10 Issues Folks Get WRONG About TAIWAN

published on July 3, 2020

on this episode of China uncensored 10

things people get wrong about Taiwan


welcome back to China uncensored I'm

Chris Chappell

I'm in Taipei the capital of a country

in most countries don't even recognize

as a country why not

because well it's complicated and

complicated is why so many people get

things wrong about it here are 10 common

misconceptions people have about Taiwan

misconception number 10 it's officially

called Taiwan no most people call this

place Taiwan but its official name is

the Republic of China that's different

from the People's Republic of China

Taiwan is technically the name of a

landmass not a country Taiwan is the

main island this big one that's shaped

like a sweet potato but the Republic of

China government actually has domain

over an archipelago of a hundred

sixty-six islands most of them are

really small and known lives there but

for simplicity most people still call

the country Taiwan and honestly that's a

lot less confusing than calling it the

Republic of China it's a bit like

calling the Netherlands Holland it's

good enough and that's what I'm gonna be

using for most of this episode for

simplicity personally I think if we

should go back to calling Taiwan the

Republic of Formosa I mean look at this

flag so cool what's that Shelley it only

lasted five months fine misconception

number nine Taiwan wants to declare

independence from China any way you

measure Taiwan is a sovereign state

Taiwan has its own government

passports currency trade agreements and

so on but the People's Republic of China

this one claims Taiwan is just a

province of China even though that is

objectively not true in reality Taiwan

is independent but the People's Republic

of China has said it would invade Taiwan

if it declares independence the solution

the current Taiwan government's position

is that they already are an independent

country so there's no need to declare

independence problem solved

misconception number eight there is a

one China policy which most of the world

including the US agrees with no there is

no single one China policy the common

explanation for the one China policy is

that both the Republic of China and the

People's Republic of China claim to be

the legitimate ruler of both China's but

they just disagree about which one of

them is that legitimate ruler this is

sometimes referred to as the 1992

consensus but people also disagree about

what the 1992 consensus is or if it even

exists in the first place

just like Pluto so what are the

different one China policies the

People's Republic of China has what it

calls the one China principle which is

that there is only one legitimate China

and the People's Republic of China is it

and that Taiwan is a province of the PRC

but they're one China principle doesn't

recognize that Taiwan or other countries

might have a different view decades ago

under the KMT party Taiwan had a similar

view except saying that they were the

single legitimate China but now it's

2020 and more and more people in Taiwan

don't view themselves as Chinese they

have their own identity as Taiwanese and

they no longer have any illusions that

one day they'll retake the mainland

sometimes you'll see media reports that

mention America is one China policy and

sometimes those media reports will say

that America agrees with the PRC's one

China policy these media reports are

wrong the us does have its own one

China policy it comes from the 1972

Shanghai communique which says

essentially that the us acknowledges

that China and Taiwan both view

themselves as legitimate China but the

USS policy doesn't take sides on which

one is legitimate China

it also doesn't explicitly state the

sovereign status of Taiwan diplomacy the

art of making things so confusing that

everyone stops trying to figure them out

misconception number seven Taiwan is a

renegade province of China or a

breakaway proud

of China no that's pure communist

propaganda at no point in history was

the island of Taiwan a province of the

People's Republic of China in fact there

were only two brief points in history

both less than ten years long where

Taiwan was actually ruled as a province

of China and those were during previous

eras before the People's Republic took

over China during Taiwan's history it

has also been ruled independently as

well as by the Dutch Spanish and

Japanese calling Taiwan a renegade

province or a breakaway province of

China is just buying into the propaganda

misconception number six the PRC wants

reunification well they say they do but

built into that phrase is more

propaganda Taiwan can't reunify with the

People's Republic of China since as I

mentioned it was never unified in the

first place

Johnny speaking people aren't so easily

fooled so in Chinese the People's

Republic of China just calls it

unification misconception number five

Taiwan is culturally Chinese in Taiwan

the most common language is Mandarin but

it's not strictly Chinese culture during

most of the last millennium the island

of Taiwan was ruled by various

Aboriginal people who spoke their own

languages and had their own customs in

the mid 1600s Taiwan was occupied by the

Dutch and the Spanish and from 1895

through 1945 it was ruled by Japan sure

Taiwan had Chinese immigrants but it was

not mainly a Chinese place after World

War two the winners by America made

Japan leave Taiwan the us gave the

island to their ally the Republic of

China government which at the time ruled

all of China but that rule only lasted a

few more years the Communists started a

civil war and won in 1949 the Republic

of China government fled to the island

of Taiwan where they re-established

their government along with military

rule and enforced the mandarin language

and Chinese culture misconception number


taiwan's National Day celebrates the

of their country no Taiwan's national

day is not an Independence Day it

actually celebrates October 10th 1911

the start of the Wu Chun uprising that

eventually overthrew the ching dynasty

that uprising eventually led to the

founding of the republic of china it can

be confusing because the People's

Republic of China has their own national

day and theirs does celebrate their

founding misconception number three most

people in Taiwan wants unification with

mainland China

no again that's pure communist

propaganda but the opposite isn't quite

true either there's a wide variety of

views unification is a spectrum after

seeing what happened in Hong Kong most

people in Taiwan don't want unification

under that system although there is a

minority of stupid people who somehow

think it wouldn't be so bad but some

people in Taiwan would be happy to unify

if China becomes a democracy especially

if the Chinese Communist Party is

completely gone first and then there are

some people in Taiwan who want complete

independence no matter what but it seems

that most people in Taiwan including

both major political parties want to

keep the status quo of not being unified

and waiting to see what happens the

political parties mainly disagree over

how much to engage with China

economically but both want to maintain

Taiwan's sovereignty misconception

number two political interference in the

election was not effective because tying

when won the election No so I did win

the election on January 11th if you saw

our previous video you know that Hong

Kong was a big factor in size wing as

well as her campaigns anime adventure

game called what I a Taiwanese third

year high school or from class two

suddenly fell into a different world and

met the president I'm never gonna get

tired of saying that

but the Chinese Communist Party had

tried really really hard to stop psy

from winning they interfered with the

elections in a variety of ways including

supporting her opponents campaigns

spreading fake news on social media and

even buying up Taiwanese media and

having them run an tights high

propaganda that actually influenced a

lot of people it just wasn't enough to

stop psy from being elected and the

Communist Party's political interference

is not going away either

and misconception number one the us

president can't meet with Taiwan's

president because we don't have formal

diplomatic ties the last time is sitting

US president visited Taiwan was 1960

after the us switched diplomatic

alliances to China in 1979 us

presidents have avoided all direct

communication with Taiwan's presidents

so as not to anger the Chinese regime

except that one phone call three years

ago but you know Trump will do Trump but

there's no law actually stopping the

us and Taiwan presidents from having

phone chats or even a face-to-face

meeting all it takes is a Taiwan

president who has a strong mandate from

the people and a us president who

isn't afraid of pissing off Communist

China I mean the US doesn't have

official diplomatic relations with North

Korea but that didn't stop this meeting

from happening or this meeting or this

meeting so there's no reason Trump can't

meet with a democratically elected

leader and Ally I guess we'll just have

to wait and see what happens so what do

you think leave your comments below once

again I'm Chris Chappell see you next



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