10 Epic smartphone fails we’ll never forget.

by birtanpublished on September 21, 2020

Today we're gonna be counting down some of the most epic smartphone fails ever starting off pretty bad but ending up in complete disaster number 10 is the Galaxy fold for which all hell broke loose as Samsung's revolutionary smartphone started breaking before it

Even reached consumers there was later a teardown by iFixit which showed a whole number of design vulnerabilities like the gap in the screen bezel all the hinge when the phone is folded up which would both give clear room for dirt to

Get trapped in an even bigger issue though came from reviewers peeling off what looked like the embedded screen protector but what was actually part of the display structure here's the thing if a polymer film shouldn't be taken off

Advice then it should be designed so that it can't be taken off the device this is a solid three out of ten fail right here saved in part just because it was caught before the product actually reached consumers the Facebook phone

Also known as the HTC first was the first phone in the world to use facebook home a heavy software skin over Android this was a mid-range phone built for the masses both Facebook and HTC thought that this

Could be huge and credit where jus Facebook home itself wasn't terrible it was where the facebook chat heads that you probably used to now were actually introduced and you could see all your facebook notifications all over your

Lockscreen but it did so poorly that within a month of being on sale AT&T dropped its on contract price from $99 to 99 it's cents the main reason being that the whole thing was just a bit underwhelming whilst it was a fresh new

Look compared to stock Android a lot of its features could be downloaded on other Android phones which had frankly speaking better hardware so this one's also getting a three out of ten number eight is virtue which is a company

Founded by Nokia with the purpose of creating a super premium phones and by this I don't mean $1000 or even two thousand dollars I'm talking devices that went all the way up to fifty thousand dollars the idea behind virtue

Was to market phones as fashion accessories to kind of separate themselves from all these other smart phones that were competing on specifications and to instead try to compete on materials and craftsmanship

They said that if people can pay twenty thousand dollars for a watch then why not on a mobile phone and to be clear this in itself was not the problem I actually think they had a pretty good the problem came because whilst these

Guys were out there hand making small phones they were up against companies like Samsung with the ability to mass-produce and so virtue was always behind the curve by the time virtue had released a phone it was already a whole

Year behind in specs and when people are spending 50k on a phone having the latest components is a minimum requirement it wasn't long before the company was seriously in debt and then had to be shut down so I gotta give this

A 4 out of 10 fail rating pretty disastrous outcome but at the same time it wasn't hugely surprising Google's project ara was a truly exciting prospect we're talking about a completely modular phone that people

Could customize based on their needs those on a budget could pick and choose the features that were important to them like maybe a large battery and enthusiasts could go all out and build the phone of their dreams plus it would

Massively reduce the cost of upgrading instead of swapping a whole phone out do-good literally to swap the parts he wanted to change and there's also an environmental benefit as fewer devices would then be thrown away so this kind

Of sounds amazing but there were just too many problems with it the main water boiling down to complexity imagine this Google is offering people essentially a frame on top of which consumers can pick and choose the parts that they want and

That part's fine but what if different consumers want different sized phones does Google then offer five different sizes of frames and then separate sized versions of every single component to go with them you've also got a bear in mind

That because this frame has got to be both future proved and at least able to support high-end components if you were out there just trying to build a cheap phone then chances are the body itself would end up costing just as much if not

More as the rest of your components so project ara is also getting a 4 out of 10 it's a pretty big fail but at the same time it started and ended as a dream there was never really a final product announced number six is from

Microsoft who invested about two years and a billion dollars in what ended up becoming the Kin one the central concept here was loop a home screen that collected all your different social media feeds into one place the idea was

Decent and to be fair the firm was also hitting at a good time it was right at the start of this social media revolution but the problem was that it's almost comical how many features were missing

The feeds would only update once every 15 minutes the phone had no app store and you couldn't even use any messaging applications kind of ironic for a social media centric phone for a company like

