10 Similarities Between ISLAM and JUDAISM religious practices

by birtanpublished on July 9, 2020

Hey guys welcome to FTD facts and inthis episode I'm looking at tensimilarities between Islam and Judaismthe religious practices and the corebeliefs of Jews and Muslims aresometimes very identical I mean likeexactly the same at times and hopefully

This episode will inspire viewers toamplify the things that unite each of usrather than the negative divisionstarting off at number 10 the firstsimilarity is Abraham Abraham is animportant figure in Islam and Judaism

And these religions are both known asAbrahamic religions Muslims descendedfrom the Prophet Abraham and his sonIshmael and Abraham and his son Isaacare where the Jewish nation descendedfrom Islam as an organized religion was

Founded by the Prophet Muhammad in the7th century AD and Islam was born inArabia both Jews and Arabs areclassified as somatic people andtraditionally viewed as descendants fromShem who was the son of Noah these

Religions are also monotheistic theyshare the common belief in the onenessof God which is monotheism and Muslimsrefer to God by the name Allah the rootof the word Allah el is found throughoutthe Jewish Torah as a name of God as

Well and they believe in the existenceof one God and only one God period soyou won't be finding any beliefs likethe Trinity or depictions of God in theform of avatars or anything like that inboth of these religions the next thing

That they share in common is that theyreject the Christian view of Jesus theChristian faith claims that Jesus Christis God but both Jews and Muslims fullyreject this claim about Jesus otherChristian beliefs about Jesus that they

Reject are also the resurrection ofJesus Jesus being the literal son of Godand also him being the savior of theworld Christianity maintains that Jesusis in some sense a divine incarnation ofGod who is the second person of the

Trinity consisting of the Father Son andthe Holy Spirit and hence equal with Godbut in Judaism and Islam each of themsee this as a very radical andnonsensical claim because you simplycan't be incarnated into human being if

You're God God just doesn't operate likethat so from the perspective ofboth Judaism and Islam such beliefsabout Jesus are seen as antimonotheistic his llama Judaism alsoshare common belief in the resurrection

And the judgement day so most Jews andMuslims believe in some version of thisthe general accepted idea is that therewill come a day when God willcollectively raise from the dead everysingle person who has ever lived and

That individually pronounced judgmentall who are deemed righteous in God'seyes they're given a reward and forthose who aren't they're given apunishment now of course there aredifferent variations in the

Understanding and the specific sequenceof the Resurrection and the judgment butthe core idea is shared in some formbetween these two religions and it playsa very important role in the two faithsJews and Muslims also believe in angels

Judaism and Islameach teach of heavenly beings generallyreferred to as angels and angels aresupernatural beings created by God toserve as his messengers and to act outall instructions given to them by God

Both the Tanakh which is the full HebrewBible and the Talmud which is thesupporting literature have numerousaccounts of stories about angelslikewise in the Quran it talks aboutangels being God's messengers as well

And the Quran was revealed to theProphet Muhammad by the angel Gabrieland both Judaism and Islam also warnedagainst worshipping any angels the nextsimilarity is prophets and divineintervention so Judaism and Islam teach

That God communicates directly to humansthrough prophets or human beings chosenby God through genes and visions inJudaism Moses is often seen as the mainprophet since it was through him thatGod revealed the Torah the first five

Books of the Bible are collectivelyreferred to as a Torah of you didn'tknow and the second or the middlesection of the Hebrew Bible is known asthe neva M meaning the prophets and itcontains accounts of subsequent prophets

After Moses for Islam Muhammad is theProphet through which God revealed theQuran and the Prophet Muhammad isregarded by Muslims as the last prophetthrough whom God will speak to humanityjust like the Jewish Scriptures the

Quran recognizesNoah Abraham Isaac Jacob Moses KingSolomon King David Elijah as well asmany other prophets there's also quite alot of similarities with their dietrules so most people have heard the term

Kosher in reference to Jews and the Jewsonly eat kosher foods pork for exampleis not eaten because it's not koshersimilarly Muslims are also required toeat only certain kinds of food known ashalal foods and to avoid certain other

Kinds of foods called Haram foods theterm kosher means ritually correct andthis is derived from the Torah of coursenot all Jews strictly follow thesedietary laws most Orthodox Jews do havereat kosher whereas many Reform Jews may

Be a little bit more lenient in thedegree to which they stick to theserules in Islam the Quran forbids eatingpork eating foods of blood in itimproperly slaughtered animals and anumber of other types of food would be

Considered Haram in Islam there are somevariations in which foods and drinks areallowed in either of these faiths thoughso we're coming down to the final threesimilarities between these two religionsand the third one is prayer so anyone

May pray as often and at any time thatthey want but in both Judaism and Islamthey share the similarity of a fixednumber of set prayers per day generallyMuslims have five formal prayers a dayas part of the five pillars of Islam and

Muslims worldwide are required to face adirection of Mecca in Saudi Arabia whenconducting these prayers in Judaismusually prayers are done three times aday one in the morning than in theafternoon and finally in the evening and

Sometimes more prayers are added forholy days certain branches of Judaismconsider daily prayers optional thoughthey also both see Jerusalem as a holycity according to the Bible the capitalof Israel today and one of the world's

Oldest cities Jerusalem was originallyestablished by King David about threethousand years ago David's son KingSolomon established the first templethere and even though the templenever rebuilt after the destruction in

70 AD Jerusalem is still held in highregard in Judaism the temple mount withthe Wailing Wall sees thousands ofvisitors who come there and visit forprayer from Muslims Jerusalem is also aholy place

It's Islam's third holiest city afterMecca and Medina and Islam recognizesthe previous prophets throughout thehistory and their connection toJerusalem as well Jerusalem also plays arole in the Prophet Muhammad's Night

Journey and ascension where the angelGabriel transported the Prophet Muhammadfrom Mecca to Jerusalem for prayer andthen from Jerusalem to heaven where hemet some of the previous prophets whoascended Jerusalem was also the

Direction that Muslims were instructedto face during their prayers and ofcourse this was changed to Meccaonce the Muslims were divinelyinstructed to do soand the final similary I want to look at

Is peace peace is a very central conceptin both of these religionsthey both have a similar greetingmeaning peace be upon you there's ShalomAleichem and that's the Hebrew greetingused in Judaism and the appropriate

Response would be alaykum Shalom andthis literally translates to unto youpeace salaam alaikum is the arabicgreeting and that's used in Islam andthe appropriate response would be whatalaikum Salaam meaning the same thing as

A Hebrew response unto you peace sothese were just ten similarities betweenIslam and Judaism that I found so whatare some other similarities that youknow about sound off below in thecomment section join in on the

Conversation that's how we do it here inf2d facts we love to learn we love toread each other's comments and have agreat discussion so that we can expandour knowledge and hopefully move forwardin unity and make the world a better

Place so here is another video for youso you can go ahead you can tap theannotation right on your screen righthere and give that subscribe button alittle love and also ring that bellnotification so you can be notified of

Future episodes okay guys so I'm out ofhere my name is Leroy Kenton uncle nexttime stay awesome stay educated I'll seeyou soon

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