$100 Billion Ethereum Market Cap in 2021, Bitcoin Sticker shock solution? After next All time high!

published on August 2, 2020

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is july the 30th 2020 strong hand long term thinking

Bitcoin is next bitcoin buy and hold baby relax your home for bitcoin insider information i'm offended by selling one day closer to an all-time high

Hello my elite friends be a unique beast defiance over compliance if you have questions i've answered type in bitcoinmeister or do a super chat get my attention if

You've got questions i'll be time for some questions here today speaking of today there's always tomorrow there's always a day after today and tomorrow 11 am baltimore time

That's 8 am in on the west coast los angeles uh this week in bitcoin alex fetzke returns neil wood fine returns phil geiger returns what a veteran cast best freaking guest in the space strong

Hand 20 24 okay here's some uh 80 news for you freaking and i warned everyone about this youtube is putting mid-roll ads into everybody's videos automatically they threw it into a bunch

Of my old videos i can't like do a remove all at once so if you go to my archives you're gonna probably see some middle of the video ads that were never there before

They automatically put it into my video yesterday i i have it set up so they won't put it into my new videos so you won't have to deal with that but i i did warn everybody on the past

Show youtube told us that it's going to be the default they're putting in into videos as short as eight minutes okay they're going to have multiple ads in the middle of the

Freaking video all right so i think it's ridiculous i think it shows that something's up over there they're a little bit they've kicked a lot of both the platform they've lost

Joe rogan and maybe they need to recoup uh some money in other ways i mentioned this on another show it started and it's so funny they they're not efficient about anything

You know if you get kicked off you there's no real appeal process but if they tell you they're adding ads to your videos on a certain day uh they're doing it so they're quite efficient when they're uh

About about recouping their losses there when it comes to financial stuff but hey their business they can do what they want to do pound that like button if you are uh checking me out over at big shoot also

And pound that like button if you're listening to this on uh sportsmeistercom and you can't even pound the like button over there uh because it's not youtube and you're just laughing your butt off at all do

You people still stuck on youtube and uh they need to see my face they can't listen to me over at the podcast sportsmeistercom all right

Bitcoin sticker shot speaking of videos i uh i watched a the great uk bitcoin master had rocky palumbo on earlier today both of these guys have been on my show

Before of course also and uh the title uh it intrigued people people thought rocky had sold all his bitcoin for a new coin well iraqi is a fan of valuing his wealth in

Satoshi's okay instead of bitcoin and he he came out he said a term i hadn't heard before bitcoin sticker shock i like that uh when someone goes over to coinbase they see uh they see a bunch of coins

Listed and they are real close in price you know you see one that's a hundred bucks one that's ten bucks 200 bucks and then you see one that's eleven thousand dollars

There's some sticker shock there man you you weren't expecting that you're a second i thought these coins were all in the hundreds or the three digit realm or the two digit realm what is this five digit realm

Going on so people like rocky uh are concerned about that that people will be turned off uh we we also call it unit bias and we're familiar with that term but i

I like the bitcoin sticker shock there uh and so he he suggests like many have suggested before him and he made a point today because you know you got freaked out because he thought rocky was selling his bitcoin

For something new no he was just in his mind he was trading in his bitcoin for satoshi's which are the same thing uh and you know he says you know get 90 000

Satoshi's for ten dollars and okay that might intrigue some people there okay now i i've said this although i still think it is it is too confusing for newbies

Uh to to to value things in in satoshi's they they want simple uh dollar valuations they want some simple ways of dividing things one again it's the one bitcoin show at this point if you want

One bitcoin you need to spend eleven thousand one hundred and eleven dollars oh my god oh my god did did the bowie bot predict that did the buoy did the bowie bot predict one thousand eleven thousand one hundred

Eleven dollars oh my god that guy is always right isn't he that guy in seattle that thought aliens were gonna land in israel in 2010 the book the bowie bot don't you guys worship the bot the bot i

Mean come on the bot i mean the bot makes a video the bot makes a video and uh everyone's like oh yeah he's always right adam he said it was gonna get to eight

Eight eight so oh if it's at one one one one or whatever he must have he must have predicted that once too along with the aliens landing in israel pound that like button for flashbacks if

