on top right corner or in the
description possibly this is a thousand
dollar gaming PC that we built probably
a few weeks ago now this build features
a nice BitFenix case that looks amazing
tempered side glass panel and everything
coming with the white theme we have
white sleeved cables we have a 5700 XT
from gigabyte a Verizon 3600 is 16 gigs
at 3200 megahertz of team group delta r
gb ram steel legend B 450 motherboard
really not much more you could ask for
this is a really amazing build for the
price and honestly for powering 240
Hertz this should be not an issue with
this gaming PC here and speaking of 240
Hertz this is the viewsonic elite XG 2 7
0 now what makes this monitor special is
one it is 240 Hertz but it's an IPS 240
Hertz monitor with g-sync at 27 inches
so this thing has all the bells and
whistles it can be used for content
creation and gaming while also that
looking pretty nice the color was going
to be way more accurate than a TN panel
that you would get it does come in at a
premium price point but for 240 Hertz
and everything you
again this can be your multi-use monitor
whether you're streaming out there and
you use of video editing on the side
this thing will actually do really well
and the true test is see how sharp this
thing is at 27 inches because they're
only 1080p at 27 inches it's stretching
it a little bit but we will see that
when we put this setup all together and
I'm really excited to check it out and
thanks again to viewsonic for setting
this thing over now for the peripherals
we have a bunch of fanatic peripheral
special thanks to fanatic they reached
out and sent over all these peripherals
this is their flick to Mouse Signature
Edition has a cool design on this they
have a lot of different versions on
their website that have different
patterns and we were leaving links down
below for everything in this set up so
if you're interested check down below
but the flick 2 is a really awesome
Mouse that we tested a long time ago
when we reviewed all their new
peripherals and the same goes from the
streak this is a fully mechanical
keyboard I'm not totally sure which
switch version they gave us but we'll
find that out when we open this thing up
but it is a full size of cable keyboard
RGB backlighting I also have a streak
Mini which I've used for a long time
that is a 10 keyless keyboard version so
if you're interested in that link down
below but fanatic was nice so to send
these two over along with a mousepad
because the setup is most definitely not
complete without a mousepad and it's
gonna look really cool fanatic themed
and then lastly for the headset don't
the laugh at this guy this is the
empower gaming headset now you could go
with a wide range of options this is one
we had on hand waiting for the
headphones I mean if you're gaming this
will be more than enough and will save
you some money on buying a high-end pair
of headphones but we'll leave some
alternative suggestions down below if
you're interested in getting something a
little bit better and something that we
actually don't have on hand so apologize
for the empower but we still really like
this headset it's really good for the
so with all that taken care of how about
we go ahead and put together this full
setup and test it in a few titles

all right guys now that we have this
whole setup put together running at 240
Hertz we're gonna be testing modern
warfare so we're gonna dive into a shoot
house 24/7 match we have all the
settings set to high settings and we're
just gonna see how this thing performs I
don't think it's gonna get exactly to
240 Hertz on high settings but we do
lower the settings a little bit we might
get close to that I've heard of using 10
gigs of RAM to the media this goes to
show you guys 16 gigs is becoming the
standard bachelor then some people might
think especially in modern games so
we'll see how this performs overall once
we get into a match one thing to mention
also yes this is a g-sync monitor but
adaptive sync also works on here as well
which is also enabled through the 57 XP
so let's go and dive in and I clap some
cheeks because that's what we do here
all right so we are getting close to 240
FPS which is what we really want with
the 240 Hertz setup so let's run around
and try to kill some people it's my
second time playing this today so I
should be warmed up whoo there we go
you know I'd dive into a game where
we're getting clapped already can you
put attachments on that sniper is it
yeah I just like to like this oh okay we
were like – oh we gotta get it
that's a I thought we met we were close
there yeah the framerate is pretty solid
if you did want to get a constant 240
FPS you probably wanna lower it to
normal as opposed to the Oh God
hit marker as opposed to the high
settings route right now but this
monitor definitely can run won't take
that back this monitor actually does
really well with this setup and you
could also grow into it a little bit
more steeply here we go oh tonight that
ram usage tank you know high settings
for that back
yeah it's getting to 40 maybe drops a
little bit below it sometimes but it's
still impressive all right let's run in
Oh tried to cloud them cope here we go
oh wow that's what was the mood yeah if
crying is always a move in this game all
right here we go
till I die this is it Oh can't tell ah
that was it yeah guys this runs
perfectly well in this out the 240 Hertz
monitor is actually pretty nice at 1080p
27 inches looks pretty clean so I'm
going to try another game that will ah
let this thing stretch its legs a little
alright guys nice game we were testing
out is csgo this should not be a task
for this computer to run at all at 240
Hertz but you know what we'll see I've
been surprised before it's 1920 by 1080
very high settings everything max out it
looks like we're actually getting really
good results the frame rate is around
240 to 270 if you do want to get a more
locked like 240 Hertz you might want to
set it to like pro settings which is
probably more lower settings overall but
