16” MacBook Pro Review – Real Talk

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

okay so I spent the past few days living
the 16 inch MacBook life I've tried the
i7 and the i9 pretty extensively this is
the base model i7 and the fully upgraded
eye 9 in terms of CPU and GPU now I
don't want to do a technical review of
these devices I feel like there's just a
way better conversation to be had
instead of just you know a breakdown of
the differences and good things and bad
things about this product I will talk
about a few things upfront in terms of
things that can help you make a purchase
decision first the i9 is worth it if you
are someone whose workflow or
application can actually take advantage
of extra cores like the i9 has 2 extra
cores over the 6 core i7 it's totally
worth this year they have better thermal
performance compared to the previous
generation it's a worthy upgrade it
doesn't have perfect thermals it does
still have thermal limitations but it's
significantly improved over what we saw
last year and even better than what came
out earlier this year in 2019 secondly
the GPU the graphical performance of
these new ambi chips is quite solid
rounding some benchmarks you can just
see that these new AMD 7 nanometer chips
just it's a significant bump in
performance compared to the Vega 20 from
the previous generation so if you do
anything that's graphically intense like
video editing I would just spring for
that GPU upgrade now when it comes to
performance on MacBook Pros it's always
been complicated this is why Apple
designs their systems to run off of USB
C charging very few devices out there do
it these guys are the only company to do
it with a high performance Intel chip so
there's lots of laptops out there that
use like weaker u processors
Apple uses their H processors like the
Intel H processors and they still power
their entire system off of us PC it
might seem insignificant but there's two
advantages to that first it allows a
device like this to be charged with any
kind of us PC power delivery adapter so
as long as there's enough wattage it can
fill up the MacBook Pro however slow it
might be secondly it also allows a
device like this to work on an airplane
power socket like so the socket you see
on an airplane seat you can plug this
thing up to it and it'll
juice up your MacBook the vast majority
of high performance laptops will not
work if you plug it into an airplane
socket that's just the way it is they
pull too much wattage the socket doesn't
do it now the disadvantage to having us
PC charging on a device like this is
that there's a limit as to how powerful
the components can be inside the macbook
pro a lot of people are like why doesn't
Apple put in RTX 20/80 into their
MacBook Pros it sounds great on paper
but they would be a terrible idea
because now this system could no longer
run off of 100 watts so now this whole
power system could not work they would
have to have separate power systems it's
not what people want it's not what Apple
wants that's why they don't do it and
that's also I'm happy that they use
these AMD chips instead of a more
powerful NVIDIA GPU because if you put
in RTX or GTX anything inside here you
could no longer power it off a 100 watt
use BC charger it can't be done no one
can do it so what Apple has actually
created here is the world's most
powerful laptop that uses use PC
charging and for a lot of people that
connection is very valuable ok the
keyboard finally running scissor
switches thank goodness Soho I mean I've
been talking about this for years right
from the beginning I'm actually someone
that got used to how butterfly switches
felt but the reliability just always
bugs me and it's nice to see that it's
finally gone to a really classic and
universally loved scissor switch and it
also has a physical Escape key which is
fantastic and it's also nice to see the
return of the inverted T for the arrow
key cluster I always thought it was so
weird that they switched off of this
orientation for the arrow keys to
something that was specific to the
butterfly keyboards even though their
other products that the IMAX still used
this inverted T so it's nice to see them
come back to this but hardware wise they
did a really good job this year the
speakers sound fantastic the microphones
are good the thermal performance is much
improved compared to the previous
generation it's still not perfect but
it's way better than anything they've
had before in the thin MacBook Pro so
I'm happy with it if there was like I
mean there's a few things I don't love I
wish it had Wi-Fi 6 basically every
high-end laptop that came out this year
supports Wi-Fi 6 this
doesn't and also the webcam it's still
running 720p it also doesn't have face
ID which is it's not the end of the
world but it would've been nice to see
on a refresh like this but overall
hardware's good including the 16 inch
screen I haven't talked about it because
it's really not that special it's a
fantastic screen but what do you expect
for a 16 inch MacBook Pro but over the
past four years we've been as a
community of technological enthusiasts
we've been really tunnel visioned on the
shortcomings of Apple's Hardware because
this MacBook from 2016 to early 2019
just had limitations that shouldn't have
been there but now that they fix the
hardware I would like to address
something that has always been an issue
with Apple products and its value is the
16 inch MacBook Pro actually worth its
money because this is a very expensive
machine it starts at 23 24 hundred bucks
and can go up quite high and in the past
on my channel I have stated that if you
were someone that wanted to buy a
MacBook Pro for use with Adobe's
creative applications that it wasn't a
good option like to basically go with
half a dozen other options out there
that were cheaper and better performing
instead of the MacBook Pro but that is
no longer the case there Hardware this
year is good their pricing is fair for
an Apple product and most importantly
the way that adobe has tweaked their
software to work with this new hardware
from Apple is it's good they finally
made something that performs the way it
should so if you're someone that held
off the MacBook Pro because of
unreliable keyboards or performance that
wasn't up to snuff I think this year's
model is on point and also because of
like this is a new design right they're
gonna use this chassis for several years
they're gonna because they sunk a lot of
money to make this thing happen so don't
worry about this thing being renewed
into some new model next year it's not
gonna happen they're gonna use this
shape for a while you're good okay hope
you guys enjoyed this video thumbs we
liked it subs if you loved it see you
guys next time

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