100,000 Subscriber Celebration – The Long-Lost Christopher Lee Episode

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

actors all want to be musicians every

single one of them fueled by massive

egos and drunk on past successes they

are all terrible except for Count

Dracula himself the metal night

Christopher Lee so we've hinted at this

episode at least once actually the only

thing that competes with Warwick Davis

wrapping is Hammer horror legend

Christopher Lee's seeking power metal

which he does so often then we're just

gonna give a whole episode to him later

on twice there is literally an entire

sub-genre of power metal sometimes

called fantasy metal that rolls deep

with the Hobbit references and

Christopher Lee Saruman has an entire

side career in heavy metal

yeah dude just meet the zone episode and

so finally we made this promise last

week so if we break a hundred thousand

subscribers we will doa this is this

episode either about sky quakes or

Christopher Lee we have a hundred

thousand subscribers sky quakes your day

will come

today belongs to joking

would roll in the unholy

of cosmic chaos and this time

Christopher Lee initially rose to fame

through his portrayal of Dracula and the

Hammer horror films of the 50s 60s and

70s best known today as Saruman or Count

Dooku depending on exactly what kind of

nerd you are he was 87 years old when he

released his first symphonic metal album

Charlemagne by the sword and the cross

this wasn't dope whose first rodeo he

sang on the soundtrack of The Wicker Man

in the 70s and started the musical the

return of Captain invincible in 83

bottoms up

starik up it'll put you in the pink but

all you have to do is as an aside his

character in that film is named mr

midnight this is Alan Arkin singing

about it the live man that no mother and

point is word was out the Christopher

Lee had chops and it just took Italian

fantasy metal band Rhapsody of fire to

unlock their true power


macron would roll in the UH Nolan

cosmic chaos

and this time

yes I'm wearing the clothes of a king

who is also priest yes you are and so a

new generation of fans discovered

Christopher Lee just as Christopher Lean

was discovering the perfect outlet for

his gloomy bass tone releasing a series

of concept albums about King Charlemagne

and Christmas albums

jingle hell debuted number 22 on the

Billboard Hot 100 making Christopher Lee

the oldest ever charting performer in

billboard history at 91 years old which

really cuts to the heart of why he is

the coolest and Bruce Willis is a dork

also a dork Johnny Depp also Hasselhoff

jump in Eddie Murphy

there are precious few actors that have

made the leap that so many have left to

unintentionally hilarious results

creative people are rarely creative in

only one capacity but they are also

normal human beings who can only apply

Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hour rule to

one discipline Eddie Murphy and David

Hasselhoff and Johnny Depp picked acting

and whenever you think of their

individual performances or late career

choices they worked hard as hell but

when you've achieved your dream you

sometimes realize that you've neglected

some earlier passion your dream is now

your job I spend my 20's mostly

completely indifferent to sports until i

realized i had spent a decade as a music

journalist and suddenly sports were the

only thing that I care about because

music was my day job what I'm saying is

that I am the David Hasselhoff of dudes

who write about Canadian punk

which is why Christopher Lee is such a

glorious exception most actor musicians

are returning to some earlier love he is

a man in his 90s literally just

discovered that heavy metal is the ideal

outlet for his voice and his weird

fascination with killing Saxons


what I'm saying is that Christopher

Lee's music reads as an authentic new

expression in a storied career and I'm

less convinced by Scarlett Johansson

covering Tom Waits

what do you think are all actors

musicians terrible why or why not

is it possible to truly capture what an

impossibly cool dude Christopher Lee is

let us know what you think in the

comments and be sure to subscribe for

new episodes of this exists every week

be excellent to each other last week was

our Halloween episode all about melt

movies a particularly gruesome and

pretty fun sub-genre body horror and

whether or not they actually have any

meaning I also asked if we could break a

hundred thousand subscribers by you guys

sharing videos and it happened which is


we're so powerful together thank you

very much for your support of this show

I cannot believe that a hundred thousand

people have clicked subscribe next to a

photo of my face you guys are nice this

is cool this is really cool thank you

very much though this is sincerely two

comments now Patrick barber check brings

up a great point about the obsession in

the 80s visually with green slimy toxic

waste and the way that our fears about

