10 Great Laptops under $1000! (Mid 2020 Buying Guide) | The Tech Chap

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Hey guys I'm coming tech chat but as you can see I've got a whole stack of laptops here and even a couple more over there but these are all in my opinion the best value laptops that you can buy right now I mean in this crazy world that we live in we don't all have a ton

Of cash to spend on a super expensive shiny laptop so these are all under a thousand pounds if you do fancy buying one of the laptops I put links in them all in the description below and also guys I am trying to get to a million

Subscribers so if you haven't already a cheeky lot of subscribed there would be amazing all right let's get into it I'm starting with the most expensive you guessed it it's a MacBook it's the 2020 MacBook Air

It's a thousand pounds the same in dollars but if you're in the Apple ecosystem or you're just used to using Mac OS then this is the best value Apple laptop you can buy on the outside is pretty much identical to the previous

Model really is just a spec upgrade on the inside with new 10th gen Intel processors which also come with significantly faster graphics so the base model I have here comes with a dual core i3 processor 8 gigs of ram and 256

Gigs of SSD storage for the more techy amongst you yes paying a thousand pounds for a core i3 laptop is a bit excessive but it's a decent chip actually I'm together with how well optimized Mac OS is it did everything I needed it to will

Be with the occasional hiccup if I had too many chrome tabs open you do have the option to pay a hundred more though for the quad core i5 model if you need a bit more power but the benefit of the i3 other than being cheaper is it's

Completely silent there's no annoying fan noise so yeah compared to Windows alternatives it is quite expensive and also the port selection is limited to us PC phone of all three so you're gonna have to get used to that adapt to life

But it's a beautifully designed laptop we get a lovely screen and if you do want the Mac OS then yeah the MacBook Air is the one to go for then we have this guy the asustor book 14 UX 4 3 4 and being the latest 2020 model we also

Get the upgrade to Intel's 10th James it's also 900 pounds though so still in the higher end of our budget and while we do get the latest specs here we're mainly paying for the premium design with the super thin bezels or what soups

Are calling they're nano edge screen we also get this fancy screen pad where the touch pad doubles as a second screen which right now you're thinking either oh that's kind of cool or what a total gimmick who would actually use that I

So in between so it's a little pricey but the simbook 14 is a stunning laptop next up we have the ace of swift 5 and it'll say back nine hundred pounds so the main selling point of this guy is we get some pretty decent specs but it's

Also in an incredibly light sassy waist just nine hundred and ninety grams which is about two point one eight pounds and so while we're not really going anywhere at the moment if you fancy walking around the house all day with your

Laptop in your hand then yeah this is one of the most portable laptops you can buy we've got this gorgeous 14 inch full HD screen super thin bezels and I really like this blue color as well the magnesium aluminium alloy that AC use

For the material of this does obviously keep the weight down but it feels a little bit plastic hila maybe a little bit more flimsy than say something like the MacBook Air most importantly performance is solid with a tenth gem

Called eight gigs of RAM and a 512 gig SSD the Swift v is a great laptop I really do highly recommend this one however if you're not that bothered about paying a premium for a super lightweight laptop then actually the

Asus Swift three is a better option it's a 150 less than Swift five so we're looking at 750 pounds but we get the same specs again a 10th gen I five eight gigs of RAM and 512 storage but there's also another Swift we model with a three

By two aspect ratio screen which is taller and more squarish than your typical sixteen by nine I've not actually had this in for a review yet so I don't want to pass judgment but it does look kind of interesting and again

It should be pretty good value just quickly guys a big thank you to surf shock VPN for sponsoring this video and actually if you click the link below and you then scroll down a little bit you'll see me it's me on the website subshock

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Try okay back to the video and let me show you the assuit vive book 15 now there's about a billion models of this but I wanted this one with a 10th Jen I five which cost six hundred pounds and Amazon

I was filming this was completely out of stock assistant have one either but they did send me the x5 12 D model instead which is exactly the same but with it Rison 737 hundred you chip instead anyway the viva book 15 packs in some

Pretty impressive specs given the price risin 7 or 10th gen intel i5 s along with 8 gigs of ram and 512 storage it looks pretty smart its compact lightweight the bezels and nice and thin and that's room for a numpad this would

