10 Giant Bodyguards You Don’t Want To Fight

published on July 9, 2020

If you thought that soldiers orbodybuilders were tough wait until weintroduced you to the world of celebritybodyguards these select few individualsare paged truckloads of cash to ensurethat they're a list clients are

Protected at all times and that theylive to fight another day the life of acelebrity isn't easy paparazzi followthem around the clock diehard fans arewilling to do anything for a selfie andin the case of a few particular stars

Plenty of haters are waiting for achance to strike that's why the presenceof a bodyguard is imperative trust uswhen we say these hulking protectors arenot to be messed with we've all heardthe name Kendrick Lamar right the

American rappers songwriter and producerhas sold award-winning album afteraward-winning album and is worth closeto 75 million dollars Dalma while he maybe a powerhouse in the music industryhe doesn't boast – the most overwhelming

Stature the Compton rapper clocks in at5 feet 6 inches so it goes withoutsaying that he seeks out some physicalprotection towering over the rapperlooking like a modern-day giantKendricks bodyguard is a man Mountain

It's fair to say that no one would darecome within arm's reach of this monsterof a dude the size difference betweenthese two is so evident that they'vebeen compared to bran stark and Hodorfrom Game of Thrones check it out the

More important the protection the higherthe cost as well a good bodyguard likeKendricks doesn't come cheap and theycan ask for whatever salary that theythink their services are worth unlikemost industries the idea of a base

Salary doesn't really apply generallythe more famous the client is the morerisk the bodyguard takes on by agreeingto protect them and in turn the fatterthe paychecks for the most partcelebrities will pay anywhere from

$100,000 to over a million dollars peryear to keep paparazzi drooling fans andthe occasional crazy stalker at bayFloyd Mayweather is widely regarded asone of the best defensive fighters everboasting an immaculate undefeated

Professional fight record of 50 you knowwith 27 knockouts along the way but eventhough this former boxer can hold hisown in the ring against any opponent wecould possibly throw at him it doesn'tmean he's on his toes 24/7 everyone

Needs their downtime family time andmoments of relaxation and during thosemoments Floyd and trusts a large team ofhighly intimidating bodyguards toprotect him over the years this team hasincluded guys like ray sadeghi and

Larosa considering that altercations inthe professional fighting world happenedon the regular we're looking at youConor McGregor floyd needs to ensure hissafety so that he's ready to go when hesets foot in the ring as the

Highest-paid and richest boxer in theworld floyd has no trouble paying hisbodyguards good money and they're worthit nobody passes through these largeguys without permission not evencelebrities have you ever wondered what

It's actually like to work as abodyguard gregg LaRosa has the answerquote we're there for floyd 24/7 if hefeels like going to the movies he callsso I gotta be there it's not a job foreveryone no sleep

We're travelling here there we're alwayson the move and quote if FloydMayweather isn't the most famous modernfighter then it's the controversialfeatherweight King the notoriousIrishman Conor McGregor after receiving

A number of intimidating threats in 2016Conor was forced to beef up his personalsecurity team creating around-the-clocksecurity personnel schedule Conor earnedaround 100 million dollars alone forfighting Floyd Mayweather jr in August

Of 2017 so he's got plenty of money tothrow around in the name of protection alot of that cold hard cash goes to twoof his trusty bodyguards nicknamed Rockyand Drago after the characters in theRocky films when Conor attended the

Vip-style awards in Dublin one of themeven waited directly outside the toiletswhen he nipped in for a quick breakdespite an overly friendly crowd thebodyguards didn't let him out of theirsight for even a minute and anyone

Requesting a photo was required to gothrough them first what about weaponsare these bodyguards armed the answer issometimes in the USA local and statelaws dictate who may be armed and wherethey may be armed one anonymous

Bodyguards told cosmopolitan that aweapon is merely one tool in the toolboxquote what I make sure I have with meday in and day out when providingprotection is a portable medical kitstatistically speaking the client is

Much more likely to trip over a wirebackstage and suffer a sprained anklethen get descended upon by snipers andquote snipers might be unrealistic butrobbery is not kim kardashian learnedthat firsthand in paris back in 2016 the

Keeping Up with the Kardashians star wasthe victim of armed robbery during ParisFashion Weekwhen masked men stole millions ofdollars worth of jewelry from her in themiddle of the night including an

Exclusive four million dollar ring thatincident resulted in seriousramifications for Kim's chunked up bodypascale doovy heir who was sued fornegligence after failing to protect hisemployer at the time of the robbery

Pascal was out at a Paris nightclubprotecting Kim's sisters Kourtney andKendall knowing that do you really thinkit's fair that he was sued we don'teither way after that scare Kim andKanye left no stone unturned in the name