You even know what i'm talking about that that that hasn't been big for a while the the bowie bot bowie bot was uh he was big in like 2016 and 2017 uh you know the aliens thing i guess

Some people uh you know they couldn't take it anymore but oh okay so going back going back to to what's going on here oh he made up his own it's his own computer it analyzes the entire internet

You need to idolize it and he can predict the future it can predict the future and he was right big bitcoin hit eight thousand eight hundred eighty eight dollars yeah and these guys who could predict

The future with shmitahs and aliens and everything they don't they don't talk about when they're wrong ever ever and they trust me they're mostly wrong

And uh again my why don't you ask my 70 year old nephew about what the price is going to be he'll get it right eventually too he'll get it right maybe he has a super computer he built you know

Come on people believe anything and this is the thing people are so clueless out there um that they cannot even tell the difference between the number of deaths and the number of cases so

I don't think the satoshi thing is going to work for them very much i mean the general population is very confused about numbers really needs simplification keeping it in terms they can understand

Uh but hey this is where the big boys play so if exchanges want to list things in if they think that's gonna get people to buy more bitcoin let me do it let them experiment everyone can go experiment out there

I do not have faith in the general public when it comes to uh numbers and uh and because and neither should you uh because they all buy into the fiat thing and that just makes us wealthier okay

If the 80 percenters are going to do what the 80 percenters are going to do you would do with the opposite of what they're going to do you're not going to fit in fitting in is overrated pound that like button but it's it's

Good that rocky and btc benny and uh uk bitcoin master and all sorts of people still are you talking about you value your wealth in satoshis etc and everyone's welcome to to do that if they want to

I know matt o'dell talks about that also check out yesterday's show it was around this same time a lot of you missed it for some reason i don't know why uh but again the archives disrupt meister dot com i don't i just don't say

To check out the links below for the heck of it to waste my freaking breath you need to you need to know what's going on here and who's who in bitcoin i i wonder i mean i just told you who's

Rocky btc benny you keep it big master a dude i never had on my show before who is a good person to follow who knows about savings who knows that bitcoin is the newfangled savings account something

That i've been saying for some quite some time pierre richard that there's a good dude right there so i linked to i gave you a who's who and bitcoin today uh that that pierre richard is

Definitely a who's who in bitcoin uh in in a beyond bitcoin moment uh last night i decided uh randomly on my backup channel to do a way beyond bitcoin show about uh rfk junior

Uh why don't you guys just watch it it is linked to below it says are subscribe to the backup channel and you can see uh it's about the weinstein weinstein brothers in their quest to form

A third party and maybe how rfk jr could be involved with that don't value your wealth in politics but rfk jr is an interesting fellow and he you probably just i disagree with him a lot

But he is willing to stand up to uh a lot of the nonsense uh that's going out up he won't take he won't plunge anything into his arm that's rushed

Let's just say that so check check that out uh he won't let anyone do that to him um but many americans are clamoring for it in fact five digit realm baby how are you guys

Doing all right yeah there's rocky and uk bickermaster are in the house remember you got questions do the super chat etc etc bitcoinmeister also all right moving on

Hoffman line time again i haven't talked about the hoffman line for a while because bitcoin's been above that 100 billion dollar market cap for a while but it's a little known fact that ethereum at one time

During those uh wild wacky days of 2017 it also was above that hoffman line and andy hoffman's point was that when you get when you get above 100 billion dollars in in market cap you're considered quite

Serious by some traditional institutional investors uh and traditional investors uh you know and andy has agreed also with uh dan tapiaro that the 1 trillion that that definitely uh intrigued when

The cryptocurrency market totals to a trillion that'll get a lot of people uh interested to consider it more legitimate now of course you should be happy that

You consider bitcoin legitimate right now but i i i do think right now ethereum's market cap is 37 billion dollars and it will reset hoffman line again there's there's only a few

That will get to that hoffman line in this decade i mean maybe only bitcoin and ethereum uh it depends on how much the dollar is inflated away also i mean you might be watching this

In 2029 and laughing your butt off because litecoin might be there but but but that's the thing to remember uh the bit bit and bitcoin i believe bitcoin will get to that trillion dollar market cap

So so don't go crazy don't go crazy oh how can you say that ethereum will be worth so much so i mean what's the big deal if if bitcoin's worth a high if a trillion market cap and uh

