10 MOST OVERPAID Managers In World Football!

published on July 20, 2020

Hello and welcome to EFD where today we're ranking the most overpaid managers in world football because we're only using salary and not sponsorship deals to make our list some of our figures may be different from what you've heard but trust us you'll still be shocked 10

Ernesto Valverde losing your job is almost always unpleasant but when it comes to Ernesto Valverde our sympathy is limited the Spaniard CD before joining Barcelona included two spells at Olympia costs single Caesars with both

Villarreal and Valencia and a middling four year period with Athletic Bilbao in which he won just 48 percent of his games but apparently impressed the basketball enough to oust rebel winner Luis Enrique from the dugout to be fed

About ver de he won the league in both his four seasons in charge but also oversaw embarrassing Champions League exits to Roma and Liverpool despite taking commanding first leg leads against both as well as making his team

Less watchable and more rely on Messi than ever before one win in five over the 2019-20 Christmas period and a super copper defeat to Atletico were enough to earn him the boot but that wasn't all he earned as barsa continued to pay him up

Until the end of the season with bonuses salary and his severance costing them around 19 million euros when you're getting paid Guardiola money to go away you know you've seriously outstayed your welcome

But with barsa refusing to learn their lesson and returning to the mid-table for new coach key case at the end this won't be their last golden goodbye 9 josée Mourinho Spurs have had an expensive year fresh from finishing

Their new one billion euro stadium the club spent 180 million euros on transfer fees but still found themselves in trouble in the autumn and forced to sack more it's here for Tino a decision which left them paying the Argentinians 9

Point 4 million euro a year wages until the summer to replace him club chairman Daniel Levy brought in chosen Mourinho on an unbelievable salary of sixteen point five million euros though the lillywhites have since tried

To reduce the Portuguese wages in light of the global health crisis to be honest it's hard to see why Mourinho should command such a huge wage the same as Jurgen Klopp it's the same figure he earned at Manchester United where he

Also received a twenty two million euro payout after his sacking despite the self-proclaimed relentless winner only lifting the EFL cup and nero / league at the club earning no silverware in his second year and leaving with the team on

26 points after 17 games their worst record in 27 years and the Tottenham the cost could be even higher just four months after he joined Marino complained that his first team was weaker than RB Leipzig sbench while a public feud with

Tanki in dumbbell a risk alienating the club's record signing after just a year to make all this worth it Mourinho will have to win a major trophy something he hasn't done it is 2015 another sacking looks more than likely eight teeth day

Going into the 2018 World Cup Brazil with the bookies favourites to take home the trophy victory would have been their 6th in the competition and the cellar sale went into the tournament having lost just once in the previous two years

Winning 17 of their 21 games in that time but though they avoided potential banana skins against Switzerland Serbia and Mexico Brazil ended up exiting at the quarter-final stage losing 2-1 to a gung-ho Belgian side led by de bruyne ur

Hazard and Lukaku getting out coached by Roberto Martinez is not a good look but despite this disappointing showing Brazil boss titi retained his job and ranks among the best paid international managers in the

World with a salary of 35 million euros TAS paid as much as 2018 champion Didier Deschamps and is only out-earned by Germany's Joachim löw also a World Cup winner and while Brazil did win the copper America in 2019 their form before

And after the tournament has been patchy with eight wins six draws and two losses since the start of 2019 if titi wants to retain his kushti seat in the cellar South dugout he may need to win another copper America in 2021 to prove he's the

Right man to lead his nation in Quatar 7 Marcelo Bielsa creating the most attractive side in the championship is an impressive feat especially as the division become more competitive and improved its

Talent production in recent years but Marcelo Bielsa earns a reported 66 million euros a year in the English second tier twice as much as the next biggest earner in the league and more than England boss Gareth Southgate

That's a product of the championships ridiculous financial incentives which encourage clubs to take huge risks in the hope of winning promotion in 2018 19 half of the clubs in the league spent more on wages than they earned meaning

They lost money overall and while Leeds was not among them the Peacocks spent 94 P on every pound that came in on paying players and coaches with bielsa taking home around half as much as the entire squad put

Together fortunately leaders investment is set to take them back to the big time in 2020 21 at which point B else will become the seventh most highly paid coach in the Premier League

We hope he can deliver the success his payslip demands six shabby we're breaking our own rules to include shabby in our list but the spaniards earnings were qatar outfit al-assad are so ridiculous that he marries the exception

Handed 10 million euros a year when he signed for the club as a 35 year old in 2015 javi still allowed him to study for his coaching badges while playing and in 2019 following his retirement he became

Manager on a two-year contract taking over from boss of four years juice Aldo Vieira Vieira won the Qatar stars League in 2018 19 while at a time of writing sherry sits 10 points off the top in his mailing campaign but we're not sure

He'll care that much before Barcelona had even sacked Valverde in early 2020 they offered Shafi the managed job through Erika Vidal and though he was smart enough to realize he wasn't ready and reject the opportunity is clear that

He'll get the chance again and Qatar seems to be falling over itself to reward him while he's there with VX paid international winning around 250,000 euros in Doha banks lottery back in 2017 clearly a totally aboveboard and normal

Thing to happen we're yet to be convinced that the Qatari league is a plausible print ship for the Barcelona hot seat but we can see how it might set be up well for his old age five Massimiliano Allegri before max Allegra

