10-Minute Meditation For Sleep

published on July 2, 2020

– Hey there and welcome to
this meditation for sleep

First I'd like to invite
you to get comfortable

in a position that's restful,

relaxed, and cozy

And take a nice, slow, deep breath in,

deeper than you've taken all day so far,

and as you do, gently let your eyes close

And as you exhale, feel all
of the air leave your body

Taking another deep breath,

even deeper than the one before it,

and at the top of the breath,

see if you can notice the
stillness that exists there

And exhaling it out

At the bottom of the breath,

see if you can notice the
stillness there as well

Keep breathing this way,

noticing this natural
stillness that exists

at the top and the bottom of your breath

Allowing it to ground you
into the present moment

And using it to begin
to still your energy

Giving yourself permission, right now,

to let go of everything
else you were consumed with

before we started

There's no where else you need to be

There is nothing else
you need to be doing

Give your mind permission, right now,

to wind down and rest

Continue to take slow, deep breaths

And as you do, feel the
journey of your breath

through your entire body

Breathing in and out of
every muscle and every cell,

from the top of your head,

all the way down to the tips of your toes

Noticing any places

where we may be holding stress or anxiety

Noticing any areas that might be sore

or tight

And begin to breath into them

Unfurrow your brow,

unclench your jaw,

open your palms

Noticing any other places

in your body where you still
may be holding tension,

and breathing into and allow
that breath to release it,

and giving that tension
permission to let go

And now return your breath

to it's normal rhythm and pattern,

but keep your focus on it,

allowing it to be your
anchor as you fall asleep

Now we're going to set an intention

for the kind of sleep we want

Often we lay in bed worried
about not getting enough sleep

or not getting good sleep,

but what we focus on, expands

So to put it another way,

the more we focus on something,

the more we experience it

So we're going to avoid
focusing on what we don't want,

and instead, in this moment,

I invite you to set a positive intention

for the kind of sleep that you do want

A sleep that's peaceful,


deep, and relaxing

Really allow that intention
to settle in for you now

And allow those feelings of
restfulness, peace, relaxation,

and ease to come up for you right now

And just sit with them

And as we move into the
silent part of the meditation,

call to mind a few things
that happened today,

or in the recent past
that you're grateful for

Perhaps it's as simple as
being grateful for your health,

your safety,

your willingness to take
this time of self care

Take your time with each one

and really give yourself the gift

of sitting with that gratitude
and pleasant feeling

Allowing it to gently
ease you closer to sleep

Sweet dreams

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