10 Dumbest Transfers Of The Decade!

published on July 17, 2020

Hello and welcome to football daily today we're bringing you the dumbest transfers of the last decade these are good players who got injured or youngsters who never quite lived up their expectations but moose which was stupid from the start we're gonna start

In West London 10 Danny Drinkwater – Chelsea successful clubs often generate imitators like Guardiola's Barcelona or clops Dortmund but Chelsea took things maybe too literally in 2017 when they paid 30 million pounds to reunite Danny

Drink water with him go low can't a bringing together the midfield which will once won the title of Leicester City a year earlier at the time drink water was no joke having won three England caps and continued to start the

Foxes without Conte at his side but he was already 27 and Leicester were in free fall tumbling from 1st to 12th after sacking Ranieri and Drinkwater was in a small decline – he dribbled less one possession less and completed fewer

Long balls in 1617 than he did in the entirety of Lester's title winning campaign and his creativity numbers disappeared entirely dropping from close to 15 key passes a game to just 05 nonetheless Chelsea turned to him after

Missing out on Ross Barkley who they would eventually sign in January but Antonio Conte never seemed sold on the player giving him just 12 league appearances sorry it was even more skeptical with drink waters only

Appearance of the 1819 season coming in the Community Shield and loans to Burnley and Aston Villa this year have failed to reignite his form Eva seeing him spend just three hundred and twenty-two minutes on the field two

Dates with a salary of 100 thousand pounds a week and two years left on his Blues contract Chelsea will be saddled with drink water for a while yet 9 Tom Alomar to Atletico Madrid atlético Madrid signing of Tom Alomar in 2018 may

Not have ruined the club like some transfers on this list but it was far from smart the Frenchman was 22 at the time and they had won the title and reached the Champions League semi with Monaco two years earlier his form was

Already on the wane having contributed to 25 League goals in 37 starts that season he'd produced just 10 in 30 the year after but Letty still paid full price and insane 63 million pounds the sixteenth highest

Fee of all time at that point the only people who ended up happy were are still fans who had seen their teams 90 million pound bid for the youngster knocked back just a year before Lamar's output declined for the second

Year running this time to seven goal involvement in 27 Stars whilst his combined shots and charles's created per game fell from 45 in France to 32 in his first year in Spain before tumbling even further to just 1 point 5 in 1920

That's barely more than Simeone gets out a Brazilian centre-back Phillipe according to transfer Marv Lamar's value now sits at just 21 million pounds a third of the amount Atleti paid and if they can't sell him or rehabilitate him

Atleti will be stuck paying him over 100,000 pounds a week until 2023 8 the knee loads around Madrid what do you do when you have arguably the best right back in the world playing for your club well if your Real Madrid you go make the

Neela the fourth most expensive fullback in history Rael paid Porto 28 million pound for the Brazilian back in 2015 despite a 23 year old Danny Carvajal locking down the right flank having made over 40 appearances for a second

Consecutive season at the Berner bow and earning the club a 10th Champions League title just 12 months earlier injuries to carvajal and pressure from club president Florentino Perez so rata Benitez hander Neela over 2000 minutes

In his debut campaign but from the start he was a weak link across the whole campaign real madrid suffer 5 losses in all competitions and Danilo played every minute in each one of those two feasts whilst Carvajal started just one match

Which ended in a loss the next year under sedan the nino made just 17 league appearances with nacho being preferred and rarely ended up selling him on loan to Man City for less than they paid that didn't work out either but the Nilo is

Now at your Ventus looking to add to the three titles and two Champions leagues he won as a benchwarmer in Madrid and Manchester some people apparently just can't fail 7 Gonzalo higuaín Tia Ventus now I'm not sure who wrote the script

But I can't entirely agree with them on Gonzalo higuaín tee eventers nevertheless I am gonna read what is in front of me we can't claim a Gonzalo higuaín has been bad events is in fact he's been

A lot better than you probably think at the time of writing the Argentinian is called forty five and assisted thirteen and eighty League starts for the Bianconeri giving him a goal contribution every 125 minutes for the

