10 Fastest Boats Ever Made

published on July 9, 2020

With the sound of subtle waves a day onthe water is calm relaxing and nowscratch that it's exhilaratingheart-stopping and more intense thananything you've ever seen or felt beforewhile NASCAR and Formula One drivers

Reach top speeds of around 200 miles anhouradrenaline junkies on the water almostdouble that from luxury yachts to Tzipisubmarines unmatched speedboats andlightning-fast jet skis grab your

Floaties because we're about to checkout the water skirting record breakersif you've got a reckless need for speedthen look no further than this finespecimen of a vessel introducing thetwelfth mercedes-amg collaboration with

Cigarette racing known as the Tirana at59 feet long with a king bed kitchen alarge handcrafted sofa an equally largeTV and a separate bathroom this is morelike a propelled apartment than anythingelse but what truly stands out about

This beast are the engines one two threefour five six of them in total all ofwhich are supercharged v8 sourced fromthe mercury racing team which pump out450 horsepower each combined that's2,700 horsepower so it's no wonder that

The 26 person boat can reach a whopping82 miles an hour at top speed you'dexpect the boat to rock from side toside with severity but that's not thecase at all thanks to cigarete Racing's$100,000 proprietary gyro stabilizing

System call the sea keeper body roll isreduced up to 80% the cigarette 59-foottirana starts at three million dollarswhat's more you can buy a matching SUVfor when you prefer a few hours on landas well the AMG 63 SUV has a starting

Price of one hundred and fifty sixthousand four hundred and fifty dollarsmaking the tirana look like it's movingat a snail's pace cast your eye over tothe lightning-quickbluebird k 7 speed boat powered by 3500

Horsepower and with room for just onepersonthe Bluebird k7 is best known as thevessel that Donald Campbell used to setwater speed records in the 1950s and 60sbefore a fatal accident

Donald managed to officially reach 276myper hour in 1955 the Bluebirds sold for25 thousand pounds that's around 300thousand American dollars by today'sstandards of course if you could buy it

Today there'd be a number of additionalcosts tacked onto the end a trailer forexample would set you back anywhere fromthree hundred dollars for a used one totwo thousand plus for a new one while afive hour trip on a typical motorboat

Could cost you more than $300 per outingin fuel costs according to better boatwho says that speed is limited to thesurface the Soviet Navy'snuclear-powered cruise missile submarinedubbed the K 222 is the fastest known

Submarine in history and proves that youdon't need to have six identical motorsin order to gain some serious tractionthe K 222 which was the first-evertitanium hold submarine recorded topspeeds of forty four point seven knots

That's 51 point four miles an hour oreighty two point eight km/h even thoughit's been well over half a century sincethe K to 22 took its first dive it stillholds the records to this day forcomparison the fastest modern US

Submarine the three billion dollar perunit USS sea wolf maxes out at a topspeed of 35 knots the K 222 or thegolden fish as it was dubbed served theSoviets for decades before finally beingdecommissioned in December of 1984 and

Housed on a pier in Civ origins inRussia's Northwest the speed came at amighty cost though two billion rublesthat was in 1959 today that's theequivalent of 253 million us dollarsowning and maintaining a sub isn't cheap

Eitherespecially when parts need to bereplaced back during World War twonavies were paying ten thousand dollarsfor an entire periscope system thesedays the joystick used to control the

Submarine periscope is worth thirtyeight thousand dollars alone while theymight seem like toys compared to Sovietsubs make no mistake the right jet skican chalk up seriously impressive speedsas long as you've got the right person

Driving it of course in October 2017Eva Perez climbed aboard his personalwatercraft a turbocharged Yamaha FZ Rwave runner with the hope of beating theprevious jetski speed record of onehundred and twenty three point two miles

Per hour which he personally set at theUShydro drag Nationals just two monthsearlier in August of 2017he didn't just beat the record heshattered it setting a new 127

Mile-per-hour recordtake a lookthe Yamaha FZ R sells for about fourteenthousand dollars so you can nab oneyourself if you're feeling inspired addabout another thousand for the trailer

And one hundred and fifty to fivehundred dollars per year in insuranceand you're ready to go hands up who herehas ever heard of a pontoon boat it'scertainly not your run-of-the-millvessel sitting atop floats to remain

Buoyant pontoon boats are typically usedfor pleasure boating and fishing or astransit boats to carry travelers acrossrivers or lakes because they can berelatively low cost for their capacitybut don't be fooled with a few

Adjustments the humble pontoon boat ismore than capable of churning out someTzipi speeds with Brad Rowland's Manningthe helm his pontoon a South Bay 925 CRmanaged to rocket up to 114 miles perhour taking first place at the lake of

The ozarks shootout and setting thecompetition record before it's customengine upgrades the South pay 925 CRwould have set Brad back upwards of$30,000 in general depending on locationseason and length of the boat owners

Like Brad not only have to buy the boatin the first place but also need toshell out between eight hundred andeighteen hundred dollars per year indocking fees plus upwards of $3,000 ayear on fuel

