by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

What's up guys around here in this video I'm going to show you some hidden tricks they are not really hidden and they are all in the car manual in the book but many people don't read this book today so that's why I'm here to show you these features and which I personally find

Useful my first a class was from August 2019 to August this year and I have a noun this car for two months so this a Class A 220 petrol I have for two months as of today and they are light up so because I have the Premium Package now

In my second car you can see this is so guys before we start give this with a like comment down below after you watch the video which was your favorite

Feature and tell me if you drive also a class which is another favorite feature of yours and also subscribe to this channel and hit the notification bell icon so you are notified for only videos so let's get started take a look at this

Interior is something something special and the best in the compact class for sure so the first feature is how to deactivate the keyless system and that's very useful in my opinion and I do it

Always when I'm in the public place because some people actually can steal your car when they have the keyless system however these new Mercedes key fobs after two minutes when they are not active for example you hang the keys at

Home or you put them on the table when the motion in the key detects that you are not that the key is not moving that the key after two minutes of any movement is turned off automatically so they can't in this way stole your car

With this like signals day the are near your door and scanning like these thieves and new modern tips so they can't do that but if you double click you know then also it's immediately disabled so right

Now I want to show you how you can do that actually it's very easy so when it's normal situation and you want to lock the car you have these in your pocket ok and you just press here with your tamp

And the car is looked if you want to open the car then you just place your hand here in the hole oh and it's opened but if you want to disable it then you don't touch the handle at all just double click here and now it's disabled

So now when I want to open it just normally it's not possible to open it's not activating anything if you want to open the car then just press the unlock button again and it's working again and Achilles is also active when you unlock

The car it hidden feature is actually when you start the car and you can see the multi beams the light game when they are waiting let's say here is a traffic light when you are waiting they have their leg on the brake so in this way

They are like a break in the car and when the green light is on then it just really is the brake and the car starts move starts moving but there is very useful feature from Mercedes so when you actually press quickly more firmly the

Brake and then you release your foot from the brake you will see here the whole name so let's do that ok so right now we have a halt and that means that the car is braked itself and your feet doesn't need to be on the

Brake pedal and in this way you can wait on the green light and then just press the accelerator and the halt will disappear and then we can continue with your Drive and we can do that as many times as you want basically so that's

Really really useful and right now I want to show you how it looks with the flash and this is how you might take perform this hold feature so just press quickly and release like that okay and you are moving again

It stop and press and release you don't need to slam fully the brake just a little bit so the car can sense it so guys this is perfect opportunity for this so I'm at the exit of the parking garage underground garage and now the

Whole feature is active and this is active up to the thirty percent of the incline so that's pretty much every day every situation which you will encounter so my other favorite feature is that you can showcase here the tire temperature

And tire pressure in inch tire separately and how you select this feature so here you can press the home button on the left side of the steering wheel and with the scrolling like mechanism you need to go into the

Service and here in service you have tires so here actually you can see all four tires and each tire with the temperature and also with the tire pressure so I saw an Italian guy during summer he posted on the Facebook that

One of his tire was actually like a amber or a yellow color and it had 70 degrees Celsius temperature which is really a lot so I think you know then that you should like calm the horn or something like that because it can be

Dangerous and I think if it's really dangerous it then it's a in like red light inch tire which one is a higher temperature also if you get some maybe air is leaking from the tire or you have a defect on the tire puncture so you can

See immediately we can see which tire it is so that's why I usually leave it like that when I Drive so that's one of my favorite feature as well in this car and not many people know actually the discs are supports this feature so next

Feature we is my favorite is here in info so you can scroll here on the touch area touchpad and here we go into the info and here you can see the consumption this is normal

Also the engine and you can see the vehicle and but here for this tip I want to show you the engine and in engine you can actually see the temperature of the oil so this is the temperature of the oil and here you can see the temperature

Of the oil in the gearbox so above the blue bar that's actually the minimum what you should do when you start like pushing the engine more and this is red zone show you so you shouldn't go in this zone and here you have the same so

Blue is around yeah this area and here we have the red so this is in degrees in Celsius and I think in America you have in Fahrenheit and in other countries which use Fahrenheit so yeah that's a very useful feature and you are also

Engine output and engine torque battery voltage and charge air pressure we have also here the coolant so this also should be in the middle or a little bit above me both at around 90 degrees Celsius so if you have all these three

Things like warm up then you can start to push the engine more with the accelerator so you can use the lounge control on this is code not a really large control but it's called assistive start on the a 220 and a 250 which are

