10 Most Amazing Treasure Found In Private Mines!

published on July 13, 2020

Have you ever considered skipping the jewelry store donning a hardhat and wielding a pickaxe to go searching underground for precious jewels and metals some of the most valuable substances on the planet are buried underground just waiting to be

Discovered by a lucky someone you have to go to the ends of the earth to find some of them others surprisingly may just be right in your backyard join us as we explore some of the most amazing treasures found in mines around the

World we all know that diamonds are the world's most popular and most sought-after gemstone but did you know that the biggest diamond ever found was unearthed more than 115 years ago on January 25th 1905 mine superintendent

Frederick Wells was 18 feet below the earth's surface performing a routine inspection of the premier mine in Pretoria South Africa when he noticed a brilliant flash of twinkling light upon investigation wells discovered a massive

3106 carat uncut diamond gem he presented his fine to the mines owner Sir Thomas Cullinan thereafter known as the Cullinan diamond it's still the largest diamond to ever have been found the enormous gemstone was eventually cut

Into over 100 smaller diamond gems the largest of which known as the star of Africa or Cullinan one is a giant 530 carat piece worth over 400 million dollars the estimated value of the original uncut Rock is a jaw-dropping

Two billion dollars it's no surprise that people love gold we here at the richest have seen everything from gold Bugattis to gold toilets well there are several reasons why gold is so popular and so valuable it's relatively scarce

For one its malleable unable to tarnish and has lots of beneficial properties like the ability to conduct heat light and electricity Plus well it's pretty and colorful and shiny of course there are gold mines all over the world among

The most prolific locations are Japan South Africa Indonesia Peru Nevada and California there's also gold to be found in Australia we're in 2018 my Henri's oh love RNC minerals mining

Company entered the bata hunt mine site in Campbell de East in Western Australia and came back up with 11 million dollars worth of gold nuggets one of them nuggets weighed a whopping 200 pounds and contains two thousand four hundred

And forty ounces of pure gold as of the making of this video gold is worth roughly seventeen hundred dollars an ounce that would make that one nugget alone worth over forty-one thousand dollars according to reports it

Took three men to lift the 200 pound gold nugget onto the back of a truck precious opal is a rare beautifully iridescent gem that comes in a variety of base colors the most rare and therefore most expensive of these is the

Black opal unlike any ordinary opal black opals contain traces of carbon and iron oxide which caused the unusual darkness of the stone because of that dark body tone the spectacular rainbow of color and light in a black opal

Stands out though opal is mined in every corner of the globe it's Australia that's become known for containing large quantities of the rare and beautiful black opal the largest black opal in the world was unearthed by the Westbrook

Family in lightning Ridge New South Wales Australia according to the Guinness Book of World Records it weighs close to five pounds that's eleven thousand three hundred and forty point nine five carats black opals are

Worth around $15,000 per carat that means the Westbrook family specimen which they have named the sea of opal could be worth as much as an astounding 170 million dollars by the way there are places you can visit where you can mine

Your own opals including two popular spots in Western America in Nevada and Oregon good luck switching from precious gems to precious metals do any viewers know what iridium is and what it's used for before I explain like this video if

You do iridium is one of the rarest metals on earth it's incredible density and corrosion resistance make it the perfect ingredient in strengthening metal alloys used to make all kinds of things from jewelry to electronics

According to chemistry explain the properties of iridium give the element the unique ability to remain unaffected by acids bases or other strong chemicals making it useful in making objects exposed to these

Materials it's also great at taking the heat which is why it's used to make devices needed for use in high temperatures and in electrical contacts iridium is even used in radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer the

Biggest iridium ore deposits are found in South Africa and Russia precious metals are measured in units called troy ounces an antiquated measurement just north of one regular ounce the value of rare idiom or is 970 dollars per troy

Ounce there's another heavy metal out there that's been used as an abundant source of concentrated energy for nearly three-quarters of a century uranium named after the planet Uranus uranium makes up about two to four parts per

Million of most rocks and is found all over the planet two of the largest uranium mines in the world are in Canada at cigar Lake and MacArthur River both in the province of Saskatchewan uranium is naturally radioactive its nucleus is

Unstable meaning it's in a constant state of decay this radioactive metal is unique in that one of its isotopes uranium-235 is the only naturally occurring isotope capable of sustaining a nuclear fission

Reaction this is why uranium is used in the making of nuclear power reactors and nuclear warheads so how much is it worth between 33 and 34 dollars per pound the mine at MacArthur River boasts five thousand five hundred and twenty three

Dollars worth of iron ore per one ton of their reserves the one in saqqara Lake claims an even more astonishing eight thousand four hundred and thirty dollars worth per ton both mines are owned by a company called Kimiko prized around the

