10 TV Reveals Each Menswear Fan Ought to Watch

published on July 2, 2020

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette
In today's video, I'll share with you ten

shows that we think you should watch
just for the men's clothing style

Often, TV shows focus on women but if you take
a closer look at the men's style can be

quite interesting and it's often used to
define characters and underline their

authority or just underline certain
quirks they have On TV, as in real life

clothes speak volumes about who you are
as a person and it's very interesting to

see how it's utilized Of course, you'd
also get some inspiration for yourself

In my opinion, all these shows are good
and they're worth watching but the

clothes are really the icing on the
cake No, we don't have shows from the

'70s, '80s, or '90s because their styling was
just too heavily influenced to be

considered classic in this day and age
Instead, we picked shows that we hope you

can learn from and implement items from
into your everyday wardrobe So without

further ado, show number one is Babylon
Berlin or Babylon Berlin as Americans might say

It's one of our most favorite
recent shows and it first aired in 2017

and is now in its second or third season
because they split things up in Germany

and the US differently It's said in
Berlin, Germany of 1929 which was the

Weimar Republic or the post-World War
One period, which was very difficult in

Germany because of economic hardship under the Versailles Treaty At the same time

it was the roaring 20s and Berlin was
center stage for an elaborate stylish

nightlife It's a fantastic time for men's
clothing; as you can see the transition

away from traditional Edwardian clothes
and standards towards a more modern

aesthetic that works for the everyday

The main character is a police detective
by the name of Gereon Rath, who comes to

Berlin from Bonn and his suits are a
little above the average but he still

wears the same suits on a regular basis,
because that's what I would have done as

a regular person in his position
His suits are almost exclusively three-piece

suits and the fabric that is used looks
very original; both

in the pattern, the color depth, as well
as the weight which means it drags very

nicely and the cut is also distinctly 1920s
One of the shirt he wears very often

is a pale gray with a stripe which is
something that has fallen out of favor

these days but in our opinion, it's one
of the most underrated things; it's very

easy to combine it with other items in
your wardrobe If you want to see more

formal style such as stroller suits or
even frock coats, you can just look at

the older characters in the show or you
want something a bit more flashy, you can

see what the gangsters wear, which is
typically striped suits, double-breasted

overcoats with fur collars, and nice fur
felt hats with contrasting headbands

If you're interested in hats, it's a great
show because there's lots of top hats,

Bowlers, Homburgs, and all kinds of other
hats I particularly like seeing men

wearing those short
ties that were prevalent in the 20s,

they're in fact much shorter than what
men wear today Generally, one of the

biggest style takeaway is that you can
wear something like a suit and something

that they wear ninety or a hundred years
later and don't look out of place

Some may argue that a hat makes you look
very dated but it can be a personal

style hallmark, as Preston shows on an
everyday basis

Show number two is Peaky Blinders It's unlikely that you haven't heard of them because we've written

about them on our website, it's a very
popular show in its fifth season and it's a

British production As usually the case
with English TV productions, the period

clothing is spot on and much superior
than anything you see in US movies or shows

Peaky Blinders starts in 1919, so a
decade before Babylon Berlin, but

because of the unique setting, it has
quite a different style and feel

The show features a curious mix between the
British working-class style and a

rebellion towards the stiff, upper-class,
British style It too, shows us a

transition from the Edwardian style with
lots of stiff detachable colors in the

beginning towards a slightly different
style towards the end of the fifth season

Today, the show has become rather
influential in terms of grooming and

mens style because the high and tight
haircuts with strong undercuts are now

much more popular than they used to be
when they started

Likewise, work boots and boots
in general, as well as flat caps are

probably now more popular than at the
beginning of the show In our minds, Peaky

Blinders is a masterclass in creating
identities through clothing

Main character Tommy Shelby, his brothers, and
his crew all wear three-piece suits with

detachable collars and sometimes no neckwear
They wear nice overcoats that are

typically dark and flat caps, even though
they could afford nice, fur felt hats these days

They got their name Peaky
Blinders because they always attach

razor blades to their flat caps that
they use to make people blind

Interestingly, they hem their pants
rather short and they often skip neckwear

but rarely the flat cap The camera
mark the style and the music for the

show are in a class of its own, but the
clothes as well are worth paying attention to

To learn more about Peaky Blinders' style

and how you can learn from it and
incorporate into your wardrobe, check out this guide here

The third show is Suits,
which is an American legal drama

which ran from 2011 through 2019
It's set in New York and centers around two

lawyers who are known as the best
closers in town The main character Harvey Specter

wears mostly suits which are made-to-measure, single-breasted with a peak lapel, and that's just his style

