10 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures You’ve Never Heard Of

published on July 13, 2020

Forget about cities deserts and jungles it's the oceans that you need to worry about for every school the colorful fish swimming harmlessly there's a group of demonic Titan Slayers ready to pounce on anything that gets in their way and unleash their wrath in an instant be

That through potent poison electric stings or unstoppable bites not only are these sea creatures dangerous but they're often cunning and mysterious and by the time you know you've spotted one it's already too late when we think of

Seals we usually picture furry blubbery giant mammals splashing around or playing with a beach ball but there's one particular subspecies of seal that comes with its own beach ball well sort of this is the hooded seal a deep water

And North Atlantic based swimmer the males are about 85 feet long and weigh up to 800 pounds while females are a little smaller at around six and a half feet and 600 pounds for the most part besides the slight difference in size

Males and females look very similar except for one extremely bizarre feature during mating season the peculiar balloon what looks like their very own beach ball is in fact part of the male hooded seals anatomy adult males can

Inflate and extend these so-called hoods to enormous dimensions to the point where it covers the entire length of their face but what's the point in a word attraction males operate these balloon features to capture the female's

Attention during mating season as well as using them as a sign of aggression toward other males that might be competition these guys are not social creatures and are far more aggressive and territorial compared to other more

Common seal species creeping its way across the muddy murky sea floor is the giant isopod these frightening crustaceans live between 550 and 7020 feet below the surface mostly in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan and

In the South China Sea typically these isopods grow to lengths between 75 and 142 inches ok that's pretty big for an underwater Kabuto but not exactly mind-blowing alas there's a reason why they're given the giant

Moniker on the odd occasion they can grow to enormous lengths see for yourself one specimen was discovered by a remotely operated underwater vehicle in 2010 it measured on astounding 25 feet long

As carnivores the eerie crawlers feed on various animal carcasses that sink to the ocean floor so not only do they look creepy but they don't mind an unsettling scavenger meal either ripping apart their dinner with their four sets of

Jaws that are specifically adapted to cut and tear into their prey since there's not much light so far down in the ocean the giant isopods aren't reliant on perfect eyesight they can maneuver communicate find food and meet

Up with a mate solely by utilizing their other senses the giant isopod might have four jaws but in the case of the gulper eel one very large very flexible and very damaging jaw is enough while the gulper eel which is also

Sometimes referred to as the pelican eel can grow up to six feet in length they can easily devour prey that is even larger than they are as they extend their mouths to scoop up water in order to swallow prey in one bite gulp the eel

Roams around the deep sea ranging from 1,600 to almost 10,000 feet below the surface so rarely is it seen by humans and if you ask us that's a pretty darn good thing because we'd be swimming at light speed in the other direction if

One of these skirted under our feet since the gulper eel is so rarely seen we don't know a whole lot about them what we do know however is that they are found in oceans all over the world when we come across a snake slithering

Through tall grass on land as frightening as the experience might be it's usually easy to walk away unscathed but when you come face-to-face with a sea snake it's another far more sinister story

This is the dubas sea snake aka the reef shallows sea snake aka the most venomous sea snake in existence and one of the top three most dangerous snakes in the world no matter the terrain where exactly would you expect to find such a

Deadly creature well Australia of course more specifically tropical northern Australia as well as Papa New Guinea and New Caledonia in most cases these serpents will scurry

Around shallow waters near protected coral reefs at depths of 10 to 13 feet for about three to four metres however you're not immune from the encounter if you dive deep either they've been caught in Nets as far as 150 feet or 45 metres

Below the surface well at and that's it we're never going swimming again if you can manage to a the sea snakes around Australia not to mention the Sharks then there's one more weapon in mother nature's Arsenal ready

To take you down this elegant swimmer is the box jellyfish a 24 eyed square-shaped agile jelly primarily found in coastal waters off northern Australia and throughout the indo-pacific region but

Don't let its innocent appearance fool you its deadliness supersedes its intelligence tenfold the box jellyfish is venom is so potent that it can take down fellow sea creatures before they even know what's hit them

Its sting can cause heart failure in humans in mere minutes barely giving the victim enough time to make it back to land while most jellyfish sit back and let the tide currents dictate their movements the box jellyfish does not it

