10 Most Epic Transport Operations In History

published on July 9, 2020

What does an oil platform standing 500feet taller than the Empire StateBuilding and a Space Telescope thatweighs as much as two African elephantshave in common they're a pain totransport from the giant airplane thatcost upwards of $30,000 an hour to the 1

Million dollar mission to safely movewhales across the planet these transportoperations are some of the hardest andmost expensive in the world let's breakdown just how much work goes into thesecostly moves and stick around until the

End to find out about the massive shiptransporting 8500 vehicles across thesea deep in the Gulf of Mexico theresits a giant oil platform calledBullwinkle the platform was firstinstalled in 1988 and was the tallest

Structure ever built at the time of itsconstruction with a total height ofseventeen hundred and thirty six feet orfive hundred and twenty-nine meters thestructure stands 500 feet taller thanthe Empire State Building that's not the

Only comparison we can make to a famousbuilding it took five years to constructthe 77,000 ton platform using more thanten times the amount of steel used tobuild the Eiffel Tower but just how didthey get this gigantic oil rig out in

The waterit took three and a half days oftraveling from the shore to thedesignated area with a posse of thetoughest tugboats and once there theplatform had to be carefully tipped into

The water to get the correct placementonce settled the platform was designedto resist hurricane-force winds and 70foot waves all in all building andtransporting this gigantic platform cost500 million dollars but it seems worth

It since the Bullwinkle can produce 59thousand barrels of oil per daytransporting a platform into the middleof the water seems hard but how aboutsending a rocket to space space travelis incredibly expensive but thanks to

Elon Musk space travel is slowly gettingcheaper Elon Musk's SpaceX has sent theFalcon 9 rocket blasting off into outerspace what's so unique about the Falcon9 is that it's reusable whichdrastically cuts the cost of space

Transport the rocket can transportpeople and payloads up to four thousandand twenty kilograms or eight thousandeight hundred and sixty pounds all theway to Mars and when you consider thatthe rocket itself weighs over 500

Thousand kilograms then the amount oftransport that the Falcon nine iscapable of is even morethe cost of launching the Falcon 9 isestimated at about 62 million dollarsper launch plus 25 million in insurance

The Air Force awarded a budget of 95million dollars per launch to theproject but reusing the Rockets canbring the cost down to less than 30million per launchif Elon can continue cutting the cost of

Launching a spacecraft commercial spacetravel might not be so far out of ourreach after all another spectacularplatform out in the middle of the wateris the troll a natural gas platform justoff the coast of Norway this platform is

Held up by concrete pillars calledcaissons a Kayson is basically just aconcrete cup turned upside down creatinga dry work space on the bottom all theway on the seabed 303 meters or 995 feetbelow the water's surface at 12 million

Tons and 1548 feet or 427 meters tallthe troll a platform is the heaviestobject ever moved by man it took 10tugboats to move the platform 174 milesinto the North Sea back in 1996 theinside of the huge caissons are

Outfitted with everything from cosyliving quarters to an elevator to getworkers quickly up and down the giantconcrete pillars but if you think thatthe workers think a nine minute elevatorride from the sea to the operational

Platform is long than the 100 days ittook to pour the concrete to form eachleg must have felt like an eternity theentire cost of building and transportingthis engineering marvel wasapproximately six hundred and fifty

Million us dollars back in 1991 butthe engineers earned a few accolades fortheir hard work including a Guinnessworld record in 1996 for the largestoffshore gas platform when ups offeredtheir services to the new Georgia

Aquarium in 2005 they had no idea thatthey'd be asked to transport for whalesharks from Taipei and to beluga whalesfrom Mexico all the way to Atlanta thetransportation team started with thewhale sharks they loaded them into a

Lockheed c-130 at the beach and thenflew them to Taiwan's InternationalAirport where they then loaded them ontoa 747each whale shark was about 16 feet longweighed 2,000 pounds and required two

Custom-built tanks on board the flightwith the added water weight the loadexceeded 50,000 pounds the trip for thetwo belugas was even more difficultsincethose animals were in the middle of an

Amusement park they had to use a craneon the parks railroad track to carefullylift them from their tank but once theywere out of the water they were safelytransported to Atlanta with no otherissues but just how much does it cost to

Move giant living creatures well juststarting the 747 costs $20,000 plus theflight to get the whale sharks fromTaipei to Atlanta was about threehundred and forty thousand dollars whenyou consider the mechanics and the

Teamwork involved the total comes out toabout 1 million dollars per trip butsince ups donated their time and moneyto the cause the whales and whale sharksgot themselves a free luxury flight howdo you transport a 50 foot wide

Superconducting electromagnet when it'sneeded elsewhere well it's complicatedthe mulan g2 magnet used to be in newyork state but after realizing theyneeded to conduct experiments with itelsewhere this magnet went on a long