He's once quoted saying, "People respond to how we're dressed

so like it or not, that's what we have to do"
While you don't have to convince us that

clothes make the man, especially American
TV shows, often underestimate the

accuracy and importance of clothing in
their shows Even though the overall look is

targeted more towards a younger audience,
what the characters wear is typical

modern-day, white-collar officewear
Harvey typically pairs his signature

suit with widespread, collared shirts and
large Windsor knot ties On a person and a

fan of it, it's definitely a hallmark
choice that he makes that's very

characteristic He wears it to command
authority unlike his associate Mike, who

wears more skinny lapels and skinnier
ties It's less authoritarian because it

reflects on his young age versus Harvey
who wears wider ties in materials such as

and it just makes him look less young

That being said Harvey wears suits more
like an armor or a uniform that helps

him further his agenda; because of that,
it lacks the elegance of a man who

actually likes to dress and puts a bit
more thought into it and has more

variation Even though one might argue
that the white-collar men's fashion

world is not that broad, you could maybe
check out Wall Street or you could see a

broader range of styles, and I personally
think suits can get a bit boring stylistically

Nevertheless, it is a
better-than-average modern production

and because of that, it made the list
To learn more about Harvey Specter and the

specific styles and suits, please check
out this guide on our website here

Show number four is Hannibal Even though it only
last for three seasons, it was lauded

for his visual style Just like in the
movie Silence of the Lambs, the main

character Mads Mikkelsen is a
cannibalistic serial killer He also

happens to have a taste for clothes and
style, in general, and because of that, he

wears a typically formal attire which
gives him the illusion of charm and

trustworthiness In contrast with his
deeper character and the disturbing

content of the show, the celebration of
food, the interior design, and the way and

the type of clothes he wears are really
what makes this show worth watching,

in our opinion So what does it look like?
Well, three-piece suits, white-collared

shirts, bold ties, bold shirts, bold
accessories, and even things like dinner

jackets He sometimes even wears an ascot
While some people may argue his style is a

bit showy, especially for modern American
shows, I think it's fantastic to see

someone with a definitely more formal
aesthetic and a color characteristic

that is usually unseen While I don't say
you should dress like him at all times,

maybe you can get some inspiration out of it
It's not just the character who's

really into clothes and aesthetic style
To learn more about what Hannibal wears

and how you can emulate the look, check
out this guide here

Fifth show is Mad Men, and you're probably not surprised that it's on the list

It ran from 2007 through 2015, it's a
setting of a typical advertising office in

Manhattan of the 1960s With their trim,
lean, suit silhouettes, mostly skinnier

ties, and skinnier lapels,
it was very favorably received with

modern-day men At the time suit was
obligatory and so you'll see everyone

wear suits at all times
Of course, laying the English character

is a bit more flamboyant than Roger
Sterling, which has a slightly more older

style than Don Draper, which has the more
streamlined modern and his sixties style

What does that mean? Well, Roger Sterling
has three-piece suits with wider lapels

and wider ties, Don Draper has slimmer
suits without the vest and a slimmer tie,

and Lane may wear, for example, a red
waistcoat Now many of obligations put

the character Don Draper on this style
pedestal, in my opinion, his style isn't

that great
It's very uniform and he uses it like that

It's not a person who truly enjoys
dressing, it's just the regular ad

executive who happens to wear suits
because that's what you had to do at the time

Of course, the short-brimmed hats
to slim lapels and the skinny ties or

something that you can totally wear
these days To learn more about the

styles of the different characters,
check out the guides that we have on our website,

we wrote about a lot of them
We even have a piece about the accessories

of Don Draper which is his hat,
sunglasses, or watch

Number six is Downton Abbey which lasted for six
seasons, had a few movies added on, and

was the quintessential
British upper-class drama against, which

all others are measured
It starts the day after the Titanic sank in 1912

It continues well into the 20s but unlike
the Babylon Berlin or Peaky Blinders, it

has a very different aesthetic
Why is that? Well it centers around the titled

Crawley family and most of the show is
set around their estate in the English

countryside Historically, the dress and the
clothes at the time

we're strictly dictated by different
occasions and because it's a British

production, it's very accurate
It's a trip into an era or

wealth and privilege were still
prevalent, and people didn't know what a weekend was

Of course, ladies had their
maid and gentlemen had their valet and

so they were able to dress very
elaborately and change many times a day

In the early seasons, the Edwardian style
is still very prevalent White-tie for

dinner, formal outfits and morning wear
during the da,y and it gets a little more

casual along the way There's even one
scene where the Dowager of Downton mistakes

her son for a waiter because he's not
wearing black tie The show reveals how

the changing of styles and fashion was
often be sustained by the upper-class as

well as their servants
One of the seasons spans World War I and so you

get to see a lot of accurate military
clothing which is quite fascinating

We covered different men's styles of Downton
Abbey quite thoroughly and you can check

them out on our website here Show number seven is Boardwalk Empire It's set in

the 1920s Atlantic City and it evolves
around the main character, Nucky Thompson

It spanned from 2010 to 2014, it was one
of the most expensive productions at the

time and because of that, they didn't
skimp on the clothes While it may not be

entirely historically accurate, the
clothes, the suits, the colors, the

patterns that men wear in this show are

As expected, American style was a bit more flamboyant
and louder than the British style in

