10 Strangest Discoveries Made By Deep Sea Divers!

published on July 13, 2020

the night black depths of our oceans are as fascinating as they are fearsome not only do fangtooth blood-sucking creatures scurrying around on a sea floor but they do so as they've passed by

Mysterious objects that in their own right are enough to evoke nightmares what's a giant crucifix doing at the bottom of Lake Michigan where did the hundreds of unidentifiable Lake skeletons come from we may never know

These answers but we do know one thing the creepy corners of the ocean are no place for the faint of heart so who's ready to swim wendy'll on Lim and his fellow divers set out to explore the pristine waters near the remote island

Of Koh Coloma in Indonesia which is right about here rather than come across beautiful reefs and schools of colorful fish they stumbled across a horrific sight they found a pair of dove gongs a rare mammal related to the manatee but

It wasn't the animals that were alarming it was the way they were being held captive against their will chained up inside separate underwater cages were what appeared to be a mother and her calf judging by the rope marks and scars

The divers assumed it had been at least a few months obviously this was a shocking discovery so the divers immediately took it upon themselves to right the wrongs the dugongs had been captured by a local fisherman who was

Exploiting them for tourist dollars allowing snap happy visitors to swim and take photos with the animals in exchange for a few bucks the divers tried to convince the fishermen to let the creatures loose

Emphasizing that they are a protected species vulnerable to extinction even though the fishermen agreed to release them it proved to be nothing but false words thankfully after Lim and the other divers posted this footage to social

Media the next day animal rescue and Wildlife officials went to inspect the site and finally set the creatures free take a look at this fascinating underwater phenomenon it's called the ice finger of

Doom and sometimes even the ice finger of death freezing and destroying everything that dares enter its path on intimidating site for any diver who finds themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time the ice finger of doom

Isn't a unique animal or a man-made weapon it's a destructive and beautiful process that's 100% o natural for it to form the temperatures on the ocean floor must be warmer than on the surface which is rare

Unless you're talking about the polar regions of our oceans as brine which is denser than water sinks to the bottom of the ocean a hollow tube of ice called a brinicle is created as you can see the end result is what looks like an icy

Water tornado who's spinning funnel sucks in any fish coral or seawater in its immediate vicinity as we swivel over to the cold heights of the Indian Himalayan mountains our next startling discovery awaits in 1942 while

Conducting an environmental survey a British Game Reserve Ranger unearthed something truly bone-chilling even though rumors of a skeleton filled lake had been swirling around for the better part of a century they remain just that

Rumors well until those rumors were proven to be true at the bottom of the relatively shallow 2 meter deep Roop Kahn's lake the Ranger uncovered over 200 skeletons some shockingly still with hair flesh jewelry and leather clothing

Still intact that probably explains the lakes sinister alternative moniker skeleton Lake why weren't these bones discovered earlier after all the skeletons were believed to be almost 1200 years old the answer for 11 out of

12 months of the year the lake is covered in thick ice and snow until this day scientists are still baffled as to the origins of this remarkably eerie spectacle as intimidating as a sea of skeletons is at least they won't bite

You know what will though the black dragon fish if you were a diver and suddenly locked eyes with one of these bad boys we bet that you'd be swimming at light speed in the other direction as one of the most intimidating creatures

Found in our oceans the black dragon fish named after its pitch black coloring blends in seamlessly with the dark shadowy waters at depths past 1,600 feet all the way down to 6,000 feet where sunlight is non-existent you can

Typically find these guys lurking in the sub tropical and temperate waters of the southern hemisphere looking remarkably like the creatures from the alien movies the female black dragon fish grow sometimes 15 inches long and produce a

Unique bioluminescent coloring that's barely recognizable by the human eye what we have no trial recognising however are those nightmare worthy k9 like teeth Lake Michigan has a reputation as one of the five Great

Lakes of North America and as the only one of the five that is located entirely within the United States it's also a popular beach destination for Chicago residents however there's a darker side to this lake at the bottom of the 921

Feet deep lake lies an ominous eerie and question raising giant crucifix and we're not thrown around the word giant lightly the Italian marble sculpture of Jesus on the cross weighs a whopping 1,800 pounds