Club since his seventy five million pounds signing in 2016 then the fourth costliest transfer in history setting records for feeds paid by the Italian club and for a South American player putting that money on a twenty

Eight-year-old it was a bit of a risk you they had spent that money to win the Champions League and while they reached the final with hIgG wine in 2017 they had done so without him as well in 2050 and he Guayas lost didn't even

Significantly weaken their competition in Syria you they won the lead by four points in both sixteen seventeen and seventeen eighty having won it by nine points out of seventeen points the seasons before his arrival as a

Consequence the old lady sent him out on loan to Milan in 1890 and 12 months on shelled out a new record fee for Cristiano Ronaldo hoping he could succeed where his form of Real Madrid team-mate had failed

Now 32 he grinds age and 240,000 had a weak pay packet have made him almost impossible to shift and by the time his contract expires in Chile in 2021 he will across the club an incredible 125 million pounds and bought them no

Trophies they wouldn't have won anyway six danny has vowed though to Southampton South after search for Streicher pre Danny ings had lasted almost 10 years since promotion in 2012 the club has finished with under 50

League goals in four out of seven full seasons and Danny ings this year has ended a streak of three successive campaigns in which the club's top goal scorer in the pram failed to reach double figures but among

Their many transfer failures gaby adeney Carrillo befell arguably the worst was Danny Osvaldo the Italian arrived in 2013 for just under 14 million pounds still the fourteenth most expensive fee in Saints history with a pretty bad

Reputation having served as a suspension the previous year for punching teammate Eric lamella and he wasted no time improving his stupidity on the south coast just five months and three goals after his arrival he was sidelined by

Coach maritza opatija Tino after head-butting jose de Fonteyn in training and south hampton loade about the next three seasons to you they to inter and finally to Boca Juniors with Rivaldo having to

Accept pay cuts to make the movies work and Southampton not even getting loan fees eventually the club decided to write off the cost of the deal and cancelled Daniels vados contract in 2016 he went on to play for Porto and Bakker

Again before his deal was cancelled a second time when he was caught smoking in the club showers he retired at the age of 30 to focus on his music career 5 Islam Slimani to Leicester City he may have torn up League and in 1920 with

Monaco was 16 golden moments and 14 starts but slam Soleimani remains a Leicester City player with a contract at the king power which doesn't expire until next summer and after four years since he joined the Foxes in 2016

Slimani has spent two-and-a-half years out on loan making 37 appearances for Newcastle phenibut and Monaco compared to just the 35 for Leicester City that's a pretty poor return on the 30 million pounds the club

Shelled out for him following their 1516 title win but in truth it always looked like a pretty bad fit Leicester success has been built around a hyper mobile tenacious frontman in Jamie Vardy and a high pressing link for in Shinji

Okazaki so the lumbering six-foot-two Slimani never really fitted in an aerial fretted Club which ranked 12th in the leaf across his attempted per game while the team did find a new bull winner replacing can see within DD they could

Have used the soleimani money to try and find hairs to Vardy and Marez instead of handing a five-year 80,000 pound elite contract to a 28 year old for Henri Michel Therrien to Arsenal criticism of the mick Atari and Alexis Sanchez swap

Till 2018 usually focus on the Chilean struggles at United thanks to his wage of nearly 500,000 pounds a week at Old Trafford but Arsenal arguably got just as bad of a deal Sanchez had produced 10 league

Goals and assists for the Gunners over the first half of the 1718 campaign as well as finishing the club's top scorer in two of the previous three seasons whilst Mickey was coming off the bat from a two-year spell of just eleven

Goal involvement and wanted to play in the same position as Arsenal's top earner Meza as a consequence in the two and a half years since the move he's played just 272 minutes more of the Gunners that he

Played for Manny knighted and that's not the worst of it either arson Venga had turned out a 60 million pound offer from Man City in the summer assuming Sanchez would sign a new