Downton Abbey, but that makes it all the
more interesting You can see many

Winchester shirts, collar clips,
three-piece suits,

boutonnieres, hats, and everything a
clothes horse is interested in

Nucky Thompson has a different style than the
younger Jimmy Darmody,

than Chalky White who's a lot louder and
even wears like orange suits

It can also be interesting to find
little mistakes, such as a center pin

tuxedo with notch lapels
It's not something people would have actually

worn back in the day
Typically, black tie jackets had no vent

I'm sure the Brits would have never let
that happen

Apart from that you find lots of pastel
shirts, large plaids,

and nice fur collars, so definitely
something to watch if you're into clothes

We also talked about to show
more in-depth on our website here

Number eight, The Crown Again, it's a British TV series
that focuses heavily on Queen Elizabeth II

as well as her husband, Prince Philip
Said to have been the most expensive TV

series to have ever been produced, they
did not skimp on the clothes either

Prince Philip, and later son, Prince Charles
are two of the most prominent male

characters in the show and you can see
their conservative style of sometimes

country suits, blazers, or formal clothing
It also shows us the Duke of Windsor who

obviously is very much into clothing and
matching patterns versus the other men

don't really make a big fuss about
clothes, it's just something they have to wear

Nevertheless, for modern standards
the degree of naval uniforms, black tie,

and white tie is not something most
men can wear today comfortably

You can also see the style of Anthony Armstrong Jones
or Lord Snowdon, which is different

and more modern and upbeat than the
classic Prince Phillip, for example

I'd say from my own standards, the ground is a
great show for formal as higher in

menswear and British tailoring
Number nine is Agatha Christie's Poirot

It started in 1989 and lasted all the
way through 2013

During his 24-year run, David Suchet
was always Poirot, and he really

perfected this role, that is not a
benchmark that every other Poirot film

is measured against In over 70 episodes,
Poirot, who has an interest in Art Deco

interior design, central heating, and his
clothes, as well as solving murders and

crimes using his little gray cells Even
the show is set in the 1930s England,

Poirot has a much more Edwardian style;
wearing button boots, spats, and canes

In combination with his finely groomed
moustache, his clothes make him look

permanently overdressed, but that's just
to underline his quirky character

Of course, the show also has many other male
characters and in the earlier episodes,

you'll see his companion Arthur Hastings, who was
not the brightest bulb but always has a

very nice typical 1930s clothing style
This is a clever character of inertia,

which is entertaining for the whole family
To learn more about the outfits

of Hastings and Poirot,
please check out this guide on our website here

Last but not least, number
ten is Succession

And while it may not be the most
interesting show in terms of clothing, it

is overall a fantastic watch
At first glance, the clothes people wear are not

very defining but once you get more into the
show, you realize that every outfit is

very characteristic of the person and
their status in the show

For example, main character Logan Roy, who
is a media patriarch and mogul

billionaire always wears cardigans
because he can Of course, it could be

also not to the fact that he's becoming an
old man but people below him typically wear suits

Interestingly, most clothes
are understated you rarely see labels,

but you also get to dive into the
lifestyle of the rich and famous

None of the main characters in the show seem to
particularly like clothes or fashion but

it's still interesting to see how they
dress to portray themselves in a certain light

The daughter Shiv, for example, tries to
wear power suits but it's not really

working out for her
Second-born son Kendall Roy who always

tried to impress his father
all of a sudden wears Lanvin sneakers

when he invests in a tech startup, and
that also backfires Likewise, the family

accused son-in-law
Tom Wamsgans to dress like a lawyer

from the Twin Cities
Even though you won't see men wearing fur coats or

diamond-studded watches, this show really
emphasizes that understatements can

sometimes be a great virtue in men's
clothing And a nod to Logan Roy, I'm today,

wearing a knitted, cotton cardigan in
navy blue I'm pairing it with a shirt that

is checked in light blue and white, and
I'm pairing it with a mottled silken

knit tie from Fort Belvedere, which you can
find in our shop here It's paired with

a pair of chinos from Ralph Lauren,
which is kind of lighter sand-colored

and I have a pair of shadow striped
socks in navy blue and grayish-blue,

combined with a pair of chocolate brown
loafers They're typical classic penny

loafers and they work well with the
matching belt I got a silver buckle from

our Fort Belvedere belt system which
works well with my silver

white gold pinkie ring The stone in the
ring is light blue and picks up the

color of the shirt
thus tying the socks, the shirt, and

everything together neatly You can find
the socks in our shop here

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