10 Players Who Will Save Your Club MILLIONS!

published on July 17, 2020

Hello and welcome to football daily where today we're covering the youngsters who could explode next season and save their clubs of fortune in the process 10 Eric Garcia if one moment cost man City their shot at a third title on the bounce in 2019

20 it was probably I'm Eric reports knee crumbling in the clubs for nil win over Brighton in August with the Frenchman out Guardiola had to use fernandinho Rodri and Kyle Walker as auxilary centre backs but perhaps he should have given

More minutes to Eric Garcia a Spaniard poached from Barcelona in 2017 and now linked with a return to Catalunya at 19 Garcia has just 15 total appearances for City and three league starts but he seems to fit the system were already of

The 12 games he's appeared in this season City have won 11 and like Laporte Garcia tack was rarely but intercepts often ranking 4th in the squad for the latter unsurprisingly he's also a strong distributor hitting for accurate long

Balls per 90 again level with rapport and stones and overall finding the target with 94% of his attempts the only true weakness in his game so far is his aerial presence with only a quarter of his challenges successful but that's

Common in teenagers and will improve with strength and experience playing ahead of his age with Spain's under-21s Garcia has won the youth euros twice and could well be competing for the real thing in 2021 with rumored targets like

Screen er and Paul Torres likely to command hefty fees City might decide Garcia's time is now 9 Ainsley Maitland nas between the loan signing of Cedric Suarez in January and the public pursuit of Thomas party the future doesn't look

Bright for Ainsley Maitland nas at Arsenal still just 22 the Englishman is the 11th most used player in the Arsenal squad this season but his widely rumored to be surplus to requirements despite acquitting himself well in both fullback

Slots and arguably doing enough to earn a shot in his preferred role in central midfield however Arsenal may have to drop party and spend big up front this summer if Obama yang leaves and that could give

Mate and Naz a window to prove his worth a strong defender the youngster has averaged over four tackles and interceptions again his whole career the same as party and his exceptional pace and two-footed ness may compress

Resistant to with coast to the ghanaians to dribble as a match he rarely commits fouls but his passing could benefit from mikela tetiz attention with an occasional sloppiness seeing his completion rate drop below 80% last

Campaign extry Leeloo for a defender at the North London side with Danny service unlikely to return to the Emirates for 2020 21 and Herrera and Jacques are lacking mobility in the middle of the park

Arteta could do worse than trying maker now's dynamism in the midfield before we move on to our next section just a quick reminder to subscribe to football daily and hit that notification bell to never miss one of our top tens eight paulínia

With chi Javert Sustaita the bye arena all but certain to end this summer or next the conversation will soon turn from his destination to his replacement at Leverkusen unfortunately for Petter boss he has plenty of possibilities 17

Year old attacker Florian verts has already netted his first Bundesliga goal against Bayern Munich no less but ahead of the local boy in the pecking order is paulinho a 19 year old in his second year with the West German outfit the

Brazilian admittedly cost the club 20 million euros but that's a pittance compared to habits his rumored 90 million euro price tag and if his current form is any indication of his potential it'll prove a steal at the

Time of writing Paulino has played only 224 League minutes for Leverkusen but in that time has bagged three goals and two assists and while his stats have been boosted by his limited game time they look extremely strong paulinho is taking

Over three shots creating three chances and completing 44 dribbles every match meaning that even if all those figures drop by half he'll still be among the most promising teenagers on the continent recurrent injuries – Bella

Robbie Folland and Bailey are likely to see the youngster given plenty of chances to shine where the Javert stays or not but paulinho will be the only man in Leverkusen rooting for his teammate to move on this summer 7 Brandon

Williams Manchester United may no longer be the terrifying prospect they once were but 2019-20 has been broadly successful for the Red Devils the club has remained in the Champions League race despite long injuries to pub butt

And Rochefort and youngsters like Greenwood but tahminae and Brandon Williams have shown themselves to be useful contributors with the latter establishing himself as a genuine alternative to Luke Shaw at 19 Williams

Is five years younger than Shaw but already looks as equal both players win possession around three times a game and while Shaw gets beaten less Williams adds more an attack completing one point for jables per 90 twice as many as the

Former Southampton Man and creating more chances a game at one point three two Shores one more fortunately he's comfortable on the board and never anxious meaning his teammates trust him and involve him in

Possession with the Englishman averaging around the same number of touches each match as Aaron Wamba Sokka on the opposite flank though widely expected to spend big again this summer United are not rumoured to be in the hunt for a

Left back no doubt thanks to the teenagers progress after years of stagnation the club's growing core of promising youngsters could be their ticket back to the top six max Oscar Cory while Tom unum Bella has

Endured a rollercoaster season in London his replacement in the Leone engine-room Tiago Mendes has had an even tougher year parting with new coach Sylvio after just nine games the club was forced to turn to X Marseille manager Rudi Garcia

To get back on track but still missed out on European football when the curtailed campaign left them seventh and to make matters even worse the club went out and spent twenty million euros on Bruno Kumaresh in January making it

Clear that Mendes is not seen as the long-term solution in midfield he may not even be the short-term solution as Bruno isn't the only young star in the Leone clubhouse the new boy has actually seen less game time so far than Academy

Graduate max Oscar curry who joined the club at 11 and has eight league appearances this season like Bruno Kokua is chiefly a defensive player winning possession 52 times a game – Mendes 44 but he's mobile – dribbling twice as

Much as the former lil man he also completes more passes per game than Mendes and is rarely wasteful losing possession less often than both Brazilians with our expected to leave and Bruno already groomed for his next

