10 Games with BEST Graphics for Android and iOS (2020)

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hello everyone today we have picked 10
games for you that have graphics that
are far above the average for mobile
games and over eye-pleasing effects on
top of that of course these games aren't
just eye candy they also offer immersive
environments and engaging gameplay
excited to see what's coming next let's
get right to them and we start with call
of duty mobile to even need to describe
call of duty it's the most popular
first-person franchise in the world and
as soon as the game was released for
mobile devices it was an instant success
the realistic graphics are a big part of
it but credit must be given to the games
features as well multiple game modes to
choose from each with a unique twist on
the familiar gameplay from weapons and
loadouts you can customize to unlocking
achievements there is plenty to like
about Call of Duty mobile and if you
haven't joined the millions of players
already now is the best time to do so
next up we have asphalt 9 legends
asphalt 9 is another super popular game
and with a good reason the graphics are
so good you start wondering how
smartphones can be so powerful these
days yeah sure the actual driving
experience is far from realistic since
your car spends more time flipping
through the air than actually using its
tires and the steering is pretty much
automatic but it's all in the name of
entertainment in this game delivers on
that front as well
exotic hyper cars detailed maps
challenging opponents has it all but
what if you want a gameplay that's part
Call of Duty part asphalt 9 well you get
this weird creation metal madness PvP
choose the vehicle strap a weapon to its
roof and enter the arena where other
players have done the same and can't
wait to destroy you into pieces
sounds fun right it is you can go for a
fast and agile sports car or a slow but
durable truck whatever fits your
playstyle best earn rewards and upgrades
your death machine to make it more
efficient and with that more fun to
drive around and shoot things
now speaking of shooting a things you'll
be doing that a lot while playing our
next suggestion left to survive at first
glance it's a classical zombie survival
first-person shooter but there are two
elements you don't usually see in such
there is solo and then 2 versus 2 player
versus player mode that's right when the
apocalypse hits people often turn
against each other so if mindless
zombies are too boring for you other
players will definitely make you fight
for your survival and second airborne
missions shooting enemies from a
helicopter is a nice change of pace plus
it's really satisfying if we have to be
honest as promised all that comes in
high detail graphics next up we have the
Elder Scrolls blades even in the company
of high graphics games the Elder Scroll
blades stands out with its gorgeous
levels and 3d models that easily rival
consoles the gameplay of the Zelda
Scrolls game is simplified compared to
other titles from the franchise but you
still be able to immerse yourself in the
fantasy world of Tamriel you can clear
out dungeons from monsters gather loot
and of course complete quests this game
also has a PvP mode in which you can
fight against other players in the arena
either way if you want to adventure in
beautiful scenery the Elder Scrolls
blades is the right choice next up we
have Warhammer 40,000 free blade and
that's another game from a franchise
with many titles under its belt the
popular tabletop strategy game comes to
life on your phone with stunning visuals
of giant mechs and cities that crumble
under the blasts of your rockets shoot
at enemies with machine guns or fight
them in close combat with giant
mechanical swords the choice is yours
the gameplay is simplified movement is
done automatically so you can just focus
on using your weapons as effectively as
possible as expected there are tons of
upgrades and customization options
available to unlock and equip if you
have the resources to do so now if
you're a fan of the Warhammer 40,000
universe you should definitely give this
game a try next up we have a Ark a
survival evolved or Ark Ark is a game
with an amazing open-world where
dinosaurs roam free and you begin your
journey scraping for food and clothes
trying your best to stay alive as you
become more experienced however you'll
find yourself the master of these same
dinosaurs and owner of a base you've
designed and built yourself you don't
have to do everything alone
you can always find like-minded people
and join the tribe together you can go
on adventures in the beautifully crafted
environment where plenty of Secrets are
waiting to be discovered
next up when it comes to graphics bright
memory is in a class of its own it
simply looks stunning we're not even
talking console level but straight up PC
level details you can quickly tell
you're in PC territory just by seeing
that there are polling quote minimum and
recommended chips for this game but even
if you have a top-tier phone there are a
couple of things you should know before
you get too excited first it's a paid
game and granted not an expensive one
but even a couple of dollars are a
barrier for most people these days and
second the story game play provides only
lasts about an hour but what an hour
that is action sequences like you've
never seen in a mobile first-person
shooter the shortness of the game is
unfortunate but if you want to
experience what most games will look
like in a year or two reallocate your
morning coffees budget and feast your
eyes on bright memory next up we have
iron blade and iron blade is a classic
RPG your character is covered in armor
head to toe and is swinging around the
biggest and baddest weapons he can get
his hands on leaving countless monsters
dead in the process and while many games
of their type exist for smartphones feel
them look as good as iron blade the
levels are vast and the change between
different environments keeps the
gameplay from feeling boring as you
level up you'll learn new skills and
gain access to more powerful weapons
which you need to defeat the bosses the
game also has a PvP element we're in
charge of your own castle and have to
defend it from the invasion forces of
other players it's now all hacking and
slashing an iron blade and last but not
least we have an MMORPG for you black
desert black desert has amazing graphics
with a huge emphasis on spectacular skew
effects which makes battles look epic
even if there is only a handful of
enemies involved you can choose between
five classes each with a unique fighting
style and skill set you'll have to work
hard to gain the experience needed to
unlock the most powerful skills and
quality gear since you started almost
nothing with plenty of other players
roaming around the world you can make
new friends or just partner up to
complete a quest or to faster black
desert suffers from some of the
negatives of free games but overall it
offers plenty to enjoy as well it's
definitely worth a try and that's the
end of our small compilation for today
ten games that will make your smartphone
sweat but bring you i pleasing
entertainment while doing it for more
game picks and tech reviews check the
rest of our videos and don't forget to
subscribe to our channel phone arena
right here if you want to see more of
them in the future thanks for watching
this and I'll see you in the next one

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