by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

What's going on is case seven so today we're gonna review another micro-cap gem called suppose oh so full disclosure guys this of course is a sponsored review this is super high risk this project is very very very new and the company just wants to get their name out

There they want to get some exposure so they're contacting influencers and getting them their name out there which is very smart but guys I'm not keeping all these tokens to myself I'm giving away $100 worth of Cipolla tokens okay

So for a chance to win all you got to do is press that like button press subscribe and leave a comment what's your waves wallet address from the wave decentralized exchange okay this is very very very important guys

Please don't mess us up so polo is built on the waves platform so it's very important that you submit your waves wallet address from the waves decentralized exchange there's only one way that I know how to do this so I will

Post a link with the instructions okay there's also a video right here on YouTube with this guy Chieko crypto he explains it so well this guy does a perfect job how to use a platform just how to get around it or whatever I

Suggest really just watching this man and just listen this guy he has a great video great at explaining stuff excellent job you know so once you get on the waste platform don't give you certain wallet options right here so

You'll start in the waste platform like this you press here on the side and you see the wallet okay this is just a test account guys then you see your Waze wallet right here any press receive when you press receive

Then I'll show you your ways wallet address so you you got to post that address this address in like the comment section of this video that's how you enter for a chance to win this Apolo tokens and guys please don't

Go to some random exchange and send me a waves wallet address from there because if you send it to one of those it's gonna be lost forever so please do it the ways that I said to do it and you'll get your tokens and it'll work

Everything when we find your tokens won't be lost forever okay I also gotta say this claimer this of course is not professional financial advice guys this is a high-risk cryptocurrency please do your own due diligence before investing

Your own money but I wouldn't talk about any projects if I didn't see a value in and/or I didn't see something special that could happen and okay this is speculative but um it's for good reason and I'll explain I'll explain why so

What is the polo so in a nutshell right this is what they have written up here so polo is the lead token in this Apolo platform and it doubles as the base currency for all ICO investments now you can build your beautiful projects more

Easily using cipolla so in a nutshell what I see this whole thing is an ICO launching platform that's like super transparent they're doing something completely new that no ICO ever does this is a place for

Projects that actually launched her eye cos I'm gonna talk about the problem here but I'm gonna talk about it with a little picture this is like a graph of the monies that the ICO is raised from 2014 to 2018 as you could see 2017 is

The gray picture of grayish-brown and 2018 is a yellow so in 2018 this year we have raised so much more money than we raised last year it's a lot of money right but nobody knows where this money is going and how they're spending it why

They needed all this money like there's no way to track what it's doing you know there's not a lot of transparency in the space and the sad thing about it is that there's probably a lot of bad players out in this space that are not doing the

Right thing you know so this is what's Apolo is solving cipolla was finding a way to make these companies accountable for their ICO it's actually really smart there's like a mechanism built inside this platform that's customizable and

You can set parameters in this platform so when the company meets certain milestones certain amounts of money will be released at a company at different times when they do different things it can also start jobs and people will get

Paid out and suppose tokens from completing these tasks all these tasks are going for the greater good to complete everything that they say they're gonna complete in their IC o—- so go through everything on their

Roadmap it's kind of genius and it's a very simple idea and it's solving one of the big problems in crypto space right now it's all this money wasting from the eye cos like I'm kind of turned off on my sales right now just because of all

This stuff but good thing though guys this is not an ISO project this project is already out it's already on exchange so it can be purchased by anyone right now I'll pull up the platform and you could

Take a look at it now explain so as you can see on the right side here they give the core team a bunch of jobs to finish once they finish those certain milestones like right here for example you have logo right here you have

Marketing right here you have the website right here you have white paper right here so once they meet those milestones they'll get tokens released to them once they hit them so as the I SEOs go along these certain tasks are

Posted on there and they're set by the team you can also measure the investors rating I'm happy with the deadline do we need more goals communication unhappy with the project so you're measuring everything is your go along with the IC

O—- it's like a whole new different platform and they're doing something new there they're taking things to the next level as you can see from that graph that I posted before there's a lot of money out there being raised in a lot of

Ice fields are failing that's just the bottom line of it all and it's all speculative this is holding a lot of people accountable to it and I think this is how it should be done no IC o—- ever does is they just take

All your tokens and they just say we'll just have this done at this time and if they don't have something done they leave an announcement say o or sorry whatever and they just keep delaying stuff this way and products will get

Anything if they don't complete these tasks or whatever so there's like a really transparent way of launching icos that these guys are starting up a cool comparison that I found that I can sort of use this as part of the project is