Step the twenty-year-old Kakori could make himself the mainstay of Ally onside striving for redemption in 2021 v Alessandra bass Tony we may be cheating with this entry as Alessandro bass Tony cost Inter Milan 31 million euros back

In 2017 but compared to the rumored 90 million euros meal and screen er could fetch if sold that's a bargain and Buster only started the 2019-20 campaign earning just three hundred thousand euros per year less than teammate Diego

Godin collects in two weeks according to transfer marked the Italian is the seventh most valuable under-23 Center back in the world ahead of William saliba and in fact he's played more League minutes than Kadeem this

Season helping in to concede just twenty four goals in 25 games before the season was suspended among into Center halfs Bastogne gets dribbled past the least and has the second best aerial record to go Dean

Willing 63% of his jewels compared to just 52% thus grinia his distribution is close to the Slovakian – with 4 long balls a game an 89% of his passes finding their man and he's doing all this as a 21 year old

Under a coach who rarely places trust in youth though yet to make his international bow Bass Tony is set to star for inter and Italy for years to come if screen er does exit the San Siro the site of Bass Tony in the back line

Should sugar the pill for Curtis Jones under yogin club Liverpool have achieved levels of success not felt on Merseyside in over 30 years and now with the Premier League title in the bag the pressure will be on the Reds to stay

Atop their new perch in order to do that they'll need to keep investing in their squad already reports linking them with Bayern Munich's Thiago alcântara have emerged as well as rumored moves for Norwich city's Tod Cantwell and leon's

Who same hour but spare a thought for their Academy product Curtis Jones who's been slowly making a name for himself inside Melwood this season the 19 year old became the youngest player ever to captain Liverpool against Shrewsbury

Town in the FA Cup and has already chalked up three goals in nine first-team appearances including a 20-yard curler on his debut against Everton Jurgen Klopp has regularly praised the midfielder in the press and

Sanctioned the club handing him a new long-term deal on July 4th a technically gifted operator Jones will be looking to push on from a cut player to League squad regular next season and should Liverpool give him this

Opportunity they could save millions in the market three japhet Tonga wild Tottenham boast an exciting midfield an attack josie marino still has a long summer ahead Toby alderweireld is 31 then Davis is always injured Jana

Vertonghen is out of contract this summer and Danny Rose and Eric Dyer can leave on frees in 2021 that leaves the defense with just fight Sanchez and/or EA to Bank on in the long term and fight has played just 67 League

Minutes this campaign while Oreo remains a confusing cocktail of amazing and awful so the club need to lock down jaffa tank anger to a new deal before he finds the exit to the english youngster made his league debut against liverpool

In January and has plugged every gap since covering Spurs at centre back and both fullback slots as well as making his Champions League bow he wins possession for his team near five times a game trailing only or EA in

The squad and is already good in the air winning 62% of his aerial duels better than Sanchez and Aldo held in fact he matches up to the Belgian nicely ranking joint first with him at White Hart Lane for clearances per game and shots

Blocked too showing a good defensive awareness homegrown and just 21 tan Ganga seems to have Marino's trust and the combination of physical and mental abilities necessary to become a top defender he may have chosen the perfect

Time to emerge to yoshua Zerg say with Javert it's linked with Real Madrid and team Ivana on his way to Chelsea the long-term heir to lavond offski remains an open question at Bayern Munich the poll may be having the season of his

Life with 45 goals in 39 appearances at present but he's also due to turned 32 this summer and not even a lactose free diet devised by his nutritionist wife Anna will maintain his current level indefinitely so the Bavarians will be

Delighted to see the progress of 19 year-old Yahshua zerk say who joined their Academy from Fire Lord in 2017 after turning down and moved to Everton in three starts the Dutchman has netted four goals to date one more than

Kingsley coma despite playing just 20 percent of the minutes the Frenchman has while on the field he's racked up 34 shots and 09 expected goals per game the same as Arling Holland and while he still needs to bulk up his speed and six

Foot four inch frame suggests he has the materials to eventually match Levin da skis physical presence already mooted as a wild card for the Netherlands squad at the postponed euros next year zurk say is a Bundesliga champion and is

Now firmly ahead of much heralded summer signing yam Vita up in the Bayern ranks Bayern will hope it's not simply beginner's luck 1 Giovanni Reina if there's one club likely to replace an outgoing 19 year old with a 17-year old

Its Borussia Dortmund a Gio Reina is poised to take Jaden Sancho spot if the Englishman exits the vest farlan stadion this summer Reina remains a bit part player with just 16 Dortmund appearances to his name but already has a strong

Reputation and illustrious admirers with his former coach at my CFC patrick vieira likening him to david trezeguet and Lucien Favre are saying he has something special if you can't see that you're blind Reina has football pedigree

With both his parents former USA internationals and he's eligible to feature for the state's Portugal or English where he was born all three are likely to be interested with the teenager

Already boasting a Champions League assists against PSG in the Knockouts as well as a spectacular first goal against Werder Bremen in the German Cup currently averaging two shots 15 key passes and an amazing 34 dribbles again

Reina is as technically skilled as you'd expect of a Dortmund youngster but works hard too pressing opponents 23 times per 90 the third best at the club according to transfer marked rayna's value has nearly traveled since February

And he looks set to start 2020 21 as an important sod player Sancho is probably irreplaceable for a team like Dortmund but in Rainer they may just have the next best thing so those are our 10 youngsters who could save their club

Millions but who should we have included let us know in the comments below if you enjoy this video don't forget to give us a like and subscribe to the channel hit the notification bell to never miss a video we'll see you next time

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