10 Fashion Lovers Try Styling The Same Overalls

published on July 2, 2020

– Well, maybe we can make
this kinda, dare I say sexy?

(upbeat music)

– I'm really excited to see what it is

(paper crumpling)

– Oh!

– Da da da da!

– These are major overalls

(upbeat music)

– It's a pair of black overalls!

And I don't wear black

(upbeat music)

– I've been wanting a
pair of black overalls

So, this is perfect

(upbeat music)

– I'm so hyped for these

I freaking love overalls

I am so excited

(upbeat music)

– Don't judge me right now,

'cause my closet is a
little bit of a mess

But, right away I was thinking,

maybe create some color,
and make it a little bold

(upbeat music)

– They feel really nice quality

It's like a thick material

But, I don't wear a ton of black

I'm up for this challenge

(upbeat music)

– Okay y'all, you know much black clothes

I have in my closet?

Like, four

I'm literally like a rainbow

(upbeat music)

– Universal Standard, that's the brand

I love black denim,
because it's a little bit

more fancy than like
regular blue jeans denim

I just like to have something that's

a little bit more luxurious than the norm

(upbeat music)

– So, we have denim overalls

I've never worn overalls, in my life

(upbeat music)

– The last time I wore overalls,

it was an overall dress, and
it was like, two years ago

I'm a dress and skirt girl

I just have to see how
this is gonna look on me

(upbeat music)

– They're just so cute
without having to try

You know, the issue I'm
worried about with overalls,

is that when I wear them,
I just put a crop top

or any T-shirt under them
and just call it a day,

because they're just cute how they are

I don't have a plan with how I'm supposed

to style these in like, a different way

– We're about to come up with some lewks

– It's gonna be fine

(upbeat music)

– Okay let's go

Right away I was thinking,

maybe create some color
and make it a little bold

Try that

And then I was thinking maybe like,

something kind of cool

So, maybe this cut up shirt

Feel like I have streetwear going on

I have something really bold

that can kind of be all kind of styles

I gotta figure out
which shoes I'm wearing

I wanna try on some things,
and then we'll go from there

The first outfit

I chose to kinda go
with that crazy pattern

I've done this shirt
before with some overalls

But, I kinda look like a stylish farmer

Okay, I know that I said

that I was gonna try on one more outfit,

and then make the decision,
but I put this on,

and I made the decision you guys

I just feel like this is really me

I went ahead and added some accessories

I added all my bracelets on both

My drop earrings, my cross earrings

I have chains right here

I chose a more streetwear
comfort chic-ish type of thing

– The goal that I'm going for is

to use these white pumps with this

I'm immediately drawn to this top

This is one of my favorite tops

You can style it with the
sleeves on the shoulders,

and you could do it off the shoulders

It's so feminine

Then I have a basic black top

Might do black on black,
and then I could play around

with accessories to bring
some florals into it

Oh, I can also do pearls

We're gonna figure it out

Let's do some try-ons

It's super, super cute and comfy

This is so confusing

I am casual, but I'm more of
like, the classic fancy girl

I am absolutely loving it with this top

I was thinking of maybe
putting a cute headband,

or a statement earring

Putting this all together
just makes my heart so happy

– I'm standing in my closet right now,

really trying to figure out

if I want to go with a casual look,

or if I want to be my normal kind of glam,

just out there self

I do have a top I wanna experiment with

Let's see if this works

So, this is the top I wanna
try out the overalls with

Snake print

It's definitely a little see through,

and it has some rhinestones on it,

and also some fur around the wrist

To brighten it up, I'm gonna
throw in some yellow shades

I'm actually feeling this

But, I believe this is a go

– All my pink clothes are here

Go to whites

The greens, the blues,
and then we have blacks,

which is literally just
like, this right over here

It's not that much

It fits really well

It's actually really stretchy

Like low key, like–

(foot stomping)

First thing I really wanna
try on is this sweater dress

But, if you own a sweater
dress and it's long,

just put it into your overalls

and it just looks like a regular sweater

Have this bubbles shirt right over here

It's very '90s, early
2000s nostalgia factor

It's okay, but it's not my favorite

You can't really see a
majority of the design,

which is this, which
is a beautiful artwork

You know, it's still
like missing something

This is a Moschino Barbie sweater,

and I'm like, wait, this is perfect

Okay, so I found it, and
look how cute she looks

Here's some of my hats that I own

So, I'm gonna try a couple of these

and see which one works best

– I think I found this T-shirt

that I wanna try and pair it with

Which is this one

It's really cute like
striped monochromatic

This might be the item, so
let's go ahead and try it

I just did the whole
off one shoulder thing,

because I see a lot of people doin' it

And then, I honestly was expecting these

to be so much longer on me,
but they're actually not

I only cuffed them twice,
and they look really cute

I feel like this would be a look

on pretty much every body type,

which is so sick, and
I'm not hating the black

Maybe I should add more
black into my wardrobe

So, I think I'm gonna go ahead,

find some shoes, and some accessories,

and then we're gonna see how it develops

Can't decide which look I wanna go for

I can either like, super tomboy-ish,

or I can go like somewhat girly

I also think I'm gonna add a
more like statement earring

I'm going out of my comfort zone

I don't know what is happening

Maybe it's the overalls, not sure

– For these overalls,

I feel like something
with dramatic sleeves

All right, so the shirt I was
thinkin' about is this one

I mean, look at these sleeves

They have like a little
bow tie ribbon on them,

and then they kind of cascade down

So, I am pretty pleased with
this first outfit choice

I had this top

But, I'm not sure if I like
this color combination

I actually really love how it
looks under these overalls

It looks very loose and flowy

I think if I choose the right accessories,

it'll look really great

So, this is a Concho belt

It has coral stones,
which matches the shirt

This has been a really
hard decision to make

– It fits so well on my
thighs, like oh yeah

These shoes are one of my favorites

They are definitely a statement

They have some texture
to them, which I love

This is sexy, but it's not there yet

This could be really cute

I could also look like the Hamburglar

This is one of my favorite tops

I love this

It's kind of like,
Versace, Versace, Versace

So, I really love this look

I feel expensive

Yes, like, where am I about to go?

