10 Essential Film Tools You Should Know About

published on July 20, 2020

You know grips are onset Cowboys we are the ones who who figure that stuff out we throw ropes we carry knives I got ridges and hammers defending my team in a buncha indiana jones' let's go down any Mongol today I'm here with Martine tour Nair and basically he my

Team is a oh I said his name so freakin up my team is an amazing grip that's basically worked in the industry for a really really long time now some of the movies that you worked on I've worked on a lot of good ones and a lot of bad ones

I'm doing a bad blood rise of the fog people know I've worked on a the amazing spider-man Iron Man 2 Thor Marvel's agents of shield yeah literally some of the biggest movies and TV and projects out there so tonight we'll be going over

The 10 essential grip tools that basically any filmmaker should use it for trying to level up and for each of these we're going to talk about first of all what is it how does it get used price and actual availability for this

Kind of thing and then finally I'm going to ask for Martines usefulness rating of 5 stars and this is basically usefulness for an indie filmmaker ready to do this let's do this let's do it all right so first I'm holding it in my hand right

Now this here is a what that's a spot adapter okay also known as a junior to baby adapter okay so think of it as a pin and a receiver this is basically a connection point for all kinds of

Different tools that you can use internally on the other side of this what I'm looking at that is a junior pin also known as an inch and 1/8 and it's what you're gonna find on beefier gear and then you'll notice that they both

Have a little hole at the end of either end and that's to be able to safety I love these things you know you can put a split pin or a cotter pin through there once you slide your your lighting unit or whatever it is past that point and

That means even if it gets loose it's not gonna go anywhere price point or something like this approximately run 20 to 30 bucks 20 or 30 well you get it and then finally Martine for this what is the useful rating and a 5

I'll tell you on a smaller show I'd give that guy a 35 no 4 okay kind of high there for me too because I'm kind of snobby about these things but that'll turn a combo stand or a junior stand into a baby stand so your change

The youthfulness of a stand out there by 50% yeah you know and it's so small and this means that you can basically just bring one stand instead of two stands exactly a lot of people at least totally all right what am I looking at

That's a baby nail on plate nail on why is it called nail on play well it has these little holes in it and that way you're able to nail them onto a set wall onto a two-by-four onto an Apple box onto a pancake and that way you can now

Mount your light your grip head your flag your scrim whatever it is on to this standard 5/8 baby pin but as far as usability and popularity this is gonna be one of your standard items on in a small grip package 100% so again I've

Seen these get used all over the place I've seen these get drilled into the wall on actual studs to actually load of rig lights and kind of small studio setups I've seen them also get rigged on Apple boxes yeah yeah they get put on

Apple boxes and all of a sudden you've got to really load the floor got another board a beaver board right on I see who's gonna use all the time if you don't know what they are now you know it's called a baby plate or a nail on

Plate one cool easy hack using these guys if you have like somebody holding an iPhone in frame you put this in your seat stand and you put it right up there and you can use it to rest somebody's elbow on there you know what I mean you

Can think of it as a surface you know that's pretty good one it's pretty good on there like a 1/8 now you have a table for the directors laptop for their latte whatever it is we do that all the time first team or like your your main talent

On set you put a little diva teen on it so it softens it up for their stuff little elbows and and the directors say you know what yeah thank you very much you'll be on my next show here we go all right so pricing how much does this

Easily run the thing that 20 bucks 20 bucks sounds good and finally Martines usefulness rating of us might be filmmakers a 5 a hard fun they're so cool they're small you can put them anywhere you can screw them in anywhere

You can basically every set that you go on you have these 100 100 rats and strapped that thing to a telephone pole you know you're all sorts of stuff and it's just so simple yeah and you know for me

Simple is paramount yeah absolutely all right so moving on number three right here got this little baby clip here what is this and what to do that's a scissor clip and it is made specifically for t-bar ceilings or drop

Ceilings which you're gonna find in a lot of locations you go to you're gonna find them in office buildings and schools and all sorts of places when you randomly wander into the Indy mobile studio you might just find a trigger

Light over there and it's really great for a lightweight lighting which you're finding it more and more once again tool this small and a really versatile little guy absolutely so there are of course weight

