10 Most Underrated Academies!

published on July 20, 2020

Welcome back to Euro Football Daily a few months back we ran down the 10 best academies in European football so today we're looking at another 10 which don't get as much recognition but a well worth keeping an eye on let's go 10 espanol FC Barcelona may house the most well

Renowned Academy in the world but down the road espanol have produced some notable talents in recent years – and this is all the more impressive considering the obstacles presented by your local rivals being one of the

Planets biggest footballing entities as you'd expect this also means the club has seen a lot of its pupils swallowed up by they're more successful neighbours Marc Bartra Oriole Rimmel and Carlos Perez are just a few players who were

Originally nurtured by espanol before moving on to la maza while Christian Te'o made it to the club's B team before transferring to the black Branagh meanwhile jarrod moreno who left the parakeet's Academy at 15

Returned 8 years later for a three season spell in which he played some of the best football of his career players to have graduated from the espanol Cantera include erick boy and Pao lopez as well as key members of the current

Squad like Mark Rucker and Sergey dad air and the Club hasn't limited its activity to Catalunya either setting up academies in Shanghai New Jersey and Algiers and even opened a facility in Baghdad in 2018 becoming the first

Foreign club to establish an academy in Iraq they may have recently suffered their first relegation in nearly 30 years but fans of espanol should nevertheless be hopeful for the future 9 Charlton

Athletic South London has become a hotbed for English footballing talent in the last few years with Ruben Loftus cheek born in Lewisham Jayden Sancho growing up in Kennington and Callum Hudson at oi spending his formative

Years in Wandsworth and while a lot of promising players in the English capital get hoovered up by Arsenal or Chelsea and in Sancho's case Man City smaller clubs south of the Thames have also played a big role in developing London's

Youngsters in particular Charlton Athletic during the 90s and 2000's notable graduates included Scott Parker and Jonjo Shelvey with both going on to become key players at multiple Premier League clubs and more

Recently the addicts have produced Joe Gomez who is now a European and Premier League champion with Liverpool Ezra conser who continued his development at Brentford before moving to Aston Villa and a Damona Luqman who was signed by RB

Leipzig in 2019 with a huge team of staff including psychologists and performance analysts and with a philosophy based around possession football quick transitions and high pressing it's no wonder the Charlton

Academy continues to produce such good players despite the club's Premier League heyday being firmly in the past in 2018 19 they had seven alumni playing in the English top-flight more than Arsenal and

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So you really don't want to miss out eight sporting club de Braga Portuguese clubs have gained a reputation over the years for nurturing some of the world's top talents before selling them on at a big profit to Europe's elite outfits and

While Porto Benfica and sporting club are the most prolific producers of such talents Braga have done some pretty impressive work themselves in recent seasons the perennial best of the rest in the league and osh Braga can't

Compete with the finances or prestige of the big three in Portugal and they're improving Academy is already reaping rewards the club has built a state-of-the-art Academy facility in the last two years and recent graduates

Include Pedro Neto who made his senior debut at just 17 and is now impressing at wolves the 2019 20 campaign also saw the emergence of wide forward Francisco drink cow who has lit up the Estadio municipal contributing to a goal every

107 minutes the twenty-year-old has also landed the club its biggest ever windfall signing with Barcelona for 31 million euros if Braga can continue producing players of his quality they could catch up with Portugal's elite

Sooner rather than later seven mites the club where Jurgen Klopp and Tomas Terkel bow earned their coaching stripes mites has already earned its reputation as a springboard for managerial greatness and

While Bayern Munich and Schalke possessed Germany's most well-regarded academies and RB Leipzig have the Pick of the talents coming out of Salzburg D Milford fir are also producing Bundesliga ready professionals at a

Higher rate than most in fact in 2019 twenty a third of the might senior squad was made up by the club's Academy graduates a higher proportion than any other side in the German top flite's

Of those Riddle Baku has been the most prominent racking up the third most minutes in the squad this term and playing in a number of different positions naturally a box-to-box midfielder his engine dribbling ability

And defensive know-how have also made the 22 year old a hitter right back meanwhile other graduates who are yet to hold down a regular starting position but are also highly rated include goalkeeper Florian Muller midfielder

Leandro Barrera and teenage playmaker akane bill who has been likened to Meza Tercel mites graduates have gone on to achieve elsewhere – notably Andre Schurrle who won the dfb-pokal with voules Berg and

Dortmund as well as the Premier League with Chelsea meanwhile Suat sardar who was sold to Schalke in 2018 is now one of the boole's most recognized young midfielders and has won three caps for Germany six Celta Vigo like mine Celta

Vigo also had a third of their squad come from the Academy in 2019 20 with only Athletic Bilbao and Man United posting a higher percentage in Europe's top 5 leagues and what's more these players make up a hefty chunk of the

Club's regular starters Iago Espace is the greatest advert for the Selter Academy making nearly 350 appearances and scoring over 150 goals for the club across two spells since graduating in 2006 and was La Liga stop scoring

Spaniard for 3 consecutive seasons between 2017 and 2019 partnering him up top is Santi Mina who was snapped up by Valencia as a teenager and returned to the club in 2019 after a four-year spell at the mastiha and another player who

Came back to the club last year was Dennis Suarez who left for Man City 18 and has turned out for a number of La Liga side since one Clubman Ruben Blanco and Hugo Miele make up the rest of the site's homegrown regulars meaning that

Of the eleven Seltzer players with the most minutes played in 1920 nearly half our Academy Alumni meanwhile their export record is decent too with both ha salut and Rodrigo Moreno coming through their ranks before moving to Real Madrid

At the end of the 2000s and Johnny auto leaving in 2018 to find success in the Premier League and their future is also looking good with a number of academies set up internationally and an estimated 2400 pupils attending their camps across