Contract and when it was clear the player wanted to leave the coach panicked fearful of losing Alexis for nothing but that would have been better than committing Arsenal to pay me catarrian around two hundred thousand

Pounds a week for three and a half years taking the Dortmund man up to his 32nd birthday all in that contract will cost the North London side 36 million pounds and more importantly to set the pattern for the acquisition of David Luiz and

Socrates short-term moves which were intended to help the club scrape back into the Champions League if they had simply let Alexis leave nothing the Gunners would have had the cash to start their rebuild two years earlier three

álvaro Negredo to Valencia when Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim bought Valencia in 2014 it looked like Los Che had the means to recapture their glory days of the early 2000s when they want to titles and reach successive Champions

League finals however with their new wealth saw an influx of young stars like Santi Mina Yau Kinsella and Rodrigo to pull it also saw overpriced prestige signs that the 25 million pound purchase of álvaro Negredo the club loaned the

Spanish striker in from Man City with an obligation to buy after a year I mean when he netted just 5 goals in 1415 they still had to fork out what remains the 4th highest fee in their history for a player turning 30 and with a patchy

Injury record to make matters worse Negredo was left out of the squad following public criticism of the then boss Nuno s burrito Santa and only returned to the lineup following the appointment of Gary Neville the third of

Four managers in a single campaign which saw Valencia lose 16 League matches and finished 12th Negreanu spent the next year on loan at Middlesbrough suffering a relegation before he was sold to Bishop that's for just two million

Pounds a pretty big loss on a fee pay just 24 months earlier to arda turan to Barcelona be honest you've forgotten the artistry around is still technically a Barcelona player the Turk cost Barcelona 31 million pounds in 2015 when he was

Already 28 and in the subsequent five years has played almost as much for Istanbul batter Shearer as he has for the block Rana racking up 42 appearances in he onload with just 55 for his parent

Club in Catalunya like most attackers cheer as output with Barcelona it's not too bad in those 55 games he's been involved in 25 goals winning four trophies including a second Spanish title he was never going to be preferred

To name art Suarez or Messi and his age meant he was not a long term here to any of them either as a consequence bars have found him out on a two and a half year long loan back to his homeland in 2018 thinking this

Would get his 85,000 powder year wage off the books only to see his deal cut sure to the beginning of 2020 after cheerin was given a 32 month suspended sentence by a Turkish Corps following a fight with musician Burke I saw him

Which ended with the footballer firing a gun in a hospital fortunately for Quique Sethi and sharona's contract expires this summer but a 33 with a bad reputation and a market value of under 600 K it's hard to see where the player

Goes from hit number one Ricky Alvarez to Sunderland the gold standard in wasting money Ricky Alvarez was an exciting player when he joined Sunderland from Inter Milan in 2015 then 26 the Argentinian had scored an

Assisted 12 league goals the year before taking two shots and creating two chances as well as completing three dribbles again and Sunderland paid a 1 million pound loan fee for the wide man with an obligation to make the move

Permanent at the end of the year for just 10 million pounds if they avoided relegation and alvarez is dodgy left knee remained intact well the black cats finished three points above the drop for Alvarez had made just five starts after

His right knee had fallen apart so the club tried to get out of the purchase claiming his right leg had somehow been affected by his left knee issues this unsurprisingly didn't work and the Court of Arbitration for sport ordered

Sunderland to pay up even more embarrassin in the club have failed to get alvarez his signature on his new contract reasoning this would help with their lawsuit but instead meaning he was freed the sign for Sant Doria leaving

Sunderland with a 10 million pound bill and no player in a final humiliation alvarez himself sued Sunderland for a loss of earnings and the maxims tried to blame their club doctor for the whole affair during which they suffered

Consecutive relegations half a decade later and now in Ligue 1 Sunderland legal woes they ramble on so that was our list of the 10 dumbest transfers of the decade but other any we've missed out let me know

In the comments below if you enjoyed it make sure you hit and subscribe bye and hit the like button fact is very much for watching we'll see you later

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