Like you know there's website fever this website right here well you can get people to make logos or you can sign up and make logos for people or websites and photographs like Photoshop editing like anything digital man like growth

Hacking email marketing there's also like resume cover the letter building um that you can also have people make business plans for you like you know if the people make videos for you or like anything you think of digitally on the

Computer you can have somebody do it for you how people even look at code and everything for you on here and you set and people set prices for their jobs they do you sort of negotiate and once the job is complete you gotta be happy

With it and sign off and they'll get the money I see it kind of like this with the with the Cipolla platform how it has like a part of this whole thing in and on the right side right but it's also like an ICO

Launching platform will has other features along with it that says my interpretation of this whole thing and I think is an interesting project of course guys just come through this to read through everything yourself and

Learn all the information for yourself and just do your own research so you have a really good understand of this as well as I do right the reason why I'm talking about this project is because of the super low market cap right now and

Just where it's at so let's go look at the website very quickly okay guys so this is the website right here though let's be honest guys when I'm going through the website like the website sucks it doesn't look good like it's

It's a bad website but I'm not looking at what's there right now I'm looking out what's gonna be happening in the near future if you scroll to the very bottom of the website down here it says they talked about they're gonna be

Building a new website it's gonna be up all ggest 26 that's what when their full website is gonna release their brand new one it's gonna look very nice they're also gonna be releasing a white paper on the 3rd of August so that's also coming

In the very near future so I'm just looking at these sort of things doing these things is going to impress more people and more people gonna grab the toy towards the project I also find some more value in this project too because

It's on a platform right now the waste platform guys remember I showed you this waste platform right nobody is using this platform you know like I've never used this platform before once I had to go learn how to use it and everything

Made wallets or whatever you know just test it out for myself it took a little while but I just now know how to do it but I'm gagging I'm betting that not all people know how to do this so this thing is not easy to get I just know that a

Lot of people won't want to go through the hassle of learning this whole thing just to buy these tokens so I see some value there like if it ever gets listed somewhere else where everybody can get it more easily man like the price you

Just go crazy the reason why the prices could go crazy is because of the market cap okay so the market cap is 84,000 I've never seen a market cap like that low the market cap is 84,000 okay and this thing is trading right now on this

Exchange so if you wanted you could get it or if I sent you the tokens you could sell it any time so that's pretty cool about this project right now a market cap is eighty four thousand dollars that is super low that

Is a definition of a micro micro cap that also attracted me to this project there isn't too much information on the website about the whole project guys they have a social media they have their telegram right now has about 84 people

But I think it's gonna grow very fast because because the company is working on promoting the project they're really like motivated to get this thing up and running up and going so yeah like they also have a video and a video there's a

Great video by the way I think as a CEO who's on here he's explaining very well how it works how everything goes I said just watching the video and just to learn more about the project but that's just the project of nutshell snow much

Cool guys this is just it right now and I know a lot of you guys think all this is trash or whatever this is trash like there's some websites or there's some there's some like crypto projects that come out with no website not like

Nothing and they do crazy amount of games you know so the market is very brutal so you know I'm just thinking about creative ways to make money like doing things that no one else is doing you know and getting in on projects this

Thing's not even listen I'm corn murk cap or anything it's just it's just writing right now we won one of the guys like one of the researchers found it on Bitcoin talk comm like one of the one of the community members if also to you

Guys follow my telegram group you guys don't just get the jump on these coins or these tokens quickly before anybody else like I post them in there a couple of days sometimes a week before I even make a video about it if you want to get

A jump on a lot of these projects before they even know this was out July 3rd right now it's like July 11th I believe our 10th we're very new on this project right now just got posted it's not it's nowhere to be found

I think what they're doing is interesting and of course guys it's it's high risk so just be aware and just know what the risks are look at everything yourself and read through it and see what you guys think and I got some

Tokens from the company but of course I'm spending some more money and buy my own tokens as well because I see a little bit of value in this project and the market cap is super low that like I don't think there's really much I can

Lose or anything from this this is my own personal decision no guys okay so don't just copy me blindly go look through this stuff yourself please and check it out but this project I'm excited to talk about on my channel man

I love these micro cap coins that last micro cap gem that I posted about broker and eco network that one's dead dead amazing now it's down but it's still a 2x from what we bought it from so it's doing

Better than most things in this market right now so with that being said guys that's just my quick review on the support platform I know there's not much about it right now but this is all we have right now you guys check it out

Yourself – ok come the website do the research I hope you enjoyed the review this is k7 from Krypto pedia we got more news and more crypto refused to come

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