$160 Fake iPhone 11 Pro Max vs $1,449 11 Pro Max! (NEW)

by birtanpublished on September 8, 2020

Hey what's up guys everything Apple Pro here today let's go ahead and take a look at the latest clone of Apple's latest and greatest iPhone the 11pro Macs so this is the third edition where they've righted all the wrongs and made

It look as convincing as possible as Apple's latest version it's a 150 $160 clone here let's just see how close they got to the real deal these are always a lot of fun just to see to what lengths they'll go to replicate the experience

Oh and they actually included a Apple logo bag with all the branding which is a big no-no so this version is going to look one-to-one with apples packaging with a design the last couple of clones had a lot of discrepancies they were

Releasing them before they actually knew what the real one would look like fully these are always fun especially to see how they mimic the software how close they got there but the packaging looks really good this is the midnight green

Edition and apparently does have like a map back now it is embossed on the front it's not as deep green it's more of like a olive green here but at least the packaging is one-to-one even the way that you open it now looks om so that

Was the biggest indicator that an iPhone is fake now you've got this pull tab man they've gotten advanced everything from just the outside looks one-to-one here that's amazing even the label 512 gigabytes the text looks really really

Good even the QR code is identical that's amazing so looks like they took the biggest complaints you know the fact that you can tell it's a fake without even opening it and fixed that and now you can't so okay I'm liking that to the

Side it is the same color as Apple's reflective a little bit more reflective than theirs but that's very very impressive okay so even the opening experience is the same there and oh there it is so we don't have one here

But the midnight green Edition look at that and it's a matte too so it's more of a grippy mat than Apple's which is a smooth but they got closer so it's not yeah it's not identical one-to-one but the

Positioning of the Apple logo now is in the center not up there doesn't have no text it's actually a matte feeling I mean if you didn't know any better than yeah you could probably fall for that but that looks pretty impressive like

I'm I'm surprised that's $150 by the way $160 so there's that so the color here on the side looks pretty much identical to apples and the positioning of the buttons is wrong though so they're not dropped down like on the 11pro they're

The same positioning as the tennis max and the power button is still higher up with the SIM card tray so they didn't replicate that part wonder does it fit our case perfectly so actually it's a tight fit letting me know that the

Specifications are pretty much one-to-one with apples size wise cool okay so other than that the port on the bottom looks pretty good speaker grates are a little bit smaller but also just about there so just from

Holding them peeling them it feels really good very premium it's got that finish on the back quite close like the biggest giveaway here is the lens they're not all dark like apples it does look a little cheap and obviously both

Of them are fake it does look very bad here and the flash itself is smaller so it could work on that in the next edition but the best iPhone clone I've seen so far just from the outside powering it on we do have the black

Apple logo screen which hides the fact that there's this big old chin on the bottom still so I'm pretty sure that future versions will get rid of that but you still have that on this one it's not going to be perfect but you know for

$150 the fact that you do have a real notch up here and already like all these premium materials and finishes it's very impressive what they can do on the inside we have the new packets oh and actually in 18 watt replica of Apple's

Charger and then a USB see to lightning cable very cool so they went above and beyond and they replicated that when iPhone turns on you can see it's already set up here so no need to go through the process very

Convenience ok so at first glance this is max brightness same wallpaper you cannot replicate apples brightness I mean this is a very cheap panel in comparison but it's quite fluid quite responsive let's get to those software

Differences so already I'm noticing some discrepancies here no 3d touch of course or haptic touch even this is not the attention to software I expected no haptic touch and even the animations are different that's a whole separate page

In a control center oh there it is so on the home screen you do have it but it's using the older icons here the battery level isn't filled in and the widget Mew keyboard is a dead giveaway if you were to turn it on and set it up

Right away jump into settings no back swipe ooh I just killed it for me the last clone we used had it's less of what it's running and it's running iOS 13.1 cool so at least they updated that out-of-the-box

Instead of having 512 gigabytes available who knows what's filling up the 100 something gigabytes that's occupied but it looks good it's on I was 13 technically it gets the job done but

Upon closer scrutiny you'll notice a bunch of things are off oh the animations are not that great Apple updated the animations to be faster when closing out the app switcher but I could not tell that here it's quite bad not to

Mention that the sizing is off let's check out the camera application let's see if they make to the new one at all and it appears they have not so it's the old button in the middle no ultra-wide lens unfortunately and old-style camera