I feel like I'm about to go
speak on somebody's panel

I love this

I wanna accessorize it up

I'm gonna try these
fun, cool shades first

I like it, I like it, I don't love it

I was trying to go more trendy, though

So, I'm gonna try one more top

Because I'm now in the neon top,

I have solid color, solid color

So I feel like, you know,
just a hint of a print,

is just another way for
me to step up this look

It's funky, it's different

But this, all of this
together, it's not my style

Man, how am I gonna choose?

– They are a little bit baggy,

but I actually like that

Let's go look for some color

I paired it with this Three 6 Mafia

skulls from the '90s tee

And then, I got a little
friend in my pocket

I would pair this with some
neon Cortez, which I do have

This is cute

But, we could do better

Here's a more, I would say gothic look

This is cute, it's fun, it's goth

We've got a fishnet
top, low crop, low cat

I would go to the movies in this

Anywhere, really

But, this to me is also a little boring

One more look

Thinking of layering
this button up with this,

'cause it's wild, and we're gonna do it

You know, just a run of the
mill grocery store outfit

We can do better than this

– I think I wanna style them
with like a puffed sleeve top

So, I have a couple of contenders

The first one is this lilac blouse

It has this like pleating detail,

and some ruffles that could be cute

peeking out from the top of the overalls

And then, I have this fun print option,

which could be really fun,
maybe some red lipstick

You guys, first of all,

I just threw on the overalls,
just to try them on

Girl, they fit perfectly

All right guys, so I'm in my first look,

and I love this juxtaposition
of the feminine details,

and the more edgy, casual overalls

I love to finish outfits

with really funky, cool accessories

So, I think I need a little bit of bling,

and I'm gonna do a pop color shoe

This is look number two

This is a nice organza blouse

I wanna kind of play up the polka dots,

and I thought this headband
looked really cute


This will be my shoe

– These overalls are actually so cute

I was a little worried,
but they look good

My normal go to would've just been like,

you know over the shoulder,
just like vibey, chill, whatevs,

but I just think we need to go
a little bit crazier with it

The problem with this is anything goes

That's cute, that would go

That's cute, that would go

That's cute

You know, T-shirt, easy moment

We need to get a little risque here

All right, this is another option

Rolled down vibe, kinda street,

and then I just took this sweatshirt

that also has checks on it,
and kinda like did that

I can put on dare I say, a bucket hat

Kinda sick actually, when you
don't pay too close attention

Actually, the more I look at it,

the more dumb I think this is

This is pretty dumb

I'm wearing lipstick for
once in my entire life

Put my hair back

I have this mesh, sparkly
top that I put under it

There's a little side boobage,

which I think is a little sexy

That you know, is it cute?

Let me know in the comments

I honestly can't really
figure it out at this point

(upbeat music)

– [Caitlin] For my final outfit,

I thought the orange top worked

the best with the black overalls

For accessories, I decided to go

for a matching coral Concho belt

(upbeat music)

– [Natalie] I decided to go
for the pearl white look

I mean immediately, when
I saw these overalls,

I thought of my white pumps

I have the pearl bag, the pearl headband,

and pearl earrings

I just feel like I gave it such a cute,

feminine, classy look

– [Sean] So, this is
how I styled my outfit

It's a Moschino Barbie top,

and I thought it went perfect
with the black overalls,

because incorporates who I am,

which is very playful, very fun

Finally, I added the pink Barbie bag

to add a bit of kitch, a bit
of camp, and a bit of humor

– [Paige] I'm actually feeling this

I added yellow lace up sandals

Sunglasses, just to top
off the look a little bit

– [Stephanie] I was really excited to find

that I had this really cute striped shirt

I went ahead and added
this really fun fanny pack

And then, to make it a
little bit more girly,

I decided to add some really
cute strappy white sandals

I really love the way this
whole look turned out

– [Vivian] I went with
the Versace-esque top

It is so cool, and so different

I put the dollar sign hair clip in it,

because it just felt like a vibe

If I had to give this outfit a name,

I would say her name is Viviana Fierce

– [Rose] It kind of takes a classic look,

and makes it like now

And then, because I'm just over the top,

this is my bag for this look

So cute, it's like pearls overload

– [Amber] Here we go

Here's the outfit

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I chose a more streetwear
comfort chic-ish type of thing

(upbeat music)

– [Mabel] I added this
really cute neon bag,

which is for Mishka, the
clothing company I work for

I love eyeballs so, love it

This is cute!

(upbeat music)

– [Lindsay] It's a little unconventional

But, I wanted to go with
a date night overall look

Got a little sparkly in my hair

And then, the sparkly shoes

I think overall, I actually
don't hate this look

I think it's weirdly classy, I would say

(upbeat music)

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