10 Habits Of Highly Successful People

by birtanpublished on September 9, 2020

Ten Habits of Highly successful people why are some people more successful than the others you see you don't decide your future you decide your habits and your habits decide your future no one succeeds overnight and no one fails overnight success is nothing more than

Some of small efforts repeated day in and day out today I want to share with you the 10 successful habits that I have learned and developed over the years habit number one successful people take a hundred percent responsibility for

Their own life you see I was struggling I was in my twenties I had just failed my thirteenth businesses I had started and fail at thirteen businesses and back then I was lost and I was blaming I was blaming everything else and when I met

My first mentor Alan when he sat down with me and he asked me the question Dan what's not working I said everything is not working right I'm not making enough money right I'm in debt I had all these failures I don't understand customers

Are so cheap the government I don't know why write the text so so high everything and the economy is bad and I was just pointing fingers at everyone else I wasn't taking responsibility for my own life and my mentor Alan said to me

Unless and until you take a hundred percent responsibility for your own life Dan you're not gonna be successful and I thought to myself maybe he's right maybe at the time I thought maybe not a hundred percent but

Maybe I'm a fault he says not maybe because you chose to stop those pieces you chose those partners you chose to spend your time on this every single decision you made on your own right to the best of your knowledge but still you

Chose what happened you chose and you act on it and from then on I'll learn to take responsibility the buck stops with me if it's meant to be is up to me and it's something that you need to think about because laying people playing

People you can make money or you can produce results you cannot do both so that's habit number one take a hundred percent responsibility for your own life habit number two and that is you have to decide exactly what you want most people

In life don't get what they want because they don't know what they want and my mentor said to me well Dan you need to set a goal now up to that point I haven't I haven't set any goals he said I want you to set a goal what is it that

You really want now at the time as a young person I thought my dream my dream was I wanted to buy the rx-8 master red rotary engine and I thought if I could get that car I have made it right there was my dream there was my only dream but

I thought it would be so cool if I could drive that car and he said good said that's a goal make that that's what you want to do right okay great so now from kind of like you know I'm doing all these things and I'm starting all these

Businesses and I wanted to provide for my mom but I I needed something to motivate myself right I needed something that I could see that I could feel that I could just focus on and the Alex ached that was it for me because at the time I

Was driving the astha hatchback master three right and I wanted to upgrade that was my dream so happened number two you have to know exactly what you want once you know exactly what you want happen number

Three is you have to believe it is possible that's it you just have to believe that it is possible not just for others but for yourself now for me back then because I was already driving the master 3 so in my mind it wasn't like I

Was trying to get a Lamborghini or Ferrari I was like okay it's an upgrade right if I could focus that maybe just maybe it's possible for me so it doesn't seem like so far-fetched it doesn't seem like you're not living in the basement

With your mom and now you want to buy a 10 million dollar home it was a cake I'm driving a hatchback and I could upgrade to a sports car that was it so you have to believe it's possible it's possible for you Napoleon Hill talks about this

In thinking Grow Rich whatever your mind can conceive and believe you can achieve and it's very very true you have to first believe that you could do it habit number four highly successful people they visualize success so here's what I

Did once I know that this is my goal once I take a hundred percent responsibility that I can make it happen and I believe that I can make it happen I visualize success so I cut out a a page from a

Magazine that had the ilyich's egg on it and I put it on my vision board I will look at it every day and it would visualize what it looks like right I would close my eyes and I could I could see the the the the interior of the car

That I could see that my hands is right here okay I can see the the stick right I could see the whole cog and see the the the interior I can I can feel the leather seat and I would visualize and visualize and visualize until it becomes

So vivid in my mind that I could see it I could I could smell I could I could feel right I guess with this I I deserve this this is what I could do and I do that everything visualized my success

So that's habit number four you have to visualize your success habit number five successful people act as if so when I hang out with my friends at a time and we would see in Alex think driving by and I would tell them hey that's my car

Right there and they thought again you're crazy what are you talking about that's not your car I said that's my car no you drive the hatchback no no that is my car every single time I see the I'll extinct

I was acting as if I wasn't lying I wasn't lying to anybody I was conditioning myself I was acting as if the result has already been accomplished so I act and talk in a way that hey you know what that it's mine it's mine