Probably have been my number one choice if it wasn't for the screen which really lets it down it doesn't get very bright and the viewing angles contrast and colors are pretty bad to be honest unless you're just doing office work and

Don't really care that everything looks a bit washed out then it's fine alright next up we've got this guy the huawei mate book d15 there is also a 14 hitch version if you want the smaller one and this will say you back 550

Pounds which is pretty surprising actually because it looks and feels a lot more expensive than that so it's 50 pounds less than the viva book although it is a little harder to find in the US and some other regions but if you can't

Find one it's definitely worth considering we get an AMD Verizon 5 3500 you which is a little bit slower than a tenth Jen I 5 but not by much and actually means laptops like this can be even cheaper paired with 8 gigs of RAM

256 storage a solid range of ports while we share which lets you transfer files and even control your Huawei phone or laptop a fingerprint reader built into the home button and a nifty recessed webcam although its placement does then

Mean it's looking up your nose which isn't ideal if you're doing a bunch of video calls but it's a great all-round laptop and for 550 pounds a bargain now speaking of bargains the next laptop I want to show you you may not have even

Heard of but it's the owner magic book now all new is basically a sub brand of Huawei they tend to target towards more youthful audiences and they sometimes can be more affordable as well but actually this is the same price as the

Make make mate book D at 550 pounds and we also get the exact same specs 3500 you eight gigs of ram 256 gigs of storage but it does come in I think a slightly more stylish slightly more premium design and also I do prefer the

Keyboard on this over the mate book so I actually think between the two I'd rather go with the magic book if you can find it we also get a recessed webcam a similar on a share feature for your phone and

Same range of ports it does make you think a little bit but you can get this for nearly half the price of this yeah definitely still a premium for Apple devices alternatively and particularly for you guys in the US for whom the mate

Book and magic book aren't readily available I'd recommend this guy the Acer Aspire v slim but at just 550 dollars on Amazon right now it's a great value option with a 15 inch IPS screen the latest specs and a pretty good

Looking if squally officee design but if you really do just need something cheap and cheerful for the most basic tasks and I think the Acer Aspire 3 is a great option it's a 15.6 inch laptop with a pretty

Decent risin 3 3200 you chip although we're getting a fairly poultry 4 gigs around and 128 storage so the aspire 3 runs Windows 10s by default which is a more locked down but faster and safer version of Windows so it would make a

Great laptop for your kids but it doesn't mean take a few seconds to switch back to full fat Windows 10 and it is free the main downside apart from the so-so specs and the cheaper plastic you build is the screen it uses a TN

Panel unlike the vibra book the colors and viewing angles are a bit well Biffy to say the least but again if it's just a second laptop for the house or something for your kids it's

Absolutely fine and I also kind of like the fact that it comes in this nice blue and also a red color option oh there is also a black model if you're mister serious and don't want to have any fun do you make sure though that you get the

Aspire 3 with an SSD it's a lot faster than other models with hard drives but for 350 pounds it's an absolute bargain and if you're a bit of a tinkerer you could always upgrade the RAM and storage yourself and then the good budget option

Is the Microsoft Surface go which costs about 280 although for a good spare come with the keyboard it'll cost a couple hundred more but it's still a great little compact 2 in 1 laptop but I'd hold off on that as the 2nd gen version

The surface go to is coming out very soon and that will definitely want to keep an eye on now of course there were loads more laptops out there to choose from these are just my picks if performance is important though and you

Can wait just a little bit longer I'm really excited for laptops coming with aim DS 4000 series of protesters including another version of the Swift 3 as well as upcoming as susan books and plenty more so stay tuned as i'll be

Reviewing these on my channel on the lower end there's always Chromebooks to consider if you just want a basic laptop for browsing the web but I'll talk more about those in a separate video so hopefully that's helped you

Figure out which laptop you want to buy or maybe at least which ones you don't want to buy as I say I put links to all the ones I've talked about today in the description below thank you so much for watching guys don't forget to hit that

Subscribe button below if you want to see more of me and also check out surf shark VPN there's a link in the description below you get 85% off and three months extra free plus there's a refund policy so if you're not a hundred

Percent satisfied you can get your money back that's surf shop VPN and use the code tech chap at the checkout see you next time guys

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