And uh the the ethereum is worth 100 billion but but right my point of bringing this up now is that i i do think it'll get to 100 billion market cap in 2021 all right which is pretty soon uh which

Which means it will it's not gonna stay at it's a three percent of a bitcoin it will get higher than that uh i mean it probably will get to six percent if not

I mean it was around ten percent for uh an amount of time and it was over that for a while ten percent of a bitcoin was one ethereum you probably don't remember that the

Reason i bring this up is there we gotta get outside of our bitcoin bubble sometimes it's awesome to be in the bitcoin bubble to learn about bitcoin but the ethereum the d5 stuff it is chugging

Along it's playing a role in bitcoin some of them those people are taking their profits watch yesterday's show i mentioned this or taking their profits and throwing them back in the bitcoin which is great

So i mean it's it's sloshing back and forth that is something that uh something that chris bernick minsky uh said today and he's a dude i've mentioned him before do i agree with him on everything

No does he hype up the whole defy thing like to an incredible level of complication that is unnecessary yes but he's a smart guy a lot of people are following chris bruninski um

You should be able to take opinions that you do not fully agree with it shouldn't sicken you the stuff that he talks about and it's only going to help you have a stronger bitcoin hand and understand

It this guy is not talking about flavors of the all coin flavors of the month i'm not telling you to to worry about to think about to learn about the altcoin flavors of the month but they're changing every

Freaking month the ethereum thing it's and i said this in 2017 there are people out there with lots of money that dream of having the next bitcoin

Okay that that will do anything to have they'd love having a leader metallic they love something that is more complex than bitcoin okay there's there's various

Combinations of these people so they're gonna blow the ethereum bubble up again the d5 tool is there the ico tool was before okay they're gonna use the d5 thing uh and many people are gonna and newbies

Will find out about it it's easily accessible it's much more easily accessible than it was in 2017 you buy it at coinbase real easy um so this is why i say that the hype machine

Is just it's just starting it's all cyclical as i said uh we're gonna go through it a 2017 in 2021 for bitcoin and before for ethereum also now there is a big caveat in all this

That i should have said um it will get to that 100 billion dollar market cap if they pull off ethereum 20 which uh i think they can if ethereum 20 completely blows up in

Ethereum's faces whoa now no it's not getting the that would be uh who knows what would happen bitcoin doesn't have something like that where something could go wrong that

Hardly um it's a big bet um that ethereum is is making here with the ethereum 20 but it looks like they'll be able to pull it off they got smart guys over there

And so in our bitcoin bubble we have people that are just constantly you know laughing at ethereum oh they put a picture of a fly on the book about ethereum okay i mean if that gets you jollies

That gets you jones all right but i'd rather look at this from a less emotional perspective and just prepare everybody for what we're about to see here now i i i probably read this i i might have read

This online i'm going to leave i've read this before uh if i have i apologize i know i've read it before it's in my own head this is by berninski and we'll get off

The ethereum after this if you think d5 will have a smaller impact on ethereum than icos you are you aren't paying attention the ico boom flex ethereum's ability to perform one financial service early

Stage capital formation d5 will flex ethereum's ability to perform all the financial services all right so you don't have to believe that um but that is a very good selling point that's

A very good marketing point and they're going to be plenty of people who want to believe that who will believe that and uh yeah so you're you're free to follow anybody you

Want to on on uh you could be in a bitcoin bubble if you want to on uh on twitter uh i mean you can you can follow bikini babes if you want to i mean that that's one extreme to another

Or something maybe more more logical and you can you can look at some of these what these ethereum guys are saying instead of totally vilifying them and uh hey and you can follow ud too uh who is no fan

Of ethereum so get all sides of the story there bitcoin is the next bitcoin ethereum is the next ethereum whatever that may mean uh but uh and i i value my wealth and freaking bitcoin

That's that's the bottom line but there are other things going out there that we have that that that should be mentioned and uh that will make news oh yeah hoffman line found that likely

So uh but so to get all if people were offended by ethereum there i'm gonna get you pumped again you fiat freaks from the great zak vol who's also been on the show before

And i want everybody to remember well i don't know if you do remember december of 2017 when a fear when bitcoin was a pumping i mean it got the 15 000 also it was at

