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published on August 3, 2020

Hey guys i'm tom of techchap and just look at this laptop it's the 2020 asus rog zephyrus duo 15 a bit of a mouthful but it's standout feature as you can see well literally stands out alongside either a 60hz 4k or 300hz 1080p main screen we get a

Second 4k 141 inch ips touchscreen which flips up as you open the lid it comes with a launcher for regularly used apps and it's great for you know showing your emails streaming

Or even which i found most helpful having my premiere pro media browser down there you can even look like you're working on the main screen while you're getting in a bit of cheeky gaming on the bottom one

And it's not just a pretty face this thing is a beast when it comes to specs i've got the highest end model here which costs the best part of 4 000 pounds but for that you're getting

Of course this 4k 60 screen an rtx 2080 super graphics card uh the i9 temperature 99 with eight cores 32 gigs of ram two terabytes of ssd storage in raid zero

A 90 watt hour battery and of course that second screen so yeah it's not cheap but chances are this is going to be your main productivity tool or if you're buying that 1080p

300 hertz version then you know this is the gaming laptop and of course then you've got your room down here maybe it's twitch streaming or you know your obs software if you're streaming yourself

It's you're all in one package if you are gonna use this you know at home or at the office as a workstation wouldn't it just be easier to use a second screen or external screen

Rather than having this one down here having said that when i'm traveling and i'm you know editing videos on the go as i mentioned it's actually really useful to put all my media files down there so i can get a nice big

Premiere pro timeline on the top screen so actually as a travel workstation desktop replacement well quite honestly there's nothing else like it but of course with that screen you are definitely paying a premium over

Similarly spec'd 15 inch gaming or workstation machines and it's not just a price that's a little hard to swallow it's also pretty heavy the track pads in an awkward position

Bizarrely there's no webcam which in today's kind of lockdown world is a bit frustrating and also the fan noise can get pretty noticeable under load now you may remember last year i

Reviewed the dual screen asus zenbook duo and my first impression was that the second screen was a bit of an expensive gimmick but what really surprised me and even

More so with this zephyrus gaming version is just how well it's been integrated and also how flexible it is so let's talk about that screen and it's called the rog screen pad plus

And it flips up 13 degrees which then makes it easier to see so you don't have to hunch over and look down like you did on last year's model personally i'd be happy to see this at an even higher angle to obscure some of

That chunky bezel under the main screen so as an extension of the main screen you can drag apps in and have them snap to fill the whole space or have two or three side by side open the launcher and you can swap one

Display to the other find and pin commonly used apps and change settings now regardless of whether you go for the 4k or the 1080p version of the main screen

The screen pad will have a 3840×1100 resolution which means this is basically an extra wide 4k screen the aspect ratio makes it feel a little bit cramped at times but it's still a lot more screen real estate than you get

On something like the hp omen x2s it does take a minute to get used to because the main screen isn't touch screen but the screen pad is as i say there's really nothing else quite like this and it is a unique

Experience i do just wish either was a little bit higher or this bezel was lower so it just became this sort of seamless curved experience that would be nice maybe on next year's model but the whole

Thing can be a bit fiddly sometimes some programs and apps don't scale correctly and you can see it judging around whether it wants to snap to one side or go back up to the main screen it works but sometimes it does feel a

Bit buggy but let's talk about this main screen and as i say you can either get a 4k60 or 1080p 300 ips display and they both support g-sync and the suits are pitching the duo 15 as

Both a workstation type machine for creators as well as a top-tier gaming and streaming laptop the matte 4k panel is brilliant it gets pretty bright at about 400 nits

And it's color accurate i measured 100 srgb 96 adobe rgb and 90 dci p3 so i can comfortably edit my photos and videos on this of course if gaming is your focus then

You'll want the 300hz fullhd version as this 60hz display seriously limits the gaming experience and also annoyingly neither screen supports hdr as for the design overall i think it's a

Stunning looking laptop we've got this aluminium magnesium chassis and i think given the fact that we have this unique keyboard layout the second screen while it's a little bit heavy it's actually reasonably compact overall