Actively hunts its prey and is capable of achieving speeds of up to 46 miles an hour or almost 7 feet per second if the aussie waters haven't scared you off completely then what's lurking on the land just

Might check out our video on the most dangerous creatures in Australia after finishing this one the link is over in the description keep an eye out for the beaked sea snake this watery weapon averages about 4 feet or 12 meters in

Length that's far smaller than the Titans we find in places like the Amazon but trust us this serpent is not to be underestimated not only is the Beach sea snake responsible for more than 50% of

All sea snake bites but it also carries one of the deadliest Venom's in all reptiles land or sea according to the Thai national parks each bite contains anywhere from 79 to 9 milligrams of venom for reference just 15 is enough

To put your average human in a coffin while they typically slither around in shallow murky waters like mangrove swamps estuaries and rivers the beach sea snake is also known to be able to dive far below the surface up to 330

Feet and remain down there for up to 5 hours no matter which of its many aliases you choose the striped surgeonfish zebra surgeonfish blue line surgeonfish or clown surgeonfish you'd expect this colorful

Creature to come to the rescue should you find yourself in trouble not quite that's far from reality surgeon fish which are capable of reaching 15 inches or 38 centimetres in length actually sport a blade like spine in their tail

That points out where and it's known to be as sharp as a surgeon's scalpel hence the name these blades are used for defense when the fish feels threatened or spooked so if you ever see one while

Out for a swim look but don't touch what's worse some subspecies are venomous and considering the fact that they're rather territorial it's best to avoid them altogether where might you come across one of these underwater

Daggers in shallow reefs mostly anywhere from the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa to the western Pacific Ocean including the Great Barrier Reef as well as Japan Polynesia and even Hawaii a lot of the menacing mariners that we've seen

Thus far have been subtle in their danger in the case of the saltwater crocodile that couldn't be farther from the truth these beasts have shown time and time again that they are not to be messed with

Using their 3,700 pounds per square inch bite force to tear apart anything that gets on their bad side in fact you don't even need to get on their bad side as long as the saltwater crocodiles have an appetite they've been proven to

Literally feed on anything they can get their jaws on a smaller sized saltwater croc wouldn't direct its attention to humans however they have been known to bite on an odd occasion when disturbed or taken by surprise as for the larger

Ones well they're a little more troublesome according to former Queensland state Environment Minister Andrew Powell a two metre croc won't eat a human but once you get an animal that is 4 metres long humans are certainly on

The menu yikes the largest saltwater croc ever caught measured a startling twenty point two feet that six point 17 meters long and it weighed 2,000 370 pounds or 1075 kilos with a long narrow body sharp teeth and a fast snapping jaw

The needlefish is a predator not to be taken lightly oh not to mention that giant sword like snout full of razor-sharp teeth these carnivores are spread out amongst nearly every ocean on earth hunting with their jaws open and

Catching prey with a swift upward motion of the head but under the water isn't where the needlefish does its damage it's above the surface where the problems begin to manifest when the needlefish feels threatened typically by

The bright reflection of lights it will launch itself up and out of the water at breakneck speeds of up to 38 miles per hour that means that these slender fish turned themselves into piercing projectiles and without getting

Into too much gory detail you can probably imagine the kind of scenes that would arise should somebody find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time no matter if you're a creature that's venomous wields a sword

Has an unstoppable bite force or can devour animals double that of your own size nothing that we've seen today would be able to hold its own against our next predatory sea creature as the former apex predator of the ocean with an

Average size between 50 and 60 feet or between 15 and 18 meters Megalodon wasn't just the biggest shark in the world but one of the largest fish to have ever graced our oceans the catch however is

That according to the majority of scientists Megalodon is long extinct records show that it lived between 23 and 36 million years ago before the last of its kind disappeared however not everybody tends to accept this

Information as fact just as enormous parts of our land like the Amazon rainforest Antarctica and various hot dry deserts remain wildly unexplored our oceans are even more of a mystery new species are being discovered every day

So who's to say that the Megalodon isn't still out there we're not saying that we agree with the idea but it's certainly something to ignite the debate do you think Megalodon is still out there and out of everything we've seen which

Creature do you think is the most intimidating for us it's the box jellyfish hands-down don't forget to like this video subscribe to our Channel and as always thank you so much for checking out the richest see you next

Time and have a great day you

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