Of security and protection allegedly theduo pays over seven million dollars ayear for bodyguardsas for Pascal it didn't take long forhim to find another employer he was seenworking with Fergie on the set of her

New music video shortly after Kim andKanye let him go it's not uncommon forbodyguards to bounce around from onecelebrity to another celebrities willoften recommend their bodyguards toother celebrities this is peter van der

Veen a former dutch policeman a formermr Europe from 2005 a chiseledbodybuilder and an esteemed bodyguardwho's worked with two icons of the musicindustry Adele and Lady gagamost of the time bodyguards subtly blend

Into the background taking no attentionaway from the celebs they've been hiredto protect well that's not quite thecase with Peter van der Veen theinternet has blown up in fandom withpeople tweeting things like quote

Although I love the new Adele album Ithink I'm more obsessed with herbodyguard as well as quote hello Adele'sbodyguard it's me with his impressiveheight broad shoulders and blue eyesPeter brings in more attention than the

Average security employee but being eyecandy of course isn't the reason he's sosought-afterhe's exceptionally good at his job andhas guarded other celebrities likeLeonardo DiCaprio and Paris Hilton in

The past as well if there's any musicicon that's in need of some seriousprotection its Snoop Dogg or snoop lionif you prefer the West Coast basedrapper and producer has a net worth of ahundred and fifty million dollars making

Him one of the richest rappers in theworld combine that with the fact thathe's been the target of multipleassaults and it's easy to understand whyhe employs so many giant protectorsseriously take a look at these guys they

Are huge these bodyguards have framesalmost double the size of Snoop andthey've been seen protecting him bothonstage by quickly pushing off any fanwho climbs up without permission and outin the wider world there's no doubt

About itthese intimidating dudes are not to bepoked and prodded even though HarryPotter has the magical know how todefend himself against dark wizards andall sorts of sinister creatures in the

Real-world the actor behind the Boy WhoLived needs to rely on goodold-fashioned personal muggle securityfor protection since finishing up theHarry Potter series Daniels face hasbecome as recognizable as anybody's in

The industry with an incomprehensiblenumber of fans waiting to get as closeas possible and stopping at nothing todo itRadcliffe isn't a large man by any meansjust five feet five inches he pales in

Comparison to his mammoth of a bodyguardnamed Sam standing at 190 centimeterstall or close to 6 foot 3 Sam has notonly received attention for his abilityto protect but also for his ability tocharm the cameras the internet has

Swooned over his good looks and yet mostof his identity remains a mystery somebelieve that the reason for the lack ofinformation is that he has a history asa secret agent there aren't too manyfaces more identifiable than that of

Daniel Radcliffe but there is perhapsone and that's the face of the Presidentof the United States of America acountry is only as strong as itspresident and when you're leading themost powerful country on Earth with a

Politically divided population of 330million every waking moment is apotential threat that's why thepresident employs the Secret Service agroup of expertly trained individualswho constantly scan for imminent danger

These guys are armed and dangerous andhave the power and authorization to takedown any perceived attacker we'veactually got an entire video about theinner workings of the Secret Servicewhat do the tens of millions of

Taxpayers dollars go toward check outthe video link provided in thedescription to find out this is MichaelMikey Arana one of the many frighteningbody guards that Justin Bieber hasemployed during the decade that he's

Been the music world's center ofattentionMikey is proficient with weapons towersabove justin has biceps the size of treetrunks and is clearly not a man that iswilling to be messed with

However as Justin has grown older so hashis fans and Mikey's approach toprotecting the young pop star haschanged along the way in Mikey's ownwords quote I remember when I firststarted with him it may sound crazy but

Three or four little girls they have somuch strength they would literally riphis shirt take off his hoodie and ifit's a big crowd you could lose him inthat crowdquote so as you can tell my keys work is

Just as much about protecting Justinfrom threats as it is about protectinghim from overzealous fans himselflooking like a young Hugh Jackman KatyPerry's bodyguard often manages to stealthe spotlight not because of his bulking

Muscles but because of his very ownHollywood style looks while his identityhas remained much of a secret hispresence has not Katy Perry's bodyguardis regularly spoken of online as one ofthe most handsome and athletic security

Employees in the industry no wonder shedecided to let him join the team ofcourse it's not all about looksthis man would almost certainly haveextensive training in hand-to-handcombat and be able to spot a threat the

Moment it arises Katy is regularlymobbed by fans and it's up to this manto ensure that she remains safe andhealthy no matter the situation do youpersonally know anybody who is famous orimportant enough to require a bodyguard

If you were going to hire somebody whowould your ideal protector be we wouldtake the Hulk don't forget to like thisvideo subscribe to the channel and asalways thanks for checking out therichest see you next time

Have a great day

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