Three Mile Island and Chernobyl were

reflected through things like the Ninja

Turtles and toxic avenger and melt

movies I think it's a great point

ultimately what I tried to say in that

video is that horror films tend to

depict the particular fears of a given

era and while obviously my argument was

that melt movies don't depict any fear

other than melting it is interesting

that there was the sort of trend love

slimy shit messing up our lives and that

weirdly all of that got turned into kid

friendly cartoon entertainment which I

was talking to someone about recently

it's very strange that Beetlejuice and

the Ninja Turtles and all this really

really dark

initially adult entertainment was seen

by some executive and was like kids will

love that kids will love toxic avenger

that's me where a kid's head gets popped

by a car backing up over it wicked kids

entertainment toxie's cool

I don't want vector hopes that all us or

you or we'd Millennials appreciate the

ability to watch our racer head on DVD

me and depicts a move to Los Angeles to

go to a store just to be able to rent

Eraserhead and this brings up a super

interesting point that Justin who shoots

and helps direct the show always makes

us the we're the only generation that

grew up with video stores our parents

generation didn't have them when they

were growing up and they'll be way done

by the time we're popping out babies but

we grew up with video stores being this

super important part of our experience

and a lot of the movies that we talked

about in last week's episode were made

famous for me personally by their box

covers you know sitting on the shelves

at the video 99 or Rogers video near my

house I can particularly picture the

scanners cover which I don't think we

talked about in an episode but just that

like shot of Michael Ironside sort of at

the end of the movie like oh it was so

awesome when I finally saw that movie 6

laid runner or what looks to be sort of

a lead II version of Blade Runner

disagrees with my point that body horror

is the most metaphorically loaded horror

sub-genre that it's simply just the most

personal and I'm actually inclined to

agree that maybe I've misspoken

overstated just how metaphorically

important body horror is but did what I

was really trying to get at is that it

by being more personal it maybe feels

more intimate and as a result resonates

more so when you see Night of the Living

Dead and you think about the war in

Vietnam if you're my age that resonates

in a strictly historical sense whereas

you know the fear of dying and falling

apart to pick it in the fly is something

that I live with every day because I'm

getting a lot of gray hair and I'm

terrified of death Jo sorry and asked if

this show should have its own subreddit

which is I know something that idea

channel does and probably a few other

YouTube channels that are also cool like

this one and we discuss the idea of

doing a book club on Goodreads which I

was starting to set up but now I'm

wondering if a subreddit is just the

better way to do all of it we could

continue to have discussions about the

episode that might aggravate a little

bit a little bit better than they do in

the YouTube comments we can have the

book club on the subreddit

and that might allow a freer sort of

flow of suggestions between you guys and

me and everyone who watches the show

so I'd initially said good reads I know

I'm asking a lot of questions now in the

episode but I feel like we've got a good

thing going here and I'm really psyched

about it so I'll that's not bothering

anyone would you guys want a subreddit

instead for the show where we could you

know share ideas for the show and you

know share book recommendations and do

the shitheel book club would that be

better than Goodreads I don't know how

many other people use Goodreads as

religiously as I do so let me know what

you think about that I think it's a

great point thank you this week's Sam's

Club book recommendation is tied to what

I'm currently obsessed with which is the

election that's happening today in

America when we shoot this today not the

today of your current today wherever you


and Richard Ben Kramer's what it takes

the greatest political book ever written

them on a real tear right now I'm

reading mostly about Canadian politics

but I spent a lot of time reading about

American politics which for a long time

I thought were much more sexy in this

book of course really sells that it's

the greatest campaign book ever written

and recently someone was tweeting that

it's like a dollar ninety-nine for the

Kindle version on Amazon so that's not a

recommendation to not buy it from a

mom-and-pop shop which is obviously my

jam but not everyone's full of money and

two bucks is not a lot for the greatest

campaign book ever written so please

read what it takes that Richard Ben

Kramer and I hope you voted if you're

American today it's too late now though



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