Not AMG models you can do like a large control so the first step is turn off ESP and to turn off the ESP you need to go into the settings which is the last menu in the MU X then here you have ESP so if you press it turn it off you will

Need to have the steering wheel in a straight position so don't like this but in a straight position then you need to select the sportiest mode which you have on your car so on the non AMG models and that

In dynamic select that's the sport mode so you select this and also it goes back the ESP goes back to it you need to turn it off you need to be in sport mode which you can see actually here and you need to have the ESP off then you need

To have a left foot firmly on the brake so you don't do that usually because you break with your right foot but here with the lounge controlling to have a left foot forming on the brake then you select drive so write them in the

Parking position but short drive and then you need to press and the or push the throttle pedal quickly and fully so the past pressure point so fully yeah you need to press fully the throttle pedal with your right foot left

You have on the brake and right on the throttle and then you need to release your left foot from the brake while holding right foot on the throttle pedal so basically are accelerating really fast and after this quick acceleration

You need to turn on the ESP for safety reasons because otherwise ASP is not active during when you would be like sliding or you have a tire spinning I didn't try it yet but I know it's possible and I didn't know that because

Usually plunge control or let's say assistive start is only for the AMG models but in a 220 and a 250 you have it as well you need to keep in mind that the clutch is not warranted by Mercedes so clutch has wear and tear when you do

Allow it to control so just keep that in mind if you do that a couple of times I don't think it will be like a big problem but if you do that a lot of the times then it could be the problem then you maybe need to pay yourself for the

New clutch so maybe not I don't have the experience with red with that but yeah I just wanted to mention it so you know it and you should only do that when the engine and the gearbox is warmed up like I showed you before

So this should be warmed up and also the engine oil pressure and also my last useful feature is when you actually reverse so if you put the transmission in Reverse the backup camera will pop up but not many people know that when you

Press the reverse and camera opens that you have also here are other options so this is basic another cars have like a 360 cameras you can also do a halt feature which I showed you during Reverse so that's also a possibility so

What many people don't know is when you actually press here you can operate it with the touch or you can press here so you have a wide angle you can see it here rear wide-angle so you can actually see oncoming traffic in a car or a

Parked next to you on each side and you can see then you can see it because of this wide angle you can actually also do the feature that you open and the backup camera here with this button this is also Park trunk when the car park itself

So if you press it and then the car will detect spaces for the backup but also here we have features these cameras these buttons so if you go down here with this touchpad for example or with the steering wheel doesn't matter or you

Can press with your finger the screen then the camera will open while you are in the drive so you can check out who is behind you and yeah that's like a cool feature so don't need to put it in reverse

When you want to open the rear camera for some reason doesn't matter which reason but these cameras are really high definition so maybe when you're driving in your friend you can open the camera and see your friends or something like

That so it's really a cool feature in my opinion so what I want to show you today are some tips and tricks about Mercedes which I learned so the first one is when you want to open the car you can also open windows and how you do it alright

So you need to press the unlock button unlock the car and then hold the unlock button and the windows are going down so all four windows are now down and if you want to close them with your key you just need to hold the close button

Know so if you open and hold if you have a panoramic sunroof and that one will open – and also if you want close and the panoramic roof will close as well so when I use this trick is when I'm going to the car and yeah I have a private

Parking so I can open all four windows and I can let the hot air exit the car and then I have a better air inside the car when I enter the vehicle and then I can close the whole windows and turn on the a/c and that way the air is quicker

Cooler because I let the hot air go out from the car so yeah this is the first one right guys so the second feature ii like a hidden feature of mercedes e-class is actually the key so you could wonder where is the safe key in this key

Because when your battery dies in the key then you need to unlock somehow the car so it's right here so this actually is the key so you just need to press this button and here is your key also what I learned is when you want to

Give it back inside the key fob it's very easy to give it back just need to press the button and it goes right there no so you can Hank here some keychain but what I learned is you can also press again this button and

Then you can press it all the way inside I'm not going to do that now I'll tell you why but you can press inside and then you don't see anything and it's much better looking but also if you do that it's very hard at least in

My kifo it's very hard to do it back like this because I don't know why but it's difficult and you need like something narrow and sharp like maybe if you have a nail but you can break a nail so you need something sharp to put it in

The little space here and then you can open the key and yeah so if you don't have long key nails then or some object then don't press it all the way inside all right so if you have this key then where you can where you can place it and