And most importantly the build quality is great the lower screen pops up on two legs and is surprisingly rigid and the screen's hinge minimizes screen wobble it is reasonably slim at just 21 millimeters

And it weighs 24 kilograms or 53 pounds as for ports we get a single usb type-c thunderbolt three three usb 32 type a's one gen two and two gen ones

Separate mic and headphone jacks as well as ethernet and hdmi 20 on the back i do miss having an sd card reader though and it would have been nice to have a second thunderbolt 3 now thanks in part to the max q gpu we

Have in here rather than a full fat graphics card and also a suitor's cooling setup even under high loads the laptop never got too hot to touch although things did get a little warm

Underneath as soon say the gap under the screen actually increases the airflow by 30 percent i had hoped this might make the fans quieter but it can still be quite noisy especially when rendering or gaming

Now as you can see the keyboard and the trackpad are both offset and it does feel a little cramped to use and also being lower down we lose the palm rest having said that typing feels good thanks to the 14

Millimeters of key travel and we also get per key rgb lighting controlled by aura sync the bigger problem though is the touch pad position as when i'm typing i found my hand would just graze it and register

A movement or click and suddenly i'd be typing somewhere else on the page the pad itself works nicely though and we do get physical click buttons plus you can toggle it to become a

Numpad which is helpful now let's talk about performance and while it will vary based on what model of the laptop you go for of course with this top spec one as you can imagine

With a 2080 super max q it's pretty quick in call of duty i'm getting about 55 fps with high settings at 4k but really if you are gaming you'll have gone for the 1080p 300hz

Model so dropping into full hd i'm getting 145 fps now i'm not sure why you'd play fortnite on a foreground laptop but if you did again at 1080p with epic settings you'd average around 140 fps i got 98

Frames per second in death stranding again using very high settings and about 66 at 4k in rainbow six siege at ultra settings i hit 114 fps of 4k and a whopping 225 at 1080p which is almost

Almost taking full advantage of that 300hz option and that's an interesting point because even if you do go for the top spec version of this with the 300hz option unless you're getting

300 fps in your games you're not really taking full advantage of it and even with the 2080 super i think partially because it's the max q variant which is a bit underclocked we're not

Really getting that close to 300 usually about half that now of course if you play older games or drop the settings you'll boost your fps but just bear that in mind that just because it's 300 hertz

Doesn't mean you're going to get that if you're playing games and as you'd expect this thing just flies through premiere pro and davinci resolve and the fact that we do have an rtx graphics cards means we get the

More recent end bank encoder i did a whole video about the benefits of rtx so you can check that out afterwards if you want to get super nerdy for a minute but yeah this is

The ultimate workstation for me and for some people probably the ultimate gaming laptop one thing i was worried about coming into this was the battery life in my video test i got about five and a

Half hours of full screen youtube at 50 brightness and about six hours in my light user browser and video test so kind of average results but not bad at all given the power on tap

And the two screens so then the big question should you buy the rog zephyrus duo 15 well to be honest the price alone really limits the audience of this thing this

Is a high-end premium gaming laptop slash workstation so for most of you including myself because i have to give this back probably not because it all comes down to how you use it but there are better

Workstations slash video editing laptops and also better gaming laptops for less money you do of course pay a premium for the second screen and the novelty of it but you know hats off to asus they are trying different things they

Are innovating and they are doing it really well assuming you have very very deep pockets personally i think the duo makes more sense as a mobile workstation than it does for gaming as having the extra

Apps open at the same time was genuinely useful when i was editing video if you are a hardcore gamer though then i think the 3 000 2017 max q i7 version with the 300hz screen is a better choice

And also you may notice if you do look below that i'm getting close to that 1 million subscriber mark so if you haven't already subscribed and you're not sick of my face and voice just yet then it'd be amazing if you

Could hit that subscribe button below and maybe also ding that notification bell so you're the first to see my next video thank you so much for watching guys i'll see you next time right here

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