Application so a little disappointed they didn't put some more thought in because this is the most expensive iPhone clone you can get and all of the effort went outside on somewhat trying to get it to look like the iPhone feel

Like they could have done better the actual overall lens is a little bit smaller that's what's throwing me off it's killing me the fact that there's no back swipe that's so annoying now in live we have some of the older live

Wallpapers not the new ones and instills there's actually a good amount of additional wallpapers so kind of cool that they included some new ones and instead of having you know just one they have two separate ones for dark mode and

Whatnot and no dark mode unfortunately so you're not getting that feature on the new 11pro max from China and there's no additional control center toggles so what you see here is what you get and nothing else a bit disappointing

Airplane has a capital P I'm loving these little touches auto brightness has an underscore in it okay so whoever did the little touches on this I don't think they did a very good job but I guess it gets the job done if you're trying to

Convince someone on first glance you might think this is Apple's phone but really it is not so I'm gonna go ahead and connect it and let's see the other details all right you guys are not ready for this quality 8k video recording 60

Frames per second so the standard 1x is more zoomed in than Apple's two times zoom I'd say about the same but no ultra wide lens and oh my gosh this application is just broken nothing is aligned but okay so one two three all

Right so there's that video it's not even on my computer but it looks grainy zooming in two times it gets better and then one time soon my baby's back thanks to Tim from backyard boys couldn't be any happier there but one cool thing is

You can flip the camera while or no it doesn't that kills the recording nevermind and the front-facing video grain for days beautiful shaky obviously no slow motion

And man really goes to show you how much finesse has went into Apple's application I love how refined it's gotten the button to take pictures during is on the opposite side okay

Terrible cameras but you really can't expect anything else from a clone like this I love how the last version had way better software but this one reverts on all of that and goes back it's very unrefined but the physical product is

Way better so if you were able to like flash this with a newer better version I feel like I could do a lot better but yeah I'm not impressed whatsoever it does feel really good though they got the weight right they got the feeling

Right it's one to one in specification they just needed to work on the cameras a little bit more it's very off to me now nothing that I've been using it more often cameras are spaced apart further

Actually they're all smaller that's why and not polished but the matte is pretty dang close they they did good with that overall though and could be way way better for the price I do not think this is worth $150 and I'd also like to test

The electromagnetic frequency radiation how much this clone produces so right next to Apple's iPhone about 3.7 to 4 volts per meter and next to this one considerably less here to 2 and a half volts per meter when connected I'm

Surprised right next to apples you get way more even though it's shielded properly inside so I'm attempting to game on this and I downloaded minecraft with some difficulty the wireless chip Ennis does

Not pick up on my 5 gigahertz spectrum network so it's very slow to download it's been on this black screen for the longest time oh and I never even checked the volume HUD actually looks really good

That's cool Wow so they actually that's the only thing I've seen so far that remotely looks like iOS 13 they are interesting cool so they got that down but they couldn't bother to do anything else that looks like iOS 13 I'm upset

And wireless charging does work so cool that is there lastly let's check that speaker system because you just know it's gonna be so bad compared to apples it was to do this so iPhone 11 pro max max volume it's really good I mean the

Best speakers I've heard on a smartphone period in our 11 pro max clone oh my Wow that is so bad that's loud Timmy obviously only one speaker on this so doesn't hold a candle to the real deal and up a little bit more than one

Tons of the price is it worth it I'd say no last thing I want to do is take a look inside as is customary but from what I'm seeing they could have done so much better they're using the same processor which is gonna have roughly

About a thousand on a single core score it couldn't even run minecraft so this is all show no go would not recommend so yeah this is not fused with the glass like apples clearly a big difference there okay and there's that so oh wow

The microphone even on the back is a real microphone it's just a piece of plastic yeah so I really cannot get the separator to seemingly without breaking it alright and that's what it looks like inside so again like the last one a lot

Of heavy metal used inside just to make it feel heftier otherwise nothing spectacular to report nothing like Apple's attention to detail on the inside actually got the backside off too and got a very dinky looking wireless

Charger here and the display plugs into this side here almost no electromagnetic shielding against anything definitely one of the more advanced iPhone the clones I've seen alright guys so there it is doesn't compare to Apple's not at

All like software nothing is close the only thing is the box detail is really good the physical detail is good until you start using it and it's a pain in the ass to use there's really not much you can do with it you can buy a way

Better Android phone for 150 dollars $160 but thanks for watching always entertaining to see how much further these clones get and this one misses the mark bye but hi thanks for watching peace

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