Journey they carefully transported it3200 miles over land and sea to its newhome at the US Department of Energy'slaboratory where it was going to be usedto try and discover new particles to getit to its new research destination the

Magnet took a barge south around Floridaand was then driven on a specificallydesigned truck over three long nightsbefore it reached its final destinationon the journey it amassed crowds of fanswho had never before seen something this

Big let alone a magnet on the move allin all the massive magnet costs 25million dollars to build and another 3million to transport but if they wouldhave simply built a new magnet insteadof transporting the old one that would

Have cost them ten times more it's thesize of two fully grown Africanelephants and its destination is spacethat's right it's the Hubble telescopeone of the most costly transportoperations in the world that explains

Why it took two years of negotiation forNASA to finally get congressionalapproval to develop and transport thetelescope back in 1977 but with setbacksgalore the Hubble telescope only leftearth in April of 1990 onboard the space

Shuttle Discovery but the problems wouldjust keep coming after photos taken bythe telescope turned out to be unusableNASA sent a crew of seven in 1993 to fixit over five days of spacewalksthen the 435 feat twenty four thousand

Five hundred pound telescope was finallyable to do its joband send gorgeous pictures of the galaxyback to earth so how much did thedevelopment and transport of the firstspace-bound telescope cost a cool 15

Billion dollars and about five servicingmissions after its first launch but whenyou look at these gorgeous images youcan't help but think that the telescopewas totally worth the trouble let's moveon from space to the sea the hmm

Algeciras is the biggest container shipin the world at 400 meters long 60meters wide and 70 meters high it's thevery first 24,000 teu ship with te youstanding for twenty-foot equivalentunits this means the ship can carry

24,000 different 20 foot long containersthe ship comes complete with scrubbersto help decrease its impact on theenvironment and like the other shipscreated by the Korean company hmm theship can service about 73 ports

Well if it can fit port congestion is areal problem for massive containercarriers so let's hope the Algeciras cansqueeze its way into ports all aroundthe worldconsidering this massive transport ship

Cost about 140 million dollars plusoperation costs hmm is hoping to see ittravel the world as much as possiblespeaking of traveling the world did youknow that the iconic Statue of Libertywasn't even made by Americans nope the

Green lady is actually a French creationwhich means that it had to travel allthe way from France to New York City in1885 the 450 thousand pound statuefinally arrived in New York Harbor aftertravelling across the Atlantic Ocean in

350 individual pieces there were morethan 200 cases to unpack once the statuearrived engineer Gustave Eiffel yes thesame one who worked on the Eiffel Towerwas partially responsible for theproject that would become a symbol of

The American dream after a long assemblyprocess the statue was finally honoredand officially opened the following yearthe Statue of Liberty cost the Frenchabout 55 million in today's dollars tomake tack on an extra million or so for

Transportation and you've got oneexpensive statue the world's biggestplane on the other hand is worth a wholelot more than a statuethe an-225 was created by the SovietUnion and originally meant to transport

Soviet space crafts the goal was tolaunch spacecrafts right off the planebecause once they reach six point fivemiles of altitudeabout 90% of the launch energy is savedthe giant plane weighs around two

Hundred and eighty-five thousandkilograms when empty and measures about84 metres long it has a wingspan of 88point four meters and can carry amassive payload of 250,000 kilogramsit's perfect for carrying jumbo

Spaceships high into the airunfortunately the an-225 isn't doinganything that interesting the spacecraftproject was cancelled while the an-225cost about four hundred and sixtymillion dollars to develop it now costs

Thirty thousand dollars to use it forone hour it could make a pretty penny onlong-distance travel but sadly itdoesn't have many takers what's betterthan a giant aircraft with no cargo agiant ship that's meant to do nothing

But transport cargo specifically the hoegg target is meant to transportvehicles across the world the 36 metrelong vessel is capable of transportingeight thousand five hundred cars pertrip it's the biggest car and truck

Carrier in the entire world with a deckspace of 71 thousand four hundred squaremeters cargo up to 65 meters high and12 meters wide can be loaded safely ontothe Jumbo vessel and the profit madefrom transporting all of these cars can

Be just as gigantic with 8500 vehiclesthat can range from one thousand to fivethousand dollars each in transportationcosts the Hoek target can make abouteight point five to forty two point fivemillion dollars per trip considering

That the company ho wave auto linersoperates fifteen trade routes in globaltrade markets and makes about 3,000 portcalls a year having a jumbo cargo shipseems to be a lot more profitable thanhaving a giant cargo plane which of

These epic transportation operationsimpressed you the most let us know yourthoughts in the comments section downbelow don't forget to hit that likebutton if you enjoyed this video andsubscribe to the richest for more thanks

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