10 MORE Footballers You WON’T Believe Played Together

published on July 17, 2020

Hello and welcome to EFD where today we're bringing you ten Premier League footballers and their unlikely teammates let's start with the manchester city superstar ten Kevin de Bruyne ER and socratis in this time our Arsenal socratis has played against Manchester

City twice losing to nil and three no and getting booked on both occasions so the group must look back fondly on his days at Werder Bremen when he played alongside Kevin de Bruyne our rather than against him the Belgian joined the

Side alone in 2012-13 after his 7 million pounds switched to Chelsea from gank and immediately showed his quality contributing 10 goals and 9 assists in 33 League appearances more than anyone else at the club and nearly twice as

Many as teammate are now to bitch on 11 in fact the broiler and socratis were among virtus for most use players that season but while the 21 year old midfielder Shawn the defender struggled the team conceded 19 goals a game that

Year with only hoffenheim allowed more and ended up finishing 14th of 18 Bundesliga sides going without to win from February 16th until the end of the season a run of 13 games which included 7 losses they avoided relegation by just

Three points but strangely it was socratis who benefited from their miserable season going on to klopse Dortmund that summer while the bridle on the bench at Chelsea there's 6 months before leaving for Wolfsburg 9 Shaun

Wright-phillips and Jorge where one a young star who never reached the level predicted for him the other and international football icon who won titles in three countries the Ballon d'Or and is now president of Liberia

Shaun wright-phillips and Jorge we're don't seem to go together but the pair both featured four newly promoted Manchester City in the 2000 2001 season Shaun wright-phillips a 19-year old and where a veteran of 35 despite his age

Where was remarkably effective for City the club struggled for goals all season long with Paulo Wanchope finishing as their top goal scorer on 9 but we're back for in just nine appearances however he was rarely a starter playing

90 minutes only three times for the citizens and only made it two months into his two-year contract before disagreements with boss Joe Royle saw him terminate his contract in hindsight he was probably a wise

Decision in city 1 3 if they're opening 9 games but after we're left they weren't just 5 their remaining 29 with wright-phillips failing to score or assists in 19 matches in all

Competitions since the end of the year in 18 – and the ignominy of relegation while we're and of his playing days with paychecks at Marseilles and al-jazeera however the motion was the making of wright-phillips

As he scored 8 times the following year to return city to the big time going on to build a stellar reputation but for an ill-advised 21 million pound moved to Chelsea derailed him for good 8 Aaron Ramsey and Jimmy Floyd

Hasselbaink they may feel like players from different eras but Aaron Ramsey and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink crossed paths in 2007 8 when Ramsey was the 16 year old with 1 senior appearance to his name and Hasselbaink was 35 and in the final

Season of a career which took in spell was in the Netherlands Portugal Spain England and finally Wales joining Cardiff to partner fellow veteran Robbie Fowler Hasselbaink and Fowler had 1041 appearances and 462 career goals between

Them but that year they can only combine for 11 strikes in the league as Cardiff finished 12th in the championship Ramsey however was in the ascendancy Cardiff rejected two Premier League bids worth over 1 million pound for the

Teenager before it even started a game and after replacing Hasselbaink against Burnley for his first appearance of the season he went on to bag his first two professional goals that year helping his team to the final of the FA Cup where he

Eventually lost to Portsmouth attracting attention from Austin van Gogh and Alex Ferguson in the process Hasselbaink retired Fowler lef at Blackburn and Australia and Ramsey went on to Arsenal for 5 million pounds making up for that

Painful FA Cup loss by winning the trophy three times and earning himself a move to you Ben TISS 7 riyad mahrez and Benjamin Mende okay so you can believe these two played together but you may not be aware that Mende and Mara's knew

Each other before Manchester City in 2010 Morris signed physique to outfielder Alfre turning down offers from PSG in Marseille thanks to the quality of the aforementioned club's youth system which at the time included

A 16 year old left back Maine Benjamin Mende who'd been born 20 miles away from Juarez on the south side of Paris and it also joined the Harvard youth academy age 13 at the time the avro were unimpressive even by

Second-tier standards and in their two years together more as a Mende finished 15 and six however Mende was already tipped for big things and in 2013 he left for Marseille where he Shaun under Marcelo Bielsa

Marez meanwhile seemed to have missed his chance by 23 was still in the lead and had scored six goals in 60 games but Leicester Scout stevewall saw something in the youngster and took a small risk on him paying 450,000 pounds to bring in

To the Foxes Marez hadn't even heard of the club and thought they played rugby remarkably both players when improbable title was within three years and they were eventually reunited in Manchester in 2018 when city paid a combined 113

Million pounds for them six Teemu Pookie and Virgil van Dyck set to finish the 1920 season opposite ends of the Premier League team oopu keen Virgil van Dyck were once teammates in Scotland winning a title together in the 2013-14

Season with Celtic at the time Pookie was 23 and had already flopped at both severe and Schalke while Van Dyck came in from Groningen in the Netherlands after I act PSV and fire nod all turned down the opportunity to sign him the

Boys pay just under five million pounds for the pair but unsurprisingly their investments in Van Dyke was to prove more successful despite playing in the heart of defence vvd netted five times in his debut season in Glasgow just two

Fewer than Pookie and when the Finn left for Brom be the following campaign van Dijk stayed and won the league again this time netting 10 in all competitions two finishes the club's fifth highest scorer in both his full seasons he was

Nominated for the Player of the Year award and while Celtic made a 16 million loss on Pookie they made a 12 million profit on man dike and a further 8 million when he

Eventually joined Liverpool unfortunately there was a happy ending for Pookie to the striker resuscitating his career with four years at bromby before going on to hit 29 in the 1819 season to help Norwich earn the most