it looks like Jackson it's something
that's what him and I can go through in
the claps um cheeks don't think I wasn't
spawned yet I think Obama rad how know
what how do I miss this crazy what do
you buy things on the monitor does it
look nice yeah minor it was like pretty
good it's a very smooth buttery smooth
except for csgo with like it's an
occasional lag yeah
Oh Shrek where Kobus Shrek West I'm
pissed all right guys CS go more than
playable in this setup let's go in test
another game real quick
all right guys of course for you for
tonight players out there we won two
test fortnight so right now we're
running on pro settings at 1080p epic
view distance everything else on low and
we are running fullscreen with the
unlimited FPS and we're gonna dive into
a team Rumble and see what kind of
performance we can get with this setup
because 240 Hertz in fortnight has kind
of gone hand in hand with the rise of
fortnight so let's see if we can get
close to that 240 Hertz mark or keep it
with walked at it so we can benefit from
this setup all right guys let's drop
into fortnight right now dropping in
right about 200 FPS which is more than
playable for a setup like this we're
gonna dive in and see we can get some
kills you know I'm gonna be aggressive
let's go like right into enemy lines I'm
gonna I'm gonna mess around here one
thing I do have to mention these fanatic
peripherals are really nice I really
like this mouse its if you like bigger
mice and you don't really care about the
whole trend of super lightweight gaming
mice and this might be a good option for
I myself am a big fan of the lightweight
gaming mice so it's kind of a different
setup for me but I do like it overall in
terms of its build quality and just how
it works and its sensor and stuff like
that yeah as we run around here I know
this isn't an intense situation but
we're over 200 FPS which is exactly what
we're looking for for setup like this
now yes if you wanted to go with a true
240 Hertz gaming setup you wouldn't
invest only $1,600 into your PC which is
kind of funny me saying cuz $1600 it's a
lot of money for a lot of people to
invest into a setup but if you want
something that's gonna be true 240 FPS
and not get random stutters like that
you really are gonna have to invest into
something like it 9900 K or like a ricin
730 700 X with a little bit of a better
graphics card there's a lot of our
things you're gonna need to invest in if
you want a true 240 Hertz setup but the
benefit of getting a monitor like this
is you can grow into the monitor and you
can actually get benefits from it as you
upgrade your setup okay alright boys we
got some action here we go oh it's been
a bit but we found somebody just me here
was he frozen
in the air for a second nothing he was
nope we got this circle of Jedi Master
over here I'm gonna scrub you dude they
can block it and they block everything I
think they can the lightsaber man and
say I'm dead I don't think he's behind
you yeah good guy oh huh Matt oh my
god is a building God over here hey
oh there we go
look at that 240 Hertz did that ladies
and gentlemen all right test one more
game real quick for tonight definitely
playable and yeah let's go ahead and do
something else all right ladies and
gentlemen for the last thing we're gonna
do is we're gonna ride the built-in
benchmark for Rainbow six siege on very
high settings 1080p 241 Hertz not sure
what showing it was 241 Hertz but
there's that then we're just gonna see
how this thing performs and talk a
little bit more about this system
overall and lookie there we're getting
well over 240 FPS while dipping in a
little bit as we go inside the house but
this is running on very high settings
normally if you're probably playing game
like Rainbow six you're gonna run like a
pro settings which is probably like a
little bit lower settings in different
areas just to get the most possible
frames but again this is a really really
good setup the styles and RPC performs
very well for the money
a couple upgrades you could do to it is
if you really wanted something for
live-streaming maybe go with like the
3700 X or get like a 20 70 super 4 in
Vinc just couple of ideas of things you
could do with that PC but I'm actually
really impressed with this setup and the
value you get for $1,600 well yes it's
not technically cheap or budget-friendly
but it is a solid performer for the
money and I could definitely see myself
using a setup like this if I had the
chance to use it so as it wraps up here
we'll see the final numbers an average
of 276 FPS a max of 449 in a minimum of
a 139 definitely more than playable so
now that we tested this system and this
whole setup how we go ahead and wrap
this video up real quick so after we
just did some benchmarking I was
actually really impressed to see that
this computer actually played like
everything we could possibly throw at it
at 240 plus FPS so honestly
really is a 240 Hertz gaming setup and
as for that 240 Hertz tomorrow this view
sync monitor is actually really
impressive yes it is a more expensive
monitor but at 27 inches 1080p with 240
Hertz it's kind of the best of both
worlds having that IPS panel really nice
looking colors compared to some of the
other monitors that are out there on the
market so if you are looking for the
best of both worlds setup you want 240
considering you can't get like 240 Hertz
1440p or anything like that right now
this might be a good option for you and
we highly suggest if you're interested
with any of this stuff especially the
fanatic peripherals links down below
these Amazon links are affiliate links
so they do help us out if you do
purchase stuff so keep that in mind and
overall very impressed with the set up
and we highly suggested we have the
budget invest in something like this
it'll do really well for you Subic
thanks again to viewsonic and fnatic for
making this setup possible we hope you
guys enjoyed today's video don't forget
to Like comment and subscribe and we'll
see you guys in the next one

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