The world from Romania to Peru five gank not among the classic big clubs in Belgium ganks history pales in comparison to and elects Club Brugge and Standard Liege in fact they were only founded in their current form in 1988

Considering this the fact their Academy has produced some of the best players to come out of the country in recent years is all the more impressive fully established in 2003 the gank academy has experienced amazing results in a short

Amount of time just two years later they poached Kevin de Bruyne uh from rivals Ghent handing the midfielder his first senior appearance before his 18th birthday in 2010-11 he helped the club when its third league title alongside

Thibaut Courtois who had also graduated from the club's youth set-up other future stars to be developed by Genk during this time included Christian benteke Leandro trois odd and Timothy castaigne while Wolford and Dede and

Leon Bailey were later both signed as teenagers before being quickly thrust into the first team from relative obscurity ganc has become one of Europe's top breeding grounds for young players for stad Rene one of the more

Historically successful academies on this list stad Rene has produced a number of top players over the last 30 years in 1987 the club established the Otto Rico private technical school under the guidance of director Patrick ROM

Peon and within a decade had seen mikail Sylvester and Sullivan Wiltord graduate with the pair racking up nearly 150 caps for France between them since then the French outfit has produced countless players who have gone on to

Achieve at bigger clubs from Johan Gourcuff who won the Champions League in its first season at Milan before falling Bordeaux to the Liga and crown to yacine brahimi who lit up the Liga nosh with Porto

Making over 200 appearances for the Portuguese giants more recently they have spawned ta mu a backer Yoko and of course Osman dembélé who they sold to Borussia Dortmund as a 19 year old in 2016 and subsequently picked up a hefty

Chunk of the 125 million euros Barcelona paid for him a year later and now the jewel in their crown is of course Eduardo kam of Inga still only 17 years old the midfielder has been a revelation in league earn racking up over 2,000

Minutes in 2019-20 and attracting interest from real madrid 3 Dinamo Zagreb like Rennes who won awards for their player development during the 2000s it's maybe a stretch to call the Dinamo Zagreb Academy underrated but

Despite the sheer scale of talent they've produced in the last 20 years they still aren't as widely recognised for their youth production in the way I acts or Barcelona are the club's Academy founded in 1967 is now one of the most

Successful in Europe attracting some of the continents best coaches and boasting 10 different teams from the under 8 to the Under 19's taking inspiration from La Masia the Zagreb Academy favours a holistic

Approach raising its youngsters to be well-rounded individuals who are as committed to their education and health as they are to their football this perhaps explains why a player like Danny almost which between basser and dynamo

When he was just 16 and their list of graduates is astonishing with Luka Modric Dejan lovren mario mandzukic matteo Kovacic and marcello brasov it's just a few of their success stories in 2018 as Croatia

Reached the World Cup final it was revealed that 14 of their squad had come through the Zagreb Academy setting a new record for a national side in the prestigious tournament and that same year a study found that 67 of the club's

Alumni were playing in a top European division a figure which ranked them second to relax in this regard it's fair to say the production line in Zagreb isn't slow down anytime soon – FC metz French

Outfit Mets have never won the league despite coming close in 1998 and haven't won any silverware in nearly 25 years but they have provided plenty of top clubs with players which have made the difference at the highest level in the

1990s they brought through robert pirès who was their key player for a number of years before going on to achieve greatness at Arsenal as well as Louis Saha who would also make a name for himself in the Premier League the

Following decade they repeated the trick with Emmanuel Adebayor and in 2003 teamed up with the generation foot Academy in Senegal who granted Mets exclusive access to players in exchange for their role in developing their

Facilities in Dakar from this arrangement came poppy cease ADF risako and sad joe mani who was bought by Red Bull Salzburg for four million euros just six months after making his professional debut in the French second

Tier and it doesn't stop there Marylin P&H is also a Mets graduate crossing the border from Luxembourg aged 14 to join the Academy and impress so much as a teenager he was bought by Leone as the long-term replacement for June you know

Just four years later and then there is Cala do Coulibaly who broke into the first team at 19 and 10 years down the line is one of Europe's most coveted defenders 1 FC groningen as we've already mentioned I axe have built a

Reputation as one of the very best talent producers in European football and Eredivisie rivals PSV and fire Nord also have internationally admired Academy projects to go with their large trophy cabinets

However FC groningen who won their first piece of major silverware in 2015 a hundred years after they were founded must also take some credit for their part in developing talent in the Netherlands during the 60s and 70s the

Club spent time in the Dutch second tier and came close to bankruptcy but saw a major breakthrough after establishing an academy in 1975 over the next few years they developed a homegrown side which would become a fixture in the top-flight

Starring a certain Ronald kumon who made his professional debut at just 17 and by 20 had earned himself a move to iooks having scored 35 goals in 98 appearances from center back 16 years after the

Emergence of cumin local lad arjen robben joined the Academy and made his first Eredivisie start he's just 16 quickly becoming a first-team regular and eventually being bought by PSV two years later the now legendary winger

Helped open grown England's new Academy facilities in 2017 and came out of retirement to rejoin the club in 2020 of the success stories include Virgil van Dyck who was enrolled after being let go by villains PHA as a teenager and the

Club has also developed a knack for recognizing top talent from overseas picking up Luis Suarez from Uruguayan giant Club Nationale when he was 19 it's amazing to think how these generational talents came from such a seemingly

Humble institution so those were our top 10 underrated academies but can you name any more let us know in the comments below and who knows maybe we'll do a part 2 if you enjoyed this video don't forget to leave it a like and why not

Click on screen right now as I'm sure it's another banger thanks for watching and we'll see you next time

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