Microsoft to have taken this much of a misstep and for it to have costed them so much is a pretty big fail in my books so that's a 5 out of 10 let me tell you something that very rarely works companies that have nothing

To do with smart phones suddenly jumping in and trying to build a flagship the red hydrogen one is a shining example of this it comes from a company that specializes in Hollywood cinema cameras it started off as an exciting idea with

An apparent holographic display and ultra high-end modular camera system but it kind of feels like red was so focused on trying to stand out that they kind of forgot why most phones are built the way they are and so the hydrogen one ended

Up being a polar opposite to all of them and not in a good way they completely skipped over the trends of having a vivid OLED display anything close to slim bezels or just generally having a pocketable phone that was reasonably

Sized in your hand add to this that the device was delayed twice due to manufacturing problems and this was one messy situation so six out of ten for this one number four is the blackberry storm from 2008 and we're talking about

A device here that has been described as the worst smartphone ever that's quite the title and part of what makes this such a miserable failure is just how much there was going for it the storm boosted a lot of the same features of

The iPhone that it was going up against but with a clickable touchscreen display and the company's famously good messaging services and yet the experience on the phone was literally awful it used pretty much the same

Operating system as the previous non-touchscreen BlackBerry's and so it was nowhere near as polished as iOS that was made for this ironically coming from blackberry the typing sucked – it was ruined by a combination of lag and only

Being able to touch one key at a time so this one's getting a 7 out of 10 in my opinion definitely a key factor in the fall of blackberry number three and you might be wondering how on earth can you get worse than the worst smartphone

Ever well welcome to the freedom two five one a smartphone by the company bringing bells which went on sale in India for around $4 you have that right $4 the price of a cup of coffee for many people as you might have guessed then

This thing pretty much destroyed the internet for a bit raking in almost 50 million pre-registrations in the first week I'm pretty sure that some sort of record but how many of those are 50 million

Actually ended up getting delivered well from the reports it's looking somewhere between sixty five thousand and five thousand and then because the managing director wasn't fulfilling his orders had declined to offer a refund and more

Importantly threatened to kill one of his customers he was then arrested but he's out again now and he's trying to convince the government to subsidize the phone what he's saying is that the whole of India would be better off if everyone

Had a freedom phone and so the government should be covering some of the cost so the Indians can still buy it at an affordable price the whole thing is an absolute mess I'm giving this an 8 out of 10 next up is iPhone 6 bendgate

And if you didn't know essentially the iPhone 6 and especially the 6 plus were just not as resistant to bending as they should have been there was a particular point in the chassis zhan which if pressure was applied the device would

Deform on one hand this was blown out of proportion as it only really affected people who ate didn't have a case and B were pretty careless with their device but on the other hand it almost didn't matter there

Was an issue and because everyone likes to make fun of Apple what started off as a forum post on Mac rumors became a viral YouTube video and joke from other brands and then just a straight-up mean it even resulted in apples share price

Falling so this one is easily an 8 out of 10 fail but the reigning champion is still the Galaxy Note 7 if you didn't know a number of battery issues led the note sevens to be let's say more prone to exploding than they should have been

But that's not even the worst bit phone's exploded they were recalled remanufactured and then started exploding again and even though this was a much easier mistake to make than what happened with the freedom

Phone which was pretty much fraud Samsung has more to lose than ringing bells and so the impact was larger in one fell swoop something had done two things that no company ever wants to be caught doing

Putting the customer at risk and making the same mistake twice now actually the two separate batches of note sevens had different problems but because they both have the same result it wasn't really seen like that

Samsung lost trust which is very hard to recover and so I'm giving this one a prestigious 9 out of 10 because it can always get worse there are plenty of ferns I did manage to get into this video like the Amazon fire phone and the

Samsung Galaxy round but nonetheless I really hope you enjoyed it and I've got a whole playlist on smartphone news like this so I'm gonna link it as a card above my name is era and that this is mister who's the boss I'll catch you in

The next one you

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