Concerns with this as you mentioned use light weight lights on this kind of thing better test it use a lot of common sense yeah but over people's heads and it's hard to safety them yeah absolutely and you were literally grabbing onto a

Tiny little piece of metal that's kind of jumping over there but that being said for a lot of you office shooters out there and for a lot of you corporate guys out there and free lot of you guys shooting interviews on the go I mean

This is really a small lightly tool you can just throw in your backpack yeah and you got a backlight for days yeah and this way you don't have to set up a wall spreader you have a grid up there you're like yeah it's not the most secure grid

In the world but I can use that grid and regulate to it totally and then they have these little pins that hang off of it that's for your cabling so Martine where how much does this cost where can we find it that's around 20 bucks 15 to

20 bucks their standard and they've been part of the industry for a very long time so you'll also find them at any rental house you go to you know you get four of them just have them in the kit right on

So more teensies full rating for indie filmmakers for any film makers to have this in your kit that would probably be like a three-three absolutely yeah because it really just does serve one purpose yeah it's for that one entire

The ceiling in that one type of location when I know it's gonna be something that's gonna remain lightweight that we're gonna wrap it out soon right after we take the light off all day long it's a way to just make things go fast boom

That's for a man it is made to grab on to anything anything but the majority when you look at the job it it has a square so with square stock and which is a lot of the overhead frames it's a wonderful shape to hold and another

Really cool thing about it is that when you will the pinout it can now be attached to the top of a c-stand arm yeah or you could put another adapter in here that would have a little hook in it you know

So the cool thing about this is that it's made of components so you start with the clamp side and then with this little receiver you can add different pieces in different parts you can also put two of them together and they can

Swivel you know you can lock things together so I really think that it's a really valuable tool to have no pricing right here in availability there around you know 30 bucks 35 bucks and they're great they're great to have in the kit

But I'd give it like a 2 oh no sorry made for the two musical no worries dude I think the five doesn't mean anything this he gives him two so the most common place I may be this is at the end of a piece of dolly track to

Make sure that the dolly doesn't roll off the track I got three clamps here yeah how are these similar how are they different so this is the math aleni a couple different things featuring the the angle of the jaws are a little

Different and the turn handle on the math Lee needs a little bit bigger so you don't have to put a wrench on it but all in all it's a simple clamp that I can't see how you would improve it it's so awesome it works on round stock it

Works on squared stock so automatically you can sandwich cab onto something mm-hm and actually attach a light here or you can actually put this into a stand and you can actually rig whether it's a bounce board or whether it's a

Card stock or a show card or something like that all of that can get rigged in here as well yeah or table directors a lot a really you got to think about who's gonna get to you next clear there's different different versions of

It this one is an end jaw yeah it's in the name the jaw is at the end so if you want to rig something up against a wall this is super low profile so you can put it right up against a banister you could hook this up to a pancake and now you

Have something to mount a light on to if you don't have a screw gun if you don't if you're not able to put that nail on plate we were talking about yeah under that's that's gonna be a really quick way to mount a light very low this one's

A little baby it's not only cute it's really useful it's very cute honestly I don't put some googly eyes on getting so much smaller yep everything's getting so much more compact and so much more lightweight you

Can bite the devisor in a car and put a tiny little LED light on there it's also a quarter twenty so you girls have rigged something like a monitor totally camera accessories instead you see these coming off a camera handle is again

Modular modular modular and also how gratifying is that for a center job Bethany how much for a Centon methylene they're all they're like from 60 bucks to 75 bucks for the whole family of them Martines usefulness rating of five stars

What is it shoot man I don't want to be given fives out all day long but I use these all day to give as if I gotta give it a five man yeah this is so this is probably the most used clamp on any film set Pierre yeah I use the end draws a

Lot more because they have that low profile yeah and a lot of times anything that a mid jaw can do an end shot can do as well all right moving on this one right here actually I think a lot of indie

Filmmakers know what this is but break it down real quick cuz a bead board holder also known as a quacker clamp somebody put a double duck bill on key bunk on keep on and it'll hold your your car stuck it'll hold your bounces once

Again also you put it on the ground like that and you got a beaver board you got a low weight amount of stand or you can clamp it to the eighth apple or a pancake yeah and you have a pin that comes off of it for a lot of you guys

