10 Ideas for the Excellent Hair

published on July 3, 2020

hi guys thank you very much for tuning

in on slick-haired semi my name is Emil

today I will be talking about how to

elevate your hair in general you should

fix your hair every fourth week and that

you should do because even small grow

out around the Year so hair at the neck

it looks terrible

so you need to get your hair done at

least every fourth or fifth week that's

what I do

so I visit named Lena and she got me

this nice hairstyle I hope you like it

today we are going to the salon because

I need my sides trimmed but anyway here

in Denmark the weather is lovely it's

spring and I need to get my hair

refreshed so I'll go to have my side

shrimp basically and then maybe a little

bit of the links I'll take off so O's is

the second largest city here in Denmark

it's more like a town because we're four

hundred thousand people living here but

it's a small town where you can buy

cycle around you can get from the one

end to the other in five minutes and

today I will have my hair cut by Alina




some of you say O'Neal you're doing the

same hairstyle over and over again but

to be honest it's not the same as last

time I got the mid fade last time and

you mean it chopped the hair with the

scissors over comb and now I have this

nice look back to the hair tips every

day you wake up you start out with a

fresh shower I would recommend that you

wash your hair with shampoo and

conditioner every day if needed

sometimes I only wash through rinse

through with hot or cold water but in

any case you get out with a freshly

cleaned hair the first step get out the

child right you don't rub it to a hush

because it might damage your hair more

than necessary but then after that you

find your tools then you pardon your

hair into the sections you like and then

you find your blow dryer but before you

fire up your blow dryer then you add a

pre styling spray will strongly

recommend the sidekick or sidekick zero

because it's our own formula we have

developed the pre styling spray to give

a good amount of hold and volume and


and at the same time protecting your

hair against the heat then you'll be

able to shape the hair with the hot air

and the cony I mean the comb or the

brush I like the skeleton brush because

you can grip the hair and brush it

backwards and you can get this nice

quick volume to it either if you

blow-dried to one side or the other then

you also have this small pinches and

long pieces grip the long hand with the

long pinches and the short pinches you

can use for the shorter hair it decides

that's what I recommend when you have

the lower base then you should find out

what hair product

want to add to the hairstyle so now my

hair looks good the blowout is awesome

now it's time to add the hair for

styling products I'll recommend for this

hair song 5 Elaine Silver Fox I think it

has a very nice strong hole to it and I

pair it up with the side kick serum

because I think that's the ideal

formulation to have a hairstyle that

will last all day and if you don't know

it by rellenas made in Denmark by

milling breakfast in my opinion it's

very individual what you like to use

sometimes you want to shine sometimes

you just want to add just a group of

clay a little bit when you have the

blow-drying done the hair product you

don't have to overdo it because if you

add too much wax then the hair will fall

flat to the head I doesn't say it will

do for all of you but in many cases the

wax here makes the hair stores heavier

and also if you get out in the Sun then

a lot of hair whites will also melt a

little bit so trying to see if you can

get a good blow-dried going and then add

a little bit of hair product and if you

are more confident with it you can add a

round of hairspray it seals to hear a

little bit in my case I don't use house

brave sometimes I do but twice a month

or something like that when you have

added the hair wax then a good tip use

the psychic spray your palms are

probably a little bit dry that's also

why I add a little bit of the sidekick

maybe one pump or three pumps into the

pumps before adding the wax then I have

a little bit more playtime and I like

that and also I think gives something

nice to eat styling experience as well

anyway when you have had your hair

styles and all looks good then you

should focus on a beard like me you like

to have five days beard I think this is

the five days beard now but I used to

trim it every fourth a six days so it

has this masculine look and today I use

the machine in the salon goes down to

zero you can also use great machines

like bran which you can see in an

episode in the link down below and also

you could you

just a regular trimmer to have your

lines trimmed up and that's what I'm

basically doing I like that

and I also like to hear how many of you

do your beard like this or do you shave

it all off with a razor

now the beard looks good and the

hairstyle looks good what about your

eyebrows mm-hmm

a lot of guys like me has very big

eyebrows in its natural form but if I

don't rip the eyebrows just a tiny

little bit then I'll look a little bit

more time because it's like doing this

anyone in the salon they every time I

get a haircut they just trim the length

of the brows so it's not that thick and

pushy then they rip off the eyebrows to

a level where I look a little bit more

fresh but it cannot be too feminine of

course if you like to have the feminine

look go for it

rugged like you want but my case I

wanted every freshening trick so that's

what I'm having here when you go to the

hairdresser then build a relationship

with the hairdresser they'll know your

swirls and how your hair works after the

blow-drying and how thick or thin you

like it then you'll get a good routine

so you'll be satisfied every time of

course the crew in the salon know my

hair pretty good so I am very confident

another thing and Nicolini did she used

a razor to make a nice smooth look on my

jawline Nick you should make sure to

have that every time each and every time

if you cannot do it yourself then have

you a girlfriend or boyfriend or your

partner in crime I don't know to shave

the neck because it's something that

grows out as fast as you hear if you

don't want to have a trim up every

second week in the salon you can just

have this ice cream then you should

definitely be aware of it because when

you're getting on the fre fourth week

then your hair will grow out

a centimeter another thing as well if

you're planning to blow off your hair

then it's also a good idea to make sure

that you talk with your barber or

hairdresser about it because you cannot

grow you out for six months straight

without visiting the barber you need to

make sure that there Bob our stylists

know that you're going for this loop and

then they can maintain their hair style

so if you don't do that then this will


Oh No that's it for today guys I'm

looking forward to see you in the next

episode and as always leave a comment

down below give it a like remember to

hit the notification bell so you will be

updated with all new videos from slicker

TV so nice to see you again


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