10 things that have changed about F1 2020 since March

published on July 2, 2020

formula1 came incredibly close to

getting its season going as planned in

the middle of March but after calling

off the Australian Grand Prix at the

last minute racing went on hold until

July as f1 finally gets its 2020 season

started in Austria a lot has changed

since that Friday morning in Melbourne

just before practice was meant to get

underway it's been a roller coaster few

months and in this video we're looking

at the most significant changes that

will affect 2020 let us know in the

comments what you think the biggest

changes are to f1 for this year how much

you're looking forward to the delayed

season finally getting going and give

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channel while you're here one of the big

storylines of f1 2020 was supposed to be

the battle for supremacy at Ferrari but

Shao Leclerc has won that battle in the

eyes of the team which has decided to

let Sebastian Vettel go at the end of

the year what could have been an all-out

battle to show who is the real number

one at Ferrari now takes on a different

meaning Vettel rallied towards the end

of 2019 and will still want to bow out

on a high and the fact he's leaving

after this year could make him less

willing to slip into a supporting role

to the clerk if he's asked to when

racing point revealed its pink Mercedes

in testan I knew it had gone to a lot of

trouble for a car concept that would

only be valid for one season the team

figured the potential benefits of

copying last year's Mercedes were worth

the effort just for 2020 but since then

it's had a stroke of luck f one's

decision to push back its new rules to

2022 and effectively carry over this

year's cars to 2021 more on that later

means racing point now has a two season

window for this car with development

being limited to further control costs

if the RP 20 is quick out of the box the

Silverstone based team could be locked

into a competitive position for the next

two seasons this could also apply to any

team that has dropped the ball with its

2020 car in accepting the delay of the

new rules Williams has probably

consigned itself to another season at

the back there's also talk of

are we not being happy with this year's

car and if that turns out to be true it

will have to carry that pain for longer

than expected the bizarre makeup of the

next two years well 18 months in f1 will

have a big impact on how teams approach

the development battleground teams were

researching and developing upgrades

before Australia with a view to

introducing them a few weeks into the

season but exactly how far they got with

that process could determine how many

updated parts we see in Austria we can

expect the big teams to still bring as

much as they can

Mercedes has already talked of having a

chunk of upgrades ready to go and Red

Bull appeared to have a couple of new

bits on its car when it ran a

silverstone last week at the other end

of the scale past says it is not

planning any car updates while the rest

of the 2020 calendar is not clear

because it doesn't know how far it has

to stretch its budget until the full

season is set until then its design and

Aero testing levels are running at a

minimum level so don't expect a raft of

updates even once the full calendar is

confirmed one of the biggest stories

since March was Williams announcing that

it could sell a minority or even

majority stake in a bid to bounce back

from its recent struggles Williams has

always been determined to retain its

independence and its identity which can

be traced back to Frank Williams and

Patrick head forming the team in the

1970s while selling the team is just one

of the options being evaluated it shows

how serious Williams's situation has

become and it's also a sign of the

family being willing to do what's for

the best oh and Williams's livery has

changed since March 2 after its split

with its title sponsor the financial

concerns created by the uncertainty of

2020 makes this an interesting time for

anyone who wants to buy into an f1 team

McLaren is also willing to sell a

minority stake to shore up his future

and there could be others on the market


Daniel Ricciardo effectively handed the

keys to Renault over to new teammate

Esteban Aachen when he decided to jump

ship to McLaren for 2021 before this

season even started it was a major vote

of no-confidence from Ricardo to right

off his lucrative renault gamble so

suddenly and Renault strongly-worded

response to his departure made clear it

didn't take the news well Ricardo and

Renault should both be professional

enough to get through 2020 together but

the team will naturally gravitate

towards och on this year Formula One's

virtual races during lockdown gave

several of its younger stars the chance

to show their personalities and connect

with a younger online fanbase like never

before but it also gave George Russell a

chance to shine those who have observed

Russell's career closely up to this

point including Mercedes already know

what he is capable of but his rise to

prominence in the virtual GPS gave him a

profile boost he could never get while

battling at the back of the grid with

Williams Russell admitted that he's had

more publicity from his online racing

success than his real f1 career so far

and it's never a bad thing to get that

winning feeling back how quickly Russell

got up to speed on the codemasters f1

game was a testament to how hard he

worked at it and we got to see a lot of

that effort firsthand via his streaming

Russell goes into the real 2020 season

with more fans and more recognition for

his talent and work ethic off the back

of his virtual successes this one is so

obvious we almost didn't bother to

include it f1 was planning to have a

record-breaking 22 races this year but

the only place you'll be able to

experience the original calendar is in

the f1 2020 game f1 is doing its best to

put on as many races as possible

starting with the eight confirmed events

in Europe

featuring double headers at two circuits

for the first time by the time you watch

this there might even be a full

provisional schedule for the year and we

could even see an unexpected track or

two make it onto the calendar

Corelli has standardized the tire

allocation for this year to simplify its

processes meaning at every race each

driver will get eight sets of softs

three sets of mediums and two sets of

hards the race weekends themselves will

look very different as well with teams

following social distancing measures

changes to the grid and podium

procedures and of course no fans in

attendance in a bid to save costs f1

teams and manufacturers will have far

less development work on the go during

2020 the big difference here will be on

the engine side manufacturers generally

aimed for two upgrades a season making

the power unit components vital areas

for improvement during the year but this

season no changes will be allowed for

major combustion engine components the

turbocharger the mgu h or fuel and

engine oil only one change will be

permitted for the mg UK control

electronics and energy store but these

cannot be changed again before the end

of 2021

for the first time in the hybrid era f1

is heading towards an engine freeze like

we saw when the v8s were still in use

surface aerodynamics will continue to be

free to develop but this year's chassis

czar largely being carried over to 2021

the list of parts that will have their

homologation frozen this year includes

the monocoque front floor structure

plank assembly and inboard suspension

some parts will have their specification

set the first round and others at round

eight once a malla Gatien is set some

components can be updated twice before

the end of 2021 than others just once

teams are already well down the road of

working out which of these homologated

components they want to upgrade as they

have very early FIA deadlines to hit in

terms of communicating their plans in

short there's not much the teams can do

with there under the surface parts and

not much time in which to do it

no team wants to finish last in f1 but

whoever does this year is going to get

more than just the wooden spoon F ones

first attempt at performance balancing

will be quite an elegant solution that

gives the worst performing teams

slightly more scope for development the

sliding scale of aerodynamic testing

restrictions will come into place from

2021 which means this year marks the

first time there will be payback of

sorts for finishing bottom that's

something to pay attention to throughout

the year particularly if some teams are

close together in the championship

Mercedes technical boss James Allison

reckons the system can be gained if a

team thinks it's better sacrificing your

place in the Constructors Championship

and therefore some prize money for more

Windtunnel time or CFD work the

following year so there you have it an

outline of just how much happened in

Formula One while it was supposedly on

hold we can't wait for the season to get

going and we'll be bringing you lots of

videos about what happens at the races

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