For years the crucifix was cloaked in mystery but it's a little less creepy when you realize that it was placed underwater deliberately acting as a memorial to all those who have lost their lives on the water the crucifix

Was initially dropped 65 feet deep in the bay in 1962 before being moved to its new spot just 20 feet under the surface in 1986 now it's become somewhat of a popular tourist attraction in 2015 alone more than 2,000 people made the

Trek onto the frozen Bay and stood in line for a chance to view the underwater crucifix if anything was ever going to be considered chilling it's this spiraling glowing alien like five hundred or so feet long underwater

Hair-raising monster looking like it was sent to us from another planet this multiple ringed Beast has been referred to by scientists simply as the entity considering that its outer ring alone was estimated to be 154 feet long it's

Not hard to see why it was found about 2066 feet or 630 meters below the surface over in the darkness of Ningaloo canyons what on earth is it though it's called an apple emia which is a type of siphon Oh for and what's a siphon a for

Their colonies made up of dozens hundreds or even thousands of genetically identical individual creatures so in layman's terms this enormous creature that you see before you

Isn't one creature at all but thousands fuse together hunting the depths for their next meal strength in numbers right the entity was actually discovered very recently in the early parts of 2020 we've got an entire video dedicated to

It so check it out once this one is wrapped up the link is over in the description these days we're reliant on computers for pretty much everything but they're a relatively modern invention in the grand

Scheme of history basic research will tell you that the first computer was conceptualized by British mathematician Charles Babbage between 1833 and 1871 however a fascinating object found underwater around the turn of the

Century single-handedly rewrites computer history as we know it hidden within a rotting roman-era shipwreck under 148 feet of water at the bottom of the sea off of the Greek island of Antikythera a group of fishermen

Uncovered this rusted over device nestled among the artifacts it was excavated in 1902 and has since become known as the Antikythera mechanism thought to be invented between 200 BCE and 70 BCE making it well over 2,000

Years old this enthralling piece of ancient technology was designed to calculate dates and predict astronomical events like eclipses and positions and phases of the Moon all by tracking the lunar calendar it's thought to be worth

More than the Mona Lisa therefore over 100 million dollars and is easily one of the most valuable exhibits at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens presenting itself as one of the most frightening and bizarre-looking

Creatures in the deep sea cast your eye toward the Pelican eel also known as the gulper eel not only does this animal boast a chilling aesthetic but it has the damage capabilities to match capable of widening its jaw large enough to the

Point where its bite range is bigger than the width of its entire body most divers are fortunate enough to never have to worry about running into one of these since they prefer to hang out between 1600 and 10,000 feet below the

Surface they rarely cross paths with any humans most of the time unmanned submarines are the only means we have of witnessing these terrifying creatures captured with a sub off the coast of Hawaii while the ominous

Pelican eel is unlikely to make it up to the shallow parts of our oceans you've got a much higher chance of running into the arguer Aneta Aquatica as if spiders weren't already scary enough mother nature decided to evolve these potato

Arachnids with the ability to breathe underwater argue Renetta Aquatica creates its very own makeshift Gill by capturing air bubbles from the surface with its sticky web and then using that air to support itself as it swims that

Air of course can't last forever so they're forced to stay relatively close to the surface in order to replenish their oxygen which spells danger for any swimmers it's safe to say that any divers snorkeler or beach goer would be

In for one mighty fright if they stumbled across one of these eight-legged swimmers does anybody else have goosebumps right now all right moving on everything we've seen so far has been hidden beneath the surface so

For a bit of change let's check out something that made its way out of the ocean and up onto the shore in October of 2011 down in Florida something both perplexing and humorous washed up on Siesta Key Beach south of Sarasota it

Was an 8 foot tall man but not a human man a 100-pound fiberglass yellow lego man the front of the characters green torso displayed the cryptic message no real than you are while on the back appeared the number 8 and the words ego

Leonard believe it or not this wasn't the first case of Lego mania nor the last the Herald Tribune reported that similar Lego men were found on beaches in both the Netherlands and England in 2012 another beached itself in

California and in 2014 yet another had popped up this time over in Japan what is the scariest thing you've ever come across at the beach or while going for a swim tell us your story in the comments below don't forget to like this video

Subscribe to the channel and as always thanks for checking out the richest see you next time and have a great day

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