Lucrative prize in football promotion to the Premier League even relegation can't take that achievement away and in fact with three league titles he and Van Dyke occur level-5 Fubini oh and Meza Ezell Fubini

Oh maybe a red now but the Brazilian once played under Jose Jose Mourinho and where we say once we literally mean once at 19 the midfielder joined Portuguese side Brio are they from boyhood club

Fluminense a and immediately went out on loan to Real Madrid's youth side Castilla then in the Spanish segunda división for B neo made 30 appearances in the second tier alongside si Alvaro Murata and casimiro if the team somehow

Only finished 8th but he did enough to get a shot in the first team earning a call-up for a home game against Malaga with four fixtures left of the season unsurprisingly with the team featuring mod rich Kaka along so renowned ersal

Fubini Oh didn't start coming on at left back with 14 minutes to go and his side already 5 2 up however and his brief time on the pitch he did manage to make an attacking contribution setting up angle DeMaria for rail 6th and in the

Process helping them to their highest score of the campaign it wasn't enough to warrant a permanent move and Fubini o instead spent the next two campaigns on loan at Monaco before joining permanently in 2015 and while he may

Have missed out on rails for Champions leagues in five seasons he won the competition himself in 2019 and has two titles terrell was won in the year since for edgar davids in Wilfried Zaha in a career which took in spells with iyx

Barcelona Aventis milan and Inter his strange that edgar davids ended his career in England not with a super Club but with Crystal Palace and barn it's an extremely fit midfielder who played until he was 41 to have it signed for

Palace in August 2010 on a pay as you play deal and despite his pedigree as a midfielder was mostly used as a left back as the den Championship side fought to avoid relegation to League One at the time the palace squad was a mess with

Only two bright spots 19 year old right back nathaniel klein an 18 year old winger wolf Saha then in his first full season as a professional it was hoped that David's known as the pits ball for his tenacity and work rate could help

Mold these young talents into stars but while saw horror Klein made over 40 appearances in all competitions the Dutchman stayed with the Eagles for just three months away six appearances before terminating his

Contract Palace finished 20th avoiding the motion by just six points while David took a year off before joining Barneses player-manager overseen the club's relegation from lead to an ending his playing days in the conference three

Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane Leicester City were promoted to the Premier League in 2014 but when you look at the squad it's hard to believe it didn't happen a year earlier in 2012-13 the club had Jamie Vardy and Chris Wood available up

Front but clearly didn't rate their options wheeling and dealing in a low market to bring in Jesse lingard and Michael keen from Manchester United as well as the highly rated 19 year old Harry Kane however Kane had little

Chance to impress he played just 15 times in the league and while Vardy got twice as many appearances the pair could only manage to combine seven goals for the Foxes as a consequence three of the championship sides outscored the club

That campaign and they finished sick going on to exit the promotion playoffs thanks Detroit Dinis 97th minute winner in that famous 3-2 loss to Watford however both picked themselves up and the next year Vardhan netted 16 in the

Champs help his sides of promotion while Cain scored three goals in 500 Premier League minutes to earn his shot has taught him starting striker in 2014-15 half a decade on and Kane has been to the Champions League final four days

When the league and the pair of featured together in a World Cup semi as well as scoring 236 top-flight goals between them to date to Pierre Emerick a boomerang and even hazard it's hard to imagine a more lethal forward

Combination in Pierre omeka Bamian and Eden Hazard who played together for Lille back in 2009 10 hazard was just 18 at the time but had already spent two years in the club's first team while the Gabonese Shriker then 20 was on loan

From parent side AC Milan while hazard amidst just a single league game and was involved in 13 goals abyme yang struggled for minutes starting just four times in appearing as a sub in a further 10 netting just twice instead the stars

Of Lille season were Yohan Cabaye javi neo and Pierre Alain Frau who wore back 13 to help lil come forth as the joint top scorers in the division and it was only after a BAM Yanks departure that the team really came

Alive in 2010-11 liwin League won by 8 points again putting together the best attack and the year after that Hazard scored 20 and assisted 15 in 38 League games earning himself a move to Chelsea

Obba meanwhile had another unsuccessful spell in league and with Monaco a left Milan without playing a senior game he ended up switching to send Etienne for just 16 million pounds where had become legions top scorer and make team of the

Season before departing for Borussia Dortmund and superstardom 1 Edison and Jana black giving new meaning to the term selection nightmare Portuguese side Rio are they face the ultimate headache back in 2012-13 when the club had two

Superstar goalkeepers in the making in 19 year olds Janna Black and Edison Mirage the Brazilian was newly arrived in Portugal from his homeland 2nd division while the Slovenian came in loan from Benfica with the pair intended

To juke out for the number one shirts or black one the fight playing 28 games while Edison managed just 2 and Rio Ave recorded what was then the second highest finish in their history ending up 6th however despite their talent

Between the sticks 5 of the primeira Liga saw the 15 sides conceded fewer goals that campaign nonetheless two stars were born and at the end of the year a black returned to Benfica where he kept 14 clean sheets and 16 games and

Held Benfica to their first title in four years catching the attention of Diego Simeone Edison meanwhile had continued to improve and after all blacks departure Benfica knew just where to look for his replacements paying Rio

Of a 450,000 pounds for the cultured stopper over the next two seasons Edison kept 24 clean sheets in 37 games allowing just 16 goals in that time and 1 successive title was before he switched to Manchester City according to

Transfer marked Ian's are black are now worth an estimated 122 million pounds assume that Rio Ave with the stadium which seats just 13,000 people surely could have used so guys that was our 10 sets of players that you may not have

Known featured together but did we miss any out let us know in the comments below and why not click on screen right now to watch another EFD banger like subscribe and we'll see you next time

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