Lefty Ventus it seemed like the Italian would spend the rest of his coaching career picking up huge checks from super clubs Arsenal Manchester United and Chelsea were all linked with news for him while by Munich and even Barcelona

Reportedly considered a sweep but almost a year on from his departure from Turin and the 52 year old remains a free agent and as a result spent the 2019-20 season receiving his 13 point 5 million euro a year salary to do absolutely nothing jus

His time in Italy Alegre earned over 2 million euros a year more than the next highest paid coach Angelotti in his Bella Napoli and in fact earned as much as the managers of the bottom 12 clubs combined even his successor in new Veit

Moritz esre takes home around 3 million euros less each season and until this campaign not even a single player in the history of Italian football had matched Alighieri salary with only Mattias delict and Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of

Him good he may be but taking the best team in the country to title after title has made Alegre one of the richest men in the game however after a year out and with no big suitors on the horizon we'll be surprised if his next job proves as

Lucrative for Fabio Cannavaro it's hard to get a handle on exactly how much Fabio Cannavaro earns but it's clearly too much the Italian is the coach of Chinese Super League side gang Shou Evergrande

Picking up 12 million euros in basic salary plus more in lucrative sponsorships related to the role and in 2019 he even spent a month in charge of the Chinese national team – standing down after one month and one defeat to

Focus on his day job given that previous China coach Marcello Lippi earned a reported 23 million euros a year roughly six weeks in the role may have netted Cannavaro around 26 million euros but it's hard to see how the Ballon d'Or

Winners experience matches up to a man who won the Champions League and five titles with Juventus as well as the World Cup canavaro has held six coaching jobs all in the UAE

Saudi Arabia and China and in fact had been employed and sacked by gangs el Evergrande before his current stint dropping down to the Chinese second tier to guide Tian Jin Kwon ji-yong to promotion in 2016 in

Calaveras defense he did finally win the Chinese Super League in 2019 but he has some way to go to equal if his record of three successive titles and victory in the Asian Champions League if he manages that who knows where his salary will

Look like three Eddy how the longest-serving manager in the Premier League Eddy how has been born with boss for eight years taking club from Ligue 1 to the top-flight and while that certainly

Does deserve credit we're not sure how the 42 year old became the 10th most highly paid coach in the division with a yearly salary of 44 million euros how earns more than wolves is nooner s perrito Santo and almost as much as

Arsenal's Michiel Arteta despite working for a club with the lowest turnover of all the teams which were in the Prem last year as a result it's no surprise that the cherries were in the most precarious position of all the non

Promoted sides making a 35 million euro loss last season and spending a massive 85% of all the money that comes in on wages and how is a big part of that with a weekly pay packet around 20,000 euros higher than the club's top earning

Player cannot Wilson though parentally linked to bigger jobs how remains on the south coast and 2019-20 looks like it could finally be the season which sees the club's sink back into the championship with their

Horrible defense finally punishing them for bombers sake we hope they have a way to reduce house pay if they go to Bruno Geneseo currently the 20th best paid coach in world football Bruno Jean SEO left Leone in 2019 to

Take over Beijing goal succeeding Roger Schmidt and now owns reported 8 million euros as he tries to guide the club to their first title since 2009 while the Chinese league is known for overpaying foreign talent other coaches in the

Division boast silverware like Rafa Benitez and the Torpy era or name recognition like Fabio Cannavaro so what exactly justifies giving Jin SEO the salary almost twice that Franklin Paula Chelsea the Beijing job

Is just the Frenchman's second as a head coach and despite overseeing talent like Alwar in bombelli Lacazette 2pi and mt t in Leon he never won a trophy or even reached a final in fact his first year was his best as the club finished second

But they slipped a fourth by his last campaign and while Jan SEO was linked with beer clubs outside France domestically his reputation was unimpressive boosted by quality players Jun SEO rarely added

Value himself and unlike Schmidt he is not an innovator who is likely to teach his squad new tactics and lay the groundwork for long-term success at 53 the coach is unlikely to be contemplating retirement just yet

But it's hard to see who wants him or even pay for him if he tries to leave China 1 Diego Simeone let's say at the start Diego Simeone is a fantastic coach the Argentinian is the most popular man in the red half of Madrid having spent

Five years with Atletico as a player and since he returned as a coach in 2011 he has guided the team to teach at his league finals a 60% win rate and a famous title in 2013-14 the rocky Broncos is first since a league and cup

Double in 1996 when Simeone was patrolling the midfield however with an annual salary of 40 million euros cholo earns almost as much as zinedine zidane and pep guardiola put together despite having seen diminishing returns in his

Coaching methods over the last few seasons though Atleti squeaked past Liverpool in this season's Champions League they exited the competition at the round of 16 last year and the group staged the year before

While in 2018 19 May scored their fewest goal since 2012 and took their fewest points since 2013 unless it to do even worse in both metrics this campaign of course you'd back Simeone to turn things around

But with paja t no only demanding 25% of his countryman salary and Alegre asking for a third you wonder whether Atleti would be better off hiring a new manager and putting the rest of the cash into improving the squad perhaps one day soon

We'll find out so that's who we think are the 10 most overpaid managers in world football but please let us move think in the comments below and if there's anyone else you could fit in that category if you enjoyed this video

Then please click the like button and as always guys don't forget to subscribe to the channel

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