Already it's done it's a done deal so acting us.if see most people they wait till that they see the result and then they say oh yeah then they feel that they deserve it no first you have to believe that you deserve it first

Before the result will come along is the other way around have a number six successful people are willing to pay the price so it's one thing the dream is one thing to believe but at the end of the day you have to do something right you

Have to be willing to pay the price and in this case because it's simply a car it's quite easy to calculate so I found out exactly and precisely how much it's gonna cost this car right and I thought to myself okay it's gonna cost

Me this much down payment that's gonna cost me this much in monthly payment okay so what I needed to do is I need to focus on generate enough income to pay for that and I was willing to pay the price so when my friends when they were

Going to pups when they were partying when they were just wasting time I was working I was just working day-in day-out long hours every single day no no break no time off I would just focus because I was willing to pay the price

So one of the questions that you have to ask yourself is what price are you willing to pay for success what are you willing to give up what are you willing to sacrifice because it does always a trade-off it's always a trade-off habit

Number 7 successful people feel the fear and they do it anyway see a lot of people they think that successful people have no fears of course we have fears of course we have doubts of course we are afraid to make a decision sometimes

We're human beings the difference is we don't let the fear stop us we don't let the fear dictate what we are or what we're not going to do we feel the fear you feel the fear but we do it anyway now remember I have to pick up the phone

I had to call business owners I took cocoa and get clients was I afraid you bet was i nervous you bet but I liked those rejections no of course not right of course not but I feel the fear

And I'd do it anyway I'd do it anyway I'd do it anyway just keep at it keep at it and you keep at it have a number 8 successful people seek mentorship you see unsuccessful people very often they have a big eagle and

Please listen to me your Eagle is not your amigo your ego is not your friend the ego will destroy you see when I was doing it my way right I let my pride my ego stopped me from seeking mentorship until I found my

First mentor now that may or may not be the answer for everybody I'm just telling you that was the answer for me finding my mentor finding their first mentor change my life eternal life around seeking mentorship I don't have

All the answers I don't know everything there's no way someone knows everything and the more you learn the more you realize how little that you know so my mentor was giving me the mindset and the skillset that I needed to achieve my

Goals to buy that all x8 does that mean I don't have failures of course I have failures but success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm we said Churchill so habit number 9 successful people have

Enthusiasm you notice high-income people they have high energy low-income people they can't get anything done productive they cannot make it happen then lack the vitality the energy right the enthusiasm the stamina to make things happen and

How are you gonna accomplish anything if you don't approach anything with passion enthusiasm right you may not be the best at it right now but if you are enthusiastic and you believe and your passion incredibly passionate about what

You do you're gonna make it happen so that's a very very key habit that kind of makes everything work and that these two the last habit and that's happened number 10 successful people commit to constant improvement you see after I did

All these things I act as if I pay the price I seek mentorship I kept going and finally I got the car and I was so excited I went to the dealership and by that time I had already test drove the car multiple

Times I knew exactly what I was getting myself into and I walk into the dealership and the car salesman was telling me he has never sold a car just fast because the paperwork done drove the car off the dealership and what's

Fascinating is and I thought and I was excited it was great right and I was driving the car right off the parking lot and you know how I felt I felt that I've seen this I've

Experienced this many many times I felt that just like it you know what this is this is my because I visualize it so many times I was actually incredibly calm this is how it's supposed to be and it's great it's like a deja vu that kind

Of feeling because I've seen it in in in my mind so many times I acted as if I knew I knew it's mine and when it's mine okay it's mine what's the big deal right and then I said the mix goal right I want to I want to get the Knicks car and

I know at a time I thought Kyle was my thing I'm not interested those things anymore by the time I file I'll get a next card and it's kind of Mercedes to the audio egg and on and on and on and the Bentley and all those things right

So successful people seek mentorship they also never stop improving it's always about becoming better becoming a better version of yourself if you want to be healthier what do you need to do you will study nutrition you

Will study fitness right if you want to be a good cook you will learn recipes you'll learn from other chefs your brainstorm ideas it's no different if you want to be successful you have to make that a subject that you study it

Has to be something that you take seriously here's something you have to put some effort in so comment below and share with me which one of these successful habits that you are going to implement maybe you won't implement all

Of them at once but what is that one habit that you want to implement today comment below and let me know

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