Out there that are maybe thinking about using beadboard or reflectors and stuff like that and want to basically start bouncing lights instead of bringing a second right every single time basically this is really sort of the industry

Standard go-to tool if you're actually bouncing a key light for a fill as that key light gets brighter that bounce is gonna get brighter you get your keep your lighting ratios by using a bounce I think bounce light is a prettiest

Light never been on a grip truck without them gotcha sounds good so real quick these ones how much do they run it's around 100 bucks bucks right on Martines useful rating I'd give it a 4 there right on right on good ratings

Your ego yeah and the reason for that it's really really useful but there's also other things that will do like I can I could take my math Leaney and also old a beadboard mm-hmm but I couldn't take the beadboard

Holder and do what that Maithili nee does yeah you know so the interchangeability of things and being able to do multiple jobs for me it has a big to do with my ratings if you had to pick one pick the one that can do more

Jobs right always looking to what does it do not everybody knows about this absolutely Shane vice-grip mm-hmm and it's a vice grip with a chain on it and just like it's weird-looking and is meant to grab onto weird looking things

Totally 100% and it has a 5/8 baby pin they're welded off one end and it's made to be able to rig things onto really awkward shaped posts you know whatever it is you know if you put rubber matting around a tree branch you can use this to

Get around it make sure you don't damage the trees because hey the trees are our friend you know that's right it's something that's really cool it's something that people don't know about and then once they see it and they use

It once or twice you're itching to use it again like ooh maybe we can use a chain but they're fun this is like a problem-solving tool I'm sorry we have a problem we need to grab a put a light on this tree branch and a lot of it's like

We ran out of everything else also you like we ran out of everything else but we have this guy and this will do what a lot of the other things will do so it's really valuable to bring it out one thing you got to know about using this

Guy especially if you're just starting to use it is that it's always gonna win so if saying that if you're trying to attach something to the leg of somebody's fancy table you're gonna wreck it like make sure that you you

Start off real light and then clamp it on and then if it's not holding loosen it clamp it on again tighten it a bit you know take caution because I've seen a lot of locations people lose their minds when they see us using these

Chain vice grips because they dimple everything and I'll mark stuff up so you know you always want to be sure that people are gonna let you fill in places again so pricing this is around like 85 bucks 80 bucks and Martines usefulness

Rating in terms of how often do you actually use this tool you know what it doesn't come out all the time but when it comes out is the champ like a 35 okay all right sounds good okay grid clamps what are these what did

They do grid clamps are really cool they're made to go up in a grid if you have the luxury of having pipe overhead or if you're doing like a car rig that you using speed rail with or steel pipe if

You're you know building any type of rig these are amazing clamps you open it up you close it over your pipe and now you have a junior receiver and you can hang your lights on it you can use it for car again you could put a spud adapter in

There and have a baby pink come out of it yeah this is basically the standard way to attach to grids and speed rails so when you go into a studio and you look up and there's that big grid design up there this is really the standard way

To get up there drop some lights on there totally yeah and you can loosen it and slide back and forth on the on the rail or on the pipe to be able to fine tune to get the positioning correct and you're gonna find a bunch of different

Receivers on it also as opposed to usual clamps the design of this goes to full 360 so the chance of the pipe slipping out or something like that only this is a more permanent solution for that it actually cuffs the entire pipe so it's

Gonna be that's gonna really help it from rolling yeah you know since you're grabbing the entire thing so pricing 60 bucks 65 bucks for indie filmmakers actual rating out of five I drop it down to like two and a half and a half yeah

Because you know those Sam clamps that we were talking about previously the the math lien especially with smaller lighting units and stuff like that if you're not gonna be doing like Big Show rigging and stuff like that if you're

Doing smaller projects that are on a different location every day I think that the other clamps that we've talked about before might be a little bit more useful for you looking at our next thing now this looks pretty similar again to

The pipe clamps yeah he's different for one key reason what is that these guys are made to connect pipe with pipe so you use this to build a cage to build a grid above the stage when you're building a flyswatter which is like a an

Overhead frame that you attach to some sort of lift like cherry picker condor lift this one is fixed it means that it's in this orientation if you want a right angle with your pipes particular yeah perpendicular

