$1,400 Custom Desk PC Build

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

Hey how's it going guys jacket man here with the toaster bros and today everybody we're doing another custom mod this is the $1400 gaming pc that's actually my desk at home if you're a longtime viewer the toastie bros you might have seen the original one this

One is a lot better but before we get into that let's hear a word from today's sponsor today's video is brought to you by G V G Mall an online marketplace to gain access to some really awesome discounted game keys and more

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Corner so thanks again to Jimmy G mod for sponsoring this video let's get right into the video shall we so basically what we mean by an index PC is instead of having an actual PC case sitting on top of your desk we actually

Integrated the desk in the case together so it's basically like an all-in-one desk where the PC is one with the desk which they actually sell some things that are custom one yeah and they cost a lot of money so this actual mod was way

More cost-effective and if you're able to get access to tools or just be able to be handy and do stuff like this and you can easily do it and save a ton of money so for the budget we actually only needed about $100 to be able to do the

Whole entire desk itself because well it's basically just plywood and some four-by-fours that was really it and then add some stain on top of it and ma you have a beautiful all-in-one desk Wow so basically in this video I already

Had the desk built but I'm going to be upgrading everything that is involving the PC and also just giving the piece you know overall better enclosure because the original one was complete Garbo's so it's time to fix that let's

Get into it right now right now Gord did actually but yeah right now we're actually gonna be I'm just doing like some slight upgrades one of the biggest parts I'm excited about is basically rebuilding this bottom half

Which I have not shown off much because I'm not proud of it this was built like with spare parts pretty much and as you can see it was like a RG beets

As you can see there's like a lighting strip just kind of hanging out of here I actually got RGB fans this time so basically I have everything sitting on actual motherboard tray and then it's just sitting on a pretty thin piece of

Wood that's screwed in and everything and then all that stuff is screwed in like individual planks so the main concept here is that I'm going and also the back is not there like there's just no bag so main concept is it still going

To be pretty similar I'm gonna redo the whole bottom probably with some thicker wood and then I'm gonna make sure that the backs actually in close to the power supply and the all-new which I'll get to this in a minute but the only 240

Millimeter liquid cooler is actually going to be right over here on the right side of the PC with RGB fans facing outwards or inwards not really sure which way I'm gonna do it yet but instead of using multiple pieces like

This it's gonna all just be you know single Boxton plywood and i'll make sure that i stain it in everything I might I'll probably still look just one fan over here so basically it'll be like the radiator on this side with

Intake and then I'll probably have like one exhaust fan or maybe two just a match in the middle and then the power supply and the hard drives and stuff an SSD because I have a couple over here are gonna go back here and I'm actually

Gonna box them off they're gonna have like their own little separate compartment kind of like a power supply basement no way so it'll basically just be like a normal standing upright you know desktop PC

Case except you know it's down written to my desk so we're gonna make sure that we separate the power supply just to make it look a little bit cleaner it'll also help with thermals you know just not having everything in the same part

And also my acrylic panel actually broke because I decided to sit on top of it so we're also gonna get like a thicker acrylic piece cut and I'm likely before I had little Brad's which are basically just

Really small nails holding it in which I can focus you can see and so I'm just gonna go back through it I think I'm gonna use either like angle brackets or just small pieces of angle iron to go along the whole entire edge so that this

Thing is just overall more sturdy so for the upgrades though and this one I'm excited about because the overall price of this which is probably really hard for you see what $1400 so $1,300 for the actual pricing of the parts and that's

With newer parts too I I did the budget with the 2060 super I did the budget with g.skill Trident Zee RGB 32 gigs of ram at 3600 this stuff's older so I basically did like a price match of what's a lot better and more current a

Be 450 max motherboard instead of this older X 370 pretty similar power supply and you know similar storage and everything but basically I included these upgrade parts in the price so five pack of RGB fans or it might be a six

Pack not really sure there's not very many options right now with everything going on this right here is a PCI USB 3 adapter so basically the I'm gonna have one extra lane of USB 3 ports about 4 ports so that would be nice to have

Because as you can see I'm getting kind of low on ports at times so I just want to go ahead and be kind of future-proof and it's simple and easy install no extra external power required right here we have some black individual sleeved

Cables which came in a pretty nice-looking box it's very they're hefty to these like the heaviest ones I felt so that's cool and then we have the deep cool captain 240 RGB very excited about this because this just looks so cool to

Me and I'm excited to see like I don't know if maybe you actually better see like when moving through there but I will be very hyped if you can and then the icing on top the horizon 3700 X so that'll be replacing my 1800 X which is

Definitely getting outdated now still a great processor though and so like I said I price matched everything the total for the PC parts was around $1,300 and there's links and everything which those will be down inscription below

Their affiliate links so please use those because they do help us out and then I also budget in the upgrades and everything and like I said $39 total and I'm about a hundred bucks if you guys at

Home when I actually try to attempt to build a desk like this all it is is four by fours these are actually treated ones which were way too much that's all they had at the time and then literally you can buy an 8 by 8 or 8 by 10 foot

You know section apply wood this is half-inch thick and then just sand it stain it yourself cut it to size you can have Lowe's or Home Depot and cut it for you most of the time and that's really all there is to it I mean it's not the

Sturdy is set up the four by fours do help a lot and I really can't move it much just by wobbling it but you know it's a pretty good-looking desk though it's six feet long exactly so it's it's no it's not like the IKEA eight foot or

9 foot desk but this is like more than plenty for me and I have these are 32 inch monitors by the way so they're definitely some pretty pretty big boy monitors so what we're gonna go ahead and do first is just get all this

Disassembled because like I said we're basically going to rebuild the PC case outside of the actual computer because I just have a screw here I'll have screw back here one over here and then one under this mouse mat basically holding

The whole entire computer on so like I said we're gonna take this whole entire part off we're gonna rebuild the PC on its new platform and then put new walls on it and never basically is gonna screw it

Back in then I just got slap that acrylic panel back on with all the new parts and then we're good to go so now we have some better lighting and mr. show you guys once again what exactly this looked like so

This is literally exactly how I pulled it off the desk just pulled these four screws out and tada this is what you have it is it is not well put together at all it was basically being held by just a little I guess you'd call them

Like 1 by fours or maybe one and a half by fours and like I said this is because it was most things where I built it really I'm one of those people when I get my mind set to something I built it very late at night probably 2 or 3 years

Ago now so one of those things where I told myself this was temporary I was gonna fix it but you know that's you know how that goes true three years later you know we're gonna make it look cool though so let's let's go ahead and

Do some more planning and just see where we can go from there so I am super stoked to see how awesome this frickin desk turned out it really

Didn't take me too long either it only took me about an afternoon to do everything and get everything stained so it looks really good the temperatures are amazing by the way I know some of you have already wondered what type of

Temps it gets well in gaming and everything even though 3,700 X I usually keep it below 70 C so pretty darn good for the AI oh and it's also very quiet doesn't ramp up or anything so very very excited about it shout out to our

Friends at deep cool and make some good stuff so we hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys haven't already subscribe like comment down below if you haven't checked out our other channels toasty DOI and toasty cliffs definitely

Check those out and also follow us over on Twitter shroom every single Monday Wednesday Friday and Sunday and it's a lot of fun extra content if you love the toasty bros you should definitely be following over on Twitch if you actually

Want to buy into the pc parts or any of the other stuff that you this video use links in the description down below they are affiliate links so they do help us out don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and we'll see you guys in the

Next one good bye

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