Open the car I'm going to show you right so where is it so it's just here so here is the space you is the locking mechanism for the physical key so when the car is locked you can unlock it with the crate so third feature which is one

Of my favourite Mercedes feature is this is just great looks amazing and you have a profile here so what is the feature it's also on older Mercedes and also on other Mercedes other than a glass and is this feature a rest and I have it here

On this button AC and rest so what this button does is when you press it you have a red light here and now there will be hot air blowing from the winds and you can go away unlock the car I mean lock the car if

You can see the red button it's still on so it means that the system is still active so now you know how you have to activate this now I'm going to tell you what the system does alright so what does this picture do so this is the

System which use residual engine heat to continue to heat up the interior space when you turn off the engine and you are either inside of the car or you are outside lock the car and leave so this is happening during winter so during

Summer the same button also rest feature is keeping you more cold so it's blowing cold air and also is using like a ventilation of the interior so I tried it also during summer and also now during

Winter and I have to say that I like it more during winter because it keeps the car more warm during summer is not that effective I would say yeah so I stopped it during I stopped using it during summer sometimes I use it but mostly I

Started to use it during winter and I loved it I turn this button on I leave the car I lock it and I go somewhere like for example shopping and when I came back then the car is still warm and yeah it keeps the interior warm and it's

Very noticeable so mostly it's using this side Wednes it doesn't use this once at all so also you can hear from the outside and that the heater is on but only a little bit and this is using residual engine heat

To the point when the end doesn't have heat anymore and then it turns off the system automatically it works around 30 minutes I would say it depends how hot is your engine so if you go like on 2 or 3 mile trip and you turn

It on then it may last only like 5 minutes or so but if you have like a hot engine or warm enough then it may last 15 20 30 minutes but I think maximum is around 20 minutes so even if you will leave for like an hour if you keep it on

For 30 minutes then the car will cool down much much much slower and the cabin will be warmer then without using this so during summer is not as effective because I don't think it uses AC because yeah after like few minutes it stops to

Blow a cold air so yeah I use it for this so when I come back to the car and I'm driving to another location I have a warm interior so yeah that's when I use this feature and it's fantastic I really love it other cars

Don't have it and what I noticed is and this is the dual zone climate control because you have both zones for temperature also here so the car which have which has only one AC doesn't have this feature so if you want this feature

You need to buy the dual zone climate control which is called THERMOTRONIC if you have only single term attic then you won't have these feature guys so the next feature which I wanted to show you is actually in the glovebox

Alright guys so next feature I need to use a flash because it's in the glove box so if you open it you can also close it with the key which I show you before from the key fob so if you open it then you have here like a hidden stash so you

Need to turn this and here is it so you can would hear some things which you want to hide or you can use it like me and put the V here the West for the emergency and you need to also turn it and now it's safely

Here and you can use the glove box for other things but you can what you can also put here anything you want so basically it's like a hidden State guys so the last feature is here in the switch area so it's this button and you

Have a arrow here let me zoom in so this one so if you want to have a parking lights only on one side when you walk the car and go away then you need to press it on the side which you want to have turn it on so this arrow means that

This side will be lit up and this arrow means that driver's side will be lit up of course if you live in the UK or somewhere where it's right Stephen goodies here then it's vice-versa but also always the arrows

Point the direction which which side will be lit up so now it's right side it doesn't show anywhere on the dashboard it's just here so let's go outside and check it so i going out and check the lights if they are on on this side i can

Lock the car so as you saw on this side passenger side it was on and now I'm going to turn it on on my side or eyes check it out when I use this feature also look at

This how the start/stop button is like pulsating very nice so when I use this is when I park on near the curb with the with my one side near the like curb so when for example the curb is on this side then I in turn and the traffic is

On this side then of course I turn this side on so the cars can see me and if the curb is on this side and the traffic in is on this side then I turn the lights on this side so of course again the cars can see me and I do this only

In like tight spots where I know the during night some cars may not see me and I do it only when I stop somewhere like for some like period of time like 30 minutes or something for shorter time so the incoming traffic and see me and

Don't crash in my car and yeah for this period of time it's not too much heavy on your battery's on don't worry and make sure you use this feature alright guys so that's it for this video let me know in the comment section down below

How do you like this video these features and which is your favorite so guys that's it and have a great evening morning afternoon or night depending when in the world are you from and you can't let me know in the comment section

Down below where they come from a very curious and I'll see you soon in the next video have a great day

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