Angle and then you got these guys which are gonna swivel and give you whichever angle that those pipes intersect that yeah this is gonna be your choice rigging crew on their truck they're gonna have ten crates full of these

Things what's the price on this they're around sixty bucks a piece usefulness rating for indie filmmakers I'd give it a two about it – yeah about two because you know it's uh I just don't see it being something you're gonna be pulling

Out of the toolbox every day yeah it is a building block for bigger sets it is a building block you'll see it on basically every big movie but for you indie guys out there yeah unless trying to build a grid not really necessary

It's not something that I would want to lug around every day just in case ease you know tell me you know what this is a key chain they're pretty great talking about our last and final building block of grip essentials was this this is AC

Clamp and a C clamp is super useful for location shooting yeah this is something that you are gonna be able to attach to overhead beam to a handrail to a signpost when you actually have like wood exposed

Wooden beams up yeah you can use those exposed wooden beams as a grid totally by using a lot of times what you want to do is put cribbing so you're not ruining these beams you'll put two pieces of wood sandwich them in between these jaws

So that your sandwich and so you're not actually digging into the wood you'll have an i-beam it'll be a metal i-beam or something that comes down then they'll have a lip yeah these jaws are able to get beyond that lip and then

Bite the actual eye part of the beam and that's a lot of the times why you use these were your math leaning won't be able to do that another really cool use for this is to run cable pricing are we looking at that's gonna run you around

40 bucks martine usefulness rating for indie filmmakers now to give it a two to write around to just because it's you know it's cool for locations if you do have a couple of these in your truck they really could come in use when

You're at a warehouse location where you're somewhere where you're gonna be able to bite onto a big wooden beam a big steel beam so that does wrap up ten of the kind of essential grip tools but we did forget one that i think is a real

Psycho oh yeah i wouldn't be I'd be embarrassed to leave here without talking about the grip to ground adapter what is the grip to grow are you talking about the butt to ground adapter me most

Of the time or it's like the the latte to ground adapters oh the lotta ground yeah I think I've heard about this it's the Apple box baby it is a box that is made to support all sorts of things on set is used to put underneath

An actor to make them look a little bit taller so you used to put underneath dolly track to be able to level it out so there's a full there's a half there's a quarter there's an eighth I've seen people put cameras on them of course you

Put a hi-hat everybody sits on them every time but you want a low position but you wanted a little bit off the ground I see that all the time yeah and they're really important and without talking about them today would be a real

Shame yeah I think we've spent a lot of time talking about Legos and the building blocks of career because I've built a little Lego ii these right here they run about $50 per box again I know that sounds steep for a lot of people

For a block of wood but again this is something that's going to last forever all right martín box of would usefulness rating come on give it a 6 guys I'm gonna break it the top of the thermometer just exploded and we're

Giving this guy you can't this one goes to after 17 years I'm pretty sure this is indented in the structure of my body now at the end of the day like that's a wind of looking for because these people people will take these everywhere people

Actually do that do that people take Apple boxes to go like oh I needed a quiet room to go do revisions on next episode of script and I'll be well we gotta go find these Apple boxes because people will take them we'll lend them

Out to people and then they'll be in a part of the house we never shot in they'll be in someone's back closet how big what was why is this even here and then I say I remember the person that took it and guess what we're revoking

Their Apple box privilege and they're no longer and then they come the next day and they're like taking up all that box again I'm like no no no just go get the one that you borrowed yesterday and like what do you mean I'm like exactly what

Do I mean and then it starts something that for the next 14 years it can affect your career okay alright so again 10 kind of essential grip tools for actually building up leveling up for you indie filmmakers out there that wants

Using the pro tools want to understand how people actually do it on the higher level this is that right there and this is that starting place so of course we got a podcast as I'll recover and actually talk about Martinez got a

Journey and Crippin we talked about some advice to coming up if your actual starting up as a filmmaker as well so we'll put that in the podcast link down below but I'm Ted this is Indy mogul thanks something for

Watching this of course catch you guys next time I will say that most filmmakers have this revelation the first time that they say a wall spreader the day that they see what a wall spreader is they're like when I saw the

Key grip was like let's test this and he did it pull up in the middle of this like million-dollar mansion on a wall spreader and I heard when he cranked on the walls but I heard the joist car I was like whoa we can do anything we want

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