World for their beauty and value emeralds are a green colored gemstone considered nearly as precious as diamonds rubies and sapphires over half of the world's supply of emeralds are found in Columbia though they can be

Found in about 30 countries including Afghanistan Brazil China Switzerland Zimbabwe and the United States emeralds are often found containing imperfections making them difficult to make into jewelry thus making stones without

Imperfections harder to find and thus much more valuable and worlds are thought to enhance love and commitment while also promoting healing which is why couples celebrate what's called an emerald anniversary after 55

Years of marriage it's said that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra had a fondness for the green stones as did actress Elizabeth Taylor famous for portraying Cleopatra in a 1963 film Liz Taylor once owned a 23 carat emerald necklace that

Was sold for 65 million dollars in 2011 the most expensive emerald ever sold was an 18 point o4 carat gemstone originally owned by john d rockefeller and later sold at auction for 55 million dollars that's three hundred and five thousand

Dollars per carat sure we know about green emeralds but what about red emeralds Bicks bite also known as red emerald or red barrel is one of the rarest gemstones in the world this gorgeous rock is so rare in fact that on

The entire planet big spike crystals suitable for cutting into gems have been found in one location and one location only the Wawa mountains of Beaver County Utah in the United States why is it so rare well

It's formation requires a unique geochemical environment that allows for the elements beryllium manganese aluminum silicon and oxygen to crystallize together to form the mesmerizing red rocks big Speight was

Discovered in Utah way back in 1904 by a guy named Maynard Bixby hence the name because of its rarity red emeralds are worth even more than diamonds in 2014 at the annual Tucson gem mineral and fossil showcase big Speight was selling for

Upwards of $10,000 per carat we'd like to know where we can get our hands on some a visit to Utah may be in our future we've all heard of a musical recording going platinum right when a recording sells half a million units

It's certified as gold when it doubles that and hits a million it's certified platinum that's because believe it or not throughout history the shiny white metal has been recognized globally as an even

Higher symbol of quality and value than gold platinum deposits are largely concentrated in South Africa with the country supplying around three-quarters of the world's demand one gram of platinum is currently worth

A little over $25 though it should be noted that a pollutant emission scandal involving platinum catalytic converters in Volkswagen vehicles in the late 2000s proved to give the metal a sharp decline in value that it still hasn't quite

Recovered from regardless platinum continues to boast a reputation for symbolizing a higher level of prestige than its bright-yellow cousin case in point a company called tequila lay sells its passion Azteca tequila in platinum

Bottles covered in diamonds you can take one home for just three point five million dollars any viewers out there ever been to Tanzania tell us about your adventures there in the comments why did I bring that up our next featured

Treasure is tanzanite and it's only found in one place yep Tanzania discovered in 1967 in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro tanzanite is noted for its spectacular try Crowe ISM meaning that the stone can appear to be

Alternately blue violet or burgundy depending on crystal orientation and lighting conditions tanzanite became popular when famed jewelry retailer Tiffany and company began using them in their jewelry pieces shortly after its

Discovery the dazzling gem is worth more than diamonds due to its rarity depending on its color and quality one carat of tanzanite can fetch anywhere between 450 and $1,200 that's just for one carat in 2005 the largest piece of

Tanzanite on record was discovered by mining company tanzanite one it weighed well over six pounds that's 16,000 839 carats worth of sparkling tanzanite at $12,000 a carat that single piece would be worth more than 20 million we've got

One more featured jewel that's worth more than diamonds discovered in Russia in the 1830s and named after the then Tsar alexandrite is a gem with one rather fascinating characteristic the ability to change color from completely

Red to completely green alexandrite appears green in natural light and red under artificial light it also changes colors when viewed from different angles displaying different vivid oranges and purple Reds the color change

Which adds to the gems value is due to trace amounts of the element chromium the pricing of this rare and precious gem is based primarily on the strength of the color change and the purity of the hue top quality natural alexandrite

Can cost more than $30,000 per carat the largest uncut gem quality alexandrite specimen ever found was in Bahia Brazil in 1967 known as the Sawyer Alexandra it weighed a whopping 120 2400 carats or just shy of 54 pounds the largest cut

Stone alexandrite is owned by the Smithsonian Institute it weighs 65 point oh eight carats and is valued at over four million dollars which of these treasures would you most like to have in your collection did we leave anything

Out that should have been included are you planning on going opal hunting in Oregon or Nevada let us know your answers to these in the comments section below don't forget to like this video subscribe to the channel

And as always thanks so much for checking out the richest see you next time and have yourselves a great day

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