Brad's pontoon is a plausible for itsspeed but not for its size next to youraverage cruise liner it's barely evennoticeable we all know that cruise shipsare enormous weighing hundreds ofthousands of tons and with a capacity

For thousands of people but are theyfast compared to a bluebird speed boatno but they're still much faster thanmany anticipated take the queen mary 2for example with a max speed of justover 30 knots not only is it the fastest

Cruise ship but it's also one of thebiggest weighing 150 1,200 tons threetimes as much as the infamous ill-fatedTitanic the brute of a vessel cost fourhundred and sixty million pounds tobuild or around 571 million us dollars

But the costs don't stop there in June2016Queen Mary 2 was put through a onehundred and thirty two million dollarrenovation considering that the averagecruise ship worker will make between

1200 and 1500 a month as basic pay andnoting that the Queen Mary has room forone thousand two hundred and fiftythree crew that's over 15 milliondollars per month in crew payment alonebut size isn't everything and the spirit

Of Australia will prove just thatdesigned and built by Australian motorboat racer Ken war be this powerfulvessel is currently the world's fastestboat officially how fast are we talkinghere for context the lamborghini

Aventador maxes out at 217 miles perhour or 350 kilometers on the water thespirit of Australia powered by awestinghouse j34 jet engine leaves allothers in its wakerecording a hair-raising terrifying top

Speed of three hundred and seventeenpoint six miles per hour over fivehundred and ten kilometers that isinsane remarkably even though boatingtechnology excels with every passingyear this record was set by warbie over

Four decades ago on the 8th of october1978 ken didn't splurge ontop-of-the-range equipment in fact thethree military-grade jet engines that heused only set him back a hundred andsixty dollars in total nabbing them at

An army auctionthere was nothing high-tech about spiritof Australia which was after all just awooden boat that he had built by handfor what couldn't have been more than afew thousand bucks all up he may have

Even profited in the long runthanks to sponsorship deals from localretail store fauci's and the large oilcompany shell what's more is that Kenand his son David are currentlyconstructing version 20 which they plan

To release in 2020 yachts are typicallysynonymous with style and sophisticationslowly but surely making their way fromexotic marina to exotic marina butluxury and speed are not mutuallyexclusive and the proof is in the

Pudding in the form of the millennium140 dubbed world is not enough built in2004 by millennium super yachts themakers of this stunning vessel had aclear goal in mind to design and buildthe fastest yacht in the world while

Maintaining a high level of comfort andclass mission accomplished with twoPaxman 18 cylinder main diesel enginespowering the yacht she boasts a totaloutput of ten thousand eight hundred andseventy horsepower a number which grows

To over 20kwhen the TF 80 lycoming turbines kick inworld is not enough is capable ofreaching comfortablesmooth cruising speeds in excess of 50knots with an alarmingly quick top speed

Of 70 knots or just over 80 miles perhour while this particular yacht isn'tavailable for chartering we know it'supsetting there are plenty of other 137foot super yachts up for grabs but theydon't come cheap a private yacht charter

Can cost anywhere between 80,000 and 150thousand dollars per week a meager$2000 boating license doesn't seem likethat big of a deal now does it at the2014 Lake of the Ozarks shootout anannual event that raises more than one

Hundred thousand dollars for Lake areacharities all eyes were on this racingboat the spirit of Qatar why because itwas smashing records left right andcenter weezing past viewers at lightningspeeds the 50 foot mystic power boats

Catamaran dubbed all autumn 96 took outfirst place at the competition fendingoff all challengers and achieving anexhilarating top speed of 244 miles perhour that's compatible with some of theworld's fastest cars despite

Temperatures on the day of thecompetition reaching to the 100 degreefahrenheit mark fans had no problemshowing face and they were handsomelyrewarded with this spectacle check itout

When you have a twenty two milliondollar budget for a little speedboat andcan afford twin 3,000 horsepower t-55turbine engines that sell for 10 sixmillion dollars each well then the sky'sthe limit

Capable of reaching exorbitant speeds oftwo hundred and sixty two miles per hourin just 35 seconds have a gander at theelectrifying problem-child the beautifulcreation of Eddy knox and larry blessfactory class drag boats often costs

20,000 to 40,000 dollars but top FuelDrag boats like the problem child oftencost two hundred thousand or more if youask Eddie and Larry it's money wellspent their boat took out first place atthe drag boat world championships of

2006 2011 2012 and 2013transfixing onlookers the whole waythrough while it's not speed doesn'tquite match it with the spirit ofAustralia the problem child'sacceleration is unmatched

It holds not one not two but the 15quickest times for a 1000 foot distanceEddie Knox's problem child is thefastest Top Fuel hydroplane and like adragster on the road it's powered by an8000 HP Hemi v8 worth around 58,000

Alone on most boats reducing power by aslittle as 10% from full throttle willsave 20% in fuel costs but there's noway that that's ever happening in theworld of hydroplane racing hundreds ofdollars worth of fuel can be burned in

Just a matter of seconds which of theseboats would you like to take a ride onlet us know don't forget to like thisvideo subscribe to the channel and asalways thanks so much for checking outthe richest see you next time and have

Yourselves a great day

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