13″ vs 15″ 2018 MacBook Pro – FULL REVIEW

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's going on guys it's Carl here back
with another episode and the one that
you're looking to see if you're in the
market for the new 2018 MacBook Pros I
know that I just did a couple unboxings
my first look at some of them we've got
the three main ones here that have been
updated we of course have the 13 inch we
have touch bar the only 13 inch or that
got a speck bump the baseline 15 inch
and of course the Grail that everyone
wants to hear about the fully specked
out eye 9 that is close to 10,000
Benjamin buttons hoping that this video
helps some of you out in your decision
process so first off the 13 inch and as
we go through all of these we'll start
off first with the specs on which model
that I ended up going with this guy has
got the 2.3 gigahertz quad core i5 the
first time finally that a 13-inch
MacBook Pro has a quad core CPU much
much needed eight gigs of ram and a 512
SSD the baseline for $17.99 has 256 gigs
of storage spend the extra 200 bucks
def 512 and also spec up their RAM to 16
gigs to make sure this guy stays around
and you can use it for the next couple
years as your main device so although I
love the form factor I love this so much
more than say the 15-inch especially for
traveling especially if you're taking
this to class every day the 13 inch form
factor is so so much nicer and now with
the quad core processor I can
successfully say I would recommend this
to 90% of people out there that are
looking to get their very first MacBook
Pro that are looking to do some basic
editing to do the things that most of us
do browse the net word-processed
everything that you can do on a laptop I
actually edited a bit of video on this
guy and although I am recording in 4k
this guy was perfectly fine he did slow
down sometimes especially when scrubbing
through timelines and of course
rendering times were a bit slower than
these guys but still a lot better than
last year and definitely if you're
recording in 1080p and you don't have
red footage none of that 8k nonsense
I can wholeheartedly say this guy is
perfect for a lot of you out there
if you do need that extra power though
and of course want a larger screen this
is where things get tough with the 15
inches so at very first glance
physically these devices are identical
it's essentially what's happening on the
inside is why there is such a price
difference this guy is the mid-range
model 2,800 bucks this has got the 2.6
gigahertz six core CPU it's also got 16
gigs of RAM the 512 SSD and of course
the dedicated Radeon pro graphics card
whereas this behemoth has been upgraded
has been spective to the max we've
doubled the RAM to 32 gigs
we've cramped a four terabyte SSD the
largest that you can get in a MacBook
and we now have the controversial I 9
processor inside of this guy depending
on where you live up here this guy was
specked out close to $10,000 down south
of the border you're looking at around
8,000 bucks depending on sales tax which
is a ton of money for a laptop so what
makes this guy so expensive the biggest
thing around 3000 bucks is the 4
terabyte hard drive I would recommend
that most people stay far and away stick
to 512 maybe if you need upgrade to one
terabyte but you can get a lot of that
for better value in something like this
a USB see a hard drive gets the job done
is just as quick and you're saving
yourself a lot of money I get you have
to carry around to things but make the
sacrifice it is worth it don't get a 4
terabyte hard drive please but the big
question here is of course that I 9
processor and my buddy Dave 2d made a
great video I will leave it down below
talks a bit more in depth and a bit more
technical what's happening here
essentially the i9 is such a powerful
chipset in this chassis in this lovely
form factor the chip cannot cool down
enough and we get throttling overheating
which essentially means that this guy
downgrades itself and cannot run at its
full potential and gets a very very hot
but I will note though that I do run
final cut across all my devices and I
didn't find the throttling was as bad as
safety were running premier to sum that
if you're using Adobe Premiere to crunch
through your edits stay away from the i9
MacBook Pro it will throttle like a so
in short and to conclude I would
probably recommend the i7 upgrade the
RAM from 16 to 32 gigs you'll have a
great experience over on this machine if
you're still eyeing the i-9 if you still
want to get four terabytes of space you
do have a ton of money to burn you're a
professional I think Apple is still
looking to tweak around software not
saying that it will fix everything but
perhaps when Mojave launches later this
fall some of the throttling issues will
be resolved we'll keep our fingers
crossed and of course there is still
that 13-inch MacBook Pro that I think a
lot of people will overlook but still
get the job done just as good maybe not
as quick as these two guys but of course
you get the smaller form factor
super-curious tout to hear your thoughts
down below in the comments you've heard
what I had to say you heard which one
that I would end up picking which one
would you grab hope you guys enjoyed
this video though and I know a ton of
you were asking about this wallpaper
which is also linked down below I'll of
course catch the rest of you in one of
my next ones or in one of my blogs base

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