19 000 it was unbelievable freaking believable 50 000 was a wild fantasy dream and then all of a sudden it came true and then a second slater 19 000 came true basically

So he says and this will get you pumped guys you need to get pumped every day get that hand stronger twenty thousand dollars will be a huge milestone for bitcoin but i tend to think the bigger deal is

How quickly it moves from twenty thousand to thirty thousand i guess it'll happen in a matter of hours pound that like button and it would it would have surprised me if something

Insane like that happens so what does happen after the next all-time high what do we what happens after it reaches uh 20k because we're one day closer to the next all-time high

Exact scenario the scenario you see happening it's jumping all of a sudden the 30k now i mean if you would have told me in 2016 it's going to get to 15k and also it'll

Be at 19k the next in a few hours i wouldn't believe you but who knows i i know i'm more prepared for something like exact scenario because i have been prepared for a very long time

For bitcoin to eventually hit the six digit realm because my mind's been in the five-digit realm uh for quite for a while and and to have drops where it drops like 40 000 freaking dollars so

I mean i prepare for that so i'm i'm ready for it to go up 10 000 in a day i've always said there'll be days that it goes up by a thousand down by a thousand up by 5 000 down by 5 000 we haven't had one

Of those uh up by but who knows who knows what's on the future but i i will say this weekends if you if you tend to be a weak hand you should prepare for that don't don't sell don't don't sell when

It hits that all-time high because you never know what's next okay you never know it's very tempting it's harder for some people and of course that during that whole 2017

My hand was strong as a freaking rock i never sold a darn bitcoin all right pound that like button i've never never sold a darn bitcoin for fiat in my life and you know i've been making these

Videos for a while and you know that i uh my first two bitcoin i bought in uh november of 2013 maybe you don't know that check out the archives so 2024 having hyped is what you think of

Uh when you when you get so excited when it's jumping to 30 000 or whatever whatever comes after the all-time high you would dream you could dream about it and and it it's it's so funny uh

I look back on an old the all-time high from 2013 when it hit at 1080 or 1100 whatever the heck it hits and everybody was like oh how could it go from 800 to 1100 so

Fast or whatever it was 700 to 1100 people were making a huge deal about 300 jump okay how it's the willy bot the willy bop calls it and it'll never happen again we'll never have such huge

Jumps again 300 jumps oh my god oh my this that and the other that it's it's it was really bottoms up and you know what maybe it was really bop that did it but but it's hilarious to look back on we'll

Never jump 300 i mean now jumping 300 is like a daily freaking occurrence around here all right all right so it puts it in perspective they're always going to be these naysayers who don't see the larger

Picture that think certain uh things are impossible um and that they have proven that certain things are impossible by things that have happened in the past

Being the willy bot thing the willy bot thing that that wasn't cool i mean there were some there was some pumping some unnatural pumpage going up there but just because willy bot did something

Doesn't mean that in in the future bitcoin can't have big gains and a lot of people made that that uh wacky conclusion and now it is hilarious to look back upon okay i'm going to see

If there were questions roman q had a question there uh you guys got to retweet this for me please it's the best way to support the show i can run a node from the command line use a cold card and

Coin join but i can't understand what defy is no uh there are plenty of people like that and that's the beauty the beauty of d5 uh that that many people uh

Will not understand what the heck it is and just want to be in on the trend fitting in fitting in so many people are making their d5 influencers now apparently oh my god i'm going to vomit when i

When i hear that word influencer but yeah there'll be more and more of those and uh yeah people don't have to understand what it is people who you think people who buy those six tier altcoins know what the

Heck they're buying no of course not so why would they have to know what defy is uh all right dudes all right that is it um i hope everyone's had a good fast today uh it's almost over no big deal

Here obviously uh i'm adam meister but and we remember we remember what happened on this very sad day uh but we look forward to many happy days in the future on on a

Sad day on tisha b'av all right i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister and tomorrow will be a happy day because it will not be tisha bob it will be this week in bitcoin 11 am

Uh baltimore time and and what is that 5 pm in on the uh now that's i don't know what time it is in london you guys figure it out it's earlier in london it'll be a

Great great show international guest tomorrow pound that like button thanks a lot guys i will see you